Found at the Playground

They tell parents to be careful of predators at the playground. They aren’t mistaken; but no one took Carlos and me for predators. We were just two young men playing Frisbee on the grass, laughing and kidding one another. So harmless, so natural; our presence was forgotten as they turned to look after their children. Anyway we weren’t interested in kids that young, or that protected. We were looking at the older ones who had come to the playground alone. We certainly were looking at that group of four young girls, probably nine or ten years old, they seemed to have come on their bikes.

We took a break from Frisbee to prepare, in case we got lucky, and agreed to the impersonating police officers approach. These looked like polite, well brought up girls who’d follow a policeman’s orders. If the four left together we’d have to let them go but, if they went singly or by twos we’d act.

Finally I heard one of them say that she’d better be heading home and they all walked over to their bikes. Three of them left together but the last one appeared to be headed in the opposite direction, on her own. She was a cute thing with light brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She wore a pink sleeveless dress that was very short and showed her legs to full advantage from mid thigh to her sandaled feet. While she hadn’t grown her breasts yet I’d noticed that, when she leant against the play equipment, the curve of her body, from waist to hips, was noticeable. This was a girl we would enjoy and for who we could easily find a buyer.

While the girls were saying good-bye to one another we picked up our stuff and strolled, unnoticed, to the car. As we were playing at being policemen we’d picked a pretty solid vehicle to steal.

Finally the girl rode away. Carlos started the car and we followed until she turned into a lonely side street. Carlos accelerated and pulled the car in front of her so that she had to stop. I got out and held up my fake police credentials. I explained that we’d just had a report that a bike had been stolen from the playground and the description we’d been given seemed to fit the bike she was riding.

The girl protested that it was her bike. I asked her for identification and, of course, she didn’t have any. I told her she’d have to come to the police station with us until it could be sorted out. The girl started to cry. I told her that, if she was a good girl and did as she was told, there was nothing to worry about.

We leaned her bike against the fence and I told her to turn around and put her arms behind her back. She did as she was told and gasped as I put the child sized handcuffs on her wrists. I assured her that this was just the rule. I put her in the back seat of the car, got in, and closed the door. Carlos pulled away and quickly turned onto another street as we headed away. The whole thing hadn’t taken more than a couple of minutes.

I asked the girl her name and she said it was Sally Johnston. I asked her if she was a good girl and she said she was. I told her that we could always tell good girls because they were polite and did as they were told. If she did as she was told we’d think she was a good girl and could be believed. If she didn’t then we’d think she was a bad girl and had stolen the bike.

I looked at her as she sat beside me in the back of the car. I’d fastened her seatbelt and she sat there with her arms cuffed behind her. I looked down at her legs and the length of thigh that was bare. I felt my prick stiffen as I eyed her.

I put my hand on her knee and enjoyed the feel of her warm, smooth skin under my fingers. I told her to open her legs. She looked at me with confusion. I reminded her that good girls did as they were told. Reluctantly she moved her legs apart. I started to slide my hand up her thigh. As my hand moved higher I slipped it down between her legs.

She gasped as my hand continued to move towards her groin. Instinctively she started to close her legs but stopped when I snarled at her. Reaching the top of her leg I began to rub her groin through the cloth of her panties. The girl groaned and started to cry.

She cried harder as I rubbed harder, pushing the material of her panties into her slit. Sobbing, she begged me to stop but was too frightened to close her legs. I found her clit and pinched it between two fingers while she cried out and wriggled helplessly. Unable to take any more she closed her legs as tight as possible.

I turned to Carlos in the front seat and said that Sally Johnson didn’t seem to be a good girl who did as she was told. I told him that I thought she was probably lying when she said it was her bike.

The frightened girl kept crying but shook her head and said that she wasn’t lying. I turned back to her and told her that she had to prove she was a good girl by doing as she was told. I unzipped my pants and let my prick jump out. The poor girl gave a little scream and her eyes went wide with shock. I said that, to prove she was a good girl, she had to lick my penis. She started to pull back but I put a hand on the back of her head and pushed her forward and down until the tip of my penis was brushing her lips.

At my snarled order Sally opened her trembling lips and timidly licked the exposed bulb of my prick, which responded by growing thicker as the blood engorged it. Just as I was going to push the shaft into her mouth Carlos said that we were about there. I pulled back, slipped my prick back into my pants and zipped up. The girl, gasping, sat back up; tears streaming down her cheeks.

We pulled into the park and ride lot where we’d left our other car. Those places are always deserted in the middle of the day and are good places to work switches without being seen.

Carlos pulled the car we were riding in round behind our parked car and cut the motor. He turned to me and said that he thought we shouldn’t have left the bike. It would point to a snatch too quickly. I wasn’t worried but Carlos has a good sense for these things. We hadn’t come too far and he wanted to go back for it. I didn’t think it would be a big risk and, if it would help him relax, we should do it.

I grabbed a ball gag out of our bag of tricks. Sally opened her mouth when I told her and I fitted her with the gag. Then I took a second pair of cuffs and put them on her ankles. When she was nicely trussed, Carlos opened the trunk of the other car and I slid her out of the back seat and dropped her right in. Warning her to lie still and make no noise, I slammed the trunk shut.

I got into the front seat of the snatch car and we drove back to get the bike. When we got there we saw another girl standing beside the bike. This girl was older than the first one; maybe twelve or thirteen. She had thick black hair that hung loose around her cute face. The hair was long enough to brush the cloth of her shirt where her small breasts pushed the material forward. Her legs were well shaped and well displayed between the denim skirt, that ended mid thigh, and her white ankle socks. Her shirt looked like a football shirt, red with a big white number four on it.

We wondered whether to just drive on by and get away as quietly as possible but Carlos liked the look of the girl so we decided we’d take her as well as the bike. I told Carlos that I thought this girl might be a bit more trouble that the first one and he should get the chloroform ready while I talked to her.

When the car stopped I got out and, showing the girl my fake police I.D., asked her if it was her bike. She said it wasn’t but it looked like her sister’s and she was wondering why it was there. I told her that there’d been an accident and Sally had been taken to the hospital and we’d been sent to get the bike.

The girl clutched my arm and asked if Sally was badly hurt. I told her I didn’t think it was too serious but we could drive her to the hospital if she wanted and she could see her sister. She accepted our offer gratefully. We put the bike on the back seat and told the girl to get in front, between the two of us. Without any worry she did just as she was told.

When I asked she said that her name was Rachel and she was twelve-years old; two years older than Sarah. I told her to put her hands behind her to get the middle seat belt out. As soon as she did I slipped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists and closed them. Carlos had the pad on her face before she could realize what was happening. I held her while she struggled for air but she soon lost consciousness and slumped back against the seat.

Carlos sealed the chloroform pad back in the ziploc, put the car in gear and we left. He complemented me on my quick thinking. I said “Thank you” as I slid my hand under her skirt to feel the warmth of her groin. I couldn’t do much to her in the front seat so I’d have to wait until we got them both safely home. I took a ball gag out of the bag and pulled the girl down across my lap so that I could attach it without being seen through the window.

It didn’t take long to get back to the parking lot and Carlos pulled up alongside our car. I used the remote to unlock the doors and quickly slid the unconscious girl onto the floor in the back of the car. Carlos took off to dump his car and I followed as soon as I could.

The dump site we’d decided on ahead of time was in a river, some way out of town. A new bridge had been built and the old one destroyed but the old road led down to the river and was hidden by trees. It was easy to slide the car into the water and, with the windows open, it quickly sank out of sight. We’d used this place before and that car had never been discovered.

Carlos scrambled up the bank through the trees and jumped into the back seat as I pulled up. I could hear him grunt as he lifted the girl from the floor. After a minute or two, while his hands roamed her body, he grunted “Juicy!” and said that he’d like to be the first to play with her. She was regaining consciousness as I could hear her gasps and muffled cries of protest as his hands continued to explore her defenceless body.

I didn’t mind in the least that Carlos would be first with her. I had a vivid picture of her younger sister’s legs and how they felt as I ran my hand over her thigh. I was looking forward to hearing her moan and whimper. Anyway I’d have plenty of time later to fuck the older girl.

I ran the car into the garage and cut the motor. As the door closed behind us I went round to the trunk and unlocked it while Carlos pulled the struggling twelve-year-old out of the car. He had no trouble mastering her and he dragged her towards the door of our special room.

Sally stared up at me, her brown eyes wide with fright. I took a moment to enjoy the sight of her trussed like a Christmas turkey. Her dress had slipped even higher up her thighs as she’d turned and twisted in some hopeless attempt to get free. Despite her age, her legs were well shaped. I knew I would enjoy feeling them. Stimulated by the thought I reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders. I pulled her upright and then bent down to drop her over my shoulder and carry her across the garage, her legs dangling in front of me. I let my hand wander up the skin of her bare thigh and onto the thin panties covering her crotch as we followed Carlos and Rachel into the room. Even with the gag still in place I could hear her gasp as my fingers pushed between her legs for the second time.

I closed the door behind us. With all the soundproofing that we’d installed, there was no danger that any screams would be heard outside the house. We both liked to hear our girls’ sounds of pain. It’s difficult to find other things more arousing than the moans and whimpers of some terrified girl.

The way that Rachel was struggling I guessed that Carlos would have to spend some time punishing her before she’d cooperate. I always enjoyed watching that. I slid Sally off my shoulder and stood her up with her back against one of the poles that we had set in the concrete floor. Unlocking one of her wrists I pulled her arms around the pole and relocked the handcuffs. I did the same with her ankles so that she was standing facing the trestles that Carlos would be using with big sister.

I don’t know if she was in a state of shock or just too frightened but Sally hardly put up any resistance as I fastened her to the pole. She looked really cute and appealing in her short pink dress so I decided to leave it on her for a while yet. I held her chin in my hand and she began to make whimpering sounds, muffled by the gag. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and I licked them, savoring the salty taste.

While I was getting little Sally arranged Carlos was busy with Rachel. I moved round behind the pole, keeping one hand on Sally’s throat, holding her still. My other hand started to roam over her body, feeling her contours through the thin cotton of her dress. As she started to twist her body in protest I tightened my grip on her throat and told her to be still. Submissively she did as she was told.

Meantime the twelve year old was struggling, trying to break free from Carlos. He slapped her face hard leaving red marks on both of her cheeks. Then he spun her around, grabbed her handcuffed wrists and yanked them up towards her shoulders. With a yelp of pain she was bent face down over the trestles. Carlos undid the gag as she tried to kick backwards at him. When the gag was untied she spat it out.

“You fucking perverts” she yelled, “Take your filthy hands off me! You’d better let us go or you’ll be in prison for the rests of your fucking lives!”

Carlos didn’t bother to say anything. He let go of her wrists and, grabbing her shoulders, spun her round again to face him. Before she could realize what was coming he punched her viciously in the stomach knocking all the breath out of her. As she started to double over in pain, gasping for breath, he brought his knee up in her face. I could hear the crack as his knee met her nose. Without a sound the girl collapsed onto the floor.

Going down onto one knee Carlos wrenched her sneakers off and threw them away. Next he unzipped her denim skirt, pulled it down her legs and chucked it away. Her cute yellow panties were next. Apart from her white ankle socks she was naked from the waist down.

Carlos stood up and kicked her hard in the kidney before taking the key of the cuffs out of his pocket and undoing them. The girl was still in too much pain to be able to resist as he pulled her shirt over her head, threw it to the side and then undid her bra and removed that too. As he turned the naked girl over onto her back I could see the trickle of blood from her nose.

Naked she looked good. She had a slim waist and well shaped hips and legs. Her breasts were still small but topped with big brown nipples. As she lay limply, her legs a little apart, I could see the tuft of pubic hair. Her long, dark hair was loose, spilling around her bare white shoulders.

“Are you going to be a sensible bitch and do as you’re told?” Carlos demanded. Despite all he’d done to her the girl shook her head in refusal. “Stupid cunt. Now I’m going to hurt you until you beg me to fuck you. Do you understand?” Defiantly the girl glared at him.

He kicked her again and then picked her up and laid her, face down on the trestles with her arse facing Sally and me. Her arms hung down on the far side of the table and he fastened her wrists to the legs with leather straps that we’d attached to the wood.

Walking around the table he stretched her legs down to the legs on the near side and strapped them tight as well, spread apart to allow him easy access to her groin. There was little room for movement and no chance for her to get free.

Carlos walked back in front of the pinioned girl and took off his clothes. He isn’t a big man but he’s well built and muscular. His penis was already half erect. He explained that he could rape her right now and there wasn’t anything she could do to escape but he wasn’t going to. He was going to wait until she asked him to fuck her and, the longer it took, the harder it would be for him to believe her. As strongly as she could manage, she told him that she’d never ask and he could go to Hell. He smiled and walked over to our instrument trunk and pulled out a cane; the sort that you see English teachers use on naughty boys in old movies. I knew that it was made of ash wood, very flexible and would hurt when he use it on Rachel’s soft flesh.

He held the cane under one arm as he came around behind her, running his hands over her naked, pinioned body. He let his fingers enjoy the feel of her smooth unblemished skin. He caressed her body, fondling her more like a lover than a rapist. Finally his hands followed the contours of her hips and butt to slide gently between her thighs. His fingers slipped between her labia to find the opening of her vagina. As he probed and rubbed I slid my hand under Sally’s dress and up the bare skin of her legs onto her panties. I rubbed her slit and little clit through the thin material as she squirmed.

Rachel cried out in protest and struggled hopelessly against her leather restraints as Carlos did as he pleased. Once again she swore at him. Without warning he stepped away from her, took the cane from under his arm and swung it hard across her buttocks. The twelve year old screamed with pain and shock. I could see the thin red stripe on the pale mounds of her butt.

Giving her no chance to recover he swung again. Accurately he hit the same place and, this time, little spots of blood spattered as the girl screamed even louder. Changing direction he aimed his next blow at her back. Now her screams were mixed with wrenching sobs.

Soon her back, butt and upper thighs were marked with thin red wheals. Suddenly she started begging him to stop. In between the strokes he reminded her that he’d stop only when she asked him to fuck her. Her sobs and cries had the sound of hopeless abandon. I recognized the sound. It wouldn’t be long now.

The final blow was the one he aimed between her legs striking her from her anus to her clit. She screeched in agony and then yelled that she wanted him to fuck her. He asked her to repeat herself and she said, her voice broken with sobs, that she wanted him to fuck her. I could hear the defeat in her voice and knew that she was broken. There’d be no more resistance from this little girl.

Carlos knew it too, he stopped punishing her and dropped the cane. Standing between her legs he guided his penis between the lips of her vulva and into the opening of her vagina. All she could manage was a low moan at her violation. Beating the girl had excited Carlos to a full erection and he had to shove hard to get into her. He grunted as he pushed a bit harder to break her hymen as she gasped at the sudden pain. Then he started his rocking rhythm, working towards ejaculation.

I felt myself getting more excited as I watched the rape of the beautiful twelve year old. My hand crept up over Sally’s panties and slid down inside them, across the soft skin of her belly onto the mound that led to her clit. I felt the child stiffen as I began to rub that sensitive spot. After a while my fingers went further finding their way between the lips and into the opening of her vagina.

The feel of the little girl squirming under my fingers was enough to satisfy me for the moment as I watched Carlos’ movements get stronger and stronger until, with a satisfied grunt, he shot his load. He stood there for a few moments enjoying the feel of release before he pulled back his prick, still big, covered with blood and sperm. He walked round to where Rachel’s head hung limply, her long black hair covering her face. Grabbing a handful of hair he pulled her head up until her mouth was level with his prick. Obedient to his command the girl opened her mouth. He slid his member inside and I could see her cheeks contract as she sucked and licked it clean.

I couldn’t wait any longer to start on Sally. I undid the gag and took it out of her mouth. Her eyes, brimming with tears, were riveted on my face. “It’s your turn now sweetheart” I said. “Either you can be a good girl and do just as I say or I can beat you just like your sister was beaten. Which do you want it to be?”

With a trembling voice she said she’d do what I wanted. I told her to call me “Sir”. Submissively she said “Yes Sir.”

Remembering what we started on in the car I unlocked her wrists and forced her to kneel, her ankles still cuffed behind the pole. I stood in front of her and told her to unzip my pants, with trembling fingers she did as she was told and pulled out my penis, already long, stiff and ready. Following my directions she stroked it with her soft, little hands and it swelled even bigger. Her gentle touch was incredibly arousing. I saw her eyes get wide at the full size of my shaft as the bulb poked through the foreskin.

Next I told her to kiss it and, after a momentary hesitation, I felt the touch of her lips. I was sufficiently aroused to need a culmination. Now she had to suck and lick as my prick slid further and further into her mouth. My hands were behind her head so that she couldn’t pull free. The pleasure of this young girl giving me head was fantastic. I wanted it to go on and on.

Carlos decided that his shaft was clean enough and pulled it out of Rachel’s mouth. “I’m feeling hungry” he said “I’m going to nuke a burrito. Can I get you anything?” I wasn’t feeling hungry yet so I just asked him to bring me a beer when he came back and said I’d appreciate it if he’d clean the trestle as I’d be using it soon.

He laughed, undid the leather restraints from Rachel’s wrists and ankles. Taking the twelve year old by the hair he pulled her roughly off the table and dropped her on the floor before heading for the kitchen. I looked at the naked and abused girl as she lay, face down, on the concrete floor. Her adolescent curves were more pronounced than Sally’s and, even when I was face fucking her little sister, knew I wanted to fuck her too.

All too soon I knew that I couldn’t keep back my climax. Shoving my prick as deeply as I could in Sally’s throat I held her tight by the hair as she choked and gagged while my semen surged out and trickled down her throat.

Finally I shot my full load and pulled back out. The girl fell sideways, gasping. I looked down at her enjoying the contours of her hips and legs. Later, when I was tired, I’d take her to bed and enjoy fondling her pre-pubescent body.

Bending down I unlocked the ankle cuffs and took them off. She rolled onto her side showing her hips even better and I thought that would make a good photo. I decided to wait until later to take the photos. Her dress was a little grubby after having been in the trunk of our car. I’d wash it so it’d be clean for the photos. I’d take one of her on her side like now, another of her on her knees with her hands tied behind her back and one of her stretched on tiptoes with her hands tied above her head. Some of our clients liked the girls naked and docile so I’d take others of her nude on the bed with her legs open, ready to be penetrated and one of her from behind on her knees with her head on the floor looking back as if ready to have her ass fucked. If I had time, I’d take some of her naked out in the woods.

Now I wanted to take her virginity. I got to the table and pulled out the extensions, that we used to spread-eagle a girl, and adjusted them to the right length. I was turning back to tell Sally to strip when a low moan from Rachel got my attention. She moved weakly and I felt my prick stiffen as her hips and butt drew my gaze. I decided to take a break from little sister to tie big sister up, in case she tried to interfere when I was raping Sally.

I didn’t want Sally to do anything stupid while I was occupied with her older sister so I told her to stand up and strip off her clothes. Reluctantly she did as she was told, pulling her dress over her head and dropping it on the floor. Then she took off her sandals and, after a pleading look at me, pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. I could see the pale skin that had been covered by her bathing suit.

When I told her to lie face up on the trestle table she started to tremble but didn’t move. I told her I wouldn’t beat her if she obeyed. She climbed onto the table and, following my directions, spread out her arms and legs along the extensions. I readjusted the table so that the restraints around her wrists and ankles held her with her arms and legs fully stretched. Her hairless slit was open and undefended, ready for me when I wanted it.

Leaving Sally there, I bent down and grabbed her sister by the hair. I dragged her across the room to where the pulley was set up. I fastened her wrists in front of her and tied them to the pulley. I pulled on the rope, stretching her arms above her head. She gave a little yelp of pain as I continued pulling so that her feet left the ground. I stopped when her groin was level with mine. As she hung there I fastened ropes around her ankles and then to rings that were screwed into the floor. Now I had the two sisters absolutely at my mercy. It felt real good. I swung round to look at Sally. She looked at me, her eyes wet with tears. Damn she was enticing.

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