Hope you like this chapter, PLEASE, I repeat, PLEASE read the first chapter before going any further. After catching her stepson and daughter in the act, Kelly is in utter shock and at a loss for words. What happens next? Read on and find out. Thanks for all the great comments about the first chapter.
Kelly remained frozen in the doorway, her mind racing, trying to figure out how to handle this situation. One part of her was telling her to call her husband, and tell him to come home right away. But another part of her was still transfixed on her stepson's limp dick, realizing that even though it was soft, Tim's dick was bigger than his dad's.

Tim pushed, a limp Jenna, off of him, sitting up and looking at his stepmom. Kelly had a terrified look on her face, watching Jenna lay on her side, in a fetal position. Jenna's pussy lips were swollen and puffy, sticking out from between her legs, a trickle of cum leaking out, and running down her ass cheek.

Kelly was standing there, wearing a dark blue, knee length skirt, matching blouse, mid-thigh length dark nylons, and high heels. Her pussy was beginning to tingle as she stared at Tim's dick, it glistening with the mixture of juices from Jenna and him.

"Hi mom," Tim said, knowing he was in big trouble. Yes Jenna was part of it as well, but he was the oldest and should've stopped it. He saw the look on her face, and realized she didn't know what to say.

Jenna lifted her head and looked at her mom, "hi mom," she said, still out of breath. Kelly looked at her daughter, then back at Tim, still speechless. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse, and started dialing her husband's, John's, work number. "Wait mom, what are you doing?" Jenna exclaimed, quickly sitting up and getting off of the bed.

Kelly looked at her daughter sternly, "calling your father." Jenna's bikini top was hanging loosely from her neck, doing little to cover her tits. Jenna and Tim looked at each other in fear, then back at their mom. Jenna ran up to her mom, trying to grab the phone, "no mom, don't!" Jenna yelled, trying to wrestle the phone away. "Jenna stop, I'm calling him, go to your room and get dressed, and wait there," Kelly said sternly, pushing Jenna away.

Jenna looked back at Tim with a pleading look. Tim shrugged his shoulders, knowing that it didn't matter, his dad was going to find out one way or another. Jenna looked back at her mom and smiled slyly, thinking she had a way to get out of this, "mom wait, can we talk about this?" Jenna asked softly. Kelly looked at her daughter, putting the phone by her side, "what is there to talk about?"

Jenna's smile widened, "about what you caught us doing." Kelly had a confused look on her face as she listened. "What you saw is not Tim's fault, it was mine," Jenna said. Kelly chuckled uneasily, "what does that have to do with me calling your father, and why don't I believe you, he's the oldest here, and should know how sick it is to have sex with his sister." Jenna looked at her mom in shock, "mom, we're not actually brother and sister, we're stepbrother and stepsister." Kelly shook her head, "it is still sick." Jenna was becoming frustrated now, "why is it so sick? We're a girl and a guy doing what comes natural."

Kelly glared at her daughter, knowing Jenna had a good point, but didn't do much to calm her down, it still felt wrong to her because Jenna and Tim had grown up together. Kelly looked back at Tim, he was still sitting on the bed, his feet were flat on the bed, his knees bent, and his legs spread slightly. His limp dick was hanging down, still 4" long and 2" in diameter, her pussy tingling a little more as she looked, licking her lips in lust.

Jenna noticed her mom looking at Tim's limp member, and swayed her body nonchalantly, "what is so wrong with it momma?" Kelly looked back at Jenna, her mind going from what she had just walked in on, and the size of her stepson's dick.

It had been over a week since Kelly and John had sex. That was pretty normal though, only having sex on the weekends, but they didn't have any last weekend, so as she looked at Tim's dick, her pussy was beginning to itch for something to be in it.

Kelly stared at Jenna, "it's wrong because you guys are so young, and don't understand what can happen from it." Jenna looked at her mom, puzzled, she knew what could happen from it, she could get pregnant. Jenna quietly said, "that's ridiculous mom, I know what can happen, I can get pregnant." Jenna took her mom's free hand and held it, "look mom, I know what we did should've never happened, but it was my fault because I seduced him into doing it."

Kelly gave Jenna a confused look. "I asked him to rub suntan lotion on my back, and while he was doing it, I asked him for a full body massage," Jenna continued. "I wanted him to be my first, because I know he is the only guy that really cares about me," Jenna finished. Kelly still looked confused, "that doesn't explain how you were the one that seduced him."

Jenna let out a long breath, "when he got close to my privates, I made him touch me there. It felt so good though mommy." Tim looked up at them, realizing Jenna was trying to take the fall for this, while some of what she said was true, but she was also lying about her making him touch her pussy.

Kelly opened her mouth in a gasp, not sure what to say to her daughter. Jenna smiled at her mom, remembering how her mom was staring at Tim's dick earlier, and she had a devious thought cross her mind. She motioned her mom closer and whispered, "I bet you would like having his hard thing inside of you too."

Kelly quickly jumped back in shock, not believing what she had just heard. Jenna was supposed to be her sweet and innocent little girl, and now that little girl was suggesting that she have sex with her stepson. Yes her pussy was itching to be filled by a hard dick, but she had no intention of it being Tim's inside of her. Kelly vigorously shook her head at Jenna, looking at her daughter sternly.

Jenna pulled her mom close again, "yes you would, I saw how you were looking at it, you want inside of you," Jenna whispered bluntly. Kelly was still horrified by how her daughter was talking, realizing that Jenna wasn't so innocent. Kelly looked at Tim, who was still sitting on the bed, quietly looking at them, then back at her daughter.

"That's even more wrong than you and him doing it," Kelly whispered back, surprising herself that she was talking to her daughter about this type of thing. "No it's not mom, he's not your actual son," Jenna responded. "But he's underage, and I'm his dad's wife," Kelly said, almost biting her tongue in shock at what she had just said. She wasn't contemplating having sex with her stepson, and after saying that she realized she really was.

Jenna scoffed at her mom, becoming more brave, "age is just a number, look at how big his thing is, it's huge. Plus I won't tell anyone, it'll be our secret." Kelly knew Tim's dick was big, and would fill her pussy fully, but she felt uncomfortable with the whole situation. Jenna looked at her mom with a wanting look, hoping her mom would go along with this. Jenna was hoping her mom would do it, so then maybe she would have a chance to get Tim's dick back inside of her.

Kelly pulled away from Jenna, and slowly started walking towards Tim. "So my daughter tells me that it was never your idea, is that true?" Kelly asked Tim sternly. Tim looked up at Kelly, slowly shaking his head, "not entirely." Kelly glanced at his dick, stifling a moan of lust, then looked back at his face, "what do you mean, not entirely?" Tim grinned slightly, "she didn't make me touch her down there, other than that it was true."

Jenna ran up on the other side of the bed, "but I didn't stop you when you did." Kelly looked over at her daughter, then back at Tim, feeling her pussy beginning to get wetter as she thought about what she was about to do. "Well did you like being Jenna's first?" Kelly asked, starting to unbutton her blouse.

Tim looked at his stepmom, amazed at her change in tone, and didn't seem angry at him. He noticed her unbuttoning her blouse, moving away from Kelly, nervously. "Yes I did," he answered softly. He had completely enjoyed having sex with Jenna, and couldn't deny it.

Kelly smiled at him as she finished unbuttoning her blouse, and pulled it open, revealing her white bra covering her tits. Tim nervously swallowed a lump in his throat, looking at his stepmom's chest. "Do you like them Tim?" Kelly asked, swinging her body, causing her tits to shake.

Tim sat there speechless as Kelly removed her blouse and let it fall to the floor, trying to figure out what was going on here. Kelly smiled wider, reaching behind her back and unsnapping her bra, "maybe this'll help." Tim watched as his stepmom's tits fell free, sagging a little, her bra still covering them. Kelly dropped her arms, allowing her bra to fall down and she dropped it on her blouse. Kelly held her arms at her sides, her tits sagging slightly, her pert nipples sticking out from the middle of her tan areolas.

Tim again nervously swallowed a lump in his throat as he looked at his stepmom's naked tits. He could not believe this was happening, first he had had sex with Jenna, and now his stepmom was stripping in front of him. Kelly grinned at him, "so do you like my juicy tits?" Tim slowly nodded, his stepmom's tits were the biggest he had ever seen naked, and he did like looking at them, feeling his dick beginning to rise again as he stared.

Jenna looked at her mom in shock, not believing that her mom was doing this, she was actually going to have sex with Tim. Jenna stared at her mom's tits, amazed at how big they were. Jenna felt her pussy tingle a little, licking her lips as she stared at her mom's fat nipples. She had no idea why it was exciting her, but she was definitely getting turned on.

Kelly moved towards Tim, her tits swaying as she climbed onto the bed next to him. Tim kept his eyes locked on her tits as she laid down on her back next to him, her tits hanging a little to each side of her, showing a valley in the middle of her chest. Kelly smiled at him and asked with a sultry voice, "do you wanna play with mommy's boobs?"

Tim looked up at her in shock at what she had just said, swallowing hard as he licked his lips, looking back down at her fat nipples. He nervously rolled to his side to face her, his dick now semi hard again and smacking against her leg, slowly reaching his hand out towards her right tit. "Yeah it's ok Tim, I won't bite you," Kelly moaned, seeing his hand shaking as it got closer to her tit. Kelly reached across her body and grabbed his arm, pulling his hand to her tit. When Tim's hand touch her tit, Kelly moaned and shoved her chest up into him. Tim nervously squeezed her tit, feeling how soft it was, he groaned as his dick began to grow even harder.

"Do you like how mommy's boob feels?" Kelly asked sensually. Tim looked up into her eyes with lust, as he lightly fondled her tit, nodding. Kelly smiled at him, as she grabbed his growing dick with the hand closest to him, and lightly squeezed it. "You're so big, you're going to even stretch me open," Kelly groaned as she started stroking him slowly. Tim looked back down at her tit, opening his mouth wide as he held her nipple out, and put his mouth over it, sucking lightly. Kelly arched her back, pushing her chest into his face, moaning louder and squeezing his dick harder, "oh yeah, suck on my boobs, mmm."

Jenna was watching them, mesmerized by the scene. Watching her stepbrother suck on her mom's nipple, as his hips slowly gyrated on the bed, groaning as he sucked and fondled Kelly's tit. She felt a twinge of jealousy, as her mom arched her back and urged Tim on, "oh yes Tim, that's it suck my nipple, mmm you're really turning me on Tim ." Jenna moved to the other side of the bed, trying to get a better view. She saw her mom's hand wrapped around the shaft of Tim's dick, slowly stroking it, Kelly's hand looking small compared to the size of his dick. Jenna looked down at her mom's other tit, it swayed and moved as Kelly got more turned on. Jenna's pussy tingled even more as she stared at her mom's fat nipple. Jenna knew what her own tits felt like to touch, but she suddenly felt the urge to touch her mom's.

Kelly was looking down at Tim, sucking on her nipple, not paying any attention to Jenna. Jenna hesitantly reached out and covered her mom's nipple with her hand, feeling it poke into her palm. Jenna lightly squeezed her mom's tit, marveling over how soft and squishy it was.

Kelly jumped a little when she felt the hand on her other tit, having forgot that her daughter was still there. She looked up at Jenna and smiled, "mmm, you wanna play with mommy's boobs as well sweetheart?" Jenna gave her mom an uneasy smile, not sure why she was doing this, but enjoying the feeling of her mom's supple tit, lightly squeezing it and rubbing her hand against the erect nipple.

Kelly could feel her pussy getting extremely wet, soaking her panties, as the kids played with her tits, and she stroked Tim's dick. Kelly patted her other hand on the bed, smiling at Jenna, "lay down honey." Jenna looked at her mom in shock, here her mom had thought it was sick because she had sex with Tim, then she thought it was sick to have sex with her stepson, and now she wanted Jenna to lay down next to her. Jenna hesitated, looking at her mom, her hand not moving now.

Kelly moaned, looking back down at Tim sucking on her nipple. Tim had pulled back a little, twirling and twisting his tongue around her nipple. Kelly arched her back higher, moaning, "oh god Tim, you really know how to get me all hot, mmm."

Tim moved his hand from her tit, still teasing her nipple, sliding his hand down Kelly's smooth stomach. Kelly sucked in her breath when she felt his hand slide down her stomach and stop just above the waistline of her skirt.

Jenna watched Tim move his hand towards her mom's skirt, realizing he was enjoying himself. She finally drew up enough nerves and slowly climbed onto the bed next to her mom. Kelly looked over at her daughter with lust and smiled, "that's a good girl sweetheart, see I won't bite." Jenna smirked slightly as she laid down on her side next to Kelly. She looked at her mom's nipple up close, it looked plump, about the size of a dime. She held Kelly's tit in her hand as she slowly bent over and wrapped her lips around the nipple, sucking lightly. "Holy fucking shit," Kelly cried out, when she felt her daughter suck her nipple into her mouth.

Tim rubbed Kelly's stomach, just above her skirt, side to side, edging his hand under the waistline. Kelly was finding it hard to control herself, wanting reach down and force his hand towards her pussy, showing him how wet she was. Tim moved his hand further under the waistline, feeling the top of her panties. He returned to sucking on her nipple, biting it lightly, as he stopped moving his hand and moved it inside of her panties, feeling a small strip of pubic hair just above her slit.

Kelly was holding her breath in anticipation. She moved her hand away from Tim's dick, and put her hands on the back of Jenna's and Tim's heads, pulling them harder into her tits. She felt Tim's hand brush across the top of her slit, and moaned, "oh yes, keep going."

Tim slowly moved his hand further down her pussy, his middle finger running down the middle of her slit, feeling her wetness. Tim groaned into her tit as he began to push his middle finger into her entrance, her pussy lips splitting open and accepting him. As he pushed his finger into her pussy, it seemed to suck him in, begging him to go deeper. His dick throbbed against Kelly's covered thigh, as he started moving his finger in and out of her pussy.

Kelly squeezed the back of their heads, as she started gyrating her hips into his hand. "Oh god, oh god," she whispered, her breathing ragged. The attention her nipples were getting, and Tim fingering her pussy was driving her closer and closer to orgasm. "Oh my god, you're gonna make me cum already, don't stop, don't stop," she cried. Tim tried to pull away from her nipple, but Kelly held him tight, arching even higher. Kelly felt her orgasm coming quickly, as she moved her hips faster into his hand. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, ohhh mmmyyy gggoooddd yyyooouuu'rrree making me cum," Kelly cried as her orgasm rushed through her body. Her pussy contracted around his finger, sucking on it hard, as she let go of their heads.

Jenna and Tim looked up at Kelly as she came. "Yeah, that's it cum for us, show us how you like to cum," Tim groaned, quickly moving his finger up and down the inside of her pussy, hearing her pussy make squishing noises as juices soaked her panties even more. "Wow mom, you're really cumming huh," Jenna excitedly chirped, watching her mom writhe around on the bed.

Kelly's back fell back to the bed as her orgasm continued to course through her, causing her body to shake in aftershocks. She covered her eyes with her hand, breathing heavily, "holy shit, I needed that." She lightly groaned when she felt Tim remove his finger from her pussy, feeling empty again. She dropped her arm to her side in exhaustion, opening her eyes and looking at the two kids looking at her. "Oh my god, thank you guys, I really needed that," she said, smiling.

Tim returned the smile as he started to pull her skirt down, ready to get his relief now. Kelly slapped his hand away, "what do you think you're doing Tim?" Tim looked at her in shock, "well I thought we were going to have sex now." Kelly looked up at him sternly, "oh no, not that, if anything I'll give a handjob to return the favor, but that's it."

Tim's look turned to disappointment as he looked at Jenna, then back at Kelly. Jenna butted in, "but mom you promised to have sex with him." Kelly looked at her daughter sternly, "I never promise such a thing." Jenna shook her head slowly, "but you let him play with your boobs, and touch your privates, but won't let him have sex with you?" Kelly shook her head, "I told you, that is wrong and sick." Jenna was becoming more frustrated now, "but mom, that's like teasing him, and that's not nice." Tim looked at Jenna in shock, surprised by what she was saying, while she did have a point, it surprised him that she was pushing her mom to have sex with him.

Kelly also realized this, looking at Jenna in shock, "why are trying to help him out?" Jenna let out a deep breath of frustration, "mom, I saw how you was eying his penis earlier, you know want it inside of you." This shocked Kelly and Tim even more, looking at the young girl in awe. Kelly knew her daughter was right, she did want to feel it inside of her, but she was having second thoughts about it now.

Kelly looked over at Tim, looking down at his erection, it was sticking straight up in the air, a hint of precum leaking out. Her pussy tingled again, noting that his dick was a lot bigger than his dad's. John's dick was a little under 7" long, and was no where near as thick as Tim's. She looked back up at Tim, then back at Jenna, "ok, I'll do it."

Jenna face lit up with excitement, "you won't regret it mommy." Kelly scoffed, wondering why her daughter was talking like this, she had never talked like this before.

Kelly lifted her ass up and pushed her skirt and panties down, revealing her pussy to Tim and Jenna. Tim looked directly at his prize, Kelly's pussy had a neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair running from just above her slit and halfway down her pussy lips. Her pussy lips were swollen and plump, slightly agape, her clit sticking out from the top of her slit, looking as big around as her nipples.

Tim licked his lips as he slowly moved between her legs, keeping his eyes focused on his stepmom's pussy. He scooted forward, moving his dick closer to her pussy. As the head of his dick brushed against her slit, Kelly put her hand on his abdomen, "but don't cum in me, make sure you pull out before you do." Without looking up at her, Tim gave her a quick nod as he held his dick steady, ready to penetrate her.

Jenna moved down the bed a little, wanting to see it up close. She didn't know why, but she wanted to see what it looked like to see a guy's dick penetrate a pussy. She watched as Tim steadily pushed his hips forward, the head of his dick spreading her mom's pussy lips apart and the glans of his head disappear inside. She looked up at her mom, as Kelly moaned in pleasure, smiling at her mom, "does it feel good momma?"

Kelly had her eyes closed, focusing on the feeling of her pussy being stretched to capacity, taking short breaths, trying to relax. She felt Tim steadily continue to push his dick further into her, his dick hitting every sensitive spot in her pussy. "Oh fuck Tim, your dad has nothing on you, I haven't felt this full in a long time," Kelly cried out, as she felt his balls brush against her ass.

Tim looked down at his stepmom's pussy, her swollen lips protruding out and around the base of his dick. He let out a long groan as he leaned forward and put his hands on either side of her body, ready to fuck her. "Oh my god, I love being inside of you," he groaned in lust, not even thinking straight right now. Kelly opened her eyes, looking up at him, "fuck me Tim, fuck my pussy hard," she gritted out, letting go of every inhibition.

Jenna felt another twinge of jealousy as she listened to them talk. She thought Tim loved being in her pussy, and would just like fucking her mom. Her pussy was tingling now, wanting to feel his dick inside of it again, but she had got what she wanted, and hoped she had gotten them out of trouble. She moved her hand to her pussy and started lightly rubbing it up and down. She had never masturbated before, but she found that rubbing her pussy was starting to suffice the itch. Jenna watched as Tim pulled his hips back, his long dick pulling out of her mom's pussy. She looked on in awe, it looked as if his dick was going to pull the insides of her mom's pussy out of her. 'Is that what mine looked like when he moved in and out of me?' She asked herself as she started rubbing her pussy harder.

Kelly put her hands on Tim's ass, looking up at him, as she pulled on his ass and lifting her hips into him, his hips slamming against hers. "Ohhh," Kelly moaned as he slammed into her hard. They started moving in time with each other, Tim moving his hips fast and hard, as Kelly met his thrusts with her hips. "That's it Tim, fuck me, fuck your mom hard. Ohhh god your dick feels so good in me," Kelly yelled.

Tim was grunting loudly, watching his dick move in and out of her pussy, it glistening with her juices. He looked back up at her face, seeing her tits jiggling and moving with the thrusting, hitting Kelly's chin. He leaned forward and started sucking the middle of her chest, between her tits, feeling them rub against his cheeks.

Kelly moved her hands from his ass and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him against her chest. "Oh yes, oh yes, fuck you're trying to make me cum again aren't you?" Kelly cried out as she felt her orgasm beginning to build again. She could feel his thick member rubbing against everything in her pussy, her fat clit rubbing against his abdomen every time he slammed into her. She looked over at her daughter and saw Jenna rubbing her own pussy, Jenna's eyes were fixed on her stepbrother fucking her mom. Kelly moaned, knowing this was exciting her daughter too, "do you want help Jenna?" Kelly stumbled out between thrusts.

Jenna broke her look and looked up at her mom in confusion. Kelly smiled at Jenna, "come up here sweetheart." Jenna was still confused as she moved up the bed, still rubbing her pussy. Kelly reached out with her hand and cupped Jenna's pussy. Jenna looked at her mom uneasily as she felt her mom sink a finger into her cum filled hole. "Mmmm," Jenna moaned in pleasure, gyrating her hips forward and back.

"Does my little girl like that?" Kelly asked, feeling her orgasm getting ready to overtake her. Jenna closed her eyes and responded, "uh huh, uh huh." Kelly could feel how wet Jenna's pussy was, knowing some of it was from Tim's cum, as she started fingering her daughter. "Does my little girl wanna cum when her momma does? Huh does she wanna cum all over my finger?" Kelly yelled as Tim started sucking on one of her nipples.

Jenna felt her orgasm coming on strong, "oh yes mommy, I can feel it coming, I can feel ittttt!" Jenna cried as her orgasm started. Kelly watched her daughter start to cum, as her finger was squeezed by Jenna's pussy. "That's it sweetheart cum for mommy, mmm," Kelly moaned. Jenna's body shook and thrashed around as her pussy forced more of Tim's cum out, along with her juices, running down her mom's hand and arm, and down the inside of her thighs.

As Jenna continued to cum, Kelly cried out, "oh fuck, I'm cumming Tim, your beautiful dick is making me cummmmm." Her body trembled and shook under him as he continued to pound her pussy hard. She lifted her hips into him, as her pussy tried to squeeze his dick harder. "Oh fuck Tim, oh fuck Tim," Kelly moaned as she came.

Jenna had finished cumming and fell to the bed in exhaustion, her body and pussy still tingling. 'Oh my fucking god,' she thought to herself as she tried to recover.

Kelly started to come back to earth as Tim continued to fuck her. "Oh my god Tim, you haven't cum yet?" She asked trying to stop him. Tim stopped his movements, looking up from her chest and shook his head. "I can't take much more, your dick is going to rub me raw," she said, still trying to catch her breath. Tim pushed himself up, making his dick throb inside of her, not wanting to pull out of her. Kelly groaned when she felt his dick throb, "mmm, why don't you fuck my tits until you cum." She didn't want him to take his dick out of her, but she was already starting to feel sore. She knew that the reason he hadn't cum yet was because he already ejaculated earlier.

Tim looked down at her tits, contemplating her request. He knew he wanted to cum again, but wanted it to be in her pussy. He finally decided to pull out. He reluctantly pulled out of his stepmom's pussy, looking down at the gaping hole he had just been in. He straddled her stomach and moved up her body, her juices dripping off of his dick and onto her abdomen.

Kelly put her hands on her tits as he moved up her body and pushed her tits together, wrapping them around his dick. She looked down at his fat head poking out of the top of her tits and licked her lips. She looked up at Tim and smiled, "ok Tim, fuck my tits like it's my pussy."

Tim knew it was nothing like her pussy, but he slowly started moving his hips forward and back, feeling her tits rub against the shaft of his dick and head when he moved. Every time he moved forward, the head of his dick came close enough to Kelly's face, that stuck her tongue out and flicked it against the tip. Tim was grunting as he started moving faster. As his balls rubbed against her body, it heightened his sensitivity, and he could feel his cum beginning to boil up. "I'm gonna cum soon," he announced as he looked down at his stepmom.

Kelly smiled at him and nodded, "go ahead sweetheart, cum for mommy, let me taste it." Kelly opened her mouth wide, ready for him to cum. Tim looked down at her, with her mouth wide open, the head of his dick coming close to it. His dick began to swell as he moved his hips forward, "here it comes, I gonna cummmm." Kelly watched the head of his dick get even bigger, as she felt his dick throb against her tits, and his cum shoot out and over her open mouth, hitting her in one of her eye's. Tim's hips jerked, as he held still, more cum rushing up his dick and spilling into Kelly's open mouth. "Ugh, ugh," Tim grunted with every shot of cum, filling his stepmom's mouth. As he finished cumming, his dick continued to dribble cum onto her chest, his dick still lightly twitching. Kelly let go of her tits and grabbed his leaking dick, wrapping her lips around the head and sucking the rest of the cum out of it. Tim shuddered as she sucked on his ultra sensitive head, causing him to groan. Kelly let go of his dick, looking up at him and opening her mouth to show him his cum. Tim watched her as she closed her mouth and swallowed, he quietly groaned, enjoying the sight of that. She opened her mouth again and showed him it was empty now, "mmm I love the taste of cum."

Tim chuckled as he climbed off of her and handed her a kleenex to wipe off the cum from her eye and chest. After Kelly wiped the cum off, she sat up and looked at the kids, "now this never happened, and you guys better not ever have sex with each other again, clear?" Tim and Jenna looked at each other, then back at Kelly, both nodding. "Good, now get cleaned up and dressed before your dad gets home," Kelly said, getting off of the bed and getting dressed.

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