The best peace of ass I ever had
11 year old white boy raped in Shower.

I was about 16 years old doing volunteer work at a summer camp. My job at his camp was to be the primary caregiver for 10 & 11 yer old boys. There were boys of all races at this camp, but it was something about the white boys. Me being black, I never fucked a white boy, only a few black boys. One of the jobs I loved the most was having to be on shower duty. I had to keep an eye on the kids in the shower. Every now and then I would take along look at the boys sexy naked wet bodies. During shower time my dick was always hard. One boy I had my eyes set on was a 11 year old white boy named Sam. He had blond hair that almost went to his shoulders. He was about 4 ft 7, and had the cutest ass that stuck out just right. I watched as soap ran down his ass crack. I could no longer hold myself back.

Sam had woke up late and was the only kid in the shower. All the other kids and councillors had left for morning activities. I took off my clothes and walked into the shower. Sam looked down at my rock hard 7 and a half inch dick. He eyes were open wide and so was his mouth. I walked up to Sam and told him to get on his knees. Once Sam was on his knees I told him to grab my dick and put it in his mouth. Sam looked at me terrified but did what I asked. Sam's hot mouth felt so good, but the thought that I was actually doing this, made it feel even better. The more Sam sucked the deeper I went into his mouth. He even gagged a few times. I told Sam not to stop as I was about to unleash a fat load of cum in his mouth. When I felt I was about to bust a nut, I told Sam to suck tighter. As Sam's tongue and inner cheeks tightened around my dick I let loose one of the best nuts ever. I told Sam to swallow my cum because it was good for him. Sam did as I asked and my mission was now half way complete. I then told Sam to get on his hands and knees like a dog. Once Sam was in this position, I put my tongue to his ass hole. I began to lick Sam's boy vagina with a passion.

Sam's body started twitching and he begin to moan. I took my hand and spreaded Sam's ass cheeks apart. I then shoved my tongue in his ass as hard a possible. I felt my tongue enter into Sam's hot ass hole. The moan he let out made my dick hard again. I got up on my knees and slowly pushed my dick into Sam's ass. To my surprise he was taking it better than the black boys I fucked. It did not take long before I was halfway into Sam's ass. I noticed the skin around his ass hole was turning red. I pulled and pushed. With each pump I went deeper. I told Sam if he screams, I would do this to him every night, for the rest of the time he was at camp. Sam put his hand over his mouth to muffle the screams. I was now deep into Sam's ass, and it was feeling better than any black kids ass I ever fucked.

Even though I was deep in Sam's ass, his hole was still tight. I started to go faster just a bit. By this time Sam had taken his hand off his mouth, and was no longer screaming. Sam was making no noise. He was silently taking my black dick. I felt nut rushing up my dick, so I pumped harder. Again Sam put his hand to his mouth to muffel his screams. I reached around him and jacked off his dick, that had been hard, very hard. Feeling his nice size hard dick made me bust an even fatter nut then the first one. I also felt cum shoot out of Sam's dick. We both busted fat nuts at the same time. As Sam busted his nut I felt his ass hole loosen up. I pumped until I felt no more cum shooting out my dick. As I pulled my dick out Sam's butt, I told him if he ever tells anyone, I would come to his house and take him from his family. I got up and as I walked out the shower, I told Sam to Walsh up, and get dressed. I smiled to myself that night because I knew I had Sam for the rest of the summer, but I could not wait until the next day.

Sam slept in my cabin, with me and four other boys. I noticed the Sam could not sleep, so I told him to get up so he and I could go on night hike. I grabbed my backpack with the first aid kit inside, and shoved a small cover in it. I told the other councillors that Sam could not sleep, so I was taking him on a night hike, to burn off some energy. As Sam and I walked away I thought of the perfect place to take Sam, so I could take full advantage of him. We walked for about 30 minutes, when we arrived at around 9:30 at the site I wanted to go to. I pulled the cover out my bag and laid it down on the ground. I laid down on my back and told Sam to get on top of me. As Sam mounted me like horse, I rapped my arms around him and grabbed his ass. I told Sam to lean down and kiss me. I told Sam to stick his tongue in my mouth, and I was going to stick mines in his. Sam and I laid there for about 10 minutes kissing. I then told Sam to stand up and strip. Peace by peace Sam slowly removed him clothes, revealing more and more. Once Sam was fully naked, I got naked to. I told Sam to lay down on his back, and I got in between his legs. I grab his dick and started sucking it. Sam started to moan with his eyes closed as I sucked his 5 inch dick. Sam's moaning was getting louder and I knew he was enjoying himself.

I pulled Sam's dick out my mouth and I laid down on my stomach. I told Sam to get the lotion out my bag and put some on his dick. I then told Sam to lay on top of me and put his dick in my ass. As Sam's dick entered into my ass I felt precum at the tip of my dick. I told Sam to start pumping hard and fast. Even though Sam's dick was only five inches he learned quick how to use it. With each pump Sam moaned louder and louder. Sam's dick felt so good I did not want him to stop. I noticed Sam had started going as fast as g could and I knew he was about to cum. I tightened my ass hole and felt Sam's cum shoot into my ass hole. He kept pumping until he was done. I told Sam it was my turn. When I said this Sam looked at me terrified again. I told him to get on his hands and knees. I then grabbed the lotion and put some on my dick, as well as Sam's ass hole. Again I slowly pushed my dick in Sam's tight little white hole. Sam yelled a bit but I did not care, because no on could hear him.

I started going faster and harder, Sam was yelling even more loud. As I fucked Sam's sexy white ass, as hard as I could he began to cry, but felt to good to stop. It did not take long before I was about to nut. I shoved my dick in Sam's ass so hard he passed out, and fell to his stomach. I laid down on top of Sam and kept fucking him. Sam's ass hole had opened a bit because he was passed out, and his mussels were relaxed. I finally shot a huge amount of nut into Sam's ass just as he was waking up. When I finished Sam and I got dressed and headed back to camp. I reminded Sam that if he told anyone, I would take him from his family and fuck him every night.

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This story is racist.

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Fantasy and far from the reality. Only the author's imagination. Hakehkehkehkeh.. shame on you..

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little white boy becoming a black whore to blacks


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hot blk boy fucking a lil white boy pussy lol

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