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We had all the time we needed, or did we?
Lisa asked Susan back to her place after lunch. The kids were in school and her husband was on a business trip. They walked in and Lisa checked the electric wall clock above the mantle, 12:35. “Good” she thought, “at least 2 hours before the kids get home” she said to Susan. She walked over to the wet bar and poured a drink for Susan and herself and headed back over to the couch where Susan had seated herself. She hadn’t noticed the digital clock on the VCR blinking 12:08 otherwise she would have known the power had been out.

Susan reached out and took the glass from Lisa and took a long sip. She smiled as Lisa sat down beside her also drinking from her glass. Lisa was known as a prude by all but a very few lucky friends. They had done enough talking at the restaurant as well as drinking. Susan already felt tipsy and didn’t need another drink to quell her inhibitions. She leaned over and kissed Lisa on the lips. Lisa responded in kind kissing Susan passionately. Their tongues seeking each other’s mouths as they kiss and shared their passion.

Susan moaned as she felt Lisa’s hand caressing her breast. She reached over pulled the bottom of Lisa’s blouse over her head. As soon as her arms were clear of her blouse Lisa started unbuttoning Susan blouse and soon it was also off. They each reached around each other and unfastened each other’s bras, each letting theirs fall to the ground. Susan moved down and started to suck on Lisa’s breast as she removed her skirt pushing it down along with her panties. She stood back up and welcomed Lisa’s mouth to her breast as she did the same to her. They both fell back onto the couch kissing and caressing each other as each other their pussies became soaked with their lust.

Then Susan felt a fur and then her pussy gushed as she felt a tongue start to lick her pussy. Lisa pulled away from Susan and Susan saw a look of apprehension in her face. She looked down and found one of Lisa’s prize Black Labs licking at her pussy. She moaned and moved her legs apart to give this stud dog better access. She leaned into Lisa with renew passion and Lisa relaxed and let the second dog access her pussy. Each took turns at the others breast, sucking and the nipples or caressing as the other was sucking on their own. Both reached orgasm almost at the same time crying out and their bodies shaking with the force of it.

The both slumped to the floor as they tried to gain their breath. The two dogs started circling them smelling and licking as there asses and pussies. Lisa and Susan got up on all fours, facing each other and going back to kissing each other, reaching as the could for each other’s breasts. The dogs each choose one of the woman and mounted them. Susan could feel the dogs cock slap against her ass a few times before it found its mark and was rammed into her wet and waiting pussy. The dog move in and out of Susan’s pussy far faster than a man could and Susan soon had her second orgasm. Lisa was not far behind and the dogs were still ramming in and out of them without slowing.

Susan could feel the base of the dogs cock start to swell inside her pussy causing her third orgasm. It filled her pussy and the dog slid off of her turning so that it was ass to ass with Susan. Susan looked up and saw the dog that had been in Lisa had also tied and had spun ass to ass with Lisa. As Lisa shook uncontrollably she know Lisa has had her third orgasm too. The dogs cock pressed against Susan’s clit and she could feel the excitement rise in her. She hungrily kissed Lisa and caressed her breasts. Moaning as her pussy responded to the dogs knot tight in her pussy.

Then she felt the rush as the dog released its cum filling her womb with more cum then humanly possible. The feeling overcame Susan as she came once again crying out with excitement. Her whole body shuddering from the force of the orgasm she hardly heard “hey, what’s mom doing with King and what’s that woman doing with Duke?” Susan looked up to see Lisa’s three kids, her 14 yr old son, 12 yr old daughter and 9 yr old son staring at them. The older boys bulge clearly marking his pants. She looked at the clock and thought they can’t be here, its only been about 45 minutes.

Lisa was crying and trying to yell at her children to go to their rooms but the all just stood there looking at the two of them with the two dogs tied in their pussy’s. Susan felt the cock in her pussy start to deflate and then slip out of her pussy releasing her from the dogs hold. She pulled herself beside Lisa partly shielding her from her kids. She continued to kiss and try to comfort Lisa as she felt the dogs cum pouring out of her pussy, down her legs and start to pool on the floor. Her hands running up and down Lisa’s body first caressing her breasts then her ass. Lisa’s body convulsed both from her sobs and from her very apparent orgasm as the dog filler her pussy with cum.

King finally fell out of Lisa’s pussy and Lisa fell onto her side crying but unable to do anything else. Susan tried to comfort her and kiss her continuing to feel her body and sliding her fingers into her friends pussy. Susan brought her fingers to her mouth tasting the dogs cum and was brought back to where she was and the fact Lisa’s 3 kids were still staring at the two of them. She grabbed her cloths and headed toward the front door. She had to pass between the two oldest and she felt a hand from one pass over her breast and from the other over her ass. She stopped at the door just long enough to get her blouse on and rushed to the car. Putting her skirt on once inside the car she started to drive home.

How long after the kids had walked in had she been lost in the lust and haze of alcohol? How long had they watcher her mother make love to another woman and to a dog? She had seen lust in both Lisa’s older son and her daughter and had felt each take a feel as she passed between them. What would happen next? She glanced at the clock in her car. It was 3:09 not 1:25 as the Electric mantle clock had said when she was leaving!


2014-05-05 04:27:35
Oh does that bring back memories. Junior High girl walked in as I was plowing her mom's ass. (A mom I had just met at Safeway a couple of hours before.)
The next time we bumped into each other, I was invited back.

Oh yes, your story is great. I will be back

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2013-06-14 09:29:14
fucking hot story hope it is true, etched on my memory forever.


2013-04-16 14:39:26
Story flowed so smooth, and the sexual excitement was really electric....cock in hand good Sue.......


2013-03-27 08:39:45
so what happened next?


2013-03-25 11:14:22
very interesting story have known a few women that like dogs my daughter is one of them

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