No end in sight.
Chapter 13

He sat there and planned out fifty percent of his income to go into the stocks her broker recommended, it wasn’t like he needed all that money anyway. She didn’t seem to be an expert at it either but rich people don’t have to be, they pay people to know it. She wanted his money to work for him, not him working for the money and that sounded pretty good to him. He gave her everything she asked to get the ball rolling. The talk turned to the future and what all they wanted to do in this life.

They were interrupted by Isaac after a time, coming up from behind them. “Pardon me madam, it seems there are visitors.” he conveyed, indicating some people at the pathway.

Cathleen covered up when she looked behind her. “Who are they Isaac?”

“They claim to be new hires by James, madam.” he replied with a bow.

James remembered having the officers come today and couldn’t believe it was already three o’clock. “Oh, I’m sorry about that Cathleen. I recruited three of the officers last night and they’re here for us to take back to the mansion.” he explained.

“Oh yes, I recall you asking. Can you handle that then?” she asked, holding her top over her breasts.

“I’ll see to it.” James agreed, and rose to go greet them. Looking at them from a distance, he could almost feel the tension off of them. It had to be awkward for them to just pop up on a nude beach for a job.

James met them where the marble stones spilled on the beach and offered each his hand. They introduced their loved ones and each remembered him on the phone.

Trent Jordan, the officer in the garage last night, introduced him to his girlfriend Bobbi Sanders. She was a pretty blonde haired woman as tall as Trent was. She had a beautiful smile and seemed full of life.

Jerry Lucas introduced him to his wife Rachel, a dark-haired woman shorter than her husband. Timid and shy, she seemed to hold the values of marriage like a badge of honor. She stayed focused on the conversation instead of being curious about the others on the beach.

Finally, Jesse Castle introduced him to his girlfriend Delilah Gatling but they could call her Dell. A feisty redhead standing almost as tall as James, she seemed to have breast implants because it is rare to see such firm round breasts without man’s intervention. He held her attention for about five seconds for introductions before she was enthralled by the beach-goers.

After the formalities were out of the way James asked, “I hope you all brought bathing suites, we have time to kill before our departure.” and looked at the group of six.

Jerry spoke up first and said, “Um, we didn’t expect to be on a beach today.” looking at his wife shaking her head.

James smiled and said, “I was only kidding, you don’t need a bathing suit. Just start stripping and start having some fun. It will be all work and little fun for the guys this week. You might as well enjoy some down time.”

“What, strip here?” Rachel asked in disbelief.

James acted surprised at her question, “Why yes. It’s quite alright. We are on a private beach and, as you can see, others have already done so.” waving his hand towards the beach.

The guys were reluctantly pulling clothes off. Isaac was gathering them up. The women still needed convincing. Why they were like that was one of those mysteries they always possessed. Guys could get over shyness and piss in public. Women were self-conscious over cleavage.

“Hey Mike, Link, come over here!” James called, getting the two’s attention. They came running up to him, dicks just flapping.

“What’s up?” Mike said, and looked at the group of newcomers.

“I want to introduce you to some associates of mine. They will be part of the security at the mansion.” James explained. “The ladies seem a bit shy and I wanted to break the ice with them.”

Mike and Link both started shaking hands and introducing themselves. The women were intrigued to say the least. James saw their interest roam from the muscle-clad body of Mike to the shiny objects implanted in Link with neither one gaining their fullest interest.

The two girlfriends decided to start stripping. The wife, on the other hand, held back. Her marriage license was probably flashing in her head. James thought to give her some encouragement, “Hey Ying, Nikki, come over here!” and the two skipped over to him.

He introduced his two girls to the group and greetings were made like they were on a street corner.

“Rachel… May I call you Rachel?” James asked, trying to loosen the formality and she agreed. “I must tell you that the mansion or rather, its sublevels are clothes-optional. You may find yourself amidst several nude people at once.” he explained, “It would be to your benefit if you stripped down here and get used to the shock of seeing and being seen nude as it will likely occur quite frequently.”

Nikki noticed James’ problem and decided to help him out, “Come on Rachel! We won’t rape you!” and started to undress the woman herself.

Rachel stuttered while Nikki tried to strip her, “I… I don’t know… I am not as pretty as these girls.” she explained.

James realized her dilemma and offered his opinion, “Pretty? What does that have to do with it? Look, do you love Jerry?” and she admitted she did, “And Jerry loves you, right?” and he admitted that he did. “Then to hell with anyone else. You have nothing more or less than the prettiest girl in the world. Look around you, when have you and Jerry spent time on a beach nude?”

She thought about his question and they had discussed such a fantasy in the past, “We… we haven’t… yet.” she admitted.

“Well then, consider that ‘yet’ done today!” James said with a smile. “It isn’t likely that you will be taken against your will with three capable policemen here. You have nothing to fear even if you think there is. You can look back and say you did that. We won’t judge you on your appearance, as beauty is on the inside not out.”

Rachel raised her arms so Nikki could get her top off. She did have some flab that Father Time had put there. Ying took care of her shoes and pants. James walked around her while the clothes were coming off.

“Now see, you aren’t bad at all. A few months in a gym, which we have by the way, will get you toned up in no time. Why, if you weren’t married, I would have a go at you.” he pondered aloud, giving her husband a wink behind her and hoping he wouldn’t mind. It was unlikely since he was getting his eyes used to the two mostly-nude girls stripping his wife.

Bobbi and Dell were already headed for the net with Mike and Link while Trent and Jesse were following behind them. Ying left Rachel’s underwear on, something about not getting sand in there. She and Jerry were soon headed for the beach holding hands. James and his clan followed behind them.

James took his seat and picked up his drink. “So, is that how you recruit my security?” Cathleen asked with one eyebrow raised.

He sipped on it before he answered, “Why yes, get them used to it first so they won’t be ogling when they’re working.”

“An interesting technique I must admit James.” Cathleen replied, sipping her own drink, “Just as long as they aren’t running around nude in the security room.”

James changed the subject and asked, “I have yet to see anyone use the pool at the mansion, are staff members not allowed or something?”

“Well… my father doesn’t want…” she started and then corrected herself, “I suppose I wouldn’t mind if they did. I’ve wanted to myself.” and added, “It’s been years since it was last used, my father just kept up the maintenance on it as a status symbol. The same for the golf course really.”

“It would increase loyalty if you were the one to allow them the use of it.” James pondered aloud.

“Indeed, I might as well let them know. They’ve had a long weekend with the construction and all.” she said, sipping on her drink again. “It would certainly be a gift for their tolerance.”

“Construction… you mean the training area for security?” James asked, remembering part of the golf course being converted.

“No, the construction I have being done in the staff and servant quarters.” she replied, casually sipping her drink. “It isn’t hard to take a golf course and turn it into a shooting range.”

Now they talked about this before but it had only been recently and he was wondering what she had going on. “So, are you going to tell me or do I have to twist your arm? What are you doing?” he teased.

“Oh, I’m moving in with you.” she admitted, looking over at the hard bodies of the former policemen in her service. “Are those women their wives?” and James guessed she was wondering if any were hers for the taking. “Those are some good looking men.”

“Wife and girlfriends.” he replied, glancing where she was looking and then added, “Now back to you moving in with me. What were you talking about?”

“Oh, I just made some adjustments; that’s all.” she replied, waving it off like it was nothing.

“Come on, quit being so vague and fill me in.” James demanded; she was being as evasive as a G spot.

“Really James, you’re acting like a spoiled child the day before Christmas. Can I not have my secret surprises?” she replied, acting perturbed.

James looked at her funny and said, “Girl, that’s all you have is secret surprises. I get that every day!”

“Well! I see how you are. You should be more appreciative about my surprises.” she retorted, acting offended, “Just for that, you can wait until we get home to find out.” and crossed her arms closing him off to her.

Great, he will be lucky if she didn’t move him out by the dumpsters. “Look, I was teasing, I’m sorry if you took me serious. You don’t have to tell me… unless you want to.” he said, hoping to butter her up.

She actually sat there and sang, “I’m still not telling you.” rolling her eyes to the notes.

James gave up after hearing that musical reply. ‘And to think she called him the spoiled child, sheesh.’ “Fine” he answered leaning back in his chair.

“Fine.” she repeated and leaned back in her chair. Drumming her fingers on the table for a minute or so she finally looked over at him, “So do you want to know or not?” she asked.

James nodded his head, “Sure, I want to know.” he admitted, refusing to smile from calling her bluff.

“Good!” she exclaimed and reached down to her handbag by the chair. “Look here, I have the floor plans.” and pulled out some blueprints. Opening it out on the table, she said, “Now, some of this won’t be finished yet but Level One will be when we get back.” she explained all excited.

She sat there and explained that Level Two was moved to Level One and vice versa, sort of. She absolutely had to have skylights and it was easier to get them in Level One. Oh, she made sure they were made from bullet proof glass, thanks to the kidnapping incident. She even had an escape route, just in case.

James was impressed “Wow, it only took them three days to do all of that?” he asked wondrously.

She shook her head and asked, “Have you been in the servant quarters James?”

James had to admit he hadn’t. “No, but Mike has.” he said grinning.

“I knew you would bring that up and to be honest, I don’t know why you risk perfectly healthy testicles for such lame humor.” she said, letting out a sigh. “Now, some of it was already in place, we just added a few doors and passageways to connect the rooms.”

“Gee, I wonder where you got that idea.” James said with a smirk.

Ignoring that remark, she said, “We also have a Jacuzzi in the entertainment room.”

James looked at the plans and said, “That is the length of a pool.”

“Well yes, it’s a… pool with water jets installed; that is what a Jacuzzi is.” she explained. She pointed out the security room that was still being built. Servants where staying in the guest house while construction finished the plans. She thought to leave them there to keep anyone from trying to enslave them... again. Besides, they had passage to the main house and security would protect their to and fro. It was meant to free up room to have parties and get-togethers in the main house.

After James and Cathleen had gone over all the plans, James looked up at the beach goers. Most were swimming but he saw Jerry and Rachel getting it on in the water. Rachel saw him watching but it was too late for her to do anything about it since she was having an orgasm at the time. James turned his attention away and left them in peace. Lisa was getting what rays she could.

Trent was in the water beside a much taller Ying. James watched as Bobbi stood up out of the water and Ying was sitting on her shoulders. Nikki was on Jesse’s shoulders and James knew they were chicken fighting. He convinced Cathleen to join in the fight and he got her on his shoulders. Trent got Dell up on his and the fight was on. Needless to say, Cathleen’s dominate side came out. Ying was first to go and then Nikki. Dell was no push over and stood her ground for a while. Cathleen got hold of a foot and flipped her off finally.

They played several more times with different partners and even Jerry and Rachel joined in. Cathleen was a little shy around the new additions at first. But how shy can you be after you dunk them in water a few times; especially if you’re topless doing it?

Flight time approached and they got ready to leave the beach. The strangers were good acquaintances by that time and they talked like it. Jesse noticed the submissive servants remained naked or topless even after they got inside the villa and all James could say was “Get used to it.”

“Are they always like that?” Bobbi asked.

“Well, let’s put it this way. They might make it on the plane before their clothes come off.” James replied.

Everyone was packed and James noted that they were leaving with more than they came with. His group had Ying, Nikki, Mike, Jen and Lisa. James was having the SUV picked up by the rental company at the airport. Cathleen had her own sedan of course with her twins. The rest rode in the full sized van.

James followed Cathleen’s car onto the interstate. Traffic seemed heavy for a Sunday for some reason. James tried to keep up with Cathleen’s driver but it was too risky to maneuver around a semi and he stayed behind it until traffic cleared. An old orange truck approached him on his left. It was speeding but was forced to slow down beside James.

James glanced at the driver and he could have sworn it was Cliff Wilson driving but didn’t make eye contact. Before he could confirm it, the truck sped around the car that was slowing him down. James almost ignored it but thought better of it.

“Hang on guys; I want to catch up to that truck that passed us.” James said, and changed lanes.

“What’s going on James?” Lisa asked concerned.

“Nothing I hope. It’s just… let’s say it’s a gut feeling.” James said and moved all the way over to the high speed lane.

The truck was ahead of him and passed more cars. James went faster, breaking the speed limit, trying to catch up. He gained on the truck after a car in front of the truck slowed it down again. His worst fear was realized soon after it passed the car when the truck dipped in behind Cathleen’s car. James sped up to get beside it. The car that blocked the truck moved over; probably seeing James getting closer

Before he made it beside the orange clunker, the truck sped up and struck Cathleen’s car in the rear. The car fishtailed from the impact. The driver may have been caught off guard; not expecting a rear end collision. After he regained control, Cathleen’s driver was going to pull off to the side. James saw his turn signal come on and the vehicle slow down. That was exactly what he needed to do.

The truck rammed the back of the car again. The impact was harder this time and Cathleen’s driver must have panicked. He sped up instead of stopping, trying to get away from the truck. That was a mistake, James knew, and had to speed to catch back up to the two. James saw a cruiser on the berm and honked his horn for several seconds, not knowing if the officer saw what was going on. He sighed in relief when he saw it pull out.

He was going to hold back and let the police officer in front of him, changing lanes to the middle. The cruiser got behind him instead. Looking ahead, he saw the truck strike Cathleen’s car again. He rolled the window down and pointed at the orange truck while the car fishtailed again scaring the shit out of James because they were going much faster now. The driver did get back control and seemed to speed even faster, much to James relief and dismay. At least the heavy traffic was behind them now and the road seemed clear.

Since the cruiser didn’t even turn on its lights, James decided to speed up to the truck again; worried the vehicle would be successful with its next impact. That got the cruiser to flip the blue lights on. It was too late in James’ mind and the cop could just follow him to the crime scene. He floored it to catch up with the speeding truck and car and was soon right behind the truck.

James took the fast lane to bring himself beside the truck again. This time, the driver looked over at him and James looked through the side glass at an unshaven, disheveled, Clifford Wilson. James saw hate in his eyes and the truck jerked towards the SUV and then went back in the same lane lane. James didn’t let it scare him and backed off a little, letting the truck pass him until the SUV’s bumper lined up with the truck bed and tire.

The cruiser didn’t know who to go after now and James saw it move to the middle lane behind the truck. The policeman witnessed the truck strike the Cadillac again but not as hard as it did the last time. The driver had no trouble maintaining control this time. James thought that he might have caused Cliff to lose concentration and was debating over whom he wanted to run off the road first. James was hoping it was him. The girls in the back were dumbfounded and Mike was yelling, “Go bro!” It was a reminder that he had precious cargo on board and had to be careful with his actions.

The cruiser got closer to the truck putting its bumper close to James back passenger door. He was immediately aware that Ying was sitting on that side in the back. James hugged the side of the road, running over warning tabs every so often. If things turned worse, James would have the emergency lane he could use. Whatever happened, Ying wasn’t taking a hit, even if it was a policeman doing it.

The truck wanted to pass Cathleen’s car, probably trying to get away from the cruiser. James didn’t know if he was giving up and running or just planned on running him off the road or both. His reason didn’t matter to James because Cliff was doing exactly what James wanted him to do.

As the truck entered his lane, James didn’t back off. Instead, he turned into the truck’s tire and performed a pit maneuver, forcing the truck to go hard left in front of him. He heard gasps from the back and sides as the girls panicked from the impact. It was no time to back off now and James pushed the back wheel of the truck, causing it to spin a 180 out of control.

Once the truck passed James’ front bumper, he slowed down immediately and watched in his side view mirror for the truck. Before he could get in the emergency lane, the truck struck the guardrail and literally rolled over it and kept rolling out of sight. James checked the Cadillac that Cathleen was in and it slowed down to a stop. James brought the SUV up behind the car.

The cruiser followed James to the side and pulled in behind the SUV. The girls were screaming by now and everyone’s adrenaline was pumping. James kept his cool with his own gallon of adrenaline and, grabbing the paperwork, held it out the window with both hands.

“Dude, what are you doing?” was the first words out of Mike’s mouth.

“That officer doesn’t know if I’m friend or foe. I’m putting my hands out so he knows I don’t have a weapon.” James explained.

The cop got out and kept looking over his shoulder over the guardrail. James couldn’t see anything from where he was at. As he approached the SUV, the full-sized passenger van pulled up behind the cruiser.

“How’s your day?” the officer asked, looking at James and then his passengers.

James shrugged and said, “Better than a minute ago.” handing him insurance, license, and registration.

“Yep, I’d say so.” the officer said, while two more cruisers pulled up where the truck went over.

James was worried about Cliff and asked, “Um, could you check on that guy in the truck? He was trying to hurt the girl in that Cadillac up there and I’d sure hate to see him pop up over that guardrail.”

“Well” he chuckled, “That guy’s goose is cooked, If it makes your day any better.” the officer replied, and no sooner did he say that did James hear an explosion and black smoke appeared in his side mirror. James adjusted it more to get a better view. It was coming from the dip between the highways, billowing black smoke up in the air.

“Come on, you guys can get out. But if you don’t have the stomach for it, I wouldn’t look over that guardrail.” the officer said, and walked back to his cruiser with the paperwork.

All four doors opened on the SUV. James headed to the Cadillac to check on Cathleen and the girls. “Ah man! That’s nasty!” he heard Mike say, but he kept going towards Cathleen. He was so worried about her, he didn’t hear the ambulance sirens coming up and pulling in front of the Cadillac.

James did hear more sirens by the time he had gotten to the crumbled up rear end of the Cadillac. The driver had gotten out inspecting the damage, holding the back of his neck, and talking on a cell phone. It was all James could do to keep from knocking the guy out. ‘Idiot’ he thought, ignoring him on the way to the back doors.

Opening the passenger side door, he stuck his head inside and saw Cathleen curled up on the seat. Jack and Jill were sitting in the floorboard looking a little dazed. Jill popped up when she saw him and gave him a hug. James patted her on the back and helped her out of the car. Jack scrambled to him and he got her out. “Is it over James?” Cathleen asked, sitting back up in the seat.

“It’s all over but the crying.” James replied, taking a seat beside her. She grabbed him in a hug and started sobbing. He let her get it all out, telling her “It’s ok” and “It’s alright”. James’ adrenaline had faded and his emotions took over. He actually cried with her, thinking how close he was to losing her.

She shook off her tears while James tried to compose himself. He didn’t want her to think him weak or something but the tears and sniffles gave him away. As James reflected on it, he thought it was the most scared he had ever been in his life. Why he was so scared was an argument he would have to have with himself later.

What happened here James?” she asked, trying to look into his eyes.

He looked down from her gaze and said, “Um, apparently Clifford Wilson just flipped over you. I guess you are just to die for.” and then turned away, getting out of the car, in an attempt to hide his jumbled feelings and appearance. He offered her a hand and helped her get out. She seemed to be ok physically, James observed, changing his thoughts to focus on her. They crossed the road where the group was standing. The guys were gathered together looking over the guardrail by the two other cruisers and the girls were gathered around the passenger van. Vicky had her bag out and started checking Cathleen and her girls over while medics from the ambulance met up with them.

James went down to the guys where the dented guardrail was and looked over. If you needed proof why you should wear a seatbelt, Cliff would be a good example. The first officer on the scene explained that when the truck hit the guardrail, it tossed the man halfway out the side window and the truck rolled over him. The first roll tore his head off from his jaw up, as if he ate the rooftop. The rest of the rolls didn’t matter any because the first one was good enough. The three policemen James recruited knew the officers on the scene. The officer played back his dash cam for them and they complimented James on a well-executed pit maneuver. James heard a helicopter overhead and saw it pass over.

The media showed up and James found himself getting filmed again. Passengers in the SUV were checked by the medics but there were no injuries. The Cathleen’s driver was the only one to go to a hospital. He was complaining about his neck hurting. Another vehicle was going to be dispatched to take Cathleen and the twins to the airport.

A twenty minute drive turned into forever but they finally got on the aircraft to get back home. A disgruntled pilot was waiting on them but he saw Ying and brightened up. The familiar, “Anyone wanting to join the Mile High club…” went over the speakers and, as predicted, the usual sex maniacs stripped down to nothing.

Jesse reached in his pocket and pulled out a dollar. Handing it over to Trent, he said,” I know, you win.” and let the bill go reluctantly.

“Thank ya buddy.” he replied, snapping it in front of him and slipping it into his pocket.

Cathleen handed out room assignments and instructions. “Lisa is going to be pissed as hell.” she whispered to James, leaning over to give him his information. James shrugged it off. She would probably paint whatever the room color was to pink anyway.

James conversed with the new security about the equipment they would be working with. James asked to borrow the floor plans for the new security office from Cathleen and showed them the plans they had in the works. They were especially interested in the GPS rings realizing how handy those would be. James wasn’t as excited as they were but he was glad to have something to take his mind off of things.

Bobbi, Dell, and Rachel were by themselves looking lonely on a plane full of people. They seemed a little overwhelmed with all the things going on all of a sudden. James checked with their men to see if he could get their women serviced. He had to explain what that meant and that caused more questions but bets were made in the end. Jerry waged the most, he bet ten bucks Rachel wouldn’t let that happen. James bet against him and Trent did too. Jesse wasn’t much more confident with Dell so he bet five bucks she wouldn’t. Jesse only bet a dollar against Dell because she was a ‘wild child’ of sorts.

All bets were settled on and James called Ying over and had her go get Link and Mike. They came back with her and Mike asked, “What’s up?”

James huddled with the guys and filled them in on the plan to service the new additions. He instructed them to get the girls to stand and don’t let them sit back down with their panties on. Link wanted Dell and Mike wanted Bobbi. That worked out good because James wanted Rachel. The wife is the hardest to loosen up and he didn’t want her thinking she was getting molested and would probably need special handling.

James told Jerry that he would be the one servicing his monogamous wife, making sure the guy knew in advance his intentions and wouldn’t get jealous over it. This was strictly a cunnilingus mission and Mike and Link knew that.

Cathleen looked at James and shook her head, overhearing the guy’s scheming. Vicky was just skeptical, thinking the boys didn’t have a chance. Lisa just wanted to watch knowing she trained Link and wanted to bet how fast he could get Dell off. The guys were ready to get started and all three headed for the back.

Each one stepped in front of their subjects. The dumbfounded looks they gave were priceless when James announced, “Alright ladies. We need you to stand.”

Hesitantly, all three stood up. “Ok, this next part will seem a bit strange.” and James grabbed the front of Rachel’s pants and unfastened them. Pulling her pants down, James announced, “We have to have your underwear.” Rachel started fighting with that announcement and James couldn’t tell what the other two girls were doing. He yanked Rachel’s panties down as she was sitting back down.

James got her clothes from around her ankles barraged with, “Don’t”, “Stop”, and “What are you doing?” going on in front and around him. All three boys rose about the same time with pants and panties in their hands.

James made his next announcement, “We have your significant other’s permission to service you.” and let that sink in, “Now, we need your cooperation in letting us eat your pussies.” and dropped down to his target. Rachel’s legs were crossed and her hands were covering her crotch. She was locked up tighter than a drum. “You have to get used to it people. I have a bunch of servants to train and you guys need to let them practice on you.” James patted her leg, “Come on, open up, I won’t bite.”

Rachel acted like a virgin being all shy and bashful. She slowly uncrossed her legs and watched James’ head get closer to her. He was running behind the other two because he could hear them eating away. But Rachel took special handling to get her doors to open.

James made a slow effort to get to her sex. His breath caressed her thighs on his way to the target. With Rachel looking down at him from above, he stuck out his tongue like he was trying to touch his chin, and laid it flat on the bottom of her pussy lips and raked it all the way up to her mound. It was as exciting for James as it was for Rachel. Both realized that James is the only man other than her husband that had the privilege of licking her pussy.

Now, you might say that James had the virginity of Ying and the deliciousness she offered. Perhaps Cathleen was a valuable treasure being the wealthiest woman on earth. But James would tell you they are all wonderful in their own special way and Rachel was certainly no different. Of all the words used to describe a pussy, one of the best ones was the word ‘strange’. The act of trying something unfamiliar or new, regardless of age or condition, is always intoxicating to the imbiber. Both James and Rachel took in the elixir of each other’s newness.

James got his first taste of Rachel and she got her first feel of James. Just doing the act raises passions but doing it with a stranger is much different. She scooted closer to the edge, giving in to James and his wishes. James set to work licking and sucking. Her hands gripped the chair arms tightly and developed a case of white knuckles. James worked his tongue rapidly in and out and then around her clit. Repeating this action over and over brought Rachel to get into it.

Rachel started humping him back, a sign of better things coming. He almost lost his rhythm when Dell went off like a rocket. That damn Link and his mistress’ training made James wonder about getting lessons. Hearing a woman scream, “Oh my God!” is quite contagious and Bobbi went off with a scream. Rachel wasn’t far behind and gritted her teeth in submission.

James finished her off and raised his head in time to see Rachel look ahead. “Oh God honey, I’m so sorry!” she said, her eyes growing wider and wider.

“Damn it girl, you screwed me over!” James heard Jerry say.

“I don’t know what to do! It just happened so all of a sudden!” Rachel exclaimed in her shame, her hands going to her face.

James turned around to see Jerry rummaging in a wallet in his hand. “Well you better be making this up to me, you just cost me ten dollars!” Jerry said, and handed James the bill. Rachel looked at him like he was daft but was glad he wasn’t upset over her servicing.

Trent was betting for his girl to go along with it and got a dollar from it. Jesse lost five bucks and Dell was mad over it. “You should have known I would do that.” she huffed, “I love my pussy getting sucked.”

James liked a challenge and thought to try one, “You girls mind if your men get serviced? I have a new slave that needs practice.”

Bobbi was the first to answer, “Well I got mine, I guess he can get his. It seems pretty fair to me.”

“Well, I don’t mind either, Jesse can get some.” Dell offered her fullest consent.

Rachel surprised James the most, “Well Jerry sure isn’t going to get serviced…” she started “Unless I’m allowed to watch her do It.” she finished.

James shrugged his shoulders at that one. He didn’t care if she watched. “We have three slaves that can service the guys, you want to bet on who lasts the longest?”

Dell answered first, “My man can stand it and I’ll bet five dollars he’s the last one to go.”

“Please girl, my man got stamina, I’ll bet you that five dollars.” Bobbi said, “And I’ll bet another five dollars he’s the last one standing.”

Rachel wasn’t going to be out of the wager and said, “I’ll see you both your five dollars and bet five on mine being last.”

James was confused how the bet was going to be settled, running the figures in his head. In the end, it didn’t matter; he’d gotten his way and got the girls’ attention. “Ok, I have Ying, Jen, and Nikki.” he started and had link go get them. When they came in he asked the girls, “Which one do you want on your man?”

“That’s bullshit and you know it James.” was Bobbi’s initial reply, “Don’t you have anyone that’s uglier? None of those guys will last.”

James rolled his eyes at her remark and replied, “It doesn’t matter how long they last; only who will last the longest.”

The girls agreed that it was true and Rachel had a question, “Which one of the girls needs the practice?”

James wasn’t going to tell them that but all three girls raised their hands. James shrugged and lined the guys up and Jerry was the most hesitant.

Rachel picked Jen and Rachel picked Nikki. “I’m not picking Ying.” Dell said, looking at the two women taking the good choices.

Ying was offended and asked her why, “I good!” she finished in a huff.

“I know you are honey, you’re too good, but I want my man to last. He would cream on you pulling it out.” she replied.

James shook his head at the crazy argument and said, “Don’t worry, we can blindfold them.” he explained, “You can choose the girls after the blindfolds are on and they won’t know who they get.”

James had never worked so hard to get someone a blow job. Women were mysteries and saw the world through different eyes, or so he tried to rationalize. He got napkins from Isaac’s drawer and had the guys blind folded. The girls picked again and Ying got Trent while Jerry had Jen while Jesse got Nikki.

James went over the rules before they started, “Remember, you can’t touch the girls.” not wanting them to know who did the servicing and they might be able to tell by feeling their heads.

“Ok girls, get on your knees and get ready to service.” James instructed. “Pull that zipper back up, we can’t have any cheating.” not mentioning Jen had done it.

They looked ready and the women stepped closer to get a better view of the servicing. “On your mark!” and the slaves raised a hand to the zippers. “Get set!” and the slaves rose up. “Go!”

Ying was the first one to get her hands on a penis while Jen fumbled with underwear a little. Surprisingly, Nikki was right behind Ying since she had the least experience. The men rose to the occasion and soon it was on; all three had a stiff one to work with. Jesse was first to show a reaction and stiffened up a little. “You better hold back or I’ll cut it off!” Dell warned and James had to interfere.

“No coaxing ladies, let’s keep this fair.” James had to admonish, watching Ying put her small hand in to play with balls.

“This one’s cheating!” Bobbi pointed out, wanting her man to last.

How the hell you can cheat at a blow job was beyond James’ comprehension but relented to keep it fair since the other two slaves weren’t doing it, “No hands on balls slaves.” James called out and watched Ying pull hers back out.

Jesse was definitely closer and Nikki knew it. She stroked him fast while sucking on his head and was rewarded with Jesse’s seed. James waited till Nikki finished cleaning him up and announced, “Jesse is out of the game.”

Jesse was smart and removed his blindfold to see who was servicing him. He got an eyeful of Ying and Jen still working on their masterpieces. Dell got upset at him but not for looking, she was mad because she lost five dollars. “I’m sorry baby; it’s been a while. Maybe you should give it up more often.” he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

Of all the things a man could be sorry for, popping a nut in a girl’s mouth too early in front of a girlfriend that’s given permission wasn’t one James thought he’d ever hear.

That brought back the memory of Jerry and Rachel having sex on the beach earlier. James was willing to bet Jerry would hold out the longest. Just as he thought that, Trent went off and Ying took all that he offered. Once she cleaned up James announced, “Trent is out, we have a winner. Ying help her finish Jerry off.”

Once Jerry felt two tongues on his cockhead, he exploded over both of the slaves. They fought for his essence but neither lost out as they even licked it off of each other. Jerry took the blindfold off before the girls finished cleaning. He got an eyeful of two girls kissing and licking his gift off of each other.

Dell was the first to speak after the show, “That was worth my five bucks.” and slapped the bill in Rachel’s hand.

“I’d pay to see it again.” Bobbi said, doing the same with her five.

“Damn honey, you got them good.” Rachel admitted, handing him the two fives. “There’s your money back sweetie. Does that make it up to you?”

“It more than made up for it.” Jerry said with a smile, and pinched his wife on the ass while he kissed her.

So the three new women spent the rest of the flight running around nude from the waist down. Bobbi tested out Ying’s pussy eating skills while Trent serviced Lisa. James convinced Rachel a tongue was a tongue and even had Vicky verify it. She climaxed from her first girl servicing her pussy, brought to her by the mouth of Nikki. That was a sight that Jerry would remember and even said so to James.

Trent had never had a dominate girl make him lick and tongue her ass. He went ahead and did what Lisa said in the fear of Lisa’s wrath. Just to make the point hit home, Link offered his advice, “You better do it and make it go deep or she will beat your ass.”

Mike had Jen over a plush aircraft seat, his shirt over it to catch any mess. James saw something he hadn’t seen in a while; Jen’s footprint was on the window glass. He made his way back up to the table where Cathleen and Vicky sat. Taking a seat be the doctor, he asked Isaac for a Ginger Ale.

Cathleen just sat there shaking her head and James got tired of her silence. “What?” he asked; recognizing that look, “I’m just breaking them in.”

“I know you are James but it just seems completely out of place. How you can take six total strangers and turn them into sex toys for pleasure in such a short time is just a bit overwhelming to me.” Cathleen admitted.

Vicky chimed in right afterwards, “I’m keeping my entire family away from you. I don’t want my son getting any ideas and you would have plenty to give him.”

James pretended that he was deeply interested, “Really? I had no idea you had a son. Staff members can have relations now, is he moving in? Does he like piercings? Is he good looking? Do you think Lisa would like him?”

“Shut up! You aren’t getting near him.” Vicky interrupted, “Don’t even think about it.” she warned, shaking a finger at him. “I’ll pierce your nipples together.”

“Ok, ok, sheesh. But he is missing out.” James replied, feigning disappointment.

The pilot came across the intercom and gave the twenty minute notice. Everyone got their clothes on and the seatbelt lights lit up. They landed smoothly and debarked. James was rather thankful to see his Cadillac again. He even inspected it before he got in. You can sure bet James followed closely the car taking Cathleen and the twins. In less than an hour after landing, the group arrived at the mansion.

Joy met them in the garage. She had come back early, tending to business. Handing Cathleen what she claimed were updates, she perused them before heading in. James stayed with her and followed her inside. He was a little paranoid now and made sure she stayed safe. The new recruits were taken by Niles to get them settled in.

Cathleen and her girls led James and his girls to his room, wanting to see what he thought of it. The elevator dinged open on Level One and a voice echoed from down the hallway, “What the hell is this shit!”

Cathleen laughed and said, “I guess Lisa found her room.”

She explained that James was close to the new security area. His room was patched into it directly. Opening his ‘living area’ with a key card, she handed him three so the girls could use them. She explained that they can program the cards in security.

The skylight was the first thing that struck him as James entered the room. Even Ying and Nikki commented on it, looking up at the moon and stars overhead.

One long bookshelf was sunken into a wall. All of his books were on it and below it was a long desk attached to the wall. His computer was in the center but Cathleen explained he could put four computers on it with internet and network hook ups. Spenco had outlets in electronics and they had 60 inch TVs. One was hanging on his wall in front of a long leather couch. Link would have to hook up his computer to it though since the movers didn’t know how to do it.

Cathleen showed him the bathroom. It had a walk-in shower and a sunken bathtub. The lighting was incredible and James just had to ask, “Are you sure this isn’t your living area?” staring at the fancy bathroom.

“Mine is bigger and better.” she explained, “I’ll show you when you’re done looking here.”

The girls got settled in, opening closets and putting their suitcases in them. ‘What a waste’ James thought to himself, watching the clothes get put up and the clothes coming off. Cathleen led James to the bedroom where another skylight was over the bed. She explained that the skylights were polarized and could be darkened if needed, to keep out prying eyes. Just as she said that, Phil walked by above them and waved, James waved back.

Another door was on the far wall and James thought it was a closet. “Wow, I have plenty of closet space now.” and walked over to the door to open it.

“No, no, that’s my room there. All the living areas are connected.” she explained, sliding her keycard and opening it. Jack and Jill ran in to see it.

After touring her new luxury apartment located a floor below ground level, Cathleen led them to the rec room. Well, it was a rec room but much bigger. It had to be to accommodate the pool-sized Jacuzzi in it. But James didn’t get much of a chance to look around as he was berated with staff members and their charges. A celebration it seemed was planned for their arrival and Mary had party snacks and drinks waiting.

A group of strangers waited in the floor area about as big as any dance floor. There was no way he could remember them all as the staff members introduced him. Some handed him notes containing instructions and what, specifically, they wanted them trained in. James wasn’t sure about some of their ages and double checked with their masters to make sure.

Frank, the accountant, had his own little filly; a redhead wearing glasses with freckles. It was like nerd meets model as her body was simply gorgeous but she had that gawkiness to her. Frank explained that he had James’ information and would be taking care of his investments. “You take care of what I need, I’ll make sure to take care of you.” he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Niles came in with the security recruitments and their women after giving them a small tour of the facility. They were impressed with the vastness of it and complimented Cathleen on its beauty. “Why thank you!” Cathleen said, “My father feared the apocalypse and it originally started as a bunker. But he was a pragmatic man and found other uses for it, expanding it little by little.”

Ying and Nikki were the attraction it seemed with the new charges, they sported better attire. James counted sixteen servants that needed training and thought to have some fun of it. He had Ying and Nikki stand by the wall in front of the floor area. Turning around, he made an announcement, “I need all charges scheduled for training to come here and form lines. Come empty handed, we need you to focus on what we all have planned.”

Cathleen, Joy, and Vicky watched as the group thinned out from the trainees going down to the floor area. James had them lined up in four different rows with the males in the front row. The staff members who had charges went for the long couch that was wrapped around the end of the flooring area to see the show.

James waited until they were ready and waiting to receive the orders he planned to give, then he announced the start of the training and welcomed them to the first lessons.

“My name is James Farlow. I will be your lead master in charge.” he explained, and waited a moment before continuing.

“Each of you is issued a uniform and none of you have it on.” James started, “The uniform is what Ying and Nikki here are wearing and I want each of you to get in yours.” indicating his loyal slaves.

A boy in the first row opened his mouth, “But mister, they aren’t wearing any.”

“Exactly my point, you’re a smart guy. Now everyone get to stripping.” James replied and watched the hesitancy in the floor area.

“The first lesson is in obedience and I see a few of you disobeying.” James observed and walked over to the male that made the comment. “I have someone that can pierce your dick and I’ll have it stapled to your balls. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. We have modern medicine for that.”

Lisa was witnessing this event and wondered why she didn’t think of that; but then lost the thought to the males in the first row immediately revealing their youthful flesh. The girls followed suit and soon all of them were sporting their uniforms.

James placed the males in the first row for a reason, keeping them from ogling the girls behind them. They had enough eye candy in front of them with Ying and Nikki standing there. James set to work inspecting the group, looking at their features and appearance.

“I see some of you are out of shape. We have a gym at this facility. You will spend the day working out while your masters are at their work.” he announced, then add, “You will not eat anything fattening until your bodies are back in shape.”

James introduced Cathleen, “This is the person you want to listen to, even more so than myself. She provides this place and entertainment for you. I needn’t tell you how important it is to keep this lady happy. A punishment from this lady will have you screaming ‘Mommy’ real fast. If she tells you to wipe her ass, you better ask if that’s front to back or back to front and then do it exactly as ordered.” and motioned Cathleen to come up.

Cathleen stood to address the crowd, “Thank you for your attention. I must tell each and everyone here, I appreciate your hard work and dedication. James has swayed my opinions on certain subjects and this happens to be one.” panning her hand over the new nude charges. “I want you all to enjoy your stay while serving as a member of my staff. That enjoyment will quickly be over should one of you overstep my boundaries. I would like to address a few of those boundaries and will start with the fun you are about to enjoy.” she said, pausing for the effect.

“Nobody, and I do mean nobody, is allowed out of this area without any clothes covering your private areas. You will be appropriately dressed for public once you leave this facility. There is only one exception to this boundary rule, I will permit nudity around the pool area which is just through that door.” she pointed, then heard a murmur go through the crowd and waited until it died down.

“Yes, you heard correctly, I am opening the pool for your pleasure. But I want you to know, just like this area here, that it is under surveillance and you may be recorded for security purposes.” pointing to the camera overhead, “Once you leave the pool area, you must have a bathing suit or something on. You can go butt-bare naked for all I care as long as you cover up in the public eye.” she said, and waited for that to sink in.

She continued with her speech saying, “Nobody is allowed to cause intended harm to another, no matter the circumstances. If your charge causes you anguish, you cannot, for any reason, bring harm to that charge and must find some other form of punishment. If you need ideas for punishment, ask Lisa. She seems to… have a knack for it. Now, there is something to be said for fetishes where pain may be involved, but you must have the consent of the charge you involve in it such as spanking or whipping each other. But I don’t want to receive a single complaint about abuse from anyone.” she paused again; letting that sink in with the group and watched some of them nod in agreement.

“The last I will say about your charges, there can be no jealousy or arguments among you. I don’t care if your charge gets screwed by everyone in the facility. You brought them here knowing full well the circumstances and I better not get any complaint about it. Also, if you have a charge, you are responsible for their health and welfare including birth control and physicals. Now charges can be addictive and I know the appeal they possess. I better not find you lacking in your work or you and your charge will go somewhere else.” she stated, and pausing one final time with those words.

“Now that I said what I needed to, we will turn to a lighter topic. Go ahead James, continue on.”

Pointing at Ying and Nikki he said, “You will do exactly as these two. Don’t think about it; just go ahead and do It.” turning around to face his two slaves he said, “Inspection!”

The girls got in the submissive stance and most of the trainees followed their example but James noticed two that didn’t. Walking up to the male that failed, he pinched one of his nipples, “Wake up man, you were given orders. Make sure you follow them to the letter.” Heading over to the blonde girl that failed, he pinched one of her nipples as well. She had gotten in the stance when she seen what happened to the male, “I’m doing it!” she said, grabbing her nipple and James pinched the other one. “What’s that for?” she exclaimed while grabbing that breast as well.

“That is for running your mouth. The master is always right even if you think they are wrong.” James tutored. “Now, you have all agreed to be servants for the masters that brought you here. You will have fun and enjoy it immensely but you have to do as you’re told.” then added, “That is part of the fun after all.”

He watched those words sink in to the trainees and then continued his lessons. “Are any of you virgins?” he asked, and three girls and one boy raised their hands. “Do you want to stay that way?” and all four shook their heads no.

“Check with your masters on their plans but stick with oral sex for now. Nobody has intercourse without their master’s permission. Does everyone understand that?” and the group responded with nods.

“Ying and Nikki will be the go-to people for girl’s individual training. Males can contact Lisa for her insightful tutoring if you need further training.”

Lisa couldn’t stop herself, “Thank you!” she said waving her hand in the air, attracting the boys’ attention.

James informed them of all that was expected and went over the rules once more. It was getting extremely late and there was work tomorrow, it being Monday. He concluded his first meeting with the new charges and decided to wrap up to get some sleep. Everyone mingled for a bit, visiting those left behind over the weekend.

James walked over and turned the TV on and watched the eleven o’clock news. It was already past eleven but he hoped to catch anything that might have to do with the Florida incident. He didn’t have to wait long as the news turned to it with the headline ‘Local hero does it again.’ It covered everything from Mrs. Gracie’s protest incident to Cathleen’s kidnappers. The sex tape controversy was in the mix. How it was some controversy baffled James but he guessed it was part of the hype they like to make so things appear so dramatic.

Cathleen took a seat on the couch by him and watched. After it was over James turned it off with a sigh. “You ok with all of the publicity?” she asked, seeing the stress in James.

“It’s a little overwhelming. I’m not used to public scrutiny. I’d hate them to believe something I’m not.” he pointed out.

Cathleen acted surprised, “Why, you’re everything they say you are.” blowing off his worry, “I know that first hand.” she said with a smile.

“Well, I don’t want my private life to become public. That wouldn’t be good for any of us.” James admitted, “People tend to look at famous people as role models and I am sure not one of those.”

She huffed at him and said, “The more eccentric the more successful. People would just be more in awe of you if they knew.” she explained, “Besides, isn’t that perfect for you? Every woman out there wouldn’t expect a moral obligation from you, just like you wanted.”

She certainly had a point. If the public found out about Ying and Nikki, they would certainly know where he stood on monogamy, that’s for sure. “You’re probably right. I’m worrying for nothing. Besides, I could always say ‘no comment’.” he replied with a grin.

“Good! I’m glad you feel that way.” she sighed, “You have a meeting tomorrow at three.” she said, getting up from the couch. “Be at the mansion study.” turning to go.

“Wait, who’s it with?” James asked, surprised at the news.

“The media of course.” she replied, taking more steps away.

“What? I don’t want a meeting with reporters!” he exclaimed, his fears being realized.

“James, you can’t go around killing people without answering questions, regardless of the reasons.” she said, turning to face him, “All you can do is hope the questions are easy ones.” then turned back and walked away.

“You knew that was coming all along.” he yelled at her back; sure she had set him up.

She turned around again and said, “You act like I’m the enemy James.” she huffed, “Didn’t we just have a discussion about trust?” she chastised, “Stop being so skeptical and have some faith in me James.” then turned and walked away.

Trust… something she hadn’t quite earned yet with him, or had she? Everything has turned out all right so far. All of his clients seemed to be pleased and he’s been well compensated for his work. Maybe he should trust her more. It is a challenge to trust someone so powerful to do what is best for you and not them.

He got up and chased after her. Catching up, he tapped her on the shoulder as she was heading back to her room, “Hey” he said, stopping her.

“What?” she asked, acting perturbed at his interruption.

“Listen, I trust you. You should know that.” James started, “I just get overwhelmed with all those secret surprises you have.”

“Are you happy here James?” she asked, looking him intently in the eyes.

James hadn’t expected that question but to be honest, he was quite happy, “I’d have a hard time leaving if I was forced to.” he admitted. “It’s only been a week and I have… grown quite fond of it.”

“Then stop worrying and be happy.” she replied, and then turned away, heading into her room.

Ying and Nikki came up behind him. The group headed for their living quarters and James stripped. All three headed for their walk-in shower. There was plenty of room for all three. James stuck around after washing to see the girls give each other an enema. James had to admit, even if it was not glamorous, it was at the very least, erotic.

James pulled out his and Ying’s phone and got Nikki’s new one out. He’d gotten her one when they went shopping and needed to get it charged. Adding her number to the two other phones, he put it on the charger as well. Next, he had Ying kneel in her submissive stance and took a picture and set it to her phone number in his contacts. He did the same with Nikki.

After explaining what he had done, the girls did the same with their own. Both made James look behind him while showing his ass to them. They took pictures of each other and had some fun, sticking out tongues and spreading pussy lips. Ying wanted a pic of her butt plug in her. James wanted it text to him. Nikki wasn’t used to male genitalia but wanted a pic of James’ so he obliged. Ying had her text it to her.

Since Nikki was new, James thought to ask her questions about her life in Somalia. It wasn’t pretty from her description, living in a country with no government. She had some pretty hard times and wanted to escape. Getting a chance when a cargo ship was headed out, she was able to sneak on board at night. Needless to say, the sailors were not kind to her. James promised he would never force her to do anything she really didn’t want to do and offered her a safety word. She chose ‘sanctuary’ as it meant that it was where she wanted to go when she stowed away on the ship, seeking sanctuary.

James’ heart went out to her when she told him her parents were killed by thieves. It was enough for him to change the subject because it was not only painful for him and Ying to hear but affected her gravely. He went on to happier thoughts.

So, tell me Nikki, what were you looking for here in the States?” he asked, hoping to get the gloomy look off her face.

She dropped her head and said, “I just wanted to be treated me good.”

Ying replied first, “I love you. I treat you good.” and rubbed her arm.

“Well, I hope we can do that for you.” James said, “Are we doing ok so far?”

Nikki remembered the shopping, food, and the sex, “I think you treat me to good.”

“Oh, there is no such thing as too good. I do want you to be happy here though.” James stated, watching the gloom leave her face. “It is late girls, let’s hit the bed. I’d like to work out tomorrow.”

All three climbed in bed under the skylight and watched the stars. James pointed out the big dipper but you had to look at an angle to see all of it. The king-sized bed was much better and allowed them room to get comfortable. James drifted off to sleep in the middle of his two girls. They both did the same.

Awaking from a dreamless sleep, James had that tickling on his nose again. He just knew it was Ying messing with him. That brought the sensation he had in his sex. Somebody was molesting him as he felt his cock enter a pussy. Someone was taking advantage of his morning erection. He wanted to guess who was who and kept his eyes closed, feeling the two out since he had doubts after feeling that pussy on him.

He couldn’t help but determine that it was Ying on his cock as her weight on the bed was lighter. He didn’t want to judge it like that, wanting to stick with the two pussies on him. But, his mind wouldn’t ignore the cold clit ring on his pubic area either. Waking up to pussy brewing is definitely a luxury he could get used to but his hard-on was going to be useless until he used the restroom. Until then, he would explode before getting up from this.

Nikki got more insistent, bringing more of her sex to his nose and lips. She left it there and grinded a little. She gasped when James sucked her clit in and giggled. He wagged his tongue over it before he released it. Ying picked up speed, knowing he was awake now. James lapped at Nikki while she used his face to get herself off. He tasted her juice as it trickled out of her. Nikki wasn’t a drencher like Ying was but her climaxes where just as strong.

Ying was next to go, working him hard until she did squirt. While she was doing that, James heard a voice beside the bed, “I’m next.” coming from Jill he guessed. Ying finished and unsheathed him. Nikki got off his face while a naked Jill climbed on.

She worked his cock into her pussy and started her humping. Ying and Nikki kissed and thanked him for the orgasm while Jill rode him faster. She said, “Oh God, it’s been a while since I’ve had this.”

James smiled at her eagerness and said, “Come on girls, suck her nipples.” and watched them climb back on the bed and get to work. He reached down and flicked her clit with a finger. She started moaning and gasping as Ying and Nikki sucked on her. She was forced to slow down as the girls controlled her with her breasts in their hands.

James, ever the gentleman, picked up the task of shoving his cock in her. She rose up to give him more room to do it. James moved his hand back from her clit and used both to grab one breast each of his two girls, rubbing their nipples with a thumb. That made both of his girls play with themselves, leaving one hand on Jill’s breast.

Jill got louder and louder which brought in Jack. James saw her come from Cathleen’s door. “Cathleen wants to know what’s taking you so long.” she said, approaching the bed. But Jill was in no condition to answer and the scene spoke volumes it all anyway. Since she didn’t get a response, Jack shrugged and said, “I’m next.” dropping her nighty on the floor.

James had her straddle his head and lowered her sex on him, easing his thrusting into Jill until she settled down. Picking his pace back up, he humped up into Jill while getting face fucked by Jack. Letting go of the two breasts he had in his hands, he grabbed two more; both belonging to Jack.

Jack replaced his hands with hers on Ying and Nikki. Jill climaxed on James’ thrusting cock and he worked harder while she rode the bliss, screaming from it. When she shivered to a stop, James eased up and rested while Jack made her twin get up. Nikki went off again, unable to get out of Jack’s way for a moment. Ying watched as Nikki leaked some of her cum out. Getting her fingers wet, she licked them off and climaxed from it.

Jack finally got down and straddled his cock, rubbing her sex up and down on him before inserting him in her warm, licked-wet pussy. She started slow and moaned, “I forgot what this felt like.” and nestled him in deeper. She grinded there and then rose up. James thrust up easy at first but soon picked up speed.

He looked over at Ying and watched her clean up Nikki. Nikki was maneuvering Ying around but she was too short to sixty-nine. Jill joined in to help, seeing Nikki’s dilemma. “I’m next.” Nikki called, humping into Ying’s mouth and playing with Jack’s nipple.

Now James felt a little used, lying there being ridden, but it was worth the torment as he watched Jack climax on him. The erotic sights in front of him were more than his fantasies could create and decided to forget masturbation in the future except when it pleased a woman. Once Jack completed her molestation of a rigid cock beneath her, she climbed off to let Nikki have a turn and helped guide him into her pussy.

James swore to himself that Nikki would be the last one to use him and he planned on making that trip to the bathroom. Once he finished in there, somebody somewhere was going to get it and he really didn’t care who or where. Humping up in the air so long was becoming quite tiresome but Nikki would be treated no different if it took all of his strength to ensure it. He pumped into her fast enough to make a quick orgasm for her. Once she climbed off, James was ready to go, but that damn Ying and the kinks she had forced him to stay while she cleaned him off.

He had to practically pull her off him, realizing his relief was in dire need. He stood up to head for the bathroom and heard Cathleen enter the room. “What’s taking you girls so long?” she asked, “I sent both of you after one thing.” and glanced around the bedroom for answers but the girls already had their mouths full. Looking at James since none was given she asked, “Did you put them up to this?”

James shook his head innocently and said, “I was the victim here, they molested Me.” but pictures speak louder than words and Cathleen’s eyes focused on the portrait of his erection. Looking down at his own evidence, all he could do was drop his shoulders and sigh.

“I sent them in here to borrow that Sybian thingy.” she said, “I take it they got distracted?” looking at Jill and Ying.

“Yeah, something like that. But I have to go.” James replied and turned to head for the bathroom.

Cathleen stopped him by saying, “You’re not leaving with that thing are you?” and crossed her arms in front of her.

James turned back to see her stance and said, “Climb on the bed, I’ll be back in a minute.” and headed into the bathroom. He now had the ‘who’ and soon the ‘where’ and smiled at the thought while he relieved himself. He frowned at his deflation but it wouldn’t be that way for long. Making haste in his cleaning and grooming, he headed back out to the bedroom.

He entered the room and assessed the situation. Ying and Jack were eating Cathleen while Jack and Jill had her tits. He noticed Cathleen looking at him and said, “Well, I guess you don’t need Me.” and pretended to leave.

Cathleen snapped her fingers at him and said, “Gimme” while crooking her finger.

Having four girls service her wasn’t enough, he guessed. Walking over to the bed, he climbed on and knelt by her head. Pulling his meat up, he laid it across her lips. She sucked and nibbled on the back side of him while Nikki and Ying brought her off. Nikki worked her clit while Ying was on her backside. He hardened up while she came down so he pulled himself from her lips.

Ying rose up on an elbow and said, “She make me tongue her ass.”

James looked at her and repeated words from a time past, “I’m sorry she did that Ying.”

“It’s ok. I like it.” she said, and giggled at him remembering the past. “I tongue yours too.” she offered, bringing back that memory for him.

“Ok, maybe later. Scoot over.” he replied, and worked his way around the girls. Getting on the foot of the bed, he scooted himself up to Cathleen. Rubbing his cock where Nikki was still licking, he felt tongue and pussy in unison. That was a sensation on the head of his cock and he urged himself to remember it.

Just as he was reveling in the moment, Ying stuck her head in his crack. Just as offered, she tongued his asshole right when he entered the pussy. That ‘later’ became ‘now’ as she flicked across him, spreading his ass cheeks for access. Forgetting the tongue and pussy on his cockhead at once, it was replaced with the sensations of Cathleen and Ying. He couldn’t help squeezing his ass and forcing Ying to back out. He tried to relax so she could get back in; thankful she was a determined little girl.

Sights and sensations filled his mind, watching Jack and Jill on breasts. Nikki was having a difficult time getting to Cathleen’s clit. James lay on his side, giving her better access. Ying adjusted herself to his ass and gained better access for it. Now he could pump his sex into Cathleen and back out to a waiting tongue. Raising Cathleen’s leg up in the air, he could see Nikki’s work going on there.

Everyone settled on the body parts they were servicing and got into a steady rhythm. Ying grabbed him by the waist and held on with her face buried in his behind. Both Jack and Jill grabbed breasts with both hands and fucked nipples in and out of their mouths. Knowing how Cathleen had cum the last time two people had serviced her nipples, James was betting she wouldn’t last long and tried to make sure she wouldn’t.

Reaching his hand underneath Cathleen’s ass, he pulled an ass cheek back. Wiggling in, he found her hole and inserted a finger in it. He felt her tighten and loosen her ass on him and couldn’t help getting heated, just feeling his cock through her asshole. Cathleen went over from all the work being done to give her a mind blowing orgasm.

James felt Cathleen’s recently trimmed pussy tremble on his cock. He even felt her clamp down on him so he speeded up his efforts. He felt her juice being forced on his groin and swore she squirted a little. While she was still climaxing, he pulled his finger from her ass and felt her tremble even more.

She settled back on the bed she rose from and James eased up on his humping. He watched as she gasped for breath, trying to recover from her orgasm. When her breath became regular, he started back up, dying to get himself off in her. But just as he started to get into it more a phone on the dresser rang.

Jack was the closest so Cathleen asked her to get it and she brought it back to her. James was more focused on her sex than the phone and wanted to get off in it. He could only hear her side of the conversation and listened while humping her pussy.

“Hello?” she started, “Oh, how are you? I’m Cathleen Spencer.” sounding a bit out of breath.

“Yes, yes. Everything is fine. Thank you for asking. I’m just a little paranoid from it.” she said, while the girls started back on her nipples.

“I’d love to have you come by for a visit, we could do dinner. When would you two be available?” she asked, looking at the efforts of the group. “Excellent, I’m glad to hear it. I’ll send a car for you then.”

James wondered which one of his friends it was but really didn’t care at the moment. He was concentrating on the warm wetness he was involved with and the delicious feelings Ying was bringing him from behind. “Yes, we will talk about it, I’m sure you will be satisfied. Remember to plan for the car.” she continued. “Don’t worry, he’s being good.”

She handed the phone to him and he shook his head not wanting it. She insisted he take it so he put it to his ear with a huff and heard the one that brought him into the world on the other end.

“Hello?” he asked, and the voice of his mother started in on him about being plastered on the news. But all men are screwed up in the head because they can only focus on one thing at a time. His mother drew his fullest attention at the moment, not expecting to have this conversation. Cathleen was aware of his lack of attention and urged him to continue his rubbing and humping.

He smelled the pussy juice that coated his fingers which was holding the phone to his ear. His mother rambled on about the kidnapping attempt and praised him for helping Cathleen. She said something about dad being concerned about something and said she looked forward to seeing him. He stated the same, telling her he missed them and tried to get off of the phone.

Mom was a mom and had to fill him in on family gossip and weather. “Ok mom, I have to go but I love you both and we’ll see you later.” he stated, but mom wasn’t letting him go just yet, having some plans for the future, she felt the need to share retirement plans with him, even if he wasn’t listening. It’s hard to concentrate on your mother when a tongue is probing your ass. He put his spare hand behind his back and shoved Ying’s face in him further. “Man, why that feels so good is beyond me.’ he thought, as he felt her tongue stab into his anus.

“What’s gotten into you son?” he heard, and almost told her the truth. How close he came to saying, ‘a tongue’ was pretty scary. “I’m sorry mom, I have work to do, I’m trying to get back into It.” he explained, and listened to her praise him for starting work so early. Advising him to do a good job and give it the ole Farlow effort, he informed her that he planned to do just that and would make dad one proud father.

Then she started in on his love life, wondering if he found a significant other. ‘My God, she goes on.’ he thought, remembering Ying suffocating. Easing off her poor little head, he told his mother he’d been looking. There were several prospects he had in mind but hadn’t made a decision yet. She offered to help him to decide but he declined her motherly suggestion. She told him not to fall for the girl that would let him get his dick wet. “That’s great mom. Just what I needed to hear from my mother.” he replied, and shoved his cock back into Cathleen’s pussy.

He finally got off the phone by promising to talk to her more often. Tossing the damn phone further up on the bed, he set to work for his finale. He pulled himself out to give Nikki a taste and rubbed it on Cathleen’s clit. Dipping back in, he set to humping and climaxed with Ying’s finger in him. Cathleen went over from feeling his cum and he worked to satisfy her orgasm. She pulled back a finger coated in him and sucked it off while she climaxed. Jack and Jill gasped when they saw the cream splashing around the two’s sex. They dipped hands between the two and brought back samples to taste. Nikki didn’t bother with fingers since her mouth was already there. She just let it splash on her face and got it straight from the source.

Ying dropped between his legs and caught what dribbled down to Cathleen’s ass. James finished up and backed out of her and watched the girls scramble to clean her up. “Ying’s getting it all!” Jack protested and James had to tell her to back off.

Nikki grabbed his cock as soon as it emerged and started licking it like ice cream. Jill was left with his soaking balls but seemed to be quite happy with it. After their cleaning, James laid down by Cathleen, listening to her purring in satisfaction.

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” he asked, looking in her half-closed eyes.

“Not quite.” she said, looking over at him, “I need to find five guys.”

“All you need to do is ask. I’m sure I can round them up for ya.” James said, and then started naming off a few that would be more than happy to serve in that mission.

“I might take you up on that offer if those new recruits are on the list.” she giggled.

“Come with us Cathleen. We’re going to work out. I’ve slacked on it the past three days.” James suggested, and rose up off the bed. She consented after making Jill and Jack to commit, wanting to keep their slim figures. They headed back to their living quarters to get ready but didn’t leave empty-handed. Jack was toting the Sybian toy while Jill carried all of the accessories.

Ying had her hands on her hips and watched them walk away with it. “You no see that no more.” she said and James promised to get her another one just like it. “Besides, you know where it will be if you decide you wanted to use it.”

James and the girls got dressed in sweats and boy shorts, whatever they wanted to call them. The girls had wife beaters on or the equivalent of them and it did little to cover their nipples. Since both were pierced, their nipples stood out, poking at the material.

They made their way through Cathleen’s place, planning to exit from there. After waiting for Cathleen to get dressed and the girls done with trying out the Sybian, they finally headed out through the rec room and found a bunch of people in it. Walking over to the fridge to get his drink, he found Rachel sitting there. A boy was between her legs with her nightgown around her waist and servicing her , just a lapping away.

“What’s up Rachel?” James asked as he passed.

“Oh James! Hi, how are you?” she said, pretending nothing was going on.

“The day is just starting for me; it’s been pretty darn good, so far though.” he replied, digging around on the shelves. “How’s that new recruit doing for you?” he asked, pulling out his Gatorade.

“Oh yeah, him.” she said, leaning back in her chair. “Lisa put him down there for practice.” she explained, looking a little embarrassed. “He’s catching on but he keeps going for my clit when I’m not ready for It.” she admitted.

James gave the kid some pointers on it and smiled when he got her off. “Now you see what your efforts bring. You want to do that all the time.” he stated, and patted the boy on his head.

Rachel wanted to go work out with them so they waited for her to get dressed. The girls got to socialize with the new recruits running around naked while they waited. Rachel came back with Dell in tow and they all headed for the weight room.

James was impressed with more recruits in the gym, working off their extra weight. He spent some time explaining his methods to get them on the right path. He had a good workout and enjoyed the company, having a laugh or two at Cathleen’s expense. Rachel seemed to catch right on and worked up a sweat immediately. He could see the determination in her and suspected she’d be in shape within record time.

After their workout, James headed back and convinced Link to connect his computer to the huge TV. He did one better and patched Ying’s in too. After that, he checked his college, seeing what was in store for tomorrow. Then he on to his bank account, where he almost a stroked, with more pending deposits from different people, especially Gloria and Ingrid. He had a chuckle at Gloria’s memo, reading ‘Personal Training’ on it. Ingrid’s simply read ‘Promo’ on it, leaving that kind of vague.

His phone in the room went off and Nikki wanted to answer it. Jesse was on the other end to tell James he had company. He dressed in a hurry and headed up, not really sure who it was. He was introduced to Jubal and Xenia by a puzzled Isaac at the door. Jubal handed him a letter from his master and mistress back home. He opened it to read what the couple expected from this training session.

Both of the spouses had their own kinks in them but the wife wanted double penetration. That was an experience even James hadn’t had tried and didn’t think he had the courage to do so. Maybe he could talk Link in to joining, even if it took Lisa’s encouragement.

He turned to the charges to check them out and fell in love with Xenia’s eyes. He was sure that was what brought Stephan’s attention to her. Jubal was packing some nice muscles too but seemed a little passive. He took them to a sitting room and had them take a seat. Beginning his interview with the two of them, he checked them out and quizzed them on their preferences. After making sure each was committed to their master and mistress, he took them down to the rec room.

He watched their eyes pop out of their heads with all the nudes running around. Instructing them on their uniforms, he watched their shyness kick in. Both were of Indian descent and had dark skin under their clothes. He helped Xenia out of her clothes because somebody had helped her get in them. Why a young girl would have to wear or corset was a mystery to him. Her breasts weren’t huge and she was skinny and could use some meat on her bones. At least Jubal seemed healthier with some good muscle tone.

He found Vicky and had them checked out, hoping Xenia wasn’t anorexic or something. After her checkup, Vicky gave her opinion and said she thought the child had been sick and lost some weight from it. Just to be sure, they fed the two and watched to make sure nothing happened. Giving the poor girl vitamins, it was all they could do until the test results came back.

Ying took Xenia and Nikki took Jubal. Both had plans to get them started since they belonged to VIP clients. James checked the time, worried about the interview and found he had a couple of hours to spare. He seen an email on his phone and when he looked at it he saw a client run. 5pm at the municipal airport coming to the Spencer mansion was added to his calendar on the phone but no name of the client he was getting. Just part of that trust me spirit with secret surprises thrown in.

While the new pair was fitted with butt plugs James did something he thought about trying. Hopping on the internet, he Googled his own name. Several articles popped up and someone had started a fan club. He checked a few articles and read their take on events and seen some had mere speculations on him.

What intrigued him was the fan club he browsed with girls having fantasies about him. Stills of him pointing his weapon at the protestor were shown and a link to the security tape from the kidnapping. The comments ranged from sexy to hot with more stills of him wearing only his sweats. The police had released the tape this morning and James didn’t dare click on it. He didn’t want reminded about such a violent act he performed and still struggled with the taking a life. Scrolling further down on the page was a link to the sex tape that was released so he clicked on it instead.

He watched it all from beginning to end and noted the editing done on it. It had ended without her mom walking in and stopped right after her orgasm. More comments below it and speculations about how the camera just made him look thick. One comment claimed she had hired a gigolo and it wasn’t really James that was in it. It was followed by other comments claiming the blogger was blind.

He scrolled further on that page and found another still of him. The actress released the photo of him playing the role of Poseidon. There he sat on that oversized chair with the trident in his hand. He remembered when the flash went off and could almost hear Ingrid saying, “I’ll make you famous.” like Billy the Kid did when he would kill someone.

Further down were photos of him while he waited at the small airport for Ingrid. One showed the panties while it was still in the air when it was being thrown at him. The camera caught it just right as the panties were flared open, like someone was wearing them just hanging in the air.

All of this was professionally created as far as James could tell from the looks of it. He scrolled to the bottom and hit ‘Contact Us’ and found the address it was being sent to. He blinked his eyes at the domain it went to; That led him to investigate Spenco and went to their domain to check it out.

The first damn thing he saw was Ingrid with her pretty face in an advertisement. She was in the header page promoting a perfume held up by her hand, produced by a Spenco subsidiary. The catch phrase used beside her face on the ad read, ‘Discover that man as your lover.’ in cursive print.

Clicking on the ad brought details up with a shopping cart off on the side. At $75.00 a bottle, it was priced for high-end clients, not your typical middle income perfume. His room phone went off again and since the girls were busy with training, James picked it up. He was called to the security room and his first thoughts were of Cathleen and her words. He hung up the phone and told the group where he was going and would be back down before his interview.

Knocking on the security door, he was let in without delay. Jerry greeted him with a hand shake. “Are you finding everything ok here Trent?” James thought to ask, taking a seat in front of him.

“You bet, top of the line, but they aren’t using it to their benefit.” he replied, taking a seat beside him.

James nodded his head in agreement and said, “I hope you can straighten them out. I don’t want to chase another kidnapper in the parking lot, I’m still pulling out gravel from that.” rubbing his shoulder in remembrance.

“We can start right here pretty easy by turning the keycard features on.” Jerry explained, “We’ve discussed the patrol routes for the grounds and needless to say, it was neglected.” he sighed, “We changed it up and now patrol every hour for fifteen minutes.”

“What about the man power? Are we ok with what we have?” James asked, knowing Cathleen fired Virgil.

“I called the local police department and got their patrol times for the area. You don’t have a neighborhood watch program because, well, you aren’t in a neighborhood here.” he explained. “But we can coordinate our patrols to run between those they perform. We have enough man power to do that.”

“I wouldn’t think they’d give out that intelligence to just anyone.” James pondered out loud.

“I have certain friends in Florida that was willing to help me out.” Jerry explained. “But I didn’t want to bother you with all the changes we should make here. I actually called you up here to discuss all of the mail you’ve been getting. Some of it is a little unsettling.” and pointed over to a corner.

James looked over at the white duffle bags piled up and was amazed to have so much. “What’s so unsettling about it?” James wanted to know, since he thought it would be all fan mail.

Jerry reached behind him and got two letters and handed them over to him. James read the first one, ‘Watch your back killer, what comes around goes around BITCH’. The second one was even more mysterious as it read, ‘Watch who you’re poking boy. You’re liable to get poked back.’

James had ideas who they were from but the second one was more or less a guess. “The first one might be a relative or friend of the kidnapper I took out. But, as for the second letter… I don’t know it could be a couple of people, I guess.” he explained, remembering the cheating Miss Gracie and the recent ex-boyfriend of Ingrid’s.

“I can only suggest you go out prepared. You can’t predict trouble before it happens.” Jerry assessed.

James agreed with Jerry’s wisdom and explained his appointment for 5pm. He hoped security would be monitoring him when he went to pick up his client. Jerry wanted Cathleen to give security James’ itinerary so they could do that on all of his trips.

James said he would have her do that and changed the subject on him, “When do we move the security room?” and Jerry thought it would be a month. “Wiring and plumbing are the big challenges to it.” he explained but was excited to see it as it was being built.

James got up to leave, shaking his hand one more time. Thanking him for the head’s up on the letters, he turned to head out the door. “What do you think of Rachel?” he asked, before he could open the door.

James turned back around to look at him, not knowing for sure what he meant, “She seems to be adjusting ok.” was all he could think of to say.

“Did that boy really make her orgasm?” he asked, seeming quite curious about it.

“He did for sure, I was there. I was explaining to him how to do it.” James admitted; knowing honesty was the best policy.

“That was a huge turn on for me, seeing her getting eaten out.” Jerry replied.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, we needed her help. There’s so many of them to train.” James explained, trying not to get any further into it.

Jerry was lost in thoughts for a second but finally said, “I think we are going to love it here.”

James sighed with relief from what he said and replied, “Let me know if you become unhappy and I’ll see what we can do to fix it.” then turned away and headed out the door, hearing Jerry telling him thanks from behind him.

Coming back to Level 1, he was greeted by Bobbi and Dell. They were asking about shopping and wondered if James had any ideas. Since James would be in an interview real soon, he suggested Lisa or Mike could probably take them. The recruit’s cars were still in Florida at the Spencer villa. Not knowing where Lisa was, he thought to call her on the phone.

How funny he should ask because it was already solved. She was on her way back from a garage with Ernest and Niles following behind her. Cathleen had three other vehicles ordered and they were finished getting decaled. James wondered what kind of decals and Lisa said they were private security vehicles with green emergency lights on top. The Spenco logo was on the sides and they had the paperwork registered for the police. The corporation had similar vehicles that patrolled the corporate headquarters.

“Damn!” James exclaimed, “Cathleen works fast.” and Lisa said she had this already planned. Since Virgil wouldn’t need it, Phil and Harry had their own cars, and Niles used the black SUV that left two open for the new recruits. The third one was going to be a spare but they ordered a fourth one to replace it so the third ex-policeman could have it. Ernest had laptops to mount in them to link up with the security room. The security team could use the vehicles to help patrol the perimeter. Cathleen would own her personal police department by the time she finished with all of it.

James passed on the news to the girls and they were excited to hear it. They wanted to know if they could be used for personal reasons like going to the store and such. James hadn’t a clue and texted Cathleen and she said they could use them for whatever, understanding the guys and girls needed transportation while their vehicles were stored in Florida.

By the time the three made it to the garage, the vehicles were pulling in. All three were Ford SUVs brand new from a local dealership. James looked inside of one and smelled that new car smell and felt a little envious. But then he remembered his brand new Cadillac and decided that his was better. Nothing beats your own vehicle simply because it’s your own.

The girls managed to find something different in each one and each picked the one they wanted. There wasn’t a spec of difference between the three except the license plate numbers. But women have that emotional meter that sniffs out personality traits. Apparently one was an adventurous one while another was more down to earth. James shook his head at their comments, bringing himself back to the world of common sense instead of sixth sense.

Rachel and Jerry would have to settle on whatever the two didn’t want. Both the girls tried out the lights and watched them flash in their cases. A spot light was on the driver side door and they had to point that around. James was done with his tour of the vehicles and headed back to Level 1. He entered his room to find Ying playing videos on the large TV for Jubal and Xenia while Nikki was pulling out toys.

James grabbed a suit and laid it on the bed then headed for the bathroom. Readying himself for the interview, he practiced a few words in the mirror but there was only so many ways to say your name. Shaving and showering, he prepped himself, and even shaved his fuzzy balls.

Grabbing a towel, he headed out and found Jubal eating out Xenia. The new girl was fascinated with James’ sex as it swung from him toweling off his hair. She climaxed on Jubal while James stood there and let her lust after his cock.

After he watched the cute way she shivered, he headed in to get dressed. Coming back out, he noticed it was Xenia’s turn to get Jubal off with a blow job. Both Ying and Nikki offered advice while James got his vest and handcuffs. Putting his weapon into his waist band, he kissed his girls good bye and patted the two newcomers on their heads. He had an interview to go to and didn’t know how long it would last. He might have to leave for the airport after the interview was over.

Joy met him at the elevator on the first floor as he came out. She walked with him to the room the interview was being held in and gave him words of advice, “Pretend the cameras and camcorders aren’t there and look the interviewer in the eyes. Try not to stutter if they ask you a question you aren’t sure you can answer.” her best advice was to treat the person as a friend you’re having a conversation with.

He stood at the door and checked his appearance, straightening his tie and tugging shirt sleeves. The door opened and he was ushered in by Cathleen and showed him to his seat. Lighting was added to the study and he could actually feel the heat from them. He hoped he wouldn’t perspire from it and tried to relax, wondering who was going to ask the questions.

A girl came in with very short hair with bright pink lipstick and a nose ring. She towed a cart with stuff all over it and explained that it was makeup. She powdered his nose and cheeks and spent some time on his forehead. He could do nothing but sit there while she worked and watch Cathleen talk to another man. He couldn’t hear what they were discussing nor knew what the man’s purpose was.

His thoughts were interrupted by the makeup girl, “My, you’re a handsome devil.” all he could say was thank you to her as she straightened his hair and shirt collar. She knelt down and checked his fly, “Gotta make sure nothing gets out.” she explained with a wink and stood back up in front of him. James didn’t know if she was flirting with him or even if zippers were part of her job.

The man Cathleen had words with headed over to a tripod holding a camcorder. Another woman a little older came in, letting the makeup girl out. She took a seat across from him and picked up a mirror off of the table. They did a sound check with a microphone suspended over their heads while she played with her hair and James was asked to say something. “Testing, one, two, three…” he said and got a thumbs up from a guy in the corner that he didn’t even know he was realize was there.

James asked the girl what news source she was from and she said she was with Scarlet Magazine. He hadn’t heard of it and thought it was odd not being a local or national news service. She cleared her thought, preparing for the interview and James sat up in his chair.

A TV came on, sitting beside the camera, and he saw himself and his interviewer on it. He started to sit in different positions and once again decided against it.

The cameraman motioned to start in five seconds and did a countdown on his fingers. Once he dropped his hand, the interviewer started by introducing him as James Farlow.

Interviewer: “Tell us Mr. Farlow, what went through your mind when you stopped the protestor at the hotel?

James saw the clip from the incident appear over his shoulder on the TV.

James: “I was thinking about protecting my client. It was as simple as that.”

Interviewer: “And what about your client Mr. Farlow, did she show any appreciation for it?”

James: “She was most appreciative as well as courteous and kind.”

Interviewer: “Nobody saw you leave the hotel. How long were you in there with her?”

James: “Long enough to make sure she was secure and wouldn’t have a problem with anyone else.”

Interviewer: “We understand you were going to college but you haven’t been back there for a while.”

James: “I have switched college and am no longer enrolled there. I am still going to college.”

Interviewer: “Speaking of college, we haven’t heard, were you dating anyone there?”

James: “I was not in a relationship with anyone at the college or anywhere else for that matter.”

Interviewer: “You are a handsome man, why wouldn’t you be dating?”

James: “I live a busy life and don’t wish to neglect a relationship. I couldn’t be involved intimately with a woman with the work and classes that I have.”

Interviewer: “Our sources claim you have had intimate relationships, specifically with Ingrid Blackstone.”

This was the part where he wasn’t supposed to stutter. He took a breath and stuck to his beliefs, honesty was always the best policy.

James: “The time I spent with Miss. Blackstone was a private moment and I didn’t expect it to be released in public. But now that is has, I will admit that it was two people taking out sexual frustrations on each other.”

Interviewer: “So, there isn’t a budding relationship there?”

James: “The relationship we had was physical only. She has no emotional ties with me.” ‘But he wasn’t so sure with her mother.’ he thought and almost chuckled from it.

Interviewer: “That is certainly interesting Mr. Farlow. And you have no emotional feels for her?”

James: “Any emotional ties I would have with her are in the form of friendship. She is a beautiful woman both physically and intellectually and any man would admire them both. But I consider her a friend of mine and that is as far as I expect the relationship to go.”

Interviewer: “So, how do you feel about Cathleen Spencer? You seem to be concerned for her welfare.”

James: “Her welfare is important to me as was Mrs. Gracie. Miss Spencer is even a closer friend of mine but I have done nothing any man wouldn’t have to care for her safety.”

He saw the TV show the security tape and watched himself take a dive on the pavement. The clip didn’t show him shooting the man but switched to a police dash cam.

Interviewer: “So, you haven’t had an intimate relationship with Cathleen Spencer?”

Another one of those stuttering questions was thrown at him pretty hard.

James: “I have a relationship with Miss Spencer in the form of close friendship.”

Interviewer: “Is that the same kind of friendship you had with Miss Blackstone?”

James: “I have deeply emotional ties to Miss Spencer; she has been more than a friend to me. If you are asking if I have slept with her, you better pull out another video clip to prove it.”

Interviewer: “You are certainly evasive on that. I guess you don’t kiss and tell.”

James: “Do you have any other questions?”

Interviewer: “Oh yes, I do as a matter of fact. A former employee of the Spencer Estate claims you possess a Ying Chung as a sex slave.”

He was finding it harder not to stutter and sought to control it with his anger at Virgil. He probably got paid to run his mouth too.

James: “Miss Chung is indeed in my care but she is no more a sex slave than you are. I’ll consider your sources as flawed in their information since they can’t tell reality from role play.”

Interviewer: “So you role play with Miss Chung?”

He was sweating now pretty heavily and he wished it was the lights that made him do it.

James: “I am what a woman wants me to be at the time should they seek my intimate affections. Miss Chung is no exception in that matter and she has her own preferences. But I can assure you she isn’t held captive and is as free as you and I. You must have your own secret preferences in bed but probably wouldn’t want to admit it.”

Interviewer: “That certainly sounds like a reasonable answer to me and you’d be surprised what I prefer in bed. But I have one more question for you here and I hope you have a good answer. Tell me Mr. Farlow, are you free tonight? I’d certainly like to be your friend.”

James couldn’t hold back the chuckle that question brought and said, “I would be honored but I have work to do this evening; perhaps some other time.”

The camera turned off and James was glad all of it was over. He didn’t want to ask the interviewer what her name was. If they are on TV they expect you to know it. He did offer a handshake and she took it. Stepping closer to him she said quietly, “You know I wasn’t kidding with that question.”

“I didn’t think you were at all but I seriously do have other plans.” James said with a bow, and walked over to Cathleen where she was sitting.

“You did fine James.” she proclaimed, and stood up to greet him.

“Thank you, thank you, my beloved audience!” he replied, and then whispered, “Now tell me what the heck is Scarlet Magazine?”

She leaned in a little closer to him and said, “It’s an erotic magazine for women only.” and then smiled broadly as she whispered, “They want to do a nude photo shoot of you sometime in the near future; I just need you to sign some papers.”

He was beginning to understand how this setup was working. He was one big publicity stunt to her. “I can’t believe this!” he said in a whisper, “I’m just a piece of meat to you!”

“Isn’t that how men feel about women?” Cathleen retorted, and turned for the door.

He grabbed her by the arm before she went any farther and turned her to face him, “No, at least not this man right here.” he replied, and kissed her on the lips.

He let off of the kiss and allowed her to regain her footing, “Why James, I’d think you had feelings for me if I didn’t know any better.” fanning her hand at her face.

He looked at her thoughtfully and denied his feelings, “No, you’re probably right.” dismissing her words with a wave, “You’re just a piece of meat to me.” and grunted from the impact of her fist in his gut.

“I was kidding! Damn!” he exclaimed, feeling the pain settle in, and watched her walk out the door.

He shook his head, amazed at several things; the power of her punch was one. Another one was if he didn’t know better, he would think that she had feelings for him. Proof was in the pudding and she sure turned into that with his kiss. But if he were honest with her, she would probably reject him. It was true that he had feelings for her but had feelings for others as well.

He headed back to Level 1 to tell Ying and Nikki that he was leaving. They were busy still training the two Indian visitors, teaching them butt plug hygiene. Xenia had a question for him, “Can I get those on my nipples?”

“Your breasts are fine the way they are, are you sure you would want those pierced?” he asked, wondering what the fascination was, but then saw how good Ying and Nikki looked.

“I want them, they look good, and nobody I know has them.” she replied with puppy dog eyes.

“Ying and Nikki knows where to get it done.” he replied, nodding in their direction, “I’ll be back in a little while, try not to get into trouble.”

They all said bye with hugs and kisses. James headed out the door. Turning on his radio, he inserted the earpiece in. Testing it to make sure it worked, he called out to security. Trent answered him and said it was fine then went on about the SUVs.

He talked to Trent and Jesse on his way out to the municipal airport. Both claimed their girls were busy training recruits and were able to check on them with the cameras. The conversation went back to security and they had readjusted some cameras to get a better field of view. They discussed the GPS system and had linked cell phones to the tracking program. James checked to see if the girls were in their room, testing the phones they had.

Trent said that the phones were there but the girls were with the doctor in the kitchen. He went through some of the cameras and told him Ernest finished the installments on the security vehicles. Jerry was out on patrol in one and they had communication with it.

James arrived at the airport and pulled to the back on the tarmac. The plane arrived and pulled up to his car while he waited in his usual position. The door was opened and the staircase came down and James waited for his VIP, wondering who the person was.

James was taken aback by the sight of his mother at the exit door. His father joined her and they both descended to the car, stopping to give James a hug. He couldn’t help but think of ten ways to kill Cathleen himself. Why she brought his parents, of a people, here was beyond his understanding. Was she trying to ruin his life?

“What are you two doing here?” James asked, sounding excited but feeling a little overwhelmed.

His mother was the first to speak up, “You didn’t hear Miss Spencer, did you?” she huffed, “Sometimes I worry about you. You are just like your father. Both of you only hear what you want to.” and climbed into the car. His father shrugged at him and followed his mother and James closed the door securely behind them.

James climbed in and his mother explained, “I was talking to her this morning James. She asked when your father and I would be available for dinner. I said we were free after three today and before I could say anything else, she said she would send a car. Next thing your father and I knew, we were on a plane headed here.”

“Boy, what an aircraft too.” his father added.

He hated to put the car in drive, knowing where they were going. He was about to have a serious problem, explaining things to his parents. Thoughts ran through his mind, like where to take them in the mansion. He didn’t know whether to drop them off; out front or take them around back to the garage. Deciding the elevator was a bad idea with most of the people running around nude; he opted for the front of the place and let them get a view of it.

“Son, I have guys at work asking me questions. What are you getting yourself into?” his dad asked, sounding concerned.

Honesty was the best policy and he knew it wouldn’t go well. He had to fess up instead of hiding from his parents and getting it all out in the open. He explained the circumstances that lead him to be employed here. Then he explained the job of transporting high level people for the company he was working for. He finished off with his feelings on it, “I really enjoy working here.”

His mother was next with her thoughts on it, “You’re in danger here James, and you’re risking your life. No job is worth all of that.”

“Mom, I wanted to be a policeman. There’s more danger in that.” he explained, “Besides, I’m in communication with security right now, I have a weapon if needed, and I’m wearing a bullet proof vest.”

She let out a sigh and relented to that logic and said, “As long as you’re happy son. But I want you to be extra careful; don’t take any chances.”

“That’s just it mom, I am happy here and it’s more than the job I am happy with.” he admitted, leaving out the details on that.

“What else is there?” his dad asked, wondering what he meant by it.

It was James’ turn to let out a sigh, ready to confess his situation. “I am living a certain… unorthodox life you just can’t get anywhere else.” remembering that word from his past.

“Unorthodox James, what does that mean exactly?” his dad wanted to know.

Taking a deep breath, he prepared his parents with what they were bound to find out, even without his help. “I sleep with two women every night who are my charges. I have sex with more than just them but those two women are under my care.”

Now it wasn’t James’ intent to give them both strokes but he was concerned about it from hearing the gasping going on in the back. He waited until they caught their breaths and continued on with his confession. “I have a quarter of a million in the bank and the same amount being invested. The car you are riding in is mine, but I could drive an SUV if I wanted. The suit I have on is worth a few grand and I won’t go in to the view that I have in my bedroom.”

After that lustful list was verbalized and the moral implications of it, the best his father could come up with was, “Really James? You’ve got to be kidding! I don’t believe it for one minute.” and his mother wasn’t any better, “So you are whoring around?”

The rest of the trip was spent listening to his parents preach about morals and women rights. Their logic was simple; you can’t have sex with five women and say each one wanted to do it. You can’t sleep with two and expect one not to be jealous. Then, the ‘love’ word was thrown around; women were emotional beings and not to be toyed with, etc. He couldn’t help but think that sometimes, just sometimes, honesty isn’t the best policy. Nobody was happier than him to pull up to the estate. He wondered where he could find some headache medicine.

He advised security that his car was out front and would leave it there with the keys over the visor and asked if one of them could move it. Trent said he would take care of it as the door to the mansion opened and Isaac appeared, greeted them, and took the luggage.

Cathleen greeted them in the foyer. The first thing his parents did was apologize for their son’s transgressions followed the ‘we didn’t raise him that way.’ ending.

Cathleen was puzzled, “I am not sure what he has done but you owe me no apology. I have nothing but gratitude for your son. He has performed admirably in my presence.”

James’ parents wouldn’t mention the details if you tortured them so they switched back to the cordial conversation about how nice the place was.

They ended up in the parlor and Isaac served drinks. James had that feeling of dread as the conversation turned to him and his new work.

“James transports the corporate and entertainment elite.” Cathleen explained, “Not many can provide the service he does with the exceptional quality he puts forth.”

“So, he is still chauffeuring people like in his previous job?” his dad asked.

“Yes Mr. Farlow, but they are all high profile clients.” Cathleen agreed but added, “The work is with the elite and not the general public.”

“Please, call me Jim.” he replied, “I understand that James was involved with one of those elites, an actress, and there was some controversy over a recording.”

“Yes mister… Jim, Miss Blackstone was one of the elites he transported. It was unfortunate that James was seduced as well as recorded. But you can hardly blame him for falling prey to her charms.” Cathleen admitted, “She is a beautiful woman after all and how many men could resist such an attractive actress?”

Jim cleared his throat, thinking that over and said, “Well, I’m sure any man would be tempted, especially a single young man like my son.” nodding his head in agreement, “He just needs to be more careful and think with the right head next time.” smiling at James.

James’ mother was next with her question, “James has mentioned an unorthodox lifestyle he claims to lead. How do you feel about that?” looking doubtful that it was true.

Cathleen sat her drink down for this one and replied, “You must not have the complete story on it. Allow me to explain.” she started and looked at each one, “Mrs. Farlow, I needn’t explain to you what type of character your son has. Any woman worth two cents, to paraphrase your husband, can see the qualities he possesses. So, I must tell you about a particular girl raised in China. Her name is Ying Chung and she spent her life in a slave labor camp. James has taken the girl under his wing and I can assure you, the girl couldn’t be happier.”

“You may call me Loretta; he never mentioned her to us.” she stated, “Do go on.”

“Well, there are some issues with Miss Chung; she isn’t your normal girl you could say. Due to her role in the previous life she led before James, she lacks the social skills necessary to be an independent person. James understands her need for someone to care for her and he receives her help in taking care of him. So, James has taken her on as a servant much like I have servants of my own here.”

“That is a very interesting story but he mentioned there were two.” Loretta stated, looking intently for an explanation.

“Ah yes, that would be Nikki. She was a stowaway on a merchant ship and came to be the charge of another VIP client. That person is a current congressman in the U.S. senate which James transported.” she paused, letting that sink in, and then said, “Sadly, the congressman had no need for Nikki and would have been left at her on demise but James, ever the gentleman, took her in to care for as well. Since that time, the two girls have become close friends and remain in James’ good care.”

“So he has adopted them in a way?” Jim asked, trying to put reason to it.

“Why Jim, that is an excellent way to put it. However, they are both of legal age and are capable of leaving on their own free will. James is aware of their situation though and, being the kind-hearted man he is, has even provided healthcare for them.”

James interrupted, “Poor Nikki, her parents were murdered by thieves, if you can imagine that.” he said, shaking his head.

“Well, just because he is taking care of them doesn’t mean he has to sleep with them.” Loretta pointed out, emphasizing the word sleep.

Cathleen looked at her sideways, “Tell me Loretta, do you honestly think any woman could live with a man like James and not want to sleep with him?”

Loretta looked at James twice before she sighed and answered, “I see your point.” and looked away.

Cathleen sighed and said, “Both young ladies are happy with the arrangement, and James is quite happy as well.” and continued with, “I have two charges myself you know. Both of my girls were in a similar situation before I took them in and I must admit that I have fallen deeply in love with them. You could consider it a way for the wealthy to help others while they also promote earning one’s keep.”

His dad was a huge fan of earning one’s keep and he had stressed it enough in James’ life. “So these… charges earn their keep like being a personal maid?”

“Very good Jim, that is exactly right. You can’t just give people help without them earning it; they’d expect that all of their lives.” Cathleen said, sounding the conservative battle cry. “Isaac, could you summon Ying and Nikki for me please?”

“Indeed madam.” he answered and turned to do the task.

James instantly started sweating, hearing her request. He hadn’t prepared the girls for his parents’ visit. He hoped they’d remember to get clothes on. He was as nervous as a boy introducing a prom date. They sat pretty much in silence for a few minutes and James heard the elevator bell cut through the quiet.

Ying was first around the corner, wearing knee high socks, skirt and blouse. She had the look of the cutest anime James could think of. Nikki was right behind her, wearing blue jeans and pink halter top. James sighed with relief, seeing them dressed appropriately. Both stood to the side of Cathleen and Ying asked, “Yes miss?”

“Ladies, I’d like to introduce you to James’ father and mother. Jim, as you’ve probably guessed, the short one is Ying.” and Ying shook his hand, “And the other is Nikki.” and she shook his hand.

“Loretta, these are the two girls we were discussing.” Cathleen stated, and the girls shook her hand.

James had one more concern cross his mind, ‘Who is watching Jubal and Xenia?’ and hoped they were left in good hands.

“My, they certainly are adorable.” Loretta commented, “Is James treating you two well?” she asked.

Both girls nodded and Nikki said, “He treats us real good.” and Loretta nodded ok.

Jim looked both girls over for a few seconds and said, “They’re absolutely gorgeous.” and received a backhand on his arm from Loretta.

“What? Its true!” he said, defending his comment.

“I’m gorgeous, the girls are pretty, thank you.” she huffed.

James was glad for the ease in tension coming from her play because it was almost suffocating. He was also impressed with both of the girls’ innocent stature and appearance, knowing how they really were.

“I wonder what stunted this one’s growth.” Loretta pondered aloud, looking at the very small Ying.

Cathleen offered a thought, “We think it may have been due to malnutrition. Although, she seems far better now than when she first arrived. James has taken good care of her.” giving James all the credit.

“Oh that is a shame, poor child.” Loretta sympathized, sitting back in her seat. “I may have a large doll at home that has clothes in your size child. Is she hard to shop for James?”

“I found a place that offers petite clothes locally mom.” James informed her.

“Mhm I see and what about a dentist James?” Loretta asked, turning Ying back around to look at her teeth, tugging at her cheeks.

James hadn’t considered it, “I have dental insurance but I haven’t added the girls to it yet. To be honest, I hadn’t thought of it.” he admitted.

“I swear James Farlow, you have the same lack of consideration your father has. If you are to care for these girls at all you need to consider such things.” Loretta chastised, looking Nikki over up and down. ‘You’d think I bought horses.’ James thought, watching his mother check out the girl’s exterior and hoping she wouldn’t check under the shirts too. God knows what she would say about those piercings. “Yes mom.” was all he could say to her about that.

“I’ll remind James regarding it.” Cathleen offered.

Isaac appeared in the doorway, “Dinner is served madam.” he announced.

“Ah, thank you Isaac.” she replied, and turned back to the parents, “Shall we?” and rose from her seat.

James followed his parents into the dining room and the girls headed back downstairs. ‘Does anyone have any Grey Poupon?’ James felt like asking, looking at the extravagant seven course meal. He might have studied etiquette but just because he knew what side of the plate the fork went on didn’t mean he knew anything about cuisine. Since he and his parents were ignorant on this kind of food, Cathleen explained the dishes. Regardless of the French names, the food was awesome.

During the meal, Cathleen explained that James and she wasn’t the only one with charges. Most of her staff did as well. “Think how convenient it would be to have someone do the cooking, cleaning or laundry. You not only free up your time but help someone earn their keep in the process.” and James watched his parents soak up all of her words like she was preaching to the choir.

“To be honest Cathleen, we had our worries with the media. They didn’t present it in that context.” Jim stated, dapping the corner of his mouth with a napkin.

She waved it off with a hand, “Media, one can never tell fact from fiction from them. Anything they can do to make a sensation you know?” she explained, “Why, I recently let an employee go due to his failings and he went to the media with the wildest things imaginable.”

Both parents nodded, understanding the sway the media had over its viewers. “Ratings” Jim offered, “It’s all about ratings.”

“Well, it isn’t all bad really. James has become quite a hero here in the local media. Something the two of you should be really proud of.” Cathleen mentioned.

“Yes, he saved that one woman from a protestor and we understand you had almost been carted off for who knows what.” Loretta said, sipping her tea with her little finger out. ‘Oh, now mom and dad are high class.’ James thought sarcastically, seeing his dad put the napkin across his lap.

“Yes he saved my life twice, much to my gratitude.” she admitted.

“Twice? We only know of the one.” Jim replied, wanting more information.

“James prevented a crazed man from running me off the road today. It wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t see that on the news soon.” she explained.

“Way to go son!” Jim said and his mother agreed, pride crossing their faces.

The rest of the conversation went by with talk of the local area and the security she had in place along with the plans for the estate, mentioning James’ role in her protection. Dinner went by rather quickly after the intense moment James had initially and he rather enjoyed spending time with his parents. He even got over the anger he had at Cathleen for bringing them here.

Dusk was setting in and Jim needed to get back home; he had work tomorrow. They said their good byes and James brought the car around, preparing for their departure. Loretta commented on the huge chandelier hanging in the entrance lit up. Jim wondered what kind of glass they used to give that smoky effect. “That is impressive.” he said, shaking his head, taking in the outside lighting on the mansion.

“So, did you guys enjoy the visit?” James asked, putting the car in drive.

Jim spoke first, “Very nice. I loved the food.” he said, watching the mansion disappear behind him. Turning back around, he said, “I can’t believe my son lives there.”

“It was nice to see how the other half lives.” Loretta stated.

“How did you like Cathleen?” James asked, curious about their opinion.

Loretta was ready to hop on that question, “She was very nice. But I have to say, I have some doubts about her.”

James was taken aback by her comment, “How so mom?”

Loretta let out a sigh and then said, “It’s hard to take the girl seriously when she gives such biased opinions.”

James thought he knew Cathleen better and set out to defend her, “I’m sure there isn’t a biased bone in her body mom.”

She literally said the words, ‘Bull shit’ to him, “That girl is hooked James, I’m not blind.”

James looked into the rearview mirror. His father gave a clueless look while his mother furrowed her brow, “Hooked? Hooked on what?” he asked, wondering what crazy thought she had in her head.

He watched her roll her eyes, “You, you dummy. Don’t tell me you don’t see that James. It was as plain as day.”

James chuckled at that, “Yeah right! That girl does nothing but bust my… chops.” he replied.

Loretta looked at the rearview mirror, “Oh, I guess women that don’t like you send private cars and jets after your parents. They spend a fortune on fancy dinners too. You need to wake up son. I’m telling you she has eyes for you.”

James blew that off, “That’s nonsense mom; she knows I don’t want a relationship with anyone.”

“More bull shit! You like her too; I saw it with my own eyes.” she replied, giving him a huff. “I give it a month if not sooner.” she bet, looking at his father.

James shook his head, “I am way outclassed there mom; I don’t have a shot with her and on top of that, she would have to be crazy to even think about it.”

“Oh, she’s crazy alright. You’re sleeping with two women already.” she advised. “I seriously believe she wouldn’t give a rat’s tail if you slept with a hundred of them, she is hooked on you; that’s a fact.”

James was done with that topic, even though it was someone on the outside looking in and that someone was his own mother, he just couldn’t debate it in his mind right there. “I just don’t see it mom, not that I doubt you, but she sure does a good job of hiding It.” then added, “Besides, she’s a billionaire and I’m not. She would have to find someone in her own class.”

Jim added his thoughts on that, “Kings have given up thrones for love son. The heart knows what it wants, whether you like it or not.”

He was glad to get to the airport just so he could have a quiet time to think about it. Letting his parents out, they said their good byes, “Oh James?” Loretta asked, “Since you have two maids, you should let us have one. You’re all grown up now and we could support her.”

James wasn’t expecting her to mention it, “Um, I’m kind of fond of both of them. If you like, I’ll look for another one for you two.”

“See that you do James.” Loretta said, and Jim butted in, “A blonde would be nice.” and received another slap on his arm.

“What about a male James? I wouldn’t care if he was blonde.” Loretta quipped, and Jim slapped her arm in response.

James let out a sigh of relief watching his parents climbing back up into the plane, arguing about male or female charges. That would be an argument he was glad to miss. Waving at them as they started their taxi away, James hopped back in his car and drove back to the estate.

On his way, he gave some thoughts about the words his mother said. After a time, he dismissed it on sheer logic. He was way below Cathleen’s level and whatever emotions that were there had to remain where they were, buried.

He parked and made his way to the rec room, not surprised to see a lot of people in it. Not seeing Ying or Nikki, he headed for his room, hoping to find the two recruits ok. Entering his living quarters, he found everything in order but nobody home. Not knowing where else to look, he headed back to the rec room. Joy was the first person he recognized and he asked, “Do you know where my girls are?”

“At the pool.” she replied, pointing at the outside door. James climbed the steps that led to the area and opened the double doors at the end.

Dark had fallen but the pool lights chased it away. Lights in the bottom of the pool lit up the inside while lighting mounted on the walls lit up the rest of the area. An outside bar had Isaac behind it, serving drinks to the staff members.

He spotted Nikki in a group off to the corner. Heading that way, the group moved around enough for him to see Ying, standing over a kneeling Jubal and Xenia. Both were servicing… males! He bee-lined straight to Ying, “What’s going on Ying?” watching Jubal service a male charge.

“Hi, master! They practice.” she explained, shooing people back to give them room.

A nasty taste formed in James’ mouth just watching the boys. “You know he’s, um, servicing a… dick, don’t you?” a disgusted look forming on his face.

“He no care, he like it.” Ying said, offering Jubal on display with an open hand.

James watched the guy actually enjoy his work. If it had been James down there, somebody would be dick-less. He had enough of the visual and turned his attention on Xenia, a far better view to him. “Um, how long has he been, you know, doing that?” James asked, pointing a thumb behind him.

“Um, me think a while.” Ying stated, pondering the thought.

“Ok then, well, um, carry on.” he replied, and looked for greener pastures. He knew God made different people and there knelt living proof. The Indian certainly seemed to… savor his work and James wasn’t going to be judgmental about it. Different strokes for different folks and all that. He wondered if the Prime Minister knew that about him.

He found Cathleen in a white bathing suit, lying in a lounge chair. Taking a seat beside her, he asked, “Got any more surprises for me today?”

“What surprise?” she asked, looking at him curiously.

“You know, like the last one. I sure didn’t expect my parents to show up here. That was a doozy.” he replied, giving her a frown.

She raised her eyebrows at that, “We talked on the phone this morning. You heard me set it up.” she stated, wondering why he thought it was a surprise.

James looked doubtful at her, trying to remember the phone conversation, “I don’t really remember anyone saying that my parents would be here today.”

She huffed and said, “That would be your fault James, you really must listen more.” and giggled, “Oh, I bet you had a look on your face when you saw them then. I should have gone with you.”

“Yeah, a pretty dumbfounded look alright. But it turned out better than I thought it would.” James admitted, “Thanks to you, my parents took it pretty well.”

“Ah, I’m glad to hear it. It was the least I could do for you. The media can be cruel and who knows what they thought.” Cathleen said, looking him over.

“I just want to say thank you for the hospitality you’ve given my parents.” he said, “I can reimburse some of the cost for bringing them here if it helps.”

“Consider it payback for helping me with my issue in Florida.” she said with a smile, “But I mentioned earlier that I have another issue I need to contend with. Perhaps you’d be willing to help me.”

“I’m here for you, whatever you need. You should know that by now.” he said, giving her his word.

“Good, I know you’ve helped me more than I can ever repay but I need more from you James.” she started, sounding a bit mysterious.

James waved her off on that remark and said, “You’ve helped me too. Why, you even saved me a dismal future, being stuck in a cheap suit and eating donuts all of my life.”

“Oh? Are you reconsidering being a policeman?” she asked, her curiosity peaked.

James took a breath and said, “I really like it here and if you’ll have me, I’d like to stay on.” watching the training session Nikki was putting on.

She fidgeted before responding and finally said, “James, I don’t know how to tell you this. But I had an epiphany. It really hit home today and I have to make some plans for the future.”

He hadn’t thought she would be making any life-altering plans but wanted her to be happy, even if it meant he wasn’t included in it, “It’s ok, I understand Cathleen. You need to do whatever you need to if it makes you happy. Don’t worry about me, I can handle it, whatever it is.” he replied, tucking his feet back to allow Lisa and the leashed Link to get past.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that. I was worried you wouldn’t agree.” she admitted, letting out a sigh of relief. Mike and Jen greeted them on their way past. They watched the two mingle with Lisa and Link.

This was the part where Cathleen was going to trample on his feelings for her and he prepared for the worst, “Go ahead and say it Cat, we’re close enough friends not to be shy about It.” giving her courage to continue. If his heart was going to be broke, he might as well let her feel better about it.

“Why James that is the first time you’ve ever called me Cat.” she noted with surprise.

James dropped his head and said, “Well, I want you to tell me as friend what you need to say.”

“You’re absolutely right, we are friends James. That’s why I need you to help me. You’re the only one that can make it possible.” she confessed.

James chuckled a little, “Yeah right. With your money, you could buy anything you wanted. I’m sure people would line up to help you out.” he exclaimed, wondering why she was dragging it out.

“I can’t just ask anybody James. It must be you.” she huffed, frustrated at the tension, “I almost died, twice! God knows what would have happened had I been killed.” she said, tears forming in her eyes.

Seeing her get so upset bothered him, he hadn’t intended to hurt her feelings, “Look, I am yours to do with what you want. Just tell me what will make you happy. I’ll do it without question.”

‘James, I need an heir!” she blurted out, and dropped her head in her hands.

James was stunned for a few seconds, “An heir?” he asked confused, and continued, “How the heck do I help you with that?”

She looked at him sideways with that ‘I can’t believe you’re so stupid.’ look and waited until he figured it out on his own.

She saw the light bulb come on over his head, “Oh!.. No, wait. You don’t mean, oh no. You need somebody your level for that, like another billionaire maybe or tsar or something.” he replied in disbelief.

“Look, I’ve thought it out. You would be perfect. You’ve saved me twice. You’re a real live hero James. Not a movie star trying to play one. People will have your respect and the baby would have your genes. You’re the perfect male for the task.” she explained, holding back a sniffle.

“Look, for it to be a legitimate heir, we would have to, you know, get married and all that.” he explained, “You know me, I’m no good with relationships like that. There’s no way I could remain faithful to you.” pointing at Ying and Nikki.

She shook her head in disagreement, “I don’t want you to be faithful! I want you to father my child!”

James was smacked in the face with her brutal honesty but rebutted with, “Good! I don’t want you to be faithful to me either!” he yelled, and said, “It isn’t sinking in with you! I love you and I’ll admit it. But I love Ying and Nikki too!”

She furrowed her brow readying for battle, “I love you and I’ll admit it but I love Jack and Jill too!” she seethed.

He rolled his eyes at that, “I’ll be fucking Ying and Nikki!” trying to force his words in her head.

She rolled her eyes at that, “I’ll be fucking Jack and Jill!” giving as well as she got.

He gave up in frustration; there was no reasoning with her. All he could do was sulk in his chair.

“So, are we in agreement?” she asked, breaking the silence.

He had other issues, “Look, I’m sweating over the expense account you gave me. I wouldn’t want anything to do with your fortune.”

She looked at him confused, “I don’t deal with my fortune either. I have people for that.”

“So, you’re serious?” he asked, “Do you really want this?”

She nodded her head, letting a sob answer for her. James relented and stood up in front of her, then took a knee. “Cathleen, will you marry me?” he asked, hoping she had the good sense to say no.

Her eyes grew wide at the question and she dropped her hands from her face, “Yes! Oh yes James! I will marry you!” she exclaimed and leaned in to give him a bear hug. “You poor woman.” he whispered.

She took to crying on his shoulder while a crowd they had forgotten about applauded. Mike was whistling cat calls while Link was dancing in a circle. Several threw out congratulations at the couple. They both acknowledged the crowd with a wave.

But, not everyone was happy for the new fiancés. Lisa was the first to complain, “That is a crock of shit Cat and you know it!” she screamed, stomping her foot.

Ying was next with her displeasure, “Yeah! What she say!” and stomped her foot as well.

Cathleen was just as startled as James, “What?” she said innocently, turning her attention to them.

Lisa spoke up first, “How come you get a baby and we don’t?” she asked, followed by Ying’s, “Yeah, I want one!”

Jack and Jill piped in, “We could have one too!” they said in unison.

Nikki added her thoughts, “Hey, I could get pregnant too ya know.”

Cathleen turned away from that cluster fuck and said, “Oh, I don’t care if you all have a baby.” checking on her fingernails, just to make sure they weren’t chipped or something.

‘What the hell?’ James thought, watching her indifference, “See? Do you see what you started? Huh? Huh?” he exclaimed indicating the shit storm in front of them.

“What do you mean me?” she replied, “I have nothing to do with that!” and went back to checking for dirt under her nails.

“Oh! Now you’re Pontius Pilate again! You better fix this mess!” James demanded; looking at the woman who started this fallout.

“How the hell can I help with that? I can’t get them pregnant.” she replied, checking on her toenails, you know, just in case.

James was stunned to silence for a few seconds. Turning make to the women protesters, he caved in to their demands, “Fine! All of you, fine!”

Lisa nodded at them and walked away. Ying crossed her arms and said, “Fine” The twins high-fived each other while Nikki skipped over and gave James a kiss and thanked him.

Looking down at the instigator that caused this hellfire, he said, “I hope you have room on those blueprints of yours for a nursery.” putting his hands on his hips.

She looked up from her study at him, “Oh that, I’ve got it drawn up already.”

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經過多番周旋,總算成功了過程如下:首先apple只退還我$110,我當然不滿.Apple的解釋是我的macbook是CTO,即不是standard package (e.g.訂機時加過RAM, HDD etc., 而我只是加左條DVI線...)最後apple願意收回我的舊機並全數退款現在我再在apple訂過一部新的,student dicusont多了一百元,還多送4GB ipod nano...雖然要重裝電腦,但還算有賺

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2013-05-22 03:01:44
It's impeartvie that more people make this exact point.

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2012-12-08 23:57:59
my friend, you've done it again this chapter was as good as if not better than the others so far... but for some reason this only seems to have whet my appetite, and I'm curious what the timetable for chapter 14 is

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2012-12-06 10:44:58
This series gets better in better keep it going!!!

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