Continuation of Family Beach Party Turned X Rated
This is the end of Part 6 of Family Beach Party Turns X Rated. REREAD PART SIX BEFORE WORKING ON SEVEN AND EIGHT.

“You did a lot of moving around in your sleep causing the sheet to rub over you. You’re all red from the irritation of the sheet. You have to get a move on it and take your shower. You said you had an early morning appointment. “Sandra said walking toward the bedroom closet.

I went to the washroom. My bowels felt fuller than they had when I had been at the cabin. I kept grunting and pooping and pooping. Finally I thought I had pooped out as much as I could. I knew I’d have to poo later in the day again. I went to the mirror and noticed my puffy red lips, as well as my red nose. I swirled my tongue around my mouth. It had that familiar taste I had every morning since my wedding night. I had to admit I liked the taste and licked my lips. My lips tasted like the inside of my mouth. Reluctantly I brushed my teeth gargled, shaved and took a quick shower. I went back to the bedroom. Sandra had already dressed and gone down the hall to the kitchen. I put on a pair of dress pants and light blue shirt.

Part 7 of Family Beach Party Turns X Rated.

I thought I was ready to leave for the office, but suddenly felt like taking another poo. What the hell was the matter with me? I hadn’t had to take so many poos since last week. The last time I had to take so many poos was the morning after Sandra and I had watched the football game together.

Sandra was a real sports fan. Our football team had lost last week and again yesterday afternoon. Both games had been away games. I remember last week because I had slept though the next day and had missed an entire day. I must have been zonked out to have slept almost twenty four hours.

I had woken up the next morning had a big shit and I do mean I had a big shit. I filled the toilet bowl, flushed it and filled it again, flushed it and filled it again. I finally finished shitting. I had finally showered and shaved before I came in the kitchen.

I had gotten to work ready to go to the meeting planned for first thing in the morning. Sam had walked in the office with a strange look on his face. “Where were you yesterday?” He had asked.

“What are you talking about Sam.? I was going over the plans for the new office building with our new client. You were with me. Don’t you remember? I asked you to go over the revisions before you went home. I told you I wanted an early workout and watch the football game with Sandra.” I answered.

“That was the day before yesterday.” Sam had said and had looked at me like I had lost my mind. “Don’t tell me you lost another day boss.”

I had looked at the date on the newspaper. Sam had been right. I had missed a day again. I had slept all day Tuesday and didn’t know it. I wondered why Sandra hadn’t mentioned I slept all day Tuesday and why she didn’t waken me up. That had been the Tuesday before Sandra, Chuck, Matt and I had gone to the cabin.

I went back down the hall to the washroom feeling fresh, ready to begin a new week after the crazy weekend at the cabin. Sandra was coming out of the washroom when I woke up wearing her knee length cotton housecoat.

“Good morning dear.” I said. I noticed she had stripped the bed like usual before I woke up. It never thought it was important enough to ask Sandra why she stripped the bed before I got out of bed.

“Good morning honey. You were tossing and turning all night again. Did you having those strange dreams again?” She asked.

“Yes I did, but at least I sleep all night. I’m glad they had the soccer championship the same week as our honeymoon. If it hadn’t been for the soccer team championship I would never have met Tony who played for the Italian team. I haven’t had a sleepless night since he gave you the recipe for the special hot chocolate drink. I just have to suffer the side effects. I’d rather have the side effects than not being able to asleep at night. It was terrible to fall asleep at night. Every night when I finally fell asleep the slightest noise and I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.” I said.

I got out of bed and put my knee length white cotton housecoat and went to the washroom. The first thing I did after closing the washroom door was to take my housecoat off and toss it on the coat rack attached to the bathroom door.
I then turned around and sat on the toilet and take my morning shit. I sure had to take a huge shit this morning. I filled the toilet four times flushing the toilet every time. I looked in the toilet bowel before I flushed it each time. I Finally I felt like my bowels were empty and wiped my butt. I took my morning shower. I looked at my face when I shaved and saw how red and puffy my lips as well as my nose and forehead were. I had the same salty and strange taste in my mouth the same as every morning. I brushed my teeth, took a big gulp of mouthwash swishing it around in my mouth, gargled and spit it in the sink.

I put my house coat back on tying it around my waist and walked back to the bedroom. I put on a clean pair of boxers, dress pants and dress pants and headed to the kitchen.

I walked in the kitchen just as the phone rang and answered it after the second ring.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hello Greg. How are you feeling?” Tom asked. Tom was one of my top construction workers who worked the office from time to time. He and I planned an important meeting with a new client first thing in the morning.

“I’m fine Tom.” I answered. I wondered why Tom had called and why he asked how I was feeling.

“I’m glad your fine boss. I handled the meeting with Ray yesterday. He and I worked things out the way I know you would have worked things out. I’d like to talk over what Ray and I talked about yesterday. You are sure you’re well enough to come in today.” Tom asked

“What are you talking about Tom? Did the client get a hold of you and asked you to meet up him Sunday?” I asked. “Are you telling me client couldn’t wait until I got home from my family weekend? What kind of ideates is he anyway. I’m glad you didn’t go away on the weekend and handled things for me. Thanks Tom.”

“You have your day’s mixed up Greg. I guess you got confused because you couldn’t come in yesterday. It’s okay Greg.” Tom said.

“Don’t tell me I slept through another day again. That’s two weeks in a row this time. Sandra didn’t say anything to me about sleeping through yet another day.

Sandra called me yesterday and told me you weren’t feeling well and so wouldn’t be into work.” Tom said. “I had no idea you had slept all day. Like I said I handled things with the client but still want to go through things the client and I worked out. Will you be in the office soon?”

I put the phone receiver down and looked at Sandra sipping her coffee. “Did you call Tom yesterday and tell him I was sick?” I asked Sandra.

“Yes Greg. You were completely zonked and I knew you needed your sleep so I called Tom and told him you weren’t feeling well.” Sandra answered. “Tom understood. He and your staff are getting use to you missing days.”

“Thanks honey for phoning Tom yesterday.” I said kissing Sandra on the cheek. “See you after work Sandra.”
I got arrived at the office and went directly to my office. The first thing I wanted to do was talk to Tom and find out how the meeting the day before went. I walked down the hall intending to walk in Tom’s office but there was a note on his door. “Greg: I had to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. I’ll be right back. Please wait for me. Tom.”

I didn’t have anything important to work on and I didn’t want to start anything new because I wanted to be available when Tom came back from the pharmacy. I sat in one of the comfortable chairs in our lounge and put my feet up. For some reason I started thinking back to the time Sandra and I got married and we were on our honeymoon in Vancouver, Canada. I have to admit I don’t think many couples experienced a honeymoon quite like Sandra and I had. I’m going to think back to my honeymoon with my bride Sandra. That is the next Chapter I will be working on for Chapter 8.
End of Chapter 7.

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