This is my first story so be kind

Intro :

i am a normal 16 year old boy, i have friends,work out and hate school.But i have always had strange fetishes for example i like reading porn stories about alien tentacle monsters fucking me.While not being fully gay these thoughts were stuck in my head.

The story:

I was at home, in my room watching porn with my cock in my hand slowing rubbing it. i started to get faster and felt cum rushing through my balls . I am about to blow my load but i hear something behind me. it came from the bathroom. I walk towards the door with only my shirt (there was nobody home) . i open the door slowly and peek inside however i see nothing out of the ordinary. i walk further in, near to the shower. Suddenly the drain of the shower pops open and a purple tentacle emerges from the hole.

I try to rung but it grasps my shirt , i keep straining and the shirt rips i get ready to run again but i am thrown to the floor , when the tentacle grabs my leg. i fall hard on my face. i try to stand but i am held down,i feel a tentacle on my ear as it thrusts itself into my head. i hear "i do not want to hurt you ,only pleasure you".

At that i feel a unseen tentacle move up my leg to my ass. it start to play with my hole, i take this as a chance to turn around. there in behind me is a large purple ball with long tentacles emerging from all over it and two of those tentacles holding a completely naked 16 year old boy to the floor.

The tentacle felling my ass finally gets inside and i scream in pleasure , it must have been 6 inches wide and 10 inches deep in my asshole and it keeps going i feel it reach my intestine and stop . i am having a huge orgasm on the floor, at this another tentacle comes and wipe it up on itself and then stuff it in my mouth.
The taste of my own cum is overwhelming i move my hands down to my cock and rapidly beat it, but the ball moves towards it and i notice a hole in its side i enter the hole, still with 3 tentacles in me and start to fuck it.

I feel a warm liquid leave the tentacles and into my body, And i hear the voice once again"i only want to pleasure you. so i give you my gift: whoever sees your penis will fall under your spell and do whatever you want. As well as this you can cum as much as you want, and lastly your penis will now grow to 18 inches when erect "

With that the monster left me on the floor in a pool of my own cum and suddenly i see my penis grow to an impossible size i think back on what has happened and wonder about what i can do at this moment i hear my brother shout up"i'm home"

I walk down to him still naked, i hear the television being turned on i walk in and see my brother. My brother is the 2nd oldest child in my family after me. there was also his twin sister Emily and they were both 13 and the youngest child : James who was 10.

He turns to me and looks at my 18 inch cock sticking out in front of me, he does not seem to think that it is weird and just stares at it. i realize that he is under my spell i say ti him "take off your clothes" and he does so his 7 inch cock erect as possible i tell him"sit on the sofa" and he walks over and sits down. i follow him over and sit on his leg right next to is dick.

i get on my hands and knees leaning over him and tell him"finger my asshole" he spreads my ass with a smile ...... to be continued


2014-03-28 05:15:21
nice, but it could use more detail.


2013-03-25 22:27:04
i think you rushed thru the story. Someone mentioned "building up" and they were right by my perspective. It's a promising 1st draft.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-24 08:13:12
elaborate details n more ..that could be best story

anonymous readerReport

2012-12-12 16:02:38
I agree/ Please slow down. This could be an epic tale. Would love to read more

anonymous readerReport

2012-12-08 22:03:39
Loved it but could use more length. they need to do more.

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