Innocent Mother Seduces Son 3-Mom's Dilemma

Somewhat True but Fiction / Incest / Males / Older Female / Lactation / Hardcore / Voyeur / Drug / Revenge / Cheating / Blackmail

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This night was a real turn around for Todd, he realized what she loved and what he didn't have.
Yet despite his inadequacies, he did love her. However, according to Janet at her age, love is
found in many ways throughout life, but at this point however, love is having a nice big fat cock inside her.

Janet told Josh that she was going to check on June before she came to bed.
In the meantime, Josh had put the dimmer switch on low then crawled into bed. Thoughts of how mom
looked tonight and what they did in front of dad, was starting to turn him on again.
He slowly started stroking his big cock thinking about doing it again, but this time, taking his time.
It was just twenty after ten and tomorrow was Saturday anyway, so why not he thought.

Close to a half hour later, Janet came back in the room and noticed the lights on low, but what she
didn't expect to see, she liked. She took off her high heels and robe and decided that she needed
a break from wearing that nursing bra, at least when she went to bed, now that the sleeping arrangements were to her liking.

"You know what momma likes !!" she said as she crawled on the bed with her face next to Josh's cock

She grabbed his cock with one hand while balancing herself with her left hand and began licking up and
down her son's stiff giant shaft. Her huge breasts hanging down looked just beautiful to Josh.

"Ohhh man." Josh moaned. Yet thought: Who the hell needs to go on dates when it's right here in your own home.

Janet then put his cock in her mouth and swallowed as much as she could then came back up again, now
balancing herself with both hands. Once Janet felt her mouth adjust to the girth of her son's thick
shaft, she started moving her mouth up and down with ease and started humming.

"Ohhh mom....I've never had this done..ohhh...I love you !"

Remembering what he used to do, Josh looked out the corner of his eye and saw his dad peeking through the double doors. I must close off that door somehow tomorrow. he thought

From Todd's view, Janet was in the middle of the bed with her butt sticking out facing him. Her legs were spread enough
that he could see the moist sparse between her hairy snatch. Her head was bobbing slowly up and down as she hummed.

Damn....she looks hot in thigh highs ! he thought

Janet soon sat up and asked Josh to scoot down. After he did, she reached up and took hold of the headboard with her right hand and swung her body over to straddle his face.

Oh man, this is like watching my own live porn show. Todd thought

Janet loved the way her son licked her but helped him out a bit more by moving her hips back and forth so his tongue would lap her whole cunt in general.

Todd's small and pathetic neglected dick was hard. Yet feeling what love he still has for her, the more
he watched, the more his hard on dissolved. With tears coming down his cheek, he didn't care to see anymore.
So he went to lie down on the bed feeling sorry for himself knowing that he wasn't born with the parts to please.

The double doors did not drown out the sounds coming from the other room, he tried to ignore it but couldn't.

Staring at his mom's huge breasts that jiggled above him as he ate her, turned Josh on more so that he furiously flicked his tongue over her clit.

"Oh Josh....oh Josh....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Come on mom, you deserve a good long balling !!"

"Oh Josh, you are so right and so good to me !" she said, then slowly backed herself up to his trunk and with no hands,
guided the head of his cock in, then continued to back up slowly until she engulfed his whole cock.

"Ohhhh Josh...oh ya...oh god your cock is what I've needed, momma had such a hard day !!"

Sitting up now, Janet slowly started rocking back and forth and was enjoying herself but after a while had to lower her body
so Josh could relieve her milk filled breasts that started to hurt again. Dangling them above his face, she brushed the nipples across his lips, he got the idea.

"Suck them Josh...suck them good...they really hurt !"

As Josh hungrily sucked her milk, he thought to himself: Who says you can't eat and drink in bed, ha ha

The feeling of having her nipples sucked and drained while Josh moved in and out of her at a steady pace, sent her to have an immense orgasm.

"Ohh Ahh Ahh Ahh...Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Ahhhhh.....Oh my....Ahhhhh"

With a big grin on her face she caught her breath and said; "They feel so much better now Josh and so do I, thank you honey."

"Anytime mom...any time !"

Hearing his wife scream out in joy was just too much. As his tears had dried up, so did his feeling sorry for himself.
There must be a way, there must. he thought

Feeling exhausted and satisfied, Janet got off of Josh and laid down on her side, thinking that Josh got off as well.
Yet Josh didn't and somewhat surprised her when he lifted her leg up over his shoulder and turned her over on her back.

"Oh honey I...."

Josh had her legs up and started kissing them up and down before going down and eating her out again.

"Again Josh ?" "Oh please...I...Ahhhh...Oh dear lord....Ahhhh....Uhhh...Uhhh...Uhhh.....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Oh fuck !"

Satisfied with himself that she came again, Josh got up and lifted her left leg, lined and positioned his cock, then
spread both her beautiful legs far and wide, looked at his mother for a moment, then drove his cock into her with great emotion.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh...Ahhhh...Ahhhh...Ahhhh...Ahhhh...Ahhhh...Ahhhh...Ahhhh...." Janet moaned out as her field was being plowed

Hearing the sounds of Janet moaning with Josh's balls slapping against her with such speed and force, Todd couldn't take it anymore. So he got dressed and went out to a bar.

After a bit, Josh had slowed down to a steady pace, relishing the pleasure he was giving his mom as he moved in and out of her while she softly moaned.

Meanwhile at the bar. Todd had sought out a dubious person through a friend of his he heard talk about sometime back.
Todd remembered that he hung out at 'this' particular bar. Looking around the seedy bar he noticed two men sitting at a table in the far back. He walked over to their table.

"You Bob ?"

"Maybe ?"

"A friend of mine recommended you, saying your the man to come to....Um...for certain things ?"

"Ya...who's your friend ?"

"Jay Danforth."

" have my attention..have a seat."

Todd would have surely been laughed at if he told them his story, so he just asked for what he wanted. Yet, for what he wanted, he could have got himself, but this way, no one would know about it.

"So what do you need ?"

"I know I can get this myself but I just don't want anyone else knowing about it Ok."

"I don't have time nor do I care to listen to someone elses what do you need ?"

"I need some anti-erection drugs."

" me here tomorrow afternoon at two and bring $400."

"$400 !!??"

"Like you said, you can always get them yourself."

"Ok Ok...tomorrow at two...$400...not a problem...however...can you get that in liquid form ?"

"I'll see what I can do."

As Todd drove back home, he figured he might as well stop off at the ATM first. Todd had a plan,
if he could get them in liquid form, if not, it would be more work, but surely worth the effort.
At the ATM he decided to take out $1000 and headed home. He thought surely they would be done
fucking by now.

Todd went upstairs to what used to be his son's room and sat down on the bed. He didn't seem to
hear anything, he looked at the clock and it read 2:38, but thought he would take a look anyway.
To his surprise, Josh was still going at it. Janet seemed as if she was sleeping, turning her
head and making soft moaning sounds every so often with her mouth open. Josh had her legs up in
the air spread far and wide as he slowly moved that big long cock of his in and out of her.

Damn that kid of mine has some stamina and one hell of a cock. When I get through with him, he will
be MR. limp noodle. Just you wait til tomorrow, you little fucker, just you wait. he thouhgt then
went to bed to get some sleep.

A few hours later, Josh was still in the same position, but was feeling tired. He picked up his
pace as Janet incoherently moaned in her sleep. Josh arched his back as he pushed his thick
cock up to the hilt when he came and let out a satisfied moan.

It was 10:30 when Todd woke up. He figured he had a three and a half hour window before going down
to the bar. He noticed Janet was up nursing June so he decided to take a shower.

Janet heard the shower run and not much longer put June down. She went back to her room to get
dressed. She looked at Josh, he had a piss hard on, she smiled. She was about to sit on his cock
when her cellphone beeped, telling her she had a text message. She text something back then set
the phone down, then said; "Now...where was I ?"

Janet crawled up on the bed, grabbed Josh's big cock, guided it in, then sat down.

"Ohhhh god mom..ohhhh god, this feels so good in the morning !"

"You ain't kidding !" she said as she rocked her hips furiously

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." they both moaned as they came at the same time

"I would love to be woke up like that everyday !!"

Janet didn't answer him, she just smiled and started to get dressed for the day.

About ten minutes later Todd came out of the bathroom and got dressed.

At the breakfast table Todd had told Josh and Janet that this afternoon was going to be fun and

"What do you mean ?" asked Janet

"Well, I thought since today is Saturday and we don't really do much of family things, I thought
it would be nice, as well as different, to go to the basement, play some music and play some
drinking games." "What do both of you say ?"

"Well that sounds fun but Josh is underage !"

"Then I guess he is also underage to do what you two have been doing to !!"

"You made your point."

"I'll go pick up some beer after lunch."

Janet thought he was up to something, it was so unlike him, but then again, it was unlike me
as well to go balling my own son.

After lunch when Todd left to get beer, Janet went to send a text message then asked Josh to
come upstairs a minute for a quicky.

"Ok lets grab some glasses and go downstairs." he said when he returned

Todd had bought only a twelve pack so he would have an excuse to go out again

"I thought quarters was always a fun game."

"You realize I can't drink !"

"That's only during your pregnancy Janet, not after."

"All the same, you two have fun, I have to watch June."


Janet had went upstairs to do just that but couldn't shake the thought that he was up to no good ?

A few hours later while still watching June, she got a text. She went downstairs and it seemed that
Josh was feeling pretty good, but Todd was gone.

When he returned.......

"You know, I think 'I will' have a few."


"Whats the matter ?"

"Nothing...only this time I thought Josh would like to try a mixed drink ?"

"You have any beer left ?"

"I saved three if you changed your mind."

"Good, thanks."

"I'm gonna go up and make us a few."

"Why not make them here ?"

"Because the ice is upstairs."

"Well that makes sense, sorry."

"It's Ok, I'll be right back."

Todd didn't take too long coming back

"Well here you go sport." he said as he handed him a glass of whisky and soda

"I'm sorry, I forgot to ask, would you be a dear and go get me a glass please ?"

"There's a glass right there."

"I'd like a clean one, I wash them anyway."

Todd feeling discouraged but not wanting to show it, set down his glass and went upstairs.
When he left, Janet took away Josh's glass and gave him his father's.

Todd returned shortly

"Raise your glass kiddo, I would like to make a toast."

"To the both of you...may you...both be though...I'm not !!" then drank up, but
his son was too much in a state of numbness to comprehend.

"Well dear....that was some toast."

Todd poured himself another drink and said; be honest...even though this saddens me to say,
I was thinking some bad thoughts, I really was, I have also made some bad mistakes in life, especially
when I cheated on you, even though I can't remember when exactly, however.....I do love you that much to
let you be happy, in anyway you wish to be happy, like for instance, our son makes you happy because he has something I don't."

"I...don't....I really don't know what to say....but...thank you ." she said with some sorrow

"Here...give me that glass if your not going to drink it !" he said as he took the drink away from his
son and drank it down, not realizing that he was passing out.

"I believe since I don't make you happy anyway, I believe it's best we separate, I'll leave tomorrow,
so you can be happy, because quite frankly...I'm not !!"

Janet never thought about making him 'this miserable'

"You don't have to do that !"

"Why not........apparently the honeymoon is over.....thanks for the buggy ride ?" he said then drank another glass of Bourbon

"I'm gonna go up and sleep."

"That's a good idea dear, you will feel better when you wake up."

"I doubt it." he said trying to get up, but passed out in the chair anyway

She wasn't sure what to do, so she sent a text.

Eight minutes later there was a knock on the door

"Come on in Jay." "Thanks for giving me the wrong information earlier !"

"But I didn't, after he left, I checked on it and asked Bob, he said he changed his mind, but I didn't think to text you back." "I'm sorry about that, I really am !"

Jay is a good friend to both Todd and Janet, a dirty cop, but a good friend.

"He said he was gonna leave tomorrow."

"You two have a falling out about something ?"

"It was.....oh never mind, I at least appreciate you being there, watching over things when need be."

"Is Todd home ?"

"He got drunk and is sleeping it off downstairs."

"And your son ?"

"They both got drunk and are sleeping it off downstairs, why do you ask ?"

"I was just wondering how appreciative you really are !!??"

"Are you...

"Yes I am !!"

"I don't think that's gonna happen, your a good friend but....

"How old is your son, is he of age to drink ?"

"I never thought you would be like this Jay, I really didn't, but I guess I have no choice do I ?"

"Not much of one."

Janet turned around and started walking as Jay followed

Once upstairs in her bedroom, Jay and Janet were starting to take off thier clothes, when Janet heard the baby cry.

"I'll be right back, I got to go feed the baby."

"I haven't even seen the baby, but heard Todd talking about it."

Janet went into the other room with Jay following her

"Oh that's a fine looking baby."

Janet unbuttoned her blouse in front of Jay and tossed it aside, revealing her nursing bra.
She then picked the baby up and sat in the chair. Feeling uncomfortable from Jay watching,
she held June up to her breast and opened one of the flaps, revealing her swollen nipple,
then maneuvered June to her nipple.

This was really turning Jay on. He went over on the other side of her, and got down on his knees.

"What pray tell do you think your going to do ?"

"Exactly What you know I'm going to do !" he said, then pulled down the other flap and started
sucking her right tit and getting his fill of milk.

Janet will never ask for 'his' help ever again. she thought

Once June was done, Janet was still holding her, saying she always falls asleep in her arms.
Jay got back on his feet and said; "Looks like it's asleep to me, let's go !!"

Janet hesitated for a moment but soon got up and put June in her crib, picked up her blouse
then left the room, with Jay following.

The next day when Janet woke up, she almost wished yesterday was just a bad dream, but before
she knew it, today was going to turn into a nightmare.

She fed June, got dressed then went downstairs to make breakfast. Once breakfast was done she
went downstairs in the basement.

"I hope you never drink again Josh, well...wake up your father and come on up, breakfast is ready. "

A few minutes later Josh came up and sat at the table.

"Look Josh, you'll feel better once you eat something....could you wake your father ?"

Josh just looked at his mother and said; "I feel awful !!"

"You feel like your going to be sick ?"

"No mom...I feel awful now about the whole ordeal with dad."

"In a way I feel a little guilty to."

"Well your gonna feel alot worse now !!"

"What do you mean ?" she asked, with fear and concern in her voice.

"I couldn't wake dad up.....I think he's dead !!"

"Oh Josh."

Janet ran downstairs and when Josh heard her start to cry out loud, he knew.

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