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Jerry fucks up while he's in prison, and pays a HUGE price...
Jerry sat in the warden’s office, in shock and speechless. He was in deep shit and he knew it. Being in prison was bad enough, but getting in trouble within those walls? He trembled as he remained in the chair. He got lost in his thoughts. Why hadn’t he just taken heed to everything his family had said? If it hadn’t been for him getting involved with those drug-crazed, crime-happy hoodlums he had once called his friends, he wouldn’t even be anywhere near the mess he was in now. He still remembered it as if it were yesterday…

About seven months ago, Jerry and four of his buddies, drugged out and drunk, had driven up to a convenience store/gas station. Through his buzz, Jerry knew that he was about to do wrong, but he could not control himself for being so fucked up. The five men put on ski masks and bandannas, grabbed guns, and burst into the store, shooting bullets into the air to make everyone inside get down. One of the men had gone right up to the cashier and demanded money. Little did the robbers know that a few of the customers were skilled martial artists. Some of the customers fought the men off while the cashier called the police. As luck would have it, Jerry’s friends managed to escape, but as Jerry ran after them, a larger man blindsided him, tackling him painfully to the ground. He then pinned Jerry to the floor, and all Jerry could do was watch helplessly as his friends raced to the car and sped away, while the sirens in the distance confirmed that the cops were on their way…

Jerry stood trial for armed robbery and drug possession a few weeks later. He never knew if his boys had been caught, and as far as he could tell, they never were, nor had they turned themselves in; it seemed they had let Jerry take the fall all by himself. The judge who presided over the trial somehow knew Jerry’s situation, and he did not like seeing young men’s lives being destroyed by their making poor choices. He sympathized with Jerry, who was only 19 years old, and offered leniency; in exchange for Jerry turning his friends in, he would be let off with one year probation and 100 hours of community service. But Jerry knew what his friends thought of snitches. The last time someone had snitched on them, he had seen for himself what they did to people like that. The brutal, vicious beating that guy had received still haunted Jerry’s nightmares sometimes, and so great was his fear of having that done to him, he could not bring himself to rat them out. And so the judge, with utmost regret, sentenced Jerry to two years in prison.

And so now here he was, in this hellhole of a jail, serving his time. He had tried so hard to be on his best behavior, but today’s incident had marked the end of that. Just fifteen minutes ago, one of the smaller prison guards had advanced on him, clearly trying to get into his pants. Jerry resisted to no avail, but when the guard had thrust his hand forward to grab his genitals, Jerry panicked and reacted by repeating a technique he’d seen in a movie once; a swift kick to the balls, and when the guard was bent over, he kneed him in the face, and he went down with a bloody, broken nose and a loose tooth. Most unfortunately, the captain of the guards, who happened to be much bigger, had witnessed the incident and tackled Jerry to the floor.

“Well, well, well,” the guard-captain had said with a horrible grin on his face. “Assaulting the guards now, are we? I wonder what Warden Polinski will think of this?” And laughing like a lunatic, he dragged Jerry to the warden’s office.

The warden was not there when they entered, so the guard-captain told Jerry to sit and wait. Overcome with fear, he obeyed. The guard-captain stood next to the door, eliminating any hope or chance of escape. He pulled out a cell phone and sent a text message to someone, not speaking a word, and then he put it away. Jerry sat there awaiting his doom, sweat streaming from his pores even though the room was relatively cool. He knew what Warden Polinski was capable of. As far as he knew for fact, if a prisoner was sent to the warden, he usually came out bruised and bloodied; the half-Russian Polinski was a trained fighter and really knew how to fuck somebody up. He had even heard rumors that if a prisoner was particularly offensive, the warden would “have his way with him.” It was no man’s desire to piss the warden off, and from what he’d heard, attacking prison guards made him see blood red. However, there was one thing Jerry feared more than seeing the warden, and he hoped he had not done enough wrong to be condemned to that…

The door opened, and Warden Polinski entered. The 27-year-old Polinski stood about 5 feet 7 inches. He had short, dark hair and a rather brutish face, which right now had a cold, cruel expression. He glared at Jerry for a few seconds, then reached his hand into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a folded slip of paper. He casually handed it to the guard-captain, who looked at it for a few seconds, then nodded to Polinski before taking his exit, closing the door behind him. Polinski walked forward and stood directly in front of Jerry, looking down upon him with the same stony expression. Though he was dressed in a dark suit, it was amazing how intimidating he still looked. Jerry trembled harder.

“So,” Polinski said in his rough voice, which carried only a small hint of a Russian accent. “Apparently you think you’re above the guards in this prison.”

Jerry stammered “N-no, I d-d-don’t, he was t-t-trying to—”

“SILENCE!” he barked, backhanding Jerry across the jaw, making him groan. “You do not speak unless you are told.”

“But I—”

“I SAID,” Polinski snarled with a clean, square punch to Jerry’s cheekbone, “Shut the fuck up!”

The force of the blow knocked Jerry to the ground, and he started whining.

“Get up, bitch boy,” said Polinski, towering over Jerry. “GET YOUR ASS UP!” And he kicked him hard in the groin, eliciting a yell of pain. Polinski grabbed Jerry by the scruff of the neck and pushed him back into the chair. Jerry hung his head in shame and pain.

“Now understand this clearly,” said the warden. “You are just like the rest of the inmates in here; a convicted felon. You are the lowest level of scum in this prison, you are under me AND the guards, and you will abide by the rules I have set forth or suffer the consequences. One of the top things I will not tolerate in my prison is attacking my guards, who bust their asses to keep things in order for me. I think it’s safe to say, you done fucked up now—”

Jerry suddenly bolted for the door. But Polinski was like a ninja; in almost no time, he grabbed the back of Jerry’s shirt and yanked him down to the floor. Polinski then took off his blazer and shirt and stood bare-chested over Jerry. His fighting skills had paid off as he was very burly and muscular. He leapt on top of his chest, and used his knees to pin Jerry’s elbows to the hard floor.

“I see you’re gonna have to learn a VERY valuable lesson,” said Polinski with a heavy scowl upon his face. And in his position, he gave Jerry a plethora of heavy punches to the face. By the time he was done, Jerry was sobbing through a bloody nose and a busted lip. Polinski stood up.

“P-p-please sir,” whimpered Jerry in a muffled voice. “Don’t hurt—”

He was stopped by Polinski’s kick to the liver, which made Jerry thrash in pain and feel suddenly nauseous. “What the FUCK did I say about speaking?” he roared. And Jerry, fearing that he would throw up if he opened his mouth, did not reply, but continued crying.

He rolled over to look at the warden, and to his horror, Polinski was rubbing his dick through his pants.

“You’re about to learn what happens to rule-breakers in my prison,” he said. He banged twice on the door, and there was a click; the guard-captain must have locked the door from the outside, meaning that Jerry now had no choice but to succumb to Warden Polinski.

“Get up and strip!” Polinski shot at Jerry. He didn’t move.

“I said, get up and strip!” he repeated, kicking Jerry in the stomach. Jerry doubled up in pain, but did not rise, so he kicked him again, this time in the groin.

“Not doing what I say will only make me angrier, and it’ll be all the worse for you,” Polinski said in a low voice. “Do as I say and I just might go a little easier on you.”

Submitting to the inevitable, Jerry got up, crying and wincing in pain from his beating, and began removing his clothes.

“That’s right,” murmured Polinski with an evil sneer on his face, massaging his crotch again. A moment later, Jerry stood buck-naked in front of him. The warden scoffed at his pale-skinned, scrawny form; Jerry was a toothpick compared to him.

“Now, on your hands and knees and crawl to me,” said Polinski. Jerry’s eyes widened.

“W-what are you going to d-do?” he stammered.

“Motherfucker, shut up and do it!”


“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

Shame engulfing him, he knelt down and slowly crawled to the warden, his head hung in disgrace. Polinski grabbed Jerry’s chin and forced his head upward so that he was now only on his knees. He pointed to his crotch and yelled “Suck!”

Jerry was delirious. He had never sucked a man’s dick before; he wasn’t even gay!

“No!” he cried. “I’m not a faggot!”

Polinski landed a right hook to the jaw, knocking him to the floor again.

“I’m not a faggot either,” he said with an evil grin. “I have an old lady, and she’s perfectly fine with me teaching little bitch boys like you a lesson, even if it means tearing them a new asshole.”

Giving in to total defeat, Jerry saw no way out of this, and reluctantly, he reached up and unzipped the warden’s pants. He reached in and after fumbling for a few seconds, he withdrew Polinski’s semi-hard cock, which at its current stage, was about six inches long.

“Get to work,” snapped the warden. “Hesitate if you want to, it’s gonna be pure hell for your ass!”

Steeling his stomach the best he could against the musty odor of sweat emitting from the warden’s crotch, Jerry started licking the member in front of his face, groaning from the taste of sweat.

“Yeah boy,” Polinski said. “Eat that shaft like you love it.”

Jerry was forced to lick harder, and it wasn’t until about a minute later that Polinski’s cock grew fully erect; a nine-by-one-inch stick of meat jutted out of the warden’s pants.

“Now get to sucking,” he snapped.

Whimpering like a dog, Jerry took two inches of cock into his mouth and began sucking slowly. The warden closed his eyes in pleasure as his dick was blown.

“Harder!” he barked. Jerry wanted to do just the opposite, but his fear of what else could be happening right now overtook that. He sucked harder; his masculine instinct was fighting it, but he kept at it.

“You’re still not sucking hard enough!” the warden said angrily. Jerry whined.

“Oh well,” said Polinski, and he grabbed both sides of Jerry’s head and began working at his own pace; he started fucking his face very hard, desperate to get the entire swollen length of his dick into Jerry’s mouth. Jerry had no choice but to force himself to take it, doing his best to prevent his stomach from aching to regurgitate; sweat filled his mouth, and musk filled his nose. It was a revolting feeling, but he was much weaker than the warden, and knew he could not stop him. Harder and deeper Polinski forced his cock, as though determined to make Jerry swallow it whole.

“Yeah, bitch boy,” grunted Polinski. “I’m gonna shove this baby all the way down your little faggot throat!”

And with that, he gave a thrust, and his balls rested on Jerry’s chin, his cock completely in Jerry’s mouth. Jerry gagged and choked, unable to breathe, and attempted to push Polinski’s hips away from him. But the man was simply too strong. Jerry retched, feeling his stomach heave via his gag reflexes, and Polinski pulled out to allow him to gasp for air, tears streaming from his eyes.

“Please!” panted Jerry. “No more—”

But before he could go any further, Polinski thrust forward and once again buried his dick completely in his mouth. Now he started face-fucking Jerry again, every thrust hard and ruthless, hitting the back of his throat. Every now and then, he would stop to allow Jerry a few seconds of breath; he didn’t want to suffocate Jerry and land himself in prison for murder. But other than that, he fucked Jerry’s face with no sign of relenting. Jerry felt like his mouth was on fire with the friction of the thrusts and did not know how much more he could take. Five minutes later, he felt the huge dick begin to swell.

“You—better—swallow—every—fuckin’—drop—of—my—cum!” grunted Polinski, accenting each word with a thrust down Jerry’s throat. “You’re bad off enough already, but if you throw up in my office, you WILL regret it.”

Thirty seconds later, the warden started moaning loudly and he pulled his dick back so that only the head of his cock was in Jerry’s mouth. Polinski finally gave a bestial groan and released his seed. The bitter, salty liquid quickly filled Jerry’s mouth, making him gag again. When he was done cumming, Polinski did not pull out.

“I want to make absolutely sure you swallow every drop,” he said.

Steeling his stomach, Jerry gulped down the foul fluid, feeling completely defiled. Finally, Polinski removed his cock from his mouth, but Jerry was surprised to see that it was still hard.

As if he could read Jerry’s mind, Polinski said with a sick grin, “I’ve had years of practice; I can make my dick stay hard for about two or three nut-bustings, so now it’s time for round two.”

Jerry’s heart sank lower as he somehow knew what he meant. He was about to get fucked in the ass for the first time, and there was no way out of it. The door was locked, the warden’s hands were nothing less than lethal weapons, and he himself was a weakling, physically and mentally. But his greatest fear had yet to come to be, and he hoped it would stay that way.

“Get up and bend over the desk,” said Polinski, pointing to it.

Jerry’s eyes widened again, but he did not move.

“No!” he begged, knowing he may as well have slapped the warden. “Please don’t do that to me!”

“Do it!” shouted Polinski.

“No, please!”

“Last chance!”

“But I—”


Polinski’s deadly right fist collided with the side of Jerry’s head. Jerry grunted in pain and fell to the floor yet again, dazed. Polinski then grabbed him and dragged him over to the desk, forcing him up and bending him over it.

“Well,” the warden said, pressing Jerry’s head into the desktop. “I guess since you can’t obey me, things are gonna get REALLY rough!”

He smacked Jerry’s puny butt cheeks hard a few times and spread them apart to get a good look at the virgin hole he was about to wreak havoc on. He pressed his meaty bone against the puckered ass, deaf to Jerry’s pleas for him to stop. Polinski was only being further infuriated by Jerry’s resistance to his advances.

“Your pretty little ass is done for now!” he shouted, and with that, he pushed forward hard and began forcing his big dick into Jerry’s asshole. Jerry screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt the hard bone tearing into his butt, painfully stretching his dry rectum. Apart from being kicked in the balls, it was the worst agony he had ever experienced. He flailed his arms behind him, trying to push the warden off of him, but the merciless warden wasn’t having it. He grabbed Jerry’s arms and held them behind his back with a vice grip on his wrists. With one last forceful thrust, he buried his nine-inch fuck stick balls-deep into the helpless man’s hole, and Jerry continued to scream, begging for mercy.

Polinski gave a cold laugh and punched Jerry in the back of the head, silencing him. “You should have just let my guard have his way with you,” he said. “Maybe he would have been easy on you. But no, you had to fuck around and put your fuckin’ hands on him. So now you’re MY fuck toy, and I’m gonna be anything BUT easy!”

He pulled back and gave several slow, hard thrusts, and then began his rough rape. He pounded Jerry’s asshole hard and fast, and the utter tightness of his hole made it all the more painful for Jerry. The only form of lubrication was what little was left of his own saliva from being face-fucked, which was quickly drying up. Friction was building up fast and the walls of his rectum were burning hotter with each brutal thrust, as if Polinski’s cock was a metal rod that had just been sitting in fire. Jerry was sure he would lose his voice from his hair-raising screams. Harder and faster Polinski fucked, and as loud as Jerry was screaming, he could still hear the smacking of the warden’s hips against his butt cheeks. He had never even known anyone to fuck like this consensually, except one of his ex-friends who fucked his girl like this every night. And Jerry wondered dimly, ‘How could anyone ENJOY this?’

He started kicking at the warden’s legs to try to stop him, even when he knew it was a forlorn hope. But to his surprise, Polinski stopped and pulled out. He was still in too much pain to move, but he felt a glimmer of hope. But that was instantly gone as Polinski brought his knee up against Jerry’s nuts. The pain caused his asshole to clench tight, and at that very moment, the warden seized the chance to tear into his ass again painfully, tearing it up once again. As Polinski resumed his rough fucking, Jerry, albeit screaming in pain, realized he must just take it, because something else was still his biggest fear…

Polinski raped Jerry’s ass as hard and fast as he could, so that the only sounds were Jerry’s screaming, him yelling obscenities in his ear, and the loud smacks of flesh for a good ten minutes. The pain was getting more intense, and Jerry felt like he was getting dumber by the minute until finally, he felt the dick swell in his ass and heard Polinski start moaning. Painful it was, but there was the looming sense of relief that it was almost over.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh!” groaned Polinski, fucking at his maximum pace and after a few seconds, he gave a loud groan as he felt himself cum. Jerry felt the fluids fill his burning hole and could only lay there whimpering. The pain he was feeling made his ass tighten again, which only make Polinski’s orgasm more enjoyable. Finally, he was finished, and the warden yanked his softening cock out of the formerly virgin asshole. Jerry fell to the floor crying as his rapist laughed.

“Clean it,” said Polinski, pointing at his cum-covered dick, and Jerry, not wanting the warden to hurt him further, rose to his knees and licked the limp dick until all the nut juice was gone.

“Get up,” said Polinski, tucking his dick back into his pants, and Jerry stood up, still shaking and whining. “Boy, I gotta get seconds with you one of these days. You’re a good fuck.” He slapped Jerry’s naked ass hard and went over to the door and knocked three times. There was another click, and the door opened. The guard-captain walked in with a strange grin on his face.

“So,” he said innocently. “You want me to take him back to his cellblock?”

The warden gave a harsh laugh. “What, are you kidding me? Fuck no! I think he enjoyed this. Take this little fuckin’ piece of shit to the Temple of Torture.”


Jerry fell to his knees again. The Temple of Torture. This was the great fear he’d had all this time. And now to his greatest horror, it was about to become a reality.

The Temple of Torture was not really a ‘temple’ per sé; it was a room in the prison where Warden Polinski sent prisoners who had broken the “zero-tolerance” rules. The warden and/or the guards would round up some of the “big bulls” of the prison and lock them in the Temple with the rule-breaker to have their way with him. And inhumane rape was only one of the things that went down in there. The victims of the Temple of Torture were at the complete mercy of whichever men the warden/guards chose, and they would subject their victim to whatever sick sexual fetishes and pleasures they desired, whether it was BDSM, whipping, pissing, fisting, etc. It was one of the top fears in the brutal jail, and most men tried to be on their best behavior to avoid it.

Most prisons had solitary confinement, or “The Hole.” This one had the Temple of Torture.

Jerry had passed by it several times, and often heard from it loud smacks, bloodcurdling screams, and a group of men shouting the most profane insults you could imagine. But just last week, Jerry had finally seen firsthand an inmate being led from the Temple of Torture, and it was a dreadful sight. The poor man was naked and had a heavily traumatized expression on his bruised face, which was soaked in sweat, tears, and cum. His chest, belly, back, buttocks, and legs were covered in red welts from being spanked and whipped. And down his legs dribbled a mixture of blood and cum from his ruined asshole. The sight made Jerry sick to his stomach…

And now here he was, faced with the same thing. He crawled to the warden on his knees, his hands clasped in front of him as though praying. “Please, Mr. Polinski, not that! Don’t send me there! They’re gonna ruin me—”

Polinski gave another cruel laugh and kicked Jerry in the side. “You should have thought of that before you put your hands on my guard, bitch boy! You’re going, whether you like it or not, and there’s not a damn thing you can do!”

The guard-captain came up behind Jerry, pulled him to his feet, forced his hands behind his back, took a pair of handcuffs and slapped them on his wrists. Polinski looked straight into Jerry’s tear-filled eyes.

“I very well believe the men I’ve chosen are gonna have a LOT of fun with your fuckin’ pretty ass,” he said with a sadistic grin. “Take him away!”

And ignoring Jerry’s pleas, the guard-captain dragged him out of the office. Grinning, the warden sat down in his chair and lit a cigarette, his head full of sick thoughts as to the pure hell his chosen men were about to put Jerry through…



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