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Training Mother and her Daughters, Part 3

Saturday had been a long and satisfying day for all of us. Carol, and her two daughters, Jennifer and Pamela were spending the weekend at my house, and since Carol and I were beginning to be serious about one another, the girls needed to be involved, in more ways than one. Jennifer, at age 14, was curious and headstrong and was the spitting image of her mother. She was a cute 5’ blond, weighing 100 pounds and beginning to get a nice lush figure, just like her mom. She liked to dress provocatively and was a sure tease to all the boys. I had already learned that she was into sexual activity, mainly masturbation, but she was on the verge of being sexually active with boys when I came onto the scene.

Pamela was 11 (going on 12, as she often reminded me) and was also cute as a bug, but had just barely begun to show signs of approaching puberty. She was still not as headstrong as Jennifer, but was just as curious, and I had learned that she was also masturbating on a regular basis, which was normal.

Their mother, Carol, was a stunning blond with a gorgeous body who had divorced an abusive husband, and when we first met, our sexual compatibility was almost immediate. I am a Dom, but I’m not into inflicting pain unless necessary, and Carol was a sub that need and wanted training, and was extremely responsive to my guidance. In the process, the two girls had become involved and Carol had given me complete control, both of them and of her, for the purposes of training. I had already given both girls orgasms by the simplest of methods, and intended to show them much more. They had been restricted from further masturbation without asking my permission (which I did not intend to withhold without reason), on penalty of being denied further “training”. It was all the control I needed.

We all had a good sleep Saturday night. Both girls had asked me, just before bed, if they could “play” before they went to sleep, but since both had reached strong climaxes at my hands earlier in the day, I told them no. I told them that for that night, they should just dream of what had happened and to look forward to tomorrow. I knew that this little bit of denial would make them especially aroused for the following day, before they had to go back home.

I got up early and went for a run, and by the time I got back home, the ladies were up and had started breakfast. I quickly showered, and dressed in gym shorts and a tee with moccasins and joined them. Carol was wearing a very short summer slipon with spaghetti straps that stopped just below her ass, and it was clear that she had no bra on, and probably no panties. Her nipples showed through the fabric as though it weren’t there, and they were already erect. Jennifer was again wearing a bikini bottom and had a tube top on that was stretched tightly across her young, pert breasts. Pamela was wearing a sleeveless tee shirt over a pair of short shorts, and her little buds were just showing through the thin tee. Already, the sexual tension was high and I loved it!

After a breakfast of pancakes and bacon with juice and coffee, I was going to settle down and read the Sunday paper, and while away the time. As I sat in my oversized chair, Jennifer came over and sat on the arm and leaned into me with her arm around my neck. Carol grinned at me with a knowing look. She had told me she was almost jealous of her daughters, but since she got MORE than enough satisfaction after I was through with the girls, she said she was good with it. Jennifer’s firm young breast was pressed against my arm, and she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“May I please have permission to go to my room and play?” she asked softly.

I put my lips close to her ear and whispered back “Did you touch yourself at all last night, after I told you not to?”

“No…I did just as you told me. I didn’t touch myself down there at all, all night, but it was all I could dream about. That…and more…” she whispered back

“Are you really all that ready right now? Are you wet?” I asked her softly, so Carol and Pamela couldn’t hear what we were talking about. It was perfectly obvious, without them having to hear, but I wanted the specifics of the conversation to remain private.

“I’ve been dripping all morning, and I’ve had to stuff some toilet paper in me to keep it from running. I REALLY need to do it…please?” she answered, desperately.

I got up and told Carol and Pamela to excuse us, and said Jennifer wanted to show me something in her room, and we would be right back. I led Jennifer to her room, and she looked excited, but a little puzzled.

“Take your clothes off and lie on the bed, please” I instructed her.

She was naked in a flash and lay spread-eagled on the bed, watching me carefully. Her Mons was puffed and her shaved pussy lips were swollen and slightly open, and moisture was clearly all over them and her upper thighs. The girl wasn’t kidding when she said she was wet. Her young nipples were standing erect and she had goose bumps on her thighs and upper arms; a sure sign of arousal.

“Alright, you can masturbate yourself, but I’m going to watch to see how you do it, and I want you to tell me when you think you are about to cum. You are NOT to cum until I give you permission, is that clear?” I told her. My cock was already straining my shorts, but this wasn’t about me, and I intended to maintain full control.

“Y…yes sir” she said, and then started fingering her little slit, and when her finger was wet, began to massage her clit. I instructed her to pull her heels up toward her ass a little bit, and to lay her knees open, like a butterfly, so I could see her pussy better, and that excited her so much that she spasmed immediately in an involuntary orgasm.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry.” she whimpered. “I didn’t mean to cum; I just couldn’t help it. May I please try it again?” she said. I was very tempted to let her, but I told her not right now. I knew she had not had a full climax, and by holding off, she would want even more later, and I had other plans.

“Get dressed, and we’ll join your mother and sister. That’s all for this morning, and we’ll see about later” I told her. She had a very disappointed look on her face, but did as I said, and we returned to the other room. Pamela was probably intending to follow her sister’s example, but when she saw the disappointed look on Jen’s face, she apparently decided not to. Carol looked at me with a quizzical smile and I just winked at her. She didn’t know exactly what had happened, but she knew I was in control and that her daughter had apparently not gotten exactly what she wanted.

I told the ladies I was going swimming and if they wanted to join me, they should change into their suits. They were gone to change almost before I finished speaking, and Carol and I went into the bedroom to change. I was still partly erect, and I explained to Carol what had happened. She was amused, but not surprised, and asked if I wanted “help” before we went swimming, but I told her not just yet. In a little while, but I had other plans for the moment. The girls were in the pool by the time we came out, and both girls stared at my partial erection when we came out. It was showing clearly under my Speedo, but that was exactly what I intended.

We swam a bit, and both girls started to try to “dunk” me and generally started to play grabass. Jennifer “accidentally” touched my cock a couple of times, and once, I grabbed her by the crotch when I threw her off me. Pamela was also rubbing against me, and not to be neglectful, I put my hand between her legs as I propelled her through the water. She obviously liked it, and came back for more, but I resisted the temptation, and kept the touching to a minimum.

We got out of the pool to rest, and I had such a hard on, I had to wrap a towel around my waist, and as I was sitting on a chaise, Pam came over and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear. “May I go to my room and play, please?”

As I had done with Jennifer, I whispered back “Were you a good girl, last night?”

“Oh, yes!” she whispered. “I wanted to soooo bad, but I did just what you told me and I didn’t touch my cunny all night. I want to so bad right now; please?”

“Alright” I whispered, and then told the other two that Pam and I would be right back, and I took her into her bedroom. I had Pamela strip and lay on the bed, and had her get into the same butterfly position that Jen had been in. Then instructed her that when she thought she was going to cum, she needed to ask my permission before she did so. She looked at me with a worried expression, but said “OK”. I told her to start playing and I was going to watch.

Her little lips were swollen and her little puffy nipples were hard and erect. She began to massage her clit, and let her finger slip into her opening for moisture, then back to her clit. She had her eyes closed tightly and an intense look of concentration on her face. In less than a minute, her little hips began to pump, and she said she was ready to cum.

“May I please…please” she whimpered.

“Not just yet, darling. Just a little more…just a little more” I whispered, watching the little girls cunt twitch and saw liquid beginning to flow. I knew she wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer, and after about ten seconds of building her frustration, I told her “alright, now…give me your cum”.

Immediately, she exploded in an orgasm and her hips bucked off the bed as her legs shot straight out as her whole body went rigid. Quickly, I leaned between her legs, and moved her fingers off her clit, and began licking her entire slit and nibbled her clit, which sent even more waves up pleasure racing through her body. She had four or five powerful climaxes before I finally rose up and wiped her juices off my face. I took her in my arms and held her gently as her body quivered and finally began to relax.

“So, was that exactly what you wanted?” whispered to her.

“Oh, yes. That was so wonderful!” she was almost crying with pleasure.

“What did you think about when you were masturbating?” I asked her.

“I was thinking how your tongue felt on me, yesterday, and I was hoping you would do it again. I’ve been thinking about that all night and all this morning” she whispered.

“Ok…that’s good. Just be sure Jen doesn’t find out, because she might be jealous, and I want us to keep this to ourselves?” I smiled at her.

“OK” she replied, and we got dressed and returned to the other room. Jen looked unhappy at Pamela’s broad smile, but she said nothing. I looked at Carol, and mouthed the word “Now” as I headed for the bedroom. She followed me, closing the door, and we both stripped quickly and my hard on was almost painful. I sat on the bed, and as Carol sucked and licked my cock, I described, in detail, exactly what had happened with both Jennifer and Pamela; picturing the events clearly in my mind, and just as I was finishing describing Pamela’s multiple orgasms, I started to cum in Carol’s mouth and I held her head in placed as I put my cock as far into her throat as I could while my jism squirted into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but a bit oozed out of the sides of her mouth and down her chin.

I lay back on the bed to recover, and before I realized it, Carol was back with a warm washcloth and was gently cleaning my cock and balls with it. She gently kissed the tip of my softening penis, the slid up beside me and whispered “That is so hot, listening to what you were doing, and how they are both cumming so well. I am so horny, I can’t stand it.”

I got off the bed, pulled her ass down to the edge, knelt between her legs, and put her feet on my shoulders. I started slowly licking the inside of her thighs, avoiding her honey box for the moment. Her moisture was flowing down her crack and getting the bedspread wet. Even without my tongue touching her pussy, her hips were starting to buck. Finally, I licked up her slit, and flicked the tip of her clit with the tip of my tongue, causing her to buck even more. I gently sucked her clit between my teeth, and began massaging it with my tongue, and at the same time, slipped my middle finger into her cunt and felt for the soft spot up behind her Mons. That caused her to explode into a huge climax and my mouth was flooded with her liquid. I continued massaging her “G” spot, but released her clit, because I knew it was too sensitive, and she continued to have three or four more orgasms. Finally, she pushed me away because she could take no more. I got a warm washcloth, and brought it back and cleaned her gently, just as she had done me. We both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

We both woke just after noon and got up and got dressed, and went out to join the girls. They were watching television, but had fixed lunch, and we all sat down and ate. Pamela was perky and talkative and Jennifer was quiet, but behaved. Both girls were wearing what they had on in the morning and still looked very sexy. They were going back to their house later tonight, but Carol and I had discussed it, and planned for them to move into my house the following weekend. She needed the week to pack and make arrangements to transfer their schools.

Carol took me aside after lunch and quietly asked me if I was going to “finish” what I had started with Jennifer. She was worried the poor girl was going to die from frustration, and I smiled at her and told her I would take care of it. After we cleaned up the lunch dishes, the girls wanted to go swimming, again, and went in to change.

I slipped into Jennifer’s room, just as she was naked, and quietly told her to sit down on the bed. “Now, are you ready to finish what we started this morning?” I asked her. Her face immediately lit up.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to cum so quickly. I couldn’t help it!” she cried.

“I know” I told her. “That’s part of learning, and the training I am giving you. Now scoot back on the bed and put your legs in the butterfly position, but don’t touch yourself, just yet. I want to look at you, and examine you before you begin” I told her, and she immediately assumed the position and “presented” herself for my inspection. I carefully spread her little cunt lips with my thumbs to look at her entrance, and already, she was flowing. This was all just part of the “tease” I wanted to put her through to enhance her climax. My cock was already hard, again.

“Now remember, if you think you are about to cum, you must ask my permission before you do. Is that clear?” I asked her.

“Y…Yes, sir, I’ll try” she whimpered.

“No; you’ll do it, if you want me to continue. You must learn self control. Do you understand?” I asked again.

She nodded that she did, and I told her she could start touching herself again. Just like Pamela, she closed her eyes, and got a look of intense concentration on her face as her fingers found her opening and reached for the moisture. She began to slowly stroke her clit, and I could tell she was trying to do it very softly so she wouldn’t cum to quickly, but it wasn’t long before her massaging became faster and harder, and her hips began to buck, just slightly.

“I think I’m about to cum…may I please?” she whimpered.

“Not yet, my lovely…just a little longer” I instructed her, but I knew she couldn’t last much longer. Less than five seconds passed when she cried, almost desperately “Pleassseee”.

I quickly put the tip of my finger into her opening and told her “Ok, now; give me your cum.”

And that’s all it took as she bucked completely off the bed and her legs went rigid and her back arched in an explosive orgasm. She bucked five or six times, hard, before she started to relax, and at that moment, I leaned between her legs and licked her swollen slit, which caused another, immediate spasm to hit her. I sucked her little clit between my lips, and softly massaged it with my tongue and wave after wave struck her body until she finally pushed my head away, since she couldn’t take any more. She had been yelling and moaning the last five minutes, and I was certain that Carol and Pam had heard, but I wasn’t concerned. They knew what was happening, even without the noise.

I went and got a warm washcloth, and returned and started to gently clean Jennifer up. She was exhausted, but I made her get up on her hands and knees on the end of the bed, and “present” herself to me for inspection. She did as instructed and knelt with her legs apart and her ass up in the air; her pussy and little pink anus were fully exposed to my inspection. I didn’t need to see anything to know she was perfectly alright, but I wanted her to be used to submitting to my inspections at any time. I spread her little lips and saw she was bright pink and moist inside; then I touch her pucker hole with the tip of my finger and it twitched involuntarily. Satisfied my control was established, I let her relax, and lay back on the bed.

I asked her, again, if she had touched herself the night before, and she assured me she had not. I asked her what she had thought about when she was masturbating, and she was reluctant to tell me at first. I insisted, and she finally told me she was picturing my cock, which she had seen at least once, and she was imagining that I was fucking her, even though she wasn’t really sure what that meant, but she knew she wanted me to “put it in“ her. I asked if she wanted to see it again, and she said “Yes, please. I would love that.”

I stood and pulled my shorts down, and I had a full and firm erection and I let her look at my cock. “Would you like to touch it” I asked her. She just nodded and reached out slowly and tried to circle her fingers around it, but her hand was too small to get completely around it. I was seeping pre-cum from the tip, and I told her to lick it off. She did so, gently washing the tip of my cock with her tongue. She continued, even after it was clean until I finally told her to stop. It wasn’t yet time to go further; this was just part of her training.

“Now listen to me, carefully. You are going home this evening and will be staying at your house until next weekend. Then you are all going to move here. While you are away, you may masturbate ONCE per day. I suggest you save it for when you go to bed. You are not to touch yourself to play at any other time; is that clear?” I asked her.

“Yes sir” she was smiling broadly.

“You’re to help your mother pack and get ready to move, and I don’t want ANY reports that you misbehaved while I’m not around. If you are good, I will give you a surprise when you return. Is that clear? And you are NOT to share what you are learning with ANY of your friends; understood?”

She grinned and nodded, then answered “Yes sir, I promise.”

With that, we got dressed and joined the other two in the pool. I was hard again, but I would take care of it just before they left. I thought I was through with the girls for the day, but Pam came over and hugged me and put her legs around my waist in the water and her arms around my neck, and whispered in my ear.

“Did Jen get another play?” she asked softly.

“Yes, but only because she didn’t get to play…as fully as you did, earlier” I told her, smiling.

“That’s not fair. I was a good girl, and I only got one time” she frowned when she said this.

“You’re right. I owe you one. When do you want to collect?” I asked her.

“Right now” she exclaimed.

So, with a resigned smile at Carol, I followed Pam into the house. Jennifer also smiled, but didn’t seem to mind at all. She knew her sister just wanted to catch up. I had Pam undress, and then instructed her to kneel on the end of the bed, with her head and shoulders down on the bed and her legs spread, and to “present” herself to me for inspection. She assumed the position, and I inspected her little hairless cunt that was soaking wet, and her little pink anus that was twitching, even without my touching her. I put my thumb against her anus, and used my middle finger to begin massaging her little clit while she was in this position. She began to rock back, and press into my hand harder. I let just the tip of my thumb insert into her asshole, and whispered to her that she must ask permission before she came. Almost immediately, she said “May I please cum…please…”

“Not yet, just a minute more” but I could tell by her involuntary contractions against my hand that she couldn’t hold it, so I said “OK…now give me a good cum” and she exploded instantly, and I let my finger slip into her opening about an inch, but I didn’t want to go into her far. She collapsed onto her stomach, and I retrieved a warm cloth to clean her with. She was soaking wet.

When she rolled over, with a big grin on her face, I asked her what she had been thinking about when she masturbated. She blushed just a little, and then whispered she was thinking about my “thing”. I knew what she was talking about, but I asked her what she meant. She pointed to my crotch, and said “I was thinking about what ‘that’ would look like” she said.

“You mean my cock? Do you want to see what it looks like?” She nodded her head “yes” very vigorously, so I stood and took my Speedo off, and I was fully erect again. Pam stared at my erection, then reached out to touch it, and I let her. Pre-cum was again seeping from the tip, and I told her to lick it off, and clean me. She didn’t hesitate, and in fact, tried to put it further into her mouth. I let her get the head in before I stopped her, and withdrew, and told her that was enough for the day. I gave her the same instructions about masturbating only once a day when I was not around, and that she was NOT to try to teach ANY of her friends about what she was learning, and got her promises. I told her to dress, and I pulled my suit on.

We returned to the pool, Pam with a huge smile on, and Carol came up and hugged me. Feeling my hard cock against her, she asked “Do you need help, again?”

“Yep, I think so” I grinned back at her. “But maybe we need to wait until after dinner, and just before you leave” I told her.

“Well, if you want to wait, OK, but I’m needing it very badly, thinking about you with the girls, and I’m having a hard time waiting” she smiled at me. “In fact, I think I’m so bad, I need the kneeler again…and maybe more.” My cock jumped so the tip was out of the Speedo.

We got out of the pool and headed for the bedroom. Carol was stripped and headed for the spanking stock before I even closed the door. I put her in the stock, with the notch one position low, which put her ass slightly up in a perfect “presentation” position, and then moved around her to inspect all of her. Her tits hung straight down, and the nipples were hard and erect. Her pussy lips were swollen and she was seeping and her anus was twitching. All signs were go.

“I’m going to punish you a little, for insisting on this so soon. You can always ask, but I am the Master” I told her, as I picked up the leather riding quirt. The leather thongs on the end were soft, but would inflict a sting on sensitive parts without doing any damage. I flicked the tip over one of her nipples, and she jumped and cried out. I slowly walked to her rear, and carefully swatted her rectum, right over the pucker, with the next swat. She screamed, but said nothing else. I saw her squirt onto the kneeler when I swatted her anus. I swatted again, carefully, and slightly softer, and caught her cunt, and more liquid came out. I went to the bathroom, and brought a glass out and held it for her to pee. She was crying, softly, and it took a minute, but she was finally able to pee, and I wiped up the pee she had leaked before. One more swat on her other nipple and I was done.

As she cried, softly, I leaned over next to her ear, and whispered “Who is in charge, here?”

“Y…you are…Master” she answered. She was leaning very well.

I spread her cheeks with my thumbs, and put the tip of my cock against her anal opening, and pushed firmly. She was already lubricated, and the head popped past her sphincter without difficulty. I took my time with slow strokes, each going slightly deeper, until I was fully inserted, then I pulled almost all the way out and slammed into her as hard and fast as I could, and repeated this maneuver several times. Carol had gone from crying to moaning “Yes…yes…” and when I reached around and fingered her clit, she started her orgasm. She had had a couple of spasms, but this triggered the mindblower, and as I continued to pump into her, she had half dozen hard contractions, again almost squeezing my cock out of her ass. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to “pull the trigger”, despite all my arousal, because I was losing sensation and mental focus, which happens sometimes.

Then Carol said, softly, “Is Jennifer’s pussy as nice as mine? Have you licked it yet”? That mental image was like flicking a light switch, and I exploded into her and filled her ass with cum until it was running down her legs.

Though I was ready to collapse, I quickly released her from the stock, and we lay on the floor gasping to recover. Carol got up first, and came back with the wet cloth, and cleaned me up, and licked my cock gently and kissed the tip. Her nipple had no marks from the quirt, so I didn’t hit her too hard. That was very good.

I told her I was going to hold off on giving the girls the vibrators, for a while. They were learning to be “responsive” without artificial stimulation, and I might hold that back for a future treat. “Whatever you say, my Master.” and she meant it.

The training is coming along, nicely.


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Wow what A great story. Would love to have a little sub bitch of my own here in Liverpool, UK. If you fit the bill and would like to play, any age, contact me with a few details about yourself.

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Its me, the girl whosent that message
what is masturbating?

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