Innocent Mother Seduces Son 4-Josh's Money Maker

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Six months after Todd's funeral, Janet had thought it best to move. Janet had some money to go on, Todd's life insurance policy,
whatever assets of his that were sold and so forth.
Her and the kids had moved out to Las Vegas, leaving behind the past to some degree, only to start a new.
To Janet, Todd's death gave her some type of wake up call, a new sense of direction, perhaps some guilt in-between.
Janet loved her son, and always will, but the thought of doing it with him again, made her think of Todd too much, that she
just couldn't bring herself to want that kind of love from her son anymore, especially since she was sure she was carrying his child.
Yet lately because of the pregnancy, she has been feeling really horny.

After two weeks, Josh didn't seem to fit in with others at school and thought it would be better anyway for the good of the
family to help out, since there wasn't any money coming in, so he dropped out to look for work.

While out looking for work, Josh came upon an adult book store and decided to go in.
He picked up a magazine that consisted of big breasts. As he thumbed through the pages, he stopped at one page that made him
think of his mom.

After dad died, mom hasn't once asked about wanting to do it, maybe she is still grieving ? Maybe it's different for me, sure
I miss my dad, but life goes on and I'm still horny. he thought

"Say, you gonna buy that ?" said the proprietor

Josh put the magazine down and asked by chance if there was any work around here. Telling him he was new to the area.

"There is work if you can find it." "If you were a girl, I would say that you would have a better chance, in this town anyway !"

"What do you mean ?"

"If you don't know what I mean, then your probably not even old enough to be in this store, how old are you ?"

"I'm fifteen."

The proprietor pointed his finger towards the door and said; "Sorry kid."

Josh left and wondered what he meant

He walked for a little while and thought to himself, what would I be good at doing ? When he noticed a few women hanging out
that looked really hot to him

They noticed that he was watching them and one of them came up to Josh and asked if he wanted to have a good time ?

"Good Time, sure ?"

"Got any money ?"

"Money, about five dollars."

"Come back when you have twenty of those fives ?"

"What the hell is going on around here, social hour, you two bitch's got any scratch for me or what ?"

"Here you go Willy."

"Is this it, bitch please , get back to work !"

As Josh walked away he thought: We came for a better start 'here' ?

When Josh got back home, after thinking about it, it didn't take him long to figure out what those women were doing. Hell, if
they can do it and make money, why not me ? However he thought it best to go at it with a different approach

Later that evening, Josh came out of the bathroom and was going to bed when he heard soft moans coming from his mom's room, so he
decided to go look.
He opened the door a crack and saw his mom laying on the bed with her legs spread, fingering herself. The sight was such a turn-on
that he opened the door and walked in.
Janet opened her eyes to see her son just standing there with his cock dangling through the opening of his boxers, watching, waiting.

"No Josh, we can't do this anymore, I'm sorry."

Josh kept stairing at her as his huge cock risen and stood up stiff

"Oh my...oh god your cock looks soooo can't...please leave." ?"

Janet was in a state of vulnerability and somehow Janet thought he might have sensed this or he could just very well be horny, it
has been six months.

Josh still stood there with his immense hard on, waiting.

Being in the state she was in, she caveined.

"OK OK, I'll tell you what, I have three more months till I have this baby, then after that...that's more...OK !?"

Josh got on the bed and lifted her legs up and slowly eased his cock in but couldn't get all of it in because of the baby, but did
the best he could to please his mom as well as himself.

Janet and Josh had moaned up a storm as the hours rolled by

The next day Josh had did some research and found that it was legal in Las Vegas for prostitution, however he still needed to get a
license. He called about getting one but the fee was too large for him to cover, so he said the hell with the license.
He figured the only way to do a reach-around and bypass the license bullshit was to do it in an alternative manner.
He put an add in the paper for mature women who needed dinner dates, adding his name and number.
He told his mom he needed a black tuxedo for some formal event at school. Now all had to do was wait.

A week had passed and Janet had asked him how school was going ? He figured the school would call at some point, so he decided to
come clean about dropping out and starting his own business.

Three days later he got a call from his first client

Emma was her name, a widow of 64, probably not so much the client he was thinking of, but still, a client.
During dinner she had shown Josh off to her friends and before it got too late in the evening, offered Josh to come back to her place ?

As it happens, he accepted, knowing full well what she wanted.

During the drive to her house, Josh was thinking that this was so much better than standing on a street corner.

Once there, she was blunt enough to ask if I would be inclined to stay the night ?

"I would love to." I told her as I looked into her eyes while giving her a welcoming smile

While upstairs in the bedroom

"Oh my, your cock is so big !!"

"The more to please you with my dear."

Well, after that night, I had went out with Emma for some time and during that time, she had told her friends and so on, which made
my client list grow. Emma had even arranged a once a month party, where her and two of her friends would be on the bed doggy style
and for one hour, would ball all three, going from one to the other.

I made a lot of money, and after a while of saving, I started my own business. I decided to run a nice restaurant with fine dining.
Mom had a boy she named Chris, which is now five. I decided also it was best not to live with mom anymore, but made sure her bills were payed and got whatever she needed.

( I guess this story was not one that I even favored, however I am tired of writing, so yes, this will be my last one. To those who
care to make lousy comments or not, it won't matter, I'm not gonna bother looking anyway to see how many people read this nor am I going to see how many people thought it was good or bad ( positive or negative ) I do however wish all of you well and Merry Christmas )

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