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The next day, Sunday, I woke up and remembered what had happened. I sort of, I don't know, braced myself, I guess, preparing to feel weird. Or awkward. Or grossed out, or ashamed, or whatever. Something. Something bad, you know? I mean, seriously, think about it - I'd just been given a blowjob by my own sister, and I'd finger-fucked her to orgasm. Didn't that make us like insane sexual deviants or something? Doomed to years of psychotherapy at the hands of dour men with glasses and white coats? Seriously disturbed, they'd write on their clipboards. Sick and twisted beyond all human reckoning.

The thing was - I didn't feel that way.

So what did I feel like? Well, I still felt like me, at least. I still felt like a normal teenage boy with an addiction to video games, novels, and naked girls. One of those naked girls just happened to be my sister, who I still loved and enjoyed spending time with, regardless of how much clothing she had on. Was I ashamed of what had happened yesterday? No. Had I enjoyed it? Hell yeah!

Did I want to do it again?


I had to admit I was kind of stumped on that one. I mean, sure, what guy wouldn't want his dick sucked, but what was really killing that desire was the fact that I didn't know Jen's opinion on the matter. This whole thing had started to try to help her out with what I had felt was a silly problem, and... well, I wouldn't say it had gotten out of hand, but it had certainly escalated. So I guess it really came down to how she felt. And that's the thought that made me nervous. What if she wanted to keep going? What if she didn't? What if she regretted what had happened, and hated me now? What the hell would I do then? Mom and Dad would certainly notice when she suddenly started treating me differently. They'd try to get it out of us sooner or later. What if she told? Oh, man, I would be in such deep shit.

Dude. Seriously. Shut up. I had to force myself to calm down. I was worrying over things that hadn't happened yet. I sat up in bed and rubbed my face. Clearly, there was only one real course of action - I had to talk to Jen.

I had just swung my feet down to the floor when there was a soft knock on the door. "Shawn? Are you up?"

I swear, my mother has the worst timing in the universe. "Yeah, Mom, I'm up."

The door opened and she poked her head in. Jen gets most of her facial features from Mom, but where her hair was blonde and curly, Mom's was brown and straight. She gave me a smile. "Want some breakfast?"

Breakfast. Yes. Always easier to think on a full stomach. "Yes. Yes I do."

"You all right? Did you sleep okay?"

I looked at her with the most deadpan expression I could muster, and said, "Bacon solves everything."

She laughed. "Okay, I'll have some for you in a few minutes. Hurry up, your sister's already downstairs, and she wants to go to the mall today." She shut the door.

Fuck, I didn't want to go to the mall! I hated going there; ever since the comic book shop closed there wasn't anything I was interested in. But I had to go if Jen was going. If I pressed, I'm sure I could stay home by myself, but I really needed to talk to her. At least at the mall, there was a chance I could get her by herself for a few minutes, away from the parents and anyone else (how weird would that be to hear strangers talking about!). There was no way I was going to try to have his conversation over text message, either. Not only would that be way impersonal, it would be too easy for Mom or Dad to accidentally see a fragment of it, and we'd both be up shit creek.

Okay, man, cowboy up, I coached myself and I got out of bed and got dressed. This is all for the greater good ("The greater good," droned the voices from the cult from Hot Fuzz in my mind). A few hours at the mall isn't going to kill you.

True to Mom's word, Jen was already dressed and at the table when I got there, a cleaned plate and half a glass of orange juice in front of her. "Morning, Shawn," she said with a smile.

And at that, I knew everything was going to be all right. What was I panicking about? This was Jen, coolest sister in the universe. We still needed to have a little chat, but things were okay. She wasn't mad or disgusted or anything. We were cool.

Mood improved, I devoured breakfast, and then soldiered to the mall.

The mall sucked, of course.

Not once was I able to tug Jen away from our parents, not for more than a few minutes. Look, I'll just make a long story short and say that nothing really productive came out of it, all right? The whole trip was a waste of time. Jen got a sweater or something and Dad was argued down to a socket wrench (he's a bit of a tool nut).

I actually had to sweat all through dinner, when Jen and I were finally free to escape upstairs. About to burst, I only made it about halfway up the stairs before I told her, in a low voice, "We need to talk."

Jen nodded back at me, biting her lip, waiting until we'd reached the top and glancing backwards before she answered. "My room?"


It was a gamble. While it wasn't unheard of for one of us to go into the other sibling's room, we spent far, far more time in the den. Should one of our parents come by, it would attract less attention for us to talk there, and it would let us see them coming. On the other hand, in her room, we could shut the door, even partially, and muffle our conversation. We opted for silence. She motioned me inside first and closed the door nearly fully, leaving only a crack. Then, in a brilliant move, Jen yanked her math book out of her backpack and placed it open on her desk.

"You're helping me out with this linear equation stuff," she said. I nodded. Our cover story was set.

Even with all the security measures, and finally having the chance to talk, it seemed we were both nervous about it, because for a few minutes neither of us spoke. She leaned back against her desk, while I sat on the floor, bracing my back against her bed. "So," I finally said.

"So," she agreed.

"So that was a thing that happened."


"So... what now?"

She bit her lip. "Are you mad at me?"

I gaped at her, caught totally off-guard. I ran the question through my head a few times. Finally, I couldn't come up with a better answer than, "I'm sorry?"

"I'm sorry," she said, looking at the floor. "I know I shouldn't have. I guess I just got caught up in the mo-"

"You think I'm mad at you?"

She looked up. "You're not?"

I had to stifle a laugh. "No!"

She looked bewildered. "Oh."

"I thought you were mad at me!"

"What? No! Why would you think that?"

"Why would you!"

She started laughing, then, and I couldn't help but join in. "We're idiots," I said. Jen just nodded, biting her lips, trying to keep the laughter at bay.

"All right," I said after a moment, "cards on the table time, okay?" Again, Jen just nodded. "I... don't really have a problem with anything we did yesterday."

"You don't?"

"No, I don't. I'm totally cool with it."

"Oh. Okay. That's good, because I am, too."

"You are?"

"Yeah," she said with a grin and a slight blush. "Yeah, I'm good."

"Okay, then." I smiled back.

Her grin got wider. "Okay."

We both took big sighs of relief, still grinning like idiots. She came over and hugged me when I stood up, and I hugged her back, tightly. "You're the best brother in the whole world," she said.

I leaned my head on top of hers. "I've got good material to work with." She squeezed me tighter, then let me go.

"Okay," she said, "we need to go do something normal in case Mom and Dad come up."


"Movie. Comedy?"


We went into the den and started going through our DVD collections. We decided on one, played it, and watched it side-by-side on the couch, just like we always did. All was right with the world.

A few nights later, Dad got some kind of good news at work, and decided to take Mom out for a nice dinner, leaving Jen and I at home. We waited until we heard the garage door close all the way, and the sound of Dad's car's engine fade into the distance, before we looked at each other with a smile.

"You first," she said.

We did the naked thing that night and a few more times over the next week, but only a few, and never for very long. The cold weather wasn't helping; we didn't want to disrobe only to freeze our respective asses off, and the snow was making the roads more of a hazard, which meant Mom didn't want to go anywhere if she could help it (Dad, on the other hand, busted out the snow tires the first chance he got). Did I want to go further than that when Jen and I did have a few hours of nudity? Of course I did. I'd never gotten to touch a girl's pussy before, and I wanted to do it again. Just thinking about it gave me some very ill-timed erections at school. And knowing she was fine with it made it all the more exciting - which, of course, made it all the more frustrating that I couldn't do it. Even the times when we could shed our clothing, well, I think we were both nervous. Neither of us wanted to make the first move.

I could tell she was having similar feelings (or at least I thought I could; who can tell what a girl is thinking?). She'd never really say or do anything definite, but the way she'd look at me sometimes - a glance over the dinner table, a shy look backwards at me when she'd say she was about to get in the shower - let me know what was on her mind.

So basically, things had been at a good simmer for a few days, and finally, they boiled over.

Things started pretty harmlessly. Jen and I had a short bus ride to and from school, and of course, in Friday afternoons, everyone was more excited than usual. Jen and I sat together, partly because we got off at the same stop, and partly because none of our friends were on the same route. Something was going on in the seats behind us that wasn't quite a fight, but was close enough for the bus driver to have to yell at them a few times to get them to sit down and shut up. During one of the altercations, one of them called out, "There can be only one!" and I snickered.

Jen glanced backwards, then at me. "I've heard that before, is that from something?"

"Of course. It's from Highlander."

"Oh," she shrugged. "Never seen it."

I sputtered. "What? How can you have never seen Highlander? It's only the greatest movie ever."

She gave me a weird look. "Sorry," she said, in a tone that clearly said she wasn't sorry at all, "I'm not as big of a nerd as you."

"We're watching it. Tonight."

She snorted. "Whatever." But her arm tightened around mine when she said it.

Dad even took my side at dinner. "What? How can you have never seen Highlander?" He gestured so hard he nearly knocked his glasses off. Mom and Jen just rolled their eyes at each other. Mock-threateningly, he leveled a finger at my sister. "You march right upstairs with your brother after dinner, young lady, and you sit down and watch one of the most important contributions to modern cinema the world has ever known."

Jen mock-saluted him in return. "Yes, sir!"

Dad brought up the DVD after dinner, and Mom came up right behind him with two bowls of popcorn. After Dad muttered something about "my own daughter" and Mom slapped his arm for it, she grinned at us and said, "Goodnight, kids," and fairly pushed Dad back downstairs. I heard their bedroom door close as I was putting the movie in the player tray. I flopped back down on the couch and put an arm around my sister, who leaned against me as we were serenaded by the voice of Sean Connery and the rock of Queen.

Now, you've seen Highlander, right? Well, there's a scene maybe two-thirds or three-fourths of the way through, where the main character reveals that he's an immortal to the investigator woman by making her stab him. Now, I will admit it's a bit nonsensical, but immediately afterwards, there's a sex scene, and, yeah, logically, there isn't really any reason for these two to start goin' at it, but what can you say, it was the 80s. Highlander still rocks, though.

Anyway, not long after the scene in question starts, Jen and I just sort of looked at each other, and... I don't know, the mood must have been right or something, because we leaned in, and we kissed.

Now, I invite you to recall that we sort of skipped this part the last time, but that didn't mean it was nice. Really, really nice. Her lips met mine, slightly parted, warm, wet, and salty from the popcorn. The very tips of our tongues met at almost the same moment, shyly, then much more aggressively. She let out a soft little sound, and her hand landed lightly on the side of my face. My fingertips brushed skin at the hem of her shirt, then slipped under to find a little more. I was afraid she'd stop me if I went under her bra, so I settled for running my fingers around the cups. When she made no protest, I slid my hand over one and squeezed just a little, and was rewarded with the sensation of her nipple pressing against my palm through the fabric.

Jen was bolder. Her hand knew exactly where to go, finding my cock instantly, and it found it hard already. Her fingers slid down the shaft and cupped my balls; even through my jeans, the feeling was incredible.

Reality came back with a crash when I went for the button on her jeans. She sat back with a jerk, pushing my hands away. "No!"

"Oh," I said, devastated. So she'd changed her mind afterall.

"No, no, not that!" she insisted, giving me another quick, desperate kiss. "I want to, too. Trust me." She stared right into my eyes to make me understand how serious she was. "But Mom and Dad are right downstairs. What if they hear us?"

Oh shit. I'd forgotten they were still here. They were likely in their bedroom for the night, and I'd heard the door close, but even so, we could never be sure they wouldn't come back out for some reason. Do you know what it's like to have logic and fear so suddenly replace lust? It's like someone dumping a bucket of cold water on you.

Jen and I jumped a few inches away from each other on the couch, readjusting our clothing. I don't know about her, but my shirt was soaked with sweat in several places. Both of us were breathing pretty hard. We tried to watch the rest of the movie, but I think by then we were way too distracted to concentrate on it. I kept glancing at her, and even in the dim light I could tell her face was flushed. God damn it, I'd been so close! But she was right. There'd be no telling what would happen if we got caught.

I tried picturing that: Mom and Dad coming up the stairs to find us making out with our hands down the other's pants. Nuclear wouldn't have begun to describe it.

I pushed the thought away. We were okay; Mom and Dad still didn't know. We were being careful.

After a few minutes, Jen got up and headed towards the bathroom. "Want me to pause it?" I asked her.

"No," she answered, not even turning around. The door closed. I looked at it for a while, then shrugged and tried to focus on the movie's final duel. It was over by the time Jen came back out.

"You okay?" I asked. She'd taken a lot longer than normal, and the smell of the hand soap we had on the sink was powerful.

She bit her lip and nodded, fighting back a smile. When I gave her a quizzical look, she leaned forward on the couch to make sure the stairs were clear, then came closer to me and whispered in my ear.

"Hope you don't mind," she said, "but I had to get myself off after all that."

My eyebrows shot up almost as fast as my dick. I looked over at the bathroom, as if I could maybe still see her in there with her fingers in her pussy. How had she done it? Had she sat on the toilet, or had she been standing? She'd mentioned she did it every once and a while, but I didn't think she could do it so fast.

"Really?" was all I could think to say.

She sat back, grinning while still biting her lower lip and nodding enthusiastically, looking excited and relieved and proud all at once. Every bit of skin from the neckline of her shirt up to her hair was beet red.

"That's so hot."

She giggled, covering her mouth, and glanced at the TV. "Sorry I missed the ending." She looked at me again, her eyes merry. "Well. Not that sorry."

I laughed at that as I turned off the DVD player and the TV.

"Do you need to... um... you know."

I cleared my throat, the image of my sister secretly masturbating in the bathroom scorched into my brain. "Yeah, I, uh, I think I do."

"Well, then, maybe we should go to bed, so you can, uh, take care of yourself."

"Yeah, that's... probably a good idea, sis."

"Okay. Well, then, goodnight." She crawled over to me and gave me a warm kiss on my cheek. "And good luck." With that, she sauntered - it's the only way to possibly describe that kind of walk - into her room and shut the door.

I don't think I've ever come so hard or fast. Jerking off into a pair of underwear in my room was a poor substitute for Jen's mouth and tongue, but I think I would have exploded if I didn't. Immensely relieved, I practically collapsed into bed. About two minutes after I turned my light out, my phone buzzed.

Another text from Jen. "Did you do it?"

I grinned by the glow of my phone. "Yeah."

"Glad to hear it. See you tomorrow. <3"

"Goodnight, sis."

I woke the next morning to the sound of my bedroom door opening and then closing again, followed by soft footsteps on the carpet. "Shawn? You awake?"

I was on my side, facing away from the door, but I of course could recognize my sister's voice. "I am now. What do you want?"

She didn't answer right away. Instead, she lifted the covers and climbed into bed with me. "Oooh, you're warm," she sighed, pressing up against me.

At first I was annoyed she had woken me up, then amused. Then, I was suddenly worried. "Mom and Dad."

I heard, instead of saw, the smile on her face. "It's the second Saturday."

Second Saturday? What the... My head lifted up off the pillow. "The flea market!"

On the second Saturday of every month, there was this huuuge flea-and-farmer's-market thing way outside of town. Took over an hour on the highway just to get there. Jen and I hated it (we had a strong suspicion Dad did too, but he never admitted it in front of Mom). It meant walking around all day, outside, sifting through other peoples' junk. It was crowded, dirty, it smelled, and this time of year, it would be freezing. No amount of overpriced hot chocolate or roasted corn could turn that into a good day. Every once and a while Mom and Dad dragged us along, and, sure, I'll admit I've found a cool deal there once or twice, but they knew we didn't like it, so most of the time they just let us stay home.

"Yup," purred my sister, scooting closer to me as I rolled over to face her. "I found their note down in the kitchen. They've already left. And, they're meeting some friends of theirs out there, so we aren't supposed to expect them back until way after dinner."

I grinned. "So we've got the whole house to ourselves, all day?"

"All day."

"So - hypothetically - there's nothing to stop us from not wearing a shred of clothes all day today?"

Jen gave me a sly look and raised one eyebrow, nonchalantly propping her head up on one hand. "What's this 'us' nonsense?"

Maybe it's because I'm dense, or maybe it's because I had just woken up, but that confused the hell out of me. After a moment, she rolled her eyes and puffed out a breath in exasperation. Under the covers she grabbed my hand and placed it on her hip.

My fingers touched only skin.

She grinned at the face I made; I'm sure it must have been priceless. She was already naked!

I had to see it. I flung the blankets off the bed, and there she lay, as sexy as any model I'd ever seen. I only got a glimpse, though, because she immediately snatched the blankets back to her and huddled closer to me. "Hey, no! It's cold!"

I laughed, wrapping my arms around her. She stuck her tongue out at me, but then we kissed, and her tongue was otherwise occupied. She sighed softly, sliding her hands around the sides of my stomach. I felt her fingertips meet at my spine, and follow it down. They met the waistband of my boxer shorts, the only thing I normally slept in.

"Mmm, no," she said, breaking the kiss and shaking her head with mock sadness. "This isn't going to work. You're gonna have to get rid of these, mister."

"Quiet. I'm busy," I said, kissing her again. She kissed right back. Her fingers slid under the waistband to caress my ass, then parted again to come back around front, sliding my boxers down my legs a bit as she did so. By the time her hands got there, my dick was rock-hard.

Even though I could feel the contact coming, it still made me gasp. Jen's mouth moved down to my neck, which was amazing. My hands sought out her breasts, giving them a decent squeeze. Now it was her turn to gasp as my fingers twirled spirals around them, winding closer to her nipples. I watched, amazed and exhilarated, as they hardened at my touch. I pinched them gently between thumb and forefinger and she squealed, squeezing my dick tightly.

I realized that I'd never actually touched her boobs before, which was funny, considering all the other stuff we'd done (and were currently doing). I went for broke and kissed her chest, right between them. She groaned in response, and I was only too happy to continue. I took one nipple in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, earning more squealing sounds. The whole time she still had my cock in her hands and was trying to stroke it, but it was obvious I kept breaking her concentration.

I had a sudden realization, then. I kissed my way up her chest, to her throat, chin, and finally to her lips, where she kissed me back fiercely. "I think it's time," I said, "to pay you back a favor."

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh? What does that mean?"

Instead of answering, I kissed my way back down her chest (giving her nipples a couple good tongue-swirls on the way, of course), and kept going. There's something very tender about kissing a girl's stomach, and I enjoyed every second of it. I gently pushed on her body as I did, rolling her over onto her back. I could hear and feel her breathe faster, and she murmured "Oh, God..." She must have realized what I was doing.

Well, whether she did or not, I was soon between her legs, inches from her pussy. I just looked at it for a second; I'd never seen one this close. The lips were pinkish and slightly parted from all the excitement, and I could easily smell her. I pushed the lips farther apart with my thumbs, and she whimpered.

Let's see, I thought, remembering my anatomy classes. If that's what that is, then her clit should be right... about... I stretched out my tongue, and tasted her pussy for the first time. I must have hit the right spot, because her back arched up off the bed and she cried out. But she didn't stop me, so I grinned, and kept going.

I lost all track of time, so I have no idea how long I was actually eating her out. At some point her legs came up around either side of my head, and my arms curled around her thighs, holding them against my shoulders. Jen's trembling fingers alternately brushed through and gripped my hair.

My tongue explored her. Her sex was hot to the touch, very, very wet, and had a taste unlike anything else I had ever tasted. I decided that, while it wasn't bad, it was probably an acquired taste, but one that I was all too happy to acquire. I recognized the hard bud that must have been her clit, and focused on that. I received no argument.

Like I said, I have no idea how long I was down there, but after a while her fingers gripped my hair hard enough to hurt, and I heard her cry, "There, right there! Keep doing that!" My tongue had been rapidly flicking her clit back and forth and was getting tired, but I thought that she must be close, so I wasn't going to stop now. I concentrated and fought past my own discomfort, rewarded by the feeling of her body tensing up tighter and tighter.

Abruptly she pushed me away and rolled her head into my pillow, screaming into it. She sagged, limp, panting, and sweating. I rose up on my knees, grinning and wiping her slick wetness from my chin.

"Oh my Goood," she moaned. "That was amazing." I just laughed. Like the first time I'd given her an orgasm, I felt ridiculously proud of myself. And like the first time she'd given me one, I suddenly realized her sudden need for the bathroom. I got off the bed and, holding my hand to my chin, made my way down the hall.

A few splashes of warm water later, I returned. Jen looked like she hadn't moved, but she reached out for me as I approached. She pulled me on top of her and kissed me deeply. "That was amazing," she repeated. "Thank you."

I was still grinning. "Just returning the favor."

"Well, feel free to return it anytime you like," she said, laughing breathlessly. "That was... I can't even describe it to you. You sure know what you're doing, I'll say that."

"Well, I can say the same for you."

"Oh, that's right, you haven't come yet, have you? Well. We'll just have to fix that, won't we?"

"About that."

She raised both eyebrows. "Hmm?"

"How... far are we going to take this?"

She gave me a smile that looked partly apologetic. "Not that far. Not yet."

"Okay. Just, you know, setting boundaries."

"Don't think I don't want to," she said, giving me her serious face. "I do. Especially after that. But I'm not ready yet. Okay? Is that okay?"

"Of course it's okay."

"Good." She kissed me again. "Now. Let's get you taken care of."

She scooted down the bed until her face was at my stomach. Spitting on her hand, she gripped my cock and pumped it with twisting motions, spreading the wetness all the way around it. I groaned and let my head fall back, just letting her work. She gave me a sort of hand- and blowjob, alternating between taking me into her mouth and giving me quick pumps with her fist. It was incredible. Again, I warned her when I was about to come. She jacked me off so fast her hand was a blur, and let the first spurt shoot up and onto my stomach, but then quickly put my cock back in her mouth for the rest of it, sucking and swallowing. When I was done and my limp dick slipped out from her lips, she scooped up the come that had puddled on me with her fingers and, like that first time, sucked it off of them. It was still incredibly hot. I remember thinking that she acted like she was an old pro at this; girls didn't normally like swallowing a guy's come, did they?

She flopped onto the bed next to me, grinning. "How was that?"

I felt completely drained, but very, very satisfied. All I could do at first was grin back at her and laugh like a maniac. "Oh, Jen, that was wonderful."

She hugged me, burying her face in my chest. "Good."

We laid like that for a while, a long while, just holding each other, until my stomach snarled in complaint. We both looked down at it; I gave an embarrassed chuckle and Jen giggled. "Yeah, it's probably time we ate something," she said. "Come on."

For the first time we were brave enough to go downstairs naked (and let me tell you how much I enjoyed watching her ass sway on the steps). We ate, and then, like we said we would, we never put on a single bit of clothing the rest of the day. Mom and Dad got home even later than they'd expected they would, calling us around dinnertime to check on us. I think both Jen and I were equally amused and shocked to see each other talk to our parents on the phone while we were still naked. Man, if they only knew.

Anyway. The early warning system told us when it was finally time to get into our usual Saturday sweats. They felt really weird after going without them the whole day. The parents crashed as soon as they got back, and Jen and I weren't far behind. We were pretty exhausted ourselves, having, you know, "entertained" each other a few more times that day, in my room and on the couch in the den (just hands, though; no oral). Jen risked giving me a kiss goodnight, and told me she loved me. I returned the sentiment gladly, smiling as I said it.

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