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first post
I had never thought of myself as Gay or even liking the thought of being with a man. On the other hand I loved playing with my ass and inserting things since I was about 12 years old. I can remember using my mother’s douche bag to give myself enemas ever since I can remember. As I got older I found myself using cucumbers and all kinds of other items to satisfy my lust to have my backside pressed open.
One day a few years ago, after much contemplating, I made up my mind to try something new. There was a medic that worked at the same place where I worked and I knew that he was gay. He had often told us all he was and boasted about the size of his dick. I called him into the office and explained to him that I did not think that I was gay but that I wanted to try having a real mans dick pressed past my sphincter. I saw his eyes light up immediately. He said “when and where?” I told him to come by my apartment tonight and we would see if we could get it done. At about 8 o’clock there was a knock on my apartment door. The anticipation throughout the rest of the day had been excruciating and my ass ached for some attention from someone other than myself. I let Tony in and we went straight to my bedroom. I told him that I was not into sucking or kissing another guy but that I still wanted my ass fucked. He said that it was perfectly fine and that he understood. Tony began to strip down and I did to. As he slid his underwear off, I could see that his cock was already pretty much erect. It was nice and thick and about 8 inches long. It was about the same as mine. I knew that I would not have any problems taking it because one of the dildos that I had was bigger than his dick.

I walked over to the bed and kneeled on the edge exposing my somewhat virgin ass up in the air. I leaned over to the night stand and got out some astro glide and smeared it on my butt hole inserting one then two fingers getting my ass ready for his cock. Tony walked over to the bed and I told him to just put the tip on my but and let me work it in. He agreed. I felt the slight pressure of Tony’s cock at my backdoor. I reached through between my legs and grabbed his cock and got it into perfect position. As I leaned back I felt the head of his now extremely hard cock spreading my ass and it felt wonderful. I love that moment right when something is going in my ass. I leaned back a little more and he was in! I couldn’t believe it. A mans dick was actually in my ass. I could feel my own cock getting rock hard as I eased back even further as his dick slid in about 3 or 4 inches. I could tell that Tony wanted to just ram it in but thankfully he let me ease into it. I had just about gotten it all the way when Tony said “are you ok?” I told him that I was fine and “its all yours now!” That’s all it took. Tony grabbed me at the waist and began to slowly work his dick in and out of my throbbing ass. It felt so good I could not believe it took me this long to decide to take it. I remember thinking to my self “I can’t believe I have a real dick up my ass and it’s not a dildo”!!! Tony began to get faster and faster and my ass began to burn a little. I had just started to buck wildly like a bronco when Tony rolled me over and lifted one leg up over his shoulder and began to fuck my ass again. I could feel that his cock was burying up to his pubic bone on every thrust and it felt wonderful! His dick felt as though it was touching the inside of my belly button.
In this position I thought that I could just maybe reach his brown eye. I tried, and did reach around and played with Tony’s little bunghole. I licked my middle finger and inserted it up Tony’s ass as he let out a moan. I could feel a little knot just inside his ass and assumed it was his prostrate. As I worked my finger in and out of his ass, Tony’s pumping of my ass began to get frantic like. I could tell that he was about to cum. With one hand on my cock and the other with my finger up Tony’s ass we both began to cum at the same time. I started spunking all over the bed sheets as Tony was filling my butthole full of cum. I could feel his cock flexing as he squirted and pumped my ass full. When we were both done shaking he pulled his limping cock out pf my ass with a light pop. My ass was quivering and I could feel Tony’s cum oozing out of my now gaping hole. As my used hole quietly closed, I felt the cum running down the crack of my ass. I rolled over on my belly and reached back to rub it into my ass cheeks.
Tony asked again if I was ok and I told him that I was really sore but completely satisfied. I thanked him again for his understanding. After a short shower Tony left and I never spoke to him again.

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2011-09-18 12:59:02
And to think I was going to talk to smoneoe in person about this.


2010-07-03 13:06:20
Experimentation is always a good thing. Broadening one horizon's and opening yourself up to new sensations is the best way to begin.


2008-03-06 22:50:28
I believe that being bi-sexual is more than just getting fucked. It also involves returning some sexual favors to the other person. Keep writing and keep trying the sex.


2007-01-15 11:57:59
Great story, I have got a friend to do it to me and now I cant get enough of it


2006-02-11 22:16:56
good read ,some work thanks

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