"There is no one here yet. I told you we would be way too early." Ben grumbled to Jenny as they walked into the massive lecture theatre. The two friends had finished a study session in the library and had gone to their next lecture earlier than expected. Jenny glanced at her watch and saw that they were almost thirty minutes early.

"It could be worse. If we hadn't stopped for coffee we would have been here fifteen minutes ago." Jenny replied, trying to cheer Ben up. Ben simply made a face then turned towards the seemingly endless rows of chairs.

The room was one of the larger lecture theatres on campus, seating around four hundred people. It was built in an amphitheater style with long, thin table benches running along rows of plastic chairs. The design of the benches, with no fronts just a tabletop, afforded clear view below them and onto the dark brown seats whose minimal padding made longer lectures rather uncomfortable. The room did have some redeeming features including soft, warm lighting, chocolate brown carpet and wood lined walls which gave it a log-cabin feel. The bright white wall at the front of the room which served as the projection screen and the large desk at the front for the lecturers' use were in stark contrast to the rest of the room. On either side of the front wall were large doors which served as the major entrance ways into the room.

"It is kind of cool being here all by ourselves though in such a massive hall." Jenny said.

"In what way?" Ben asked.

"Well," Jenny continued, "haven't you ever thought about, you know, being completely naked or something in front of a room like this but full of people?"

"Um, not really." Ben said hesitantly.

"Really? It would be so hot to be watched by so many people and be exposed for their pleasure." Jenny said dreamily.

Jenny had thought about this particular fantasy a number of times. While not overly daring, Jenny had always thought of herself as a bit of an exhibitionist without having actually exposed herself to anyone deliberately. When she was still in school, she had once walked into the boys shower room by mistake at the school gym and had just finished undressing when a group of guys walked in and saw her completely naked. Whilst at first she had been embarrassed out of her mind, she quickly found that the feeling of being seen naked had made her incredibly aroused and the orgasm she had had in the shower of the girls locker room later was one of the most intense she had experienced at that stage of her life. Despite many times going out in public without panties under a short skirt and on another occasion she had got a bit drunk and shown off more than she intended to, she had never been able to convince herself to try going that next step and expose herself to a stranger deliberately.

"I'm sure plenty of people would love to see that also." Ben replied in a cheeky tone and giving her a wink.

For some reason Ben's comment resonated in Jenny's mind. She immediately became aware of how aroused she was at the thought of exposing herself to others. She had been aroused most of the week but with her studies, she hadn't had time to give herself some relief nor did she currently have a boyfriend to turn to for similar assistance. The thought began spinning in her mind, building her excitement further. She couldn't stop thinking about it and the more she thought about it, the more she was determined to try it. Finally she decided; today was the day to fulfil her fantasy.

"Well, how about we see if they really would enjoy it or not?" Jenny said to Ben in a quite and shaky voice.

"What?" Ben said confused.

"You know how as you walk in the doors you can see straight under the desks and onto the seats, how about I 'accidentally' give people a show as they walk in?"

Ben's heart stopped for a moment then began to beat like a jack-hammer in his chest. "Did Jenny actually just say that she wanted to flash people as they walked in?" Ben thought to himself excitedly. Ben and Jenny had been friends for years but he had always had a crush on her. She was precisely his type with short brown hair, slim but still athletic body, small firm breasts and fair skin plus intelligence that rivalled her good looks. The thought of what she had just said was enough to have his cock swelling in his pants.

"Are you saying you want to flash people as they walk in?" Ben asked inquisitively.

"That's right, but I don't want to do it in a full-on deliberate way. I want it to look like an accident or something." Jenny went on, "So I'm thinking I sit in a chair in front of the door and a few rows up, take my underwear off and let my legs kind of, wander apart when someone comes in."

"I think you should definitely do that! It would be pretty hot." Ben heartily agreed.

"But you have to sit next to me and watch their reaction because it will be too obvious if I'm looking at them with my legs spread." Jenny added.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Count me in!" Ben said loudly in response, his excitement obvious in his voice.

Jenny walked over to one of the doors and looked for a seat that afforded the best view under the desk for her show. The forth row was just above eye level and would have given a great angle for people to see her exposing herself. But Jenny then noted that one of the down lights was shining directly under the benches of the third row, directly opposite the door.

"Hey Ben; go sit in the fourth seat in the third row. I want to see what the lighting is like." Jenny ordered Ben with a big grin on her face.

As Ben sat in the chair he once again looked Jenny over and couldn't believe what she was about to do. He knew from a party earlier in the year that she had obliged the chants of "boobs out for the boys" by a group of rather drunk guys, but he never thought she would be so bold as to show herself off to strangers in such a way.

"Perfect." Jenny exclaimed as she saw the light shining directly onto Ben's crotch. The light would cast her exposed pussy in a glow of warm light that would make the display almost unmissable to those walking in. Her heart raced as she quickly strode up to the seat which Ben now vacated for her. Her mind was racing as she thought over the last few details. She had always been a bit of an organisation freak so she went through a mental checklist to see if everything was ready. Location and positioning were set. The short skirt she was wearing would be perfect as the soft, flowing material would be easy to manoeuvre into place so as to open widely when she spread her knees apart. The fact that she had her hair in a slight fringe at the front also meant she would be able to look up occasionally through the fringe to see peoples' responses without them seeing her looking.

The final part of the set up for the daring exposure was to remove her panties and sit back down with legs in position. Jenny looked at Ben who sat with a huge smile watching her.

"Well, only one last thing to do before the show starts." Jenny announced and then reached up under her dress and slowly pulled her panties down before taking them off altogether. Her heart skipped at beat as she stood back up and felt the cool fabric of her dress slip over her ass and thighs. She held her panties in her hand for a moment and wondered what to do with them for the lecture.

"I can hold on to them for you if you want." Ben offered with a cheeky smile and a wink.

"Ok, but don't get all weird and start playing with them or something. I want them back after the lecture." She said in a mocking tone as she handed the panties to Ben. Jenny noticed, and the same thought didn't escape Ben's attention either, that the crotch of the lacy, light blue panties were moist to the touch. It was at this point that Jenny could feel the incredible state of arousal she was in. Except it wasn't so much sexual arousal as it was excitement of what was to happen in only a few minutes when people started coming into the room.

Jenny sat back down on the seat and enjoyed the feeling of the dress against her bare ass cheeks. In an overly dramatic way she spread her legs wide apart and pulled the dress to the sides, completely exposing her pussy to the door. She looked at Ben while she did this, teasing him with her smile, knowing that he wouldn't have been able to see her pussy as it was still hidden from his view by the top of her dress.

"It's a pity I wasn't walking in the door right now." Ben said as he lent forward to try to get a glimpse up Jenny's skirt. But she quickly closed her legs and smoothed the fabric into place for the dare.

"No peaking Ben. The show hasn't started yet." She said teasingly while shaking her finger at him.

"I can't wait for it to begin." Ben replied.

"Neither can I, I'm so nervous. I'm shaking." Jenny replied truthfully. Her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest and as she took her pen and notepad from her bag and placed them on the desk in front of her, she almost dropped the pen due to her hands shaking so much. After a few minutes, Jenny was close to pulling out of the dare as her nerves were becoming too much. She wondered if she should just ask for her panties back and flash herself while wearing them rather than go straight to showing off her now moist pussy for all to see. But Ben's reassuring words strengthened her resolve to fulfil her favourite fantasy.

"Jenny, I have to say, right now you are the sexiest chick in the world. I can't imagine anything hotter than sitting next to you while you do this. I bet you will love every second of it." Ben reassured her.

With a smile of excitement, Jenny stared into his eyes briefly before leaning over and kissing Ben quickly. The two had just broken off their kiss as the door opened and the first few people began coming in.

Jenny didn't want to stay exposing herself too early when there were only a few people in the room. So she waited a few more minutes until the lecturer had walked in and was at the front desk talking to some students and a third or more of the seats had been filled.

"Ok, let the show begin." She whispered excitedly to Ben before taking her pen and pretending to write something in her notebook in an attempt to disguise her display as mere accident.

As naturally as she could, Jenny let her knees open widely and she quickly pulled her dress tight on her thighs so it was completely open. She could feel instantly that there was an unobstructed view straight up her skirt, allowing anyone who even happened to look past her direction to clearly see her pussy which would no doubt be easily visible with the down light shining straight onto her. She trembled and held her breath as the door opened and a young guy walked in. As much as she was telling herself to stay looking at the book, to not look at the person and try to act natural, she couldn't. She had stopped writing and was staring though her fringe which was covering her eyes, hoping it would hide her eyes and the nervous excitement they betrayed. But as the guy walked in, he didn't look up. He was texting on his phone and walked straight past without even the slightest glimpse at Jenny.

"That guy would kick himself if he knew what he just missed out on!" Ben whispered to Jenny with a chuckle.

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief and composed herself while allowing the excitement of almost being seen to set in. Her heart raced, her body tingled with excitement and she could feel a pleasant dampness starting to form in her pussy. After that close-call, she was desperate for the next person to see her and after only a few seconds more, the door opened once more.

This time two people walked in, a guy and a girl. Again, Jenny held her breath and waited to see the reaction, hoping that they would look, hoping they would see all of what she was exposing and enjoy seeing it as much as she enjoyed showing it. As the pair walked in, they looked around the room for a seat and it was more than obvious when the guy saw more than he expected. His eyes widened, he stopped mid-step and his mouth dropped open slightly as his gaze settled on Jenny's open crotch. He quickly looked away though and followed his female companion to a seat, she having not seen what he did.

"Oh my god!" Jenny screamed internally. She had done it, she had allowed herself to be exposed to someone else and the wonderful feeling of having just fulfilled her deepest fantasy was punctuated by the moisture she could feel slowly seeping from her now highly aroused pussy. She wanted to be seen again, she craved the gaze of another persons' eyes now and so she waited excitedly as the door opened once more.

As the group of girls walked into the room, two of them saw almost immediately that Jenny's legs were wide open and her naked nether regions were uncovered in plain sight. One of the girls with short blonde hair bit her lip with an expression that Jenny immediately recognised not as shock but arousal. The girl stared for a moment more before moving on. The other girl who had noticed nudged her friend and nodded in Jenny's direction, the girl's friend now saw Jenny and quietly said "Oh wow" out loud. The group stole a few more looks as they continued on their way to their seats.

"That chick was totally checking you out then, she was loving it Jenny." Ben whispered to Jenny regarding the blonde girl she had just flashed.

"That was so amazing, I'm so turned on right now it is driving me insane." Jenny replied.

But just as Jenny was preparing for the next chance to flash herself, the lecturer approached the microphone and announced the start of the lesson. Feeling a bit disappointed that the lecture was beginning but still aroused beyond belief, Jenny decided not to close her legs but instead keep them apart. In fact, she spread them further allowing her now wet pussy to open slightly. She was determined to stay that way for the remainder of the lecture and flash herself as openly as possible to anyone who walked in late.

Several late arrivals entered the room and almost all stared in disbelief at Jenny's open legs before quickly moving to a seat. Each time they gawked at what they were seeing, Jenny felt a shot of excitement surge through her body.

The lesson finished a few minutes late and everyone quickly filed out to head to their next lectures while Ben and Jenny stayed in their seats to wait for everyone to go. The group of girls who had seen Jenny's show giggled as they walked past them, with one or two look back again, hoping for a final glimpse.

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe how good that was." Jenny cried out to Ben. "That was the hottest experience I've ever had!"

"I have to say," Ben replied, "I think it was also the hottest thing I've ever seen. I'm so fucking hard after watching you flash all those people."

Jenny looked at Ben's crotch and his erection was obvious through his shorts. She smiled at him and said, "Did you want bit of a quick show too?"

"Absolutely!" Ben answered without hesitation. He was so horny after seeing the reactions of those who had seen Jenny's pussy that he was hoping desperately that she would at least give him a glimpse of what she had been openly showing to others.

Jenny smiled broadly as she stood up and moved between Ben and the desk in front of him. She could feel the moisture from her wet pussy had made a damp spot on her dress which now clung to her ass slightly as she sat down. Then very slowly, she spread her legs and placed them on the chairs on either side of Ben giving him a close-up view of her vagina.

Ben could not believe what was happening. Within inches of his face, Jenny's amazing pussy was openly exposed for him to stare at, and stare he did. While not the first time he had seen such a sight, he couldn't help but whisper "wow, so beautiful" out loud in genuine awe of what this gorgeous girl he had longed for now allowed him to see. Jenny had a small, neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair which adorned her visibly moist pussy and her soft pink lips were parted slightly while the small bud of her clit was just peaking out as if begging for attention which Ben wanted dearly to give. He could also smell the tantalising scent of her arousal which only added to his own excitement.

As Jenny looked at Ben staring at her spread crotch, one thought was going through her mind. "I want to feel Ben touch and pleasure my pussy. I need release, I need to come." She thought to her self repeatedly. She had always liked Ben whose thin but muscular build was indicative of the amount of sport he played. While Ben's sandy blonde hair matched well with his green eyes, his smile is what always stood out to Jenny. As he stared at her pussy now, Jenny could see the delight on his face at what he was seeing and his smile seemed to be accented with a look of satisfaction. She wanted him so bad right then and she couldn't wait a moment more.

"You don't have to just look, you can do whatever you want with it Ben." Jenny said in a seductive voice.

Ben quickly glanced up a Jenny with a look of hesitation, but her reassuring smile in return remove any doubt from his mind. He lent forward in the chair and began to slowly and gently kiss the inside of Jenny's thighs, moving closer and closer to her now saturated snatch. Each kiss sent shivers through Jenny now reach under her top to caress and play with her breasts.

While Ben wanted to take his time and relish every moment of this experience, he was simply too turned-on. Running his tongue from the bottom of Jenny's pussy up to her clit, he began to lick and probe her pussy eagerly, savouring the taste of her copious juices which virtually flowed from her pussy. Using his tongue, Ben rapidly flicked and licked Jenny's clit while now slowly inserting his index finger into her accommodating hole. The taste, scent and texture of Jenny's beautiful pussy were amazing and caused Ben's cock to throb with arousal under his pants.

Jenny had thrown her head back in delight. She moaned loudly as involuntary spasms of pleasure shot though her with every lick and touch on her pussy. She gasped slightly as Ben slipped in a second finger and began fucking her with his mouth and fingers at the same time. Though it had only just begun, the intense excitement from exposing herself coupled with the stimulation she now received from Ben was too much for Jenny. A cascade of orgasm ripped through body causing her to writhe in pleasure, grinding her pussy onto Ben's face and also resulted in something which Jenny hadn't experienced before. Her orgasm was so intense that she felt an unfamiliar surge from within her pussy followed by small but surprising squirt of fluid which coated Ben's mouth and face. He wasn't put off at all, but instead kept lapping at the juices coming from Jenny's pussy.

"Oh my god, I think I just squirted! I've never done that before ever!" Jenny called out in pleasure between moans of pleasure.

"You definitely did!" Ben said having sat back, the top of his shirt was wet with her juices and his face still was damp. He grinned broadly as he added, "That was incredible, you are simply amazing."

"I want a bit more though." Jenny said as she slipped her hand under her skirt, pulling it up before slipping three fingers into her saturated cunt. She let out a moan as she started fingering herself deeply.

"I've got something far more fun than just fingers you know." Ben smiled.

"Yes, please fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me right now." Jenny breathed as she slipped the fingers from her pussy and licked her juices from each finger seductively in front of Ben.

"How about we do what you said early?" Ben asked.

"What did I say?"

"How about I fuck you on the front bench, both of us completely naked?" Ben suggested.

"Oh wow, yes. That sounds so exciting. But what if someone walks in?" Jenny replied.

"Only adds to the fun doesn't it?" Ben quickly responded.

Jenny looked over at the large, white front bench and smiled. She looked back at Ben then pulled her top off over her head and slipped off her bra, exposing her perfect small but firm tits. She spun herself around and jogged over to the bench where she took off her skirt, dropped all the clothing on the ground next to her and then laid back on the bench and spread her legs widely as an invitation for Ben.

Ben quickly jumped up and went over the Jenny, undressing as he went. As he pulled his pants and underwear down just in front of Jenny, his cock sprung from the confines which had held it. Jenny gave a silent moan of pleasure at the sight of Ben's rock hard cock which wasn't massively long but rather thick. Like her, his pubic hair was trimmed short and neat which accentuated the thickness of the base of his cock rather well and the smooth head of his circumcised dick had a few drops of clear pre-cum oozing from it. She bit her lip in excitement with the expectation of him thrusting his hard member deep into her waiting pussy which she spread apart using her hands.

Ben was too excited to hold back, he positioned his cock at the opening of Jenny's gaping hole before slowly easing himself in all the way to the balls. He paused for a few seconds, buried deep in her cunt, feeling the warm moist hole stretching around him.

"Oh yes, fuck that feels amazing." Jenny groaned.

Ben lent forward and sucked on one of Jenny's perky tits before kissing her on the neck and whispered "You are the most amazing person I've ever met." He kissed her once more before beginning to gently pulling his cock out until only the head remained before thrusting back in.

Ben's thrusts quickly intensified in speed and depth, grunting as his balls slapped against her ass while Jenny rubbed her clit and tits. She cried out in pleasure as her pussy gripped hard onto Ben's cock as she began to have a series of rapid orgasms. Ben could feel this and knew he wouldn't last much longer and after only a few moments, he could feel his orgasm building.

"Oh yes, I'm going to come!" He moaned out loudly and withdrew his cock from Jenny's now gaping cunt.

He grunted and moaned as he jerked his cock sending a stream of warm cum shooting over Jenny's pussy and stomach. Ben's cock pulsed as it squeezed shot after shot of cum all over Jenny. She wiped a small amount up with her finger off her tit and licked it off as Ben rubbed the last few drops of cum out onto her leg.

"Wow that was incredible." Ben stammered.

They were both looking at each other smiling while trying to catch their breath when they both heard a noise next to them.

The two both quickly looked around and walking down from only a few rows back was a girl. Jenny was about to jump up and try to cover herself when she recognised that it was the blonde girl that she had flashed before the lecture. And rather than looking upset or irritated, she had a smile on her face.

Unknown to Ben and Jenny, the girl, Sarah, had stayed behind after the lecture, telling her friends she would catch up later, in the hope that she could talk with Jenny and thank her for the rather obviously deliberate show she had put on. But when Jenny had straddled Ben's face, Sarah decided to slump down in her seat and watch the show without being noticed.

Sarah now walked right up to Jenny who was still lying on her back, legs spread and covered in Ben's cum.

"I hope you don't mind but I wanted to say a very big thank you for the show, the two of you are incredible." Sarah said in a quiet voice before deliberately dropping her pen behind herself.

"Oops." She said mockingly before bending on slowly, keeping her legs straight and allowing her short denim skirt to rise up over her ass. She paused briefly as she grabbed the pen, letting Ben and Jenny see clearly that she wasn't wearing any panties and her wet pussy glistened in the soft warm lighting. She stood up and smiled again.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it so much." Ben replied with a grin.

Sarah then walked over to Jenny and, without saying a word; she lent over and began licking Ben's cum off Jenny. She worked her way from Jenny's pussy up to her tits before kissing Jenny, sharing Ben's cum before standing up and swallowing the cum she still had in her mouth.

"While watching was fantastic, would I be able to join in next time? My name is Sarah by the way." Sarah asked.

Ben and Jenny looked at each other quickly before replying in unison, "Absolutely!"


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VERY solid story. Well executed and hot! Good build up.

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