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Not all parties are bad
It was a great night to go to a rave, my first rave actually. My boyfriend of 5 years was taking me to what he said would be the best party ever.

My name is Sarah and I am 17, a virgin with big blue eyes, red hair that is down to my mid back, 36dd tits, and an ass that never ends, I have never smoked pot or done any drugs, not saying that I don't want to try them.

"Ok so where is this party at?" I aasked Josh, my boyfriend. "Ten more miles Sarah quit bitching!" He yelled back. Josh was a great guy really he was, his friend was even better though, I almost fucked his freind Steven once, I let him lick the fuck out of my little virgin cunt then I sucked him bone dry, I loved his cum, but that is another story for another time.

We pulled up to the party at 12:30 am. I got out and Josh was imeditatly at my side with a tight grip on my hand. "I thought I told you not to wear your new mini and that halter tonight because you look like a slut, I can see your ass cheeks" he wispered in a rude way. I pretended not to hear him and asked him to go get me a drink. As soon as he left I went wondering around to see if I knew anyone there, I soon realized that I didn't but o'well Im a social butterfly so I started talking to a really hot guy, he handed me an adios and said to drink up, then he asked if I wanted a line. "A line of what??" I asked back not knowing what the hell he was talking about. "A line of speed, you ever done it?" I shook my head and he took me by the hand and lead me to a room where it smelt like pot really bad, I like the smell of pot though so I just sit there and enjoy it while he gets me a line.

I look down at the glass table and see the beautiful glass looking substinance and he hands me a straw to snort it with. I took the straw and did my line, my nose burned so bad and I wanted to cry. As soon as the pain left I sat up and looked around, the hot guy was gone. Just then I saw him out of the courner of my eye with two more drinks. "What's your name babe?" He asked "Sarah and yours?" I asked back "Shawn" he said as he handed me another drink. After I took the drink he got up and motioned for me to follow him, I did, I felt so good and free, I would do anything right now.

I followed him into a room full of mirrors, All the walls were covered in mirriors and the bed had a silver metalic cover that made it go with the room. I sat on the bed and he sat next to me, after a few akward seconds I jumped on top of him and started kissing him, he kissed back. I made my way downward to feel that his cock was throbing, it wanted out and I wanted it in my mouth right now, I fumbled with his pants and as soon as I got them down, he turned me around. "What are you doing Shawn?" I asked. At that exact moment he tore my panties off and started licking my throbbing clit up my mini, I was sitting on his face, some strange guy, and I loved it. I put his 11" cock down my throut and sucked it hard and fast, as I felt myself ready to cum I sped up on his dick and soon he was drowning in my pussy juice, I soon felt his load go into my mouth, I swolled it delightfully.

"That was great Shawn" I said stroking his already hardining cock, "I want you to fuck my tight hole until you can't fuck me anymore, I want your black cock inside my white wet pussy" I said eager to have him inside of me. "As you wish little virgin, but you're gonna hurt bad just like I like it" Shawn replied, by then I was to drunk to understand a word he said.

I remember feeling him put a pillow under me and raise my ass toward him, I told him to stay away from my asshole, he didn't even think about it. I felt him lower his hard cock nearer to my pussy entrace and I almost had an orgasm from it. I felt him rub his cock around until he got it wet enuf to put in my pussy, he wasn't slow or gental like Josh would've been, he rammed his cock all the way into me at once and I let out a scream so loud I was afraid someone might come in, he fucked me slow for a minute, but then he was just fucking pounding my little cunt I felt like he was breaking me in half, yet I loved the idea that I wouldn't be a virgin anymore, at that moment he pulled out and I rolled over to swollow his sweet nectar. As I was sucking all the juices off his cock the door opened and to my suprise it was Josh and Steven. They both looked at me in shock. "Before you say anything Josh just pull down your pants, you to Steven" I started strocking one cock while sucking the other, I was leaving in a dream, then Josh got up and moved behind me and Shawn (who was hard again) decided to fuck my mouth with Steven somemore. I loved all of the attention I was getting, I felt Shawn come in my mouth, but Josh hadn't came yet, neither had Steven, they traded places and Shawn left, I felt Steven inside my so torn up cunt and I loved his cock, it fit great! I heard Josh tell Steven not to cum in my pussy but it was too late, soon Steven shot a load as big as Josh did in my mouth at the same time, it was great, I came wi9th them both and we all sat there spent.

I love to have crazy sex, now everytime Steven comes over we all have a threesome, I wish I knew where Shawn lived though. Once you have black you never go back, that's true for me, I love black cocks, even though both Josh and Steven are white, I really want more black cocks!

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2016-04-14 21:55:42
I would love for my girlfriend to let a BBC take her virginity.

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2015-11-14 10:29:44
I hope her BF is a cuckold humiliation, because nothing would be more humiliating to him than to know GF let another guy, with a bigger cock, take her virginity. Josh can never be his GF's first and never be able to make her cum.

She needs to make Steven and Josh enemies somehow, and then do every other thing Josh wanted to be the first of...on Josh's birthday.

Josh would wonder where she is, and his cuckold angst would make him jack his dick raw. She let's Steven know that she'll be totally submissive to him and never let Josh get off on her body again. She tells Josh how amazing Shawn must feel to fuck a taken girl and how Steven must feel to know his enemy's GF is his eager whore. She then makes fun of Josh's small cock as cum appears to cum out his closed fist magically.

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2011-07-18 15:36:59
there is no genetic or physical difference between a black and white cock.


2007-07-17 04:08:29
the lame bitch in the first comment .yeah ur right about white pussy is different from black pussy.except for the real facts.white pussy is sweet and so clean.[delicious] and black pussy is actually a purple [stink pit] fucking some nasty looking purple [yuck] u dumb bitch.shut the fuck up


2006-04-20 22:42:17
there is a BIG diff between black and white cock, Black cock is so thick long and delicious, and white cock is just short small and limp. trust me I had my share of cocks. black cock is better than white cock just like black pussy is better than white pussy. so get your facts straight, bitch.

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