Fun For All The Family
I was 13 years old when I started having sex. I think my mum was aiming for the five of us kids to wind up in the porn industry. My sister Jamie could well have from the time she was fifteen. She was 5’5 huge tits, narrow waist, nice firm ass and immaculate legs; she took real good care of herself too. Not to sell the rest of us short, we were all a pretty tidy looking bunch it’s just that men, women, boys and girls would stop what they were doing to watch Jamie go past.

The thing about Jamie was that it did not go to her head at all. She was the kindest, funnest most tolerant and accepting person I knew. She was Seventeen now and working in the hardware store down the road despite being offered positions in a few clothing and jewellery stores in the neighbourhood. I guess they figured she was destined for stardom and wanted a piece of the action. She worked at the hardware store because she got along with our brother Daryl real well and he pulled some strings to get her the gig. Sales had at least doubled since her arrival and that’s in winter. Wonder what summer will bring when she starts wearing her short cut off denim shorts with a swimsuit top.

Daryl was a builder that used to get a lot of his supplies at the hardware store which is how he got the inside info on Jamie’s job ahead of everyone else. He liked to go to the gym a lot and was altogether fairly impressive at the age of Twenty Two. We got along real well and use to play a lot of football together until dad left and he had to pick up a lot of the slack. He was handsome and chiselled and had a few girlfriends but all he was after was maximum fun at his age. Daryl’s appendage was 9 inches at least, not that I had measured it but he had at least an inch on Dad and I guess the word was kind of getting out amongst the local girls. I didn’t mind so much, it meant I got more action around the house, especially with dad gone.

Dad was a tall thick set man, not as muscular as Daryl but naturally very well built. He was not intimidated by Daryl at all though. Where Daryl had it over him in length Dad’s cock was by far the thickest I had ever seen which was the thing that my mother was most proud of about him. In fact it was local legend with the ladies. He preferred to spend his time with mom and some of her friends than his girls. He wasn’t as comfortable with mom’s ‘within the family’ plan as she was.

Mom is where we all got our looks from. She was a very tall voluptuous woman with long golden hair and movie star good looks. She wasn’t completely whacky she just wanted her kids to avoid going through the entire boyfriend girlfriend broken heart crap and everything that goes with teenage lust I guess.

Anita has just turned 19 and is the spitting image of mom apart from her fiery red hair. She had refused to go along with mum’s ideas to some extent and had left home managing to stay a virgin and claiming to be lesbian. I was sure she was hiding something though and out of all of my brothers and sisters she was closest to me. Since I turned 13 nearly 2 years ago things have been a little different with her.

Amy is going to be 13 real soon and I hope she picks me to be her first. She is so cute and sweet and is spoilt rotten by the rest of us. She is so looking forward to sex and it has been so hard not taking countless opportunities alone with her to bang her brains out. Every guy in school is after her and probably half the girls to. She has small firm titties that I have played with a few times and is shaping up to be hotter than Jamie one day.

Anyway that is the family introduced other than Misty and Rex the cat and dog but they don’t get any action that I am aware of. After all we are not Hillbillies or anything, just a little more liberal with our ideas about sex. Other than that we are a very normal family indeed.

A short time before Amy’s thirteenth birthday was a great time in life for all of us. We were all happy and comfortable in our jobs or school and the family was looking forward to Amy’s 13th birthday. Amy got to choose who she lost her virginity to and she could pick from anyone in the family. Anita had chosen Jamie but since denies they went all the way but at least it took pressure off Amy to make the first girl on girl decision. The closest thing to man on man action was and always would be a threesome with one of our girls. I had fucked mom once with Daryl, it was shortly after that Dad left.

Seeing Amy so excited about her birthday took me back to my first time. I had masturbated plenty and had secretly watched my family members having sex a few times and had limited access to porn in both movie and magazine form but was by no means obsessed with it. Sex was a part of my life already but not my whole life. I considered myself a fairly regular kid who likes sport and hot cars and of course girls. In fact I was able to communicate with girls very easily as there was no pressure there. The hottest girls around were in my family and I would get to fuck them all except Anita of course.

Having said that; I was so looking forward to choosing Anita except for the lesbian thing. I hoped she would make an exception in my case. When it finally came down to my decision the family met in the lounge room and lined up. It was excruciating and although everyone knew they were in with a chance I had already narrowed it down to Anita or Jamie and I so hoped it would be Anita. After standing with clenched fists and biting my lower lip Daryl chimed in with a verbal drum roll to help me out and then…………….

“Jamie” blurted its way out of my mouth.

She squealed in delight and grabbed my hand tight and led me off to her room. Once we were alone she was bouncing up and down with excitement.

“Oh lil bro I am gonna do you so good. How do you wanna? Slow, fast, its whatever you want Charlie”

“Well maybe we could get naked and touch for a bit. You are the hottest girl around and I am the luckiest guy. I want to see and touch all of you” I said

“Oh you are the sweetest, ok let’s get naked”

Jamie started to slowly peel of her T-shirt. I was already embarrassingly rock hard. I mean I had seen her naked before but she was in front of me, stripping for me! So that I could have as much sex as I wanted with her. Her jeans slid down past her hips revealing the tiniest black G-string.

“Well come on bro, what you waiting for?”

“I, I, you are so perfect”

“Now look, snap out of it! You have wanted to screw for a while yeah?”

“Yes” I answered quietly

“Well here I am tiger come and get me, anything you want ok?”


I finally got moving. I didn’t unbutton my shirt I just undid the top button and pulled it over my head. I kicked off my shoes and then ripped off my socks and threw them aside. Lastly I pulled down my jeans catching my boxers with my thumbs and taking of the lot in one go. I stood up straight with my painfully hard cock pointing straight at Jamie who was now completely naked. She was completely unflawed and perfect. She looked like she had stepped of the set of Baywatch or a porn movie or something. I was speechless as she took me over to the bed and sat down next to me.

An image drifted back to me of a time I saw Daryl pounding in and out of her body right where we were sitting. Her beautiful boobs rocked back and forth as she gazed at the cupboard door almost as if she could see me peering through the little crack at her. Daryl made sure she reached orgasm but when he fucked Jamie it was a little more self-serving in general.

This gave me an idea. I now took control and led Jamie up the bed and made her lie on her stomach at the top of the bed in the centre. I was not really an ass man but she was spectacular. I touched her shoulder with my fingertips and kissed the opposite shoulder. I ran my fingers randomly over her soft tanned back lightly massaging her as she made soft smooth groans of pleasure. I kissed her from side to side and moved down to her lower back.

“Oh that is so good, I could lie here all day”

I kept working my way down over her cheeks and down her legs to her feet. I paid particular attention to make sure her feet got a good massage and then rubbed harder now and kissed my way back up her legs to her ass. When I had given her ass a good strong rub I opened her ass and gave her asshole a good lick and a kiss”

“Oooh, nobody has ever done that to me before, I’m in heaven”

I grabbed her hips and she helped me as I rolled her over. I intended to keep working on her gently but hey, I was only fourteen. I lost control and started feasting on her tits and stomach. I rubbed and sucked, kissed and tweaked her tits a long time. Jamie was gasping in response to my frenzied attack. I buried my face between her tits and kissed the spot between them deeply and then travelled down her firm flat stomach with my tongue. I pulled her legs up under her knees and spread them wide and made myself comfortable in between them. I blew warm air up and down her moistening slit and her chest rose and fell more deeply as her breathing became heavier. I kissed her thighs gently from side to side going deeper each time until I was back in line with her slit. I couldn’t resist anymore and kissed here firmly on the lips and held the kiss for a few seconds. I went in for a second kiss and thrust my tongue in and started probing around as if in search of a tongue to participate in my French kiss.

I circled her lips first one way then the other with my tongue and then flicked her clit back and forth. I started fucking my sister with my tongue and was pleasantly surprised at her taste. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I started sucking her clit and fingering her quite vigorously and before long she began shuddering which I figured was an orgasm only I was surprised by a spray of fluid coming out of her then another and another.

“Oh my god, that has never happened before. What did you do to me?”

I wiped some of the fluid from my face and tasted it and started licking every drop I could off her. Jamie needed a little recovery time so she told me to straddle her stomach. I read her mind and climbed on and stuck my dick between her tits. She pressed her tits together around my cock and I started pumping. The feeling was already incredible before she bent her neck forward and began letting my cock slide in and of her mouth giving it a little lick or suck each time. I completely lost it and came in her mouth. She giggled a little and then told me to squirt some on her tits so I did. I hopped off and started to get dressed.

“Hey we are not finished yet. Get over here and lie down”

Jamie climbed over me in a 69 position.

“Oh Chucky work that magic tongue while I suck you off”

I had every intention of getting as much of her pussy as I possibly could at that point in my life. Her warm moist mouth slid up and down my dick as I put my hands on here ass and tried to bury my face inside her. I worked her pussy over until she came again drenching my face and then she stood up, turned around and lowered her sopping wet slit over my again throbbing shaft. I felt my eyes roll back in my head and clenched my fists. Jamie could see I was going to cum so she stopped for a minute or two. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything that disgusted me and then I felt Jamie start to rock gently back and forth. Before long I was kneading her tits as she rocked back and forth. She put her weight back on her knees and leaned forward with her tits dangling in my face. I put my hands on her ass and started slamming into her as hard as I could as I fed hungrily on her tits. We came together within a few minutes and then lay together breathless and in bliss.

Jamie leaned in and although no one was in the room whispered in my ear.

“Wow lilbro that was the best damn fuck I have had yet, thank you”

“Oh really? Well anytime sis! And thank you. I love you”

We got dressed and as Jamie left the room she looked at Daryl and squealed and said

“That’s some pretty fierce competition right there big bro”

Daryl messed my hair as I walked past beaming with pride and every one congratulated me except Anita who wasn’t around but she did congratulate me later. I was so proud and I didn’t come down from the high for a week.

I was thinking all of this out loud and when I realised I was rambling I stopped and looked at the disapproving look on Amy’s face.

“What did I say squirt?” I asked her.

“You are soooo stupid” she said

“Again, what did I do?”

“Now it all makes sense. You know how you guys have always been close?”

“Well yeah?”

“Well dummy, she wanted to be your first and I wouldn’t be surprised if she made up the whole lesbian thing so she could save herself for you.”

“That’s ridiculous”

“No it isn’t. She has told me how she was the first to hold you in the hospital and she dotes on you all the time”

“Well why didn’t she congratulate me a….”

“Oh you stupid bastard, because she wanted you to ask HER you idiot. SHE wanted to be your first”

I got a little teary

“Oh my god I am an asshole. I so wanted to ask her but I was so scared she would say no. What am I gonna do?”

“Ask her now. Tell her you made a mistake, make her understand that you wanted her and still do.”

“Will you help me?”

“Only if you promise to learn from it”

“I am going to talk to her right now” I said not wanting to waste another minute.

“Well be sensitive”

I called Anita up and asked her to come around for a chat which was sort of a common request. She agreed and came over straight away. I fixed her a drink and then we went to my room and sat on the edge of my bed. I asked her to promise to listen to me and not leave until I had finished and she agreed with a rather curious look on her face. I began

“Anita I have made a big mistake and I only realised it talking to Amy about her, well you know her...”

“First fuck?” she said

“Well yeah. Anyway I didn’t pick who I really wanted to and I wish I could go back and do that so I could pick the right person but I was sure the person I was going to pick would say no ….”

She was listening carefully to my rambling with a mixture of shock and hope on her face.

“Well you shouldn’t have said you were a lesbian. I wanted it to be you and I am so sorry, will you ever forgive me?”

“Wow. That’s a lot to take in. Charlie….” She said getting teary

“I will always love you and there is no need to forgive you. It was your choice and you chose well and you did an amazing job” she said with a laugh

“You saw?” I asked

“It’s not only you that hides in cupboards perving you know. The only way I can forgive you is for you to pop my cherry right here and now, I feel I have waited long enough”

I hugged her so tight for what seemed like the longest time until my dick pressing into her side made it a little awkward.

“Hmm let me help you with that” she said flipping my dick out of the top of my pants and gobbling it up.

“Oh yeah, I think I am going to love sucking cock. When you are ready to come tell me she said removing her top. I want you to come all over my tits so that I can taste it, I don’t know if I will like it yet so I don’t want to swallow a bucket load on my first go”

“Sure” I gasped as her warm moist mouth slid down over my cock again.

Anita did not take long to find her feet sucking me off. She fed hungrily on me, sucking and licking like there was no tomorrow. It was not long until I told her I was going to cum and when I did she just ignored me and what she had asked me to do and sucked fiercely not spilling a drop of my cum. She did not even stop sucking until I went rock hard again after my orgasm. When I was ready she lay on the bed and asked me to eat her pussy which I did very willingly. I followed her lead and ate her like it was my last supper. She whined and moaned in delight and came very quickly splashing my face with a stream of pussy juice. We giggled a little and then I continued eating for a long time until she came again and then begged me to put it in her.

“Listen, I don’t want you to drag it out. I want it over and done with quickly” she said

I positioned myself at her opening ready and leaned in to kiss her on the lips before entering.

“I’m scared” she whispered in my ear

“You will love it, I promise” I said reassuringly.

Still looking straight into her eyes I thrust forward as hard as I could.

“FUCK. It stings” she said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

I moved slowly in and out of her kissing her tits and neck as I increased my pace just a little.

“This is as awesome as I knew it would be. I love you Sis” I said and then closed my eyes.

“Fuck me harder, it hurts less” she ordered.

I paused and held of an orgasm and then started banging her with everything I had in me. She came very quickly but I kept going and when I came she did to. Exhausted we lay there together and fell asleep.

In the morning Anita had a discussion with me relating to Amy’s first time. She told me not to make the same mistake with Amy and that Amy wanted me to be her first. All of a sudden I felt a mixture of pride, excitement and anxiety over the pressure of being chosen to be someone’s first.

Amy’s birthday came sooner than I had hoped; I was nervous and felt totally unprepared. We all lined up as usual and mom made an announcement.

“Following the deflowering of our last clan member we will celebrate. All family members are required to be there and to participate. Now Amy take your pick”

“Umm I umm, I pick…Mom can I choose two?”

Daryl’s eyes lit up, there were only two guys here and this meant we were both getting some action.

“It hasn’t been done before but yes you can sweetie” mom said

“Well then I pick Anita……” everyone tried to hide their surprise “and Charlie”

“YES, YES” I said as I jumped around on the spot.

When I got a hold of myself I looked at Anita and she had a tear forming in the corner of her eye. I was pretty sure that Amy was always going to pick me but picking Anita first made her feel very special and would have been a surprise to her. It also made up for my foolishness. I went and took Anita by the hand and we followed Amy to her room.

“You know the deal Kid Sister, whatever you say goes” Anita said

“Great, then I want to watch you two fuck first” She said


“Whatever I say! Now strip and get busy”

The three of us stripped slowly looking each other up and down admiring our collective nakedness. Amy took off her top last, seemingly a little shy about the size of her firm but small titties. I put my arm around Anita and Amy and drew us into a group embrace and lowered my head to take in one of Amy’s delicious nipples. Anita followed my lead and sucked Amy’s other nipple until it was rock hard.

“Ok I want you to suck Charlie off Anita, please lay on your back”

Anita lay in the centre of the bed and Charlie knelt beside her head so she could take in his cock which she did immediately. I watched as Amy climbed in between her legs and started experimenting with her mouth on Anita’s pussy. Anita acknowledged her presence with a moan that vibrated up my cock and made me giggle. Amy took to eating pussy like a duck to water. Anita stopped to praise her efforts

“Oh yeah baby girl, that’s soooo good”

“Charlie I want you to cum on her so I can taste it” Amy requested

It was perfect timing as I felt my balls preparing to pump a load down Anita’s throat at any minute. Anita aimed my cock at her tit and the first round splashed straight off her nipple the next between her tits and the next in the middle of her stomach. I watched a huge glob roll into her belly button as she swallowed my dick and the last few squirts of my jizz. Amy was now fingering her with two fingers and sucking her lips and clit. I felt Anita buck and start wailing as she came and squirted an enormous stream across the room. Amy was quick enough to collect the next spray in her hungry mouth. When Anita had finished convulsing Amy slid up and sucked my cum out of her belly button and then continued to clean the rest of Anita’s body of cum.

“My turn” Amy squealed with excitement as she flung herself down next to Anita.

Anita shuffled over and started kissing her and stroking her pussy as I moved between her legs and prepared to eat her out. I fed on her soft smooth flesh mound hungrily and would have continued but Amy was desperate to be broken.

“Put it in me please, I can’t wait anymore”

I climbed up and knelt between her open legs and started rubbing my cockhead up and down her sodden slit while Anita kissed her deeply and held her hand tight.

“Ooooooooooh” Amy moaned as the tip passed her entrance and headed slowly further in.

“Baby the stinging will stop quickly and then it will feel real nice” Anita said

“What sting……………………….aaaaaah”

Her hymen snapped. I watched Anita’s hand go red as Amy squeezed it hard. I stopped when I was fully inside which Amy looked quite thankful for.

“When you’re ready” I reassured Amy.

“Ok, let’s do it”

I thrust in and out carefully and poor Amy struggled. Her little pussy was so tight and I was nowhere near as tiny as I use to be in comparison to Dad and Daryl. Amy did not even get first the pain before her first orgasm. She shuddered and squealed her way through the first one and I slowed down as her head flopped to the side in exhaustion.

“No, don’t stop. Please keep going until I say stop” Amy ordered

I started fucking her really hard and she squinted and made groaning noises at the brutality of what was happening to her tiny body. Anita kissed her breasts and face as I pounded her relentlessly. Another orgasm ripped through her but I didn’t dare stop.

“Oh Charlie it’s so nice, I want more, please more”

Anita started to rub her clit as I plunged in and out to help me as I was slowing down a little. I was ready to come again.

“I, I, don’t think I can hang on” I said

Just then Amy started to make faces and I knew she would come. She squinted as I filled her tummy full of cum and then flopped next to her. We lay a while and then got cleaned up and mum hugged Amy.

“My little baby I am so proud of you. How was it?”

“Oh it was so nice Mom”

Mom decided we would have our family romp after dinner and we were just sitting down to eat when there was a knock at the door. Amy went to answer it

“Happy birthday sweetie” boomed from outside.

It was Dad. My mom went to the door and asked him to stay for dinner.

“That would be real nice” he said

As we ate dinner things seemed perfect, the whole family together.

“I wish you could stay Daddy” Amy said


“Oh could you John. Things could be different. I can change”

“Um, no you couldn’t. Am I right kids?”

She blushed and Dad continued.

“Besides I don’t want you to. I have missed you all and well it must be old age or something but the idea of well, you know, kind of appeals to me more now”

Fifteen minutes later I was looking at Dad fucking his youngest while she lapped at her mother like a pussycat. Daryl was across the room with his cock between Jamie’s tits and I had Anita bent over the sofa about to pop her anal cherry. At last we were all together having fun,
Fun for all the family.

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