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David wasn't the type of guy you would expect would be down to fuck a guy, at least I didn't. I had known him for as long as I could remember, but we were never close. We had gone to the same schools and we even had some classes together but other than that we had nothing in common. He was two years older than me, he had failed first grade and was born in September, this all made me belittle him throughout high school. Other than my occasional wise cracks and his attempts of rebuttals we didn't speak much but there was a common air of amiability.
We lost contact after graduating high school. The next time we saw each other was at our local gym's showers. We hadn't seen each other in two years I was utterly distracted by my post-workout routine I didn't notice him. I had just finished undressing when a musky scent in the air made me turn around. Before my eyes was a behemoth so beautiful it took me some time to react. "John? John Ferguson? Is it you?" He asked, a surprised grin on his face. "Yeah! David! What a pleasant surprise. Long time no see." I replied with sincere enthusiasm. "Yeah and It seems that time does change people you are not that wiry teenager I knew back in the day." He replied as he jokingly eyed me from head to toe stopping at the crotch and winking as he boomed in laughter. "Who knew you were a big man." He teased. It was this that reminded me of my nakedness. I nonchalantly reached around and grabbed a towel wrapping it around my waist. " Hey! As the oldest in our graduating class I'd've thought you would be more mature." I jokingly shot back. After some catching up and an exchange of phone numbers we parted ways. Our schedules didn't coincide for a while after that only seeing each other for short instances in the showers and in such a hurry that conversations were out of question.
This did not stop me from glancing in his direction every time I saw him in the showers. He, at 6 feet 4 inches, seemed a giant to me even though I only trailed behind by two inches. He was the definition of a man. Thanks to his constant visiting of the gym he had the likes of a Greek god, nature enveloped him with a thick coat of auburn colored fur, his shoulders as wide as the largest expanse of land, his hands were so big my legs grew weak at the sight, and his manhood a perfect demonstration of god's existence.
It was one unexpected afternoon when we bumped into each other in the entrance of the gym. I had just gotten out of work on an unexpected early release and that was his regular gym time. We hit up a conversation and ended up agreeing to work out together. My usual routine revolved around cardio and occasional weight lifting for tone. David's on the other hand was entirely centered on weights. His arms showed that. He decided I needed a coach on weight lifting I did not refuse. After some time at the dumbbell section he made me move on to some machines. We were both covered in sweat. "So you take the handles here and you pull them towards your body." He instructed as he added weight. It proved too much for me to handle. "Don't be a wimp man." He said a little annoyed. "This just not my thing man." I replied with surprising disappointment. After a few more failed attempts and an exhausting routine of cardio we were both blasted. His body was glistening with sweat and his hair was stuck to his skin as drops of sweat dribbled down hard muscle. "Let's hit the showers I'm exhausted." Said David. I couldn't have agreed more.
When we arrived at the showers and we started undressing I felt a bit embarrassed even though we had seen each other naked quite a few times over the past months. I couldn't keep my eyes to myself and David noticed but brushed it off. We continued with small talk about our jobs and failed relationships. By this time David knew I slept with people in general not caring what they were as long as it was legal. He didn't seem to mind. As we walked into the showers David put his hands on my shoulders and started rubbing my back. I was not against this but it did catch me off guard. I was about to say something but he just pulled up close to me, his chest pressing against my back as he put a finger across my mouth. I was liking were this was going.
David took my hand and took me to a secluded area of the showers and turned a shower head on. "I hope you don't mind this John but I saw you staring at my cock earlier and I can't deny I was turned on." He said in a gruff agitated tone. "Puh-lease dude I have wanted you since I first saw you." I said putting my hand across his chest slowly caressing his chest hair and exploring his body. He turned me around and against the wall, his swollen member against my asshole. He separated my legs made me bend forward a little and then started feverishly rubbing his cock against my opening sending shivers across my body, he thrusted harder never quite going inside. This was enough to make me moan. My nipples were hard and his left hand never stopped playing with them, as his other hand grasped firmly around my cock creating a rhythm that followed his trusts. "Fuck John this is hotter than I thought." He managed to say with an animalistic snarl. His breathing became very heavy, his face was flushed red and the veins in his neck were about to burst.
My ass was absorbing the shock as his pelvis rammed against my back. I was so turned on and my asshole couldn't take it any longer. "Go inside for god's sake!" I said loud careful to not scream too loud. "That's what you want little bitch huh?" He grabbed my neck with his left hand and lifted my head, he managed to shove his tongue down my throat with brutal strength. As he did this he let go of my cock, pressed his dick's head against my ass, and just as I thought he was going to shove himself into my warmth he instead drove two fingers into my puckering asshole. The shower's continuous outflow of water helped his fingers go in with ease. With the same strength and speed with which he had been rubbing his thick manhood against my hole he explored my insides with his fingers. I was on the edge pleasure was all that I could feel. My vision was clouded by red and I couldn't feel my legs, I was in heaven.
A few minutes later David's attention went to my cock, he started jacking me off faster than before. His fingers followed suit massaging my prostate with a nimble ability. It was not long after that that I came all over the shower floor, my semen mixing with the water as it flowed into the drain. The sensation was like no other I would have collapsed if it hadn't been for David. As soon as I recovered I gave David a helping hand. His cock was a marvelous specimen in deed; veins decorated it with grace. It was red and engorged with blood ready to pounce. I grabbed it with my right hand and with my left pulled David by the back of his head towards me for a kiss, my tongue exploring every inch. I slid my hand along his long shaft emphasizing his head, procuring his pleasure. His thick cock pulsating in my hand felt just right. "Faster!" He managed to yell. It was just when he started climaxing that some men walked in, his semen still shooting out of his cock and managing to hit my stomach before it slid along with the water.
"What the fuck is you guys problem?" Said one of the guys. David managed to catch his breathe and answered "What? Have you guys never seen a guy rub one out with his bud?" As he turned the water off and led me out that area by the hand. He managed to laugh when he passed the guys. A stern look formed on their faces.
We dried off and put our clean clothing on. "Not the afternoon I expected." I said a small giggle formed in my mouth. David smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. "So what should I make of this?" I asked half expectantly. "Let's not complicate our shit for a while." Replied David with a smug smile. I laughed as we headed out the gym and into our cars. "So? Fuck buddies?" I asked. "No shit Sherlock, I haven't even fucked that tight hole of yours. Trust me it took restraint not to fuck you like I should have." He replied as he shoved me against my car door and planted one last kiss. "Call me." I said with a wink. That was the beginning of a great friendship.

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good story so far. ready to read the next part.

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