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Sorry its been a while since the last posting. My work challenges has kept me away, and my relationship with my niece has become more complex. I appreciate the feedback and will continue to add more to this still unfolding part of my life.
I awoke at around 8.30am with a beautiful naked woman next to me, sleeping soundly. I got up and dressed and went out for a walk and coffee, leaving them to sleep a little more. I was enjoying my second cup of coffee when my phone rang.

It was Renee
“Hi there sweetie, did you sleep well?”

“Yeah OK, but I had a bit to process what with learning that you are fucking my sister.” She laughed. “We’re out hitting the shops for some retail therapy but will be back by lunch. We just wanted to let you know.”

“Cool I’ll see you both back at the apartment.”

I picked up some things for lunch and headed home. They arrived just as I was finishing setting out the food.

“So did you two have fun, the shops around here seem pretty good.”

“Yeah, we both found some great things. We might even show them to you later.” Ash said smiling.

We ate and talked through lunch. Renee seemed to understand what had happened and was OK with it. The weather was so nice we all went off to the beach for the afternoon, with thousands of others. The water was warm, but the breeze was cool enough to harden the nipples of most women in the water including the girls. Both showed off new bikinis to me and numerous young men on the beach. We swam and played in the waves before I got out and lay down on a towel and soaked up the peacefulness of it all and watched a couple of men trying to hit on them. The girls were good at pulling them in and then pushing them away, yet they came back for more, hoping to get a date or a feel.

After a while they emerged from the water and walked up the beach, watched by numerous men and lay down next to me, both taking it in turns to kiss me on the lips to show the onlookers they had no chance. We lay there in the sun for a bit before I suggested we head back to the apartment and enjoy the rooftop garden. So we all packed up and left arm in arm. Back home, we used the outdoor shower to rinse off the sand and jumped into the spa with some drinks. We relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon sun talking about nothing in particular. A few drinks in, Ashleigh made the first move. She stood up and stripped off her bikini and tossed it over the edge.

She sat on my lap, and ground her pussy against my cock then leaned in and we kissed a short one first, then a second with more passion. Our hands caressed each other as we hungered for more. My cock was straining against my board shorts seeking freedom. I stood up and let Ash remove them, my cock springing out ready for what was to come.

Renee too stood up and stepped out of the spa. “I think I will go and organise some dinner for us all. You two will be hungry after your sexercise and I don’t think I’m quite ready to watch you two fuck each other stupid!!”

I sat on the edge as Ash worked on my dick, bringing it to full erection. Her hand was soft and warm as she worked up and down my shaft. I took one of Ash’s breasts in my hand and massaged her nipple causing her to moan and grind her pussy against my leg. She leaned in and kissed me, our tongues dancing wildly, then I broke away and kissed her chest to her nipples and proceeded to suck, lick and nibble, sending her into more waves of pleasure.

“I need your tongue in my pussy Uncle Will, make me cum all over your face” she moaned, as she sat on the edge and pulled my head gently toward her. What a gorgeous sight to see; her smooth pussy almost pouting its lips at me, daring me to lick it. Ashleigh then lay back on the deck surrounding the spa, as she pushed her hips up towards me and I sank my tongue straight into her hot box. I lapped at her dripping pussy and slowly pushed two fingers in. Ash shuddered with an orgasm so intense she looked like she had stopped breathing.

“OH FUCK, you are going to kill me. I don’t think I can cope with the intensity.” she moaned and held my head hard against her throbbing pussy. She was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling.

“Fuck me Uncle Will, fuck me with that dick of yours and fill me with cum.”

I stood up and guided my cock into her pussy. She was so ready that I sank all the way in with one thrust. She grunted before wrapping her legs around my waist. We fucked like that for what seemed like an eternity before she wanted to change positions.
“Fuck me from behind and fill my box with your cum!!”
Ash knelt on the edge and wiggled her arse at me. I stood up and pushed my dick home again. Her pussy gripped my cock milking it almost drawing the cum straight out of my balls. I started to massage Ashleigh’s rear chute which caused her to twitch and moan. I gently pushed one finger into her arse which really got her going.

“OH shit that feels so intense. Don’t stop.” She was really humping both my dick in her wet box and my finger in her arse.
“I’m cuuming” she squealed and pushed my finger out with the contractions. The spasms of her pussy set me off as well, unloading deep inside her tunnel. We sat back in the warm water, my dick still stuffed into her pussy. We kissed and caressed letting the waves of pleasure wash over us.

We were brought back to reality by Renee’s call to dinner and realised that the sun had set and the warmth of the evening was replaced with the cool of the night. We grabbed a couple of robes and walked back inside arm in arm. Renee had gone all out, and had put together a great dinner for us all.

“Hungry are you?” she laughed. “Reckon you have worked up a good appetite based on the noises coming from up there.”

“Listening in were you?” Ash replied. “Learn anything?” Renee just smiled but did not bite back.

We sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal. It occurred to me that we were sitting down to a meal with her sister as if we were a family. It was strange, but comforting at the same time. I could not quite put my finger on it, but I was not sure where this would lead.

The meal finished, we cleared away and sat down in the lounge with a glass of wine. The lights of the city shone in through the windows. Renee sat down next to Ashleigh and whispered something in her ear. Ash nodded and stood up grabbing Renee’s hand. “We are going to show you what we bought today” Ash called as they left the room.

It seemed to take ages but after hearing fits of giggles, both girls emerged dressed in their white robes. They walked around the lounge, flashing a little before stopping and letting the robes fall at their feet. They both stood and proudly showed off their first purchase. Ashleigh was wearing a pair of running shorts and a sports bra, while Renee had on leggings and a tank top. After a few twists and turns they grabbed their robes and ran off to the bedroom. Five minutes later they returned again dressed in the robes, before letting them fall to reveal their next purchase. Ash wore an ivory lace thong and half cup bra, while Renee work a hot pink mesh number. They both looked stunning. Ash turned around and then removed both items before tossing them next to me, Renee tossed over her bra, but kept her thong on, before they both retreated to the bedroom again. A few minutes later Ash returned with a tiny bikini on, leaving nothing to the imagination. It was a micro bikini by Wicked Weasel from Australia. I suggest you Google them and have a look at the great stuff on offer. The mesh material proudly showed off her hard nipples and smooth pussy. I just about jumped off the couch and grabbed her, when Renee came out wearing a similar one. They both paraded around the lounge showing off their bodies as much as the outfits.

They both flopped onto the couch laughing about my reaction, which was showing through my robe. Ashleigh snuggled up close to me and we kissed. Renee got up and refilled our wine glasses before sit back down with us. Renee spoke first.
“Uncle Will do you love us.” It was a direct question that caught me off guard.
“Yes, of course I do. I have known you since you were born. Nat and I loved you both like daughters, and I still love you both. I don’t plan on that changing.”

“Yeah, but now that you and Ash are in a strange sort of thing, where does that leave me?”

“Renee what Ash and I have is a little strange, but it feels good right now and we both are happy. We don’t know yet where it will take us, but we are talking about it and hopefully that means we won’t hurt each other.”

“Renee, you’re my sister and I love you more than anything,” Ash piped up. “Does my relationship with Uncle Will worry you?”

“It doesn’t worry me, but…….” She paused, her face flushed. “I feel left out, I want what you have Ash, and I want to be part of this strange relationship.”

I was not quite sure how to answer. It would make it more complicated, and also increase the risk of more people getting hurt if it turned ugly. Ashleigh though had other ideas; she turned to Renee and kissed her full on the mouth. “You and I share almost everything, so yes if this is what you really want!”
“Uncle Will, can you cope with both of us?” Ash giggled.

There would be more rules and discussion after this change in direction but that would be later.

Renee was up off the couch in a flash, and removed her bikini before I could even add my comments. This was the first time I had seen her naked, although the bikini had not hidden much. Her breasts were much smaller but she had rock hard nipples just like Ash and her ass was perfect as was her pussy. She was just like a little pixie jumping around. She sat down again and proceeded to open my robe.

Renee leaned across Ash and kissed me. “I want to do everything you two have already tried and more.” She broke away and kissed down my chest to my nipples. Her teeth bit gently causing me to gasp a little before relaxing a little enjoying the sensation and the attention. I turned and looked at Ash who was smiling before we kissed our tongues searching and wrestling. Renee then broke away from my nipples and moved to sit next to me and gently fondled my balls and throbbing cock and proceeded to stroke it with her tiny soft hands.

“Oh wow your dick is so hard, but so soft and smooth at the same time. I have never felt a dick like this,” Renee spoke softly as she continued to massage my throbbing cock.

I massaged one of Ash’s breasts whilst she worked on the other, rolling her nipple between my fingers, squeezing gently making her twitch. Her free hand was buried deep between her legs working on her smooth wet pussy. After a few minutes she raised her dripping fingers to my mouth letting me lick her juices from them. She tasted great as I cleaned them with my tongue.

“Fuck that looks good,” Renee commented. “I want to see how she tastes.” She kissed me firmly, her tongue swirling around my mouth. “God you taste good Ash, I want more.”

I was the shocked one now, but didn’t resist as she let go of my cock and grabbed Ashleigh’s hand and proceeded to lick the remaining juices from them. Ashleigh seemed oblivious to what we were doing, but when Renee lay across my lap and started to insert one finger into her pussy she opened her eyes and gasped. “Renee fuck what are you doing?” She grabbed her hand and was almost trying to move it away from her juicy box.

“I need to taste more of you Ash, you juices are so sweet.” Renee was almost laughing. “Relax and enjoy!”

“I don’t know if I am up for this…..” Ashleigh’s voice trailed off replaced by moans and heavy breathing as Renee now plunged three fingers into her pussy. “FUCK don’t stop, I’m going to cum” she screamed as an orgasm rippled through her body. Her legs fell open as her body went limp, this allowed Renee to push this even further. She began to kiss her stomach and made a trail to her hot wet box. It was quite evident that Renee was no stranger to eating another girl’s pussy

Renee wiggled on my lap grinding against my hard dick trapped under her body, allowing her better access to her sister’s pussy. She went to work and continued to eat her sister’s pussy through two more orgasms before stopping and giving her a big kiss on the lips.
“I have wanted to do that for years Ash, but never had the courage.” Renee smiled. “Beth and I have done it a few times but you taste so much better.”

“Renee that was beautiful, but a bit of a shock too, so now we are even.” Ash said as she hugged her close and shared another passionate kiss. She then sat back on the couch and parted her legs, her fingers slowly sliding up and down between her pussy lips.

“Uncle Will, eat my pussy and make me cum.” There was urgency in Renee’s voice. I picked her up and placed her in the other corner of the couch and then moved in and kissed her breasts and continued down her flat stomach to her juicy little box. Her pussy lips were smooth, but her clit was framed by soft pubic hair. I slowly kissed and sucked and nibbled providing waves of pleasure before slowly sinking my tongue as deeply as I could into her wet hole. Her breathing was rapid and jerky as I continued to lap us her juices freely flowing over my face.
“Of my fucking GOD I am going to cum, don’t stop!!” she was almost screaming. A few minutes or so later I felt the familiar spasms of her pussy contract around my tongue and her body went rigid.

Renee’s body glowed and she wore a delicious smile as a result of her orgasm. “OH my FUCKING God. That was so intense, I understand why you love him Ash!” Renee was having a little difficulty speaking as she tried to regain her breath.

“I think I need that dick of yours in me now to complete the package Uncle Will.” Renee sat up then straddled my legs, guiding my dick into her waiting hole. She was even tighter than her sister but she slowly ground her way down until she was almost fully impaled on my cock.
“Your dick is sooo big I don’t believe you can fit inside me.” Renee was panting as she continued to ride my throbbing cock. I could feel her pussy muscles gripping and massaging my cock. We got into a good rhythm her small breasts jiggling in front of me as she bounced on my pole. Ashleigh stood up from the couch and stood behind Renee. She wrapped her arms around her and massaged her nipples with one hand whilst she rubbed her clit with the other. We were both now giving Renee the loving attention she wanted so much. It was just a beautiful sight being with them. Renee orgasmed again, before I felt the familiar feeling in my balls as they were ready to erupt.

“I’m going to fill you little pussy with my cum!” I grunted as I spurted ropes of semen into her.

“I can feel your dick squirting in me WOW” Renee moaned and wrapped her arms around me then kissed me. “Ash, that feels so good, I love your hands on me, don’t stop please.”

Ash continued to caress her sister’s body as she sat on my lap, her head turned to kiss Ash.

“Ash please suck on my pussy, suck out Uncle Will’s cum.” Her voice was barely a whisper.
Ash was a little embarrassed by this, and her face flushed red. “I’ve never done that before!”

Renee stood up and my softening cock dropped out with a pop. She lay back on the couch pulling Ash towards her then whispered something in her ear that I did not catch.

Ash turned to me and said, “Will you teach me please?”

I described my technique to her and encouraged her to think about what she would like and to then try that on Renee. Tentatively she leaned in and started to kiss and lick Renee’s hot little box. I could see a mix of her juice and my semen leaking out, which Ash proceeded to lap up like a kitten with a bowl of milk.

“Oh that’s good Ash, suck my clit and make me cum.”

Renee’s body responded to Ashleigh’s tongue and fingers and a short time later she orgasmed strongly.

I moved behind Ash and began to kiss and lick at her wet slit. This got her going and she pushed back as I spread her lips and sank a finger into her waiting hole. The combination of my tongue and finger continued to pleasure Ash as she continued to work on Renee’s hot and very wet pussy. They had got into a rhythm and almost orgasmed together. We all lay on the couch holding each other and I contemplated what this change would mean for us all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them both, but I was trying to understand how we would manage all this. I was also more than a little surprised by the open feelings they had for each other. I was not offended by it, only curious as to where their new found feelings would lead.

Renee spoke first. “Ash I think I’m bi-sexual. Beth and I have a thing going, but we both like being with our boyfriends too.”

“How long have you two … um been together?” Ash responded.

“Ah, I think on and off for the past year. We sort of fell into it after a night out clubbing with friends, and I stayed over at her place and well you can imagine the rest.”

“Does Robbie know?”
“No, but he wouldn’t know if his arse was on fire. He isn’t the smartest guy around. And anyway that would then make it complicated.” Renee laughed.

“Complicated, what do you call the three of us, a picnic?” Ash responded.

It was late and we needed sleep, but not before we cleaned up. We flopped into my bed and snuggled up together each of us dreaming of what had happened and what might happen in the future.


2017-06-29 14:39:07
Hmmmm, just wondering; The "Uncle" bit seems a bit un-natural? For lovers?

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2016-06-10 16:09:41
COACH - Continued

But the activity was not necessary to the marriage. If the act of group sex is not needed in the relationship, group sex should be discontinued.

When it comes to sex, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it. The fact is, if you try it once, you are not a part of that group.


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2016-06-10 15:54:41
This is COACH. Some of you have probably seen my COMMENTS around these pages. I try to make my COMMENTS informative as well as entertaining. I am in my mid 70's, retired, and my most satisfying and best paid work experience has been professional writing, teaching professional writing, and supervising professional writing.

I once read that about 4% of people have engaged in group sex. That low number alone explains why readers find the subject exciting as well as repulsive. The other 96% have not done threesomes and cannot imagine other people doing it. Having had the experience, I cannot imagine other people NOT doing it, at least once. Sex is enjoyable as well as fulfilling. My second wife and I are approaching 50 years of marriage. Three and foursomes were an activity of our younger years, just part of our total experience. Statistics say that if a couple stay married eleven years, they will probably stay married for life. Our sex life was enriched by the experience.

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Oh my fuck me

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Oh my fuck me

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