A sister recalls her incestuous life
How It “Came” To Be

Ch. 1

I guess I’ve been a victim of incest my entire life. When I was nine, my mother caught my father eating me out while I was asleep. Her yelling woke me up. Through much of the argument, I had gathered what had happened. My mother kicked my dad out and remained single ever since. I grew up with my mom and my older brother, Devin. By the time I was 14, I was fair-skinned, tall, long-legged with a firm buttocks and blossoming bosom. I was hardly a knockout, but I’d been told several times that I was cute. Mainly by Devin’s friends, who fawned over me a bit. They would tease my brother by saying, “Man if she was a little older, I’d fuck the shit out of her” or “Your sister looks like she could take a long dick.” Usually my brother never responded to their lewd comments. I was sure they offended him.

Then one night, I was asleep in my bed. I was wearing my volleyball team t-shirt that stopped just under my navel and a pair of panties to bed. I didn’t feel my shirt pull up and I certainly didn’t feel my panties come down. I didn’t even feel the heat of his breath on my nipple, the first thing I felt was his hard cock pressed against the entrance of my vagina. It stirred me until I groggily brought my eyes open to see my brother Devin on top of me; naked, sucking on my left breast. At first I uttered a moan, instantly ashamed of myself, I screamed, “Devin, what are you doing?!”

My brother took his tongue off my tit to respond, “I’m going to fuck you sis” he paused, “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” Before I could protest, Devin slid inside me. His intrusion, although unwelcome, hadn’t hurt, but his first thrust did. Devin pounded forward, instantly shattering my hymen. I screamed so loud, if Devin hadn’t covered my mouth, I would’ve woken up mom and the neighbors. He waited until my scream subsided. Then I slowly began crying from the pain. Devin ignored my tears, once he’d adjusted enough inside my tightness, he began to slide in and out of me. I fought tears and moans at the same time. Devin was still covering my mouth so I couldn’t speak or scream especially.

Devin was only 16, but he had a strong athletic build. He played hockey and soccer a lot to keep toned. As much as I’d tried to avoid it, I realized how big Devin was. He continually would slide all the way out of me and then stuff himself back in. I was noticing how deep he went, Devin had to be at least 7 inches long and thick. Midway through, I had stopped crying. I became angry at Devin for raping me. Forcing his way inside of his own sister. I tried fighting him, trying to punch his ribs or scratch his face, but he fended off my attacks and then whispered something haunting in my ear, “Now I’m gonna cum inside your pussy, and you’re gonna have my baby.”

I tried screaming again, to no avail. Then Devin increased his pace, pounding into me harder and harder each time. My eyes widened with each thrust, grunt and twist of my brother’s face. Was he really going to cum inside me? Why would he do that? Why would he try to get his sister intentionally pregnant? Doesn’t he think people might think it’s his? Doesn’t he think I’ll tell?

Finally, with a heavy jerk, Devin thrust forward and began to spasm. His jets of hot semen flooded my vagina. It was so hot that it instantly brought out an orgasm of my own, I was so ashamed. Devin spurted about 6 times in my pussy before finally allowing his softened penis to exit out of me. He took his hand off my mouth and said, “Wow sis, you have a really great pussy.”

“Devin…” I shook, “Why did you do this? What if I get pregnant? What are we gonna do?” Devin didn’t answer, he smiled, climbed off of me and went to his room. I spent much of the night trying to squeeze Devin’s cum out of my pussy.

Ch. 2

The next three years went by in almost the same fashion. I didn’t tell my mother about what Devin had done for fear that I might be blamed or sent away. And Devin continued to fuck me about two nights a week. He stopped covering my mouth; he knew I wouldn’t scream anymore. And each time he fucked me, he’d tell me things like, “I can’t wait to see how you’ll look pregnant, carrying my child. I’m gonna want to fuck you even more then.”

I never spoke, only moaned, which I hated. Or came, which I hated even more and Devin came every time, inside of me, filling me with his baby making seed. But to my happiness, and my brother’s disbelief, I still hadn’t gotten pregnant. After the first year, my brother got increasingly frustrated at the fact that I was not bearing his child that he began fucking me four times a week and cumming inside of me at least twice each time. By the second year, I had gotten pregnant twice, both ending in miscarriages.

I did get pregnant twice again, the first time, I decided to stay out late to avoid Devin and his incestuous intrusion. I’m not sure where I ended up but it was nowhere I remembered, and I ended up bumping shoulder to shoulder into Davis Gunter. He was an old friend of my father’s. In the past couple of years, he’d lost his wife and became a penniless drunk. I could tell he was intoxicated when we met, but he did recognize me. “Ehhh, your li’l Harry’s gurl, are’nt ya?” he stuttered.
I stepped away from him, trying to dodge the heavy scent of whiskey on his breath. “I’ve always fancied you darlin’.” He slurred. I tried to run away but Davis grabbed me, and threw me into an alleyway. I ran towards the back trying to find an escape, but he was right on me. Before I knew it, Gunter had me against a wall with my pants down, forcing his thick 6 inch penis inside of me. I tried fighting against him, but he was too heavy especially in his drunken stupor. He fucked me hard and relentlessly, pulling my hair and biting me at times. Despite being a heavy drunk, he had tremendous stamina, Gunter ended up cumming inside of me four times. By the last one, he sighed heavily and whispered, “You’re even be’ter than my daughter, love.”

Gunter dropped me to the ground of the alleyway and stumbled out. I sat there and cried for awhile. I found out weeks later that I was pregnant. Taking some money from my mother, I secretly got an abortion. Only for ten weeks later, for my brother to finally get what he always wanted. He had indeed knocked me up as well. But again, I had the abortion before anyone found out.

By this time, I was 17 and Devin was 19. He had graduated high school and was going into the Navy. I had gotten a job working for my Uncle up in Maine, so I was moving there. The day my brother left for the Navy, he hugged my mother and then me, then he whispered, “I’ll be back to make you mine.”

I gritted my teeth, I had gotten pretty good at hiding my hatred for my brother from my mother. Devin left, and a month later, I landed in Maine to meet my Uncle Mark and Aunt Bridgette. Uncle Mark owned a couple of sporting goods stores and asked me to bookkeep for him. Hell, he could’ve asked me to sweep the floors and I would’ve said yes. Anything to get away from Devin and anyone else.

Uncle Mark and Aunt Bridgette’s house was huge. Big enough to fit 10 people and their dogs. That first year was an incredible one. We went fishing and ice skating and my Aunt took me to about 6 different concerts. At the end of every week, I called mom to check in on her to see how she was doing. One weekend in particular, she seemed upset and wouldn’t tell me why. We parted and I told her I loved her and hoped that she’d tell me eventually what she seemed so upset about.

After the conversation with Mom, I spent the rest of the day lounging around the house, reading or watching tv. That night around 1 am, I was still up reading when Uncle Mark came down to see me...

to be continued...

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