(Prologue) The Babysitting Job

Five dollars an hour seemed like a reasonable sum to Bianca, so she jumped at the chance to pick up the four hours of work. Her new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Ward, seemed like good people and the three young boys acted disciplined and well-behaved.

Bianca prided herself on being a well-mannered, decent, good girl herself. At the age of 16, she was an honor-roll student with a perfect attendance and not a mark on her scholastic record. She was the pride and joy of her parent’s life. And, even if she did say so herself, she was the best dang babysitter in the whole neighborhood!

“Thanks for staying, Bianca,” Mrs. Ward said as she headed out. “They like hot buttered popcorn, so feed them a snack around eight. Homework comes first and make sure they do it all. I know you’re smart, so help if they need it. Call one of the numbers if you need us. Bye! Bye boys!”

“Bye Mom, bye Dad!” the trio of curly-headed preteen boys shouted and waved. Bianca smiled as she saw firsthand the genuine love which passed between the parents and kids. This was the same kind of love found in her family.

As the front door closed and the boys milled around, Bianca took a good long look at each. For a guy of 12, Justin was what most young girls might call ‘cute’. He was developing muscles and would probably grow into a fine figure of a man someday. There was only one word to describe the look of the 10-year-old twins, Jess and Jeff, and that word was ‘pretty’. Okay, yeah boys are not supposed to be pretty, but these were certainly the prettiest boys Bianca had ever seen!

Bianca was surprised by her attraction to these boys’ superficial looks. Ordinarily boys did not interest her in particular. Oh, she wasn’t a ‘lesbo’ but she certainly avoided grabby-handed, dirty-mined boys if at all she possibly could. This was one young lady who had no boyfriend and was seeking none either!

“Homework time guys,” Bianca announced. “Boys, ‘get er done’ then you can play.”

All three boys sniggered and grinned when this ‘girl’ used a good-ole-boy Southern expression to make her announcement. This may be the very moment when the ice broke and the boys began to endear this young woman to their hearts.

“Bianca, do you know anything about 5th grade English?” Jeff asked. “Jess and me both are having problems. Can you help us?”

Taking the boys hands she led them towards their rooms and books. “Boys, it’s not ‘Jess and me’,” she calmly corrected. “It’s ‘Jess and I are having problems’.”

Jeff chose this moment to let his mischievous side show. “Oh Miss Bianca, I didn’t know that you and Jess were having problems!” he teased. “I’m soooo sorry!”

Impulsively, Bianca grabbed a pillow from a bed and threw it at Jeff. Jess took his brother’s side. Within seconds, a full-blown pillow fight was being fought all around the room. Justin came in with two armloads of extra ammo and the battle raged on. The skirmish ended with a pile of pillows and boys and one disheveled girl tangled in a mess littering the floor.

As Bianca extricated herself from the melee, she was thinking about how fortunate it was that she had dressed in a comfortable terrycloth romper. If the boys had been any older she wouldn’t have worn this because it’s bare shoulders, slim fit, and short length showed off too much of her maturing young female form.

Just as the girl was about to make her escape, a blindly grabbing hand accidentally latched on to the romper at a place near the waist. The boy attached to the hand fell down, but he didn’t lose his grip. Bianca’s strapless, sleeveless elasticized top was pulled down to her belly and her braless breasts tumbled out into view.

The room went deathly quiet. Not one breath was expelled. Not one hair moved. Three pairs of boys’ eyes stared in fascinated wonder at a pair of grapefruit sized and shaped melons hanging in front of them. Each melon was topped with a cherry sized bud surrounded by a ring of pink colored flesh.

Bianca was mortified beyond belief. Exposed in front of her charges! This could be the death of her babysitting career! What should she do? How could she save this day?

Feigning confidence, Bianca lifted her romper top up and, just like it was something she did every day, she gently cupped her breasts and one after the other lay them back inside their terrycloth home. For a hint of a second, this girl could have sworn she saw a look of disappoint in three pairs of boys’ eyes.

Bianca smacked her hands together three times. “Recess is over,” she announced. “Get this room straightened up and get back to your homework!”

(Part One) The twin’s horny curiosity

Having helped make the mess, Bianca helped clean it up. Justin went back to his room. Jess and Jeff finally climbed onto a bed with papers and pencils while their babysitter/teacher sat on the floor and read from a studybook guide.

Bianca became well aware of the fact that from their vantage point above her the boys could stare down into her cleavage. In a way, it was quite flattering. They were little boys having their first ‘turned-on’ experience. What could it hurt? Why, those youngsters wouldn’t know what to do with a real tit if they had one in their hands!

As if reading their babysitter’s challenging mind, Jess and Jeff dropped down on their elbows and bellies in the bed. Their eyes were less that a foot from the cherry-topped boobs they had seen just a few minutes ago. The boys had a whispered conversation with each other.

“Bianca, may we ask you a big, big, big, big, big favor?” they asked in unison. “May we see your…your ‘girls’ again? Just for a few minutes, oh please, please, please!”

Bianca spoke more harshly than she intended to. “You most certainly, MAY NOT!” she exclaimed. “You two are very, very bad boys and you ought to be spanked for your wickedness!”

The mischievous twin boys had the same idea at the very same time. They were so young and innocent that they probably didn’t even know where they got the idea to do it, but both boys stripped their shirts off. They pulled their pants down to their knees then turned their bare asses towards Bianca and said, “Spank us then!”

Before she could form a responsible response in her mind, Bianca’s two hands shot out and each whacked an ass cheek with a stinging blow. “I’ll teach you boys a lesson about teasing girls,” she warned menacingly.

Quick as a whip, Bianca’s hands landed stinging slaps on pristine white little boy ass flesh. The white canvas turned pink then red. Whimpering protests did not deter this babysitter’s determination to meet out justifiable punishment.

When the whimpering became tearful cries, Bianca belatedly realized she had been too harsh. Guilt-ridden and ashamed, this tenderhearted young woman determined that she would make it up to the boys. But, how to do it was the question?

Allowing Mother Nature to guide her, Bianca tenderly massaged the flaming red skin on both asses. As pinkness began returning, the strong-willed girl had hope for redemption. She bent over and kissed the flesh of each boy’s ass repeatedly. Whimpering began again, but this time the whimpers sounded like indications of pleasure.

With Bianca kneeling there on her knees between the two ass-whipped boys on the bed, the mischievous 5th graders did something entirely unexpected. They turned over onto their backs!

Nude from the knees up, Bianca couldn’t help but notice the most obvious feature which defined the masculine nature of each body. A penis protruded from between each boy’s legs. Although relatively small by manly standards, the penises were nonetheless exceptionally well-formed and extraordinarily shaped.

If her life depended on it, Bianca couldn’t have given a reason as to why she did what she did next! Her two ass-spanking hands reached out and the fingers of each wrapped themselves around a 10-year-old penis.

As the fingers tentatively touched, Bianca’s mind ordered them to do more. Obedient appendages, they were, so they fondled, they groped, they played. They found testicle sacks and rolled the marble sized balls in them just like they were two pair of champion cat-eye rollers.

The boys desperately wanted to wiggle and squirm. They wanted to cheer with glee. But damn, they didn’t dare move a muscle for fear this dream might end! Finally another desperation drove both boys to dare beg one more time, “Bianca, we want to ask you again. May we see your ‘girls’?”

As the boys feared she would, she released their penises, but then she pulled her romper top down to release her breasts which spilled out all over the place. As the boys hoped she would, she recaptured their penises and resumed her playtime adventures.

Suddenly, the boys had a very profound thought. If this girl can play with them, then why couldn’t they play with this girl? Four hands reached out and latched onto two boobs. Twenty fingers began massaging, exploring, and playing. Two boys’ hearts soared to 7th heaven while their penises swelled with the pride of manly accomplishments.

Mammary flesh warmed the boys’ juvenile hands. Cupping the glorious bouncers, they repeatedly tossed them into the air and caught them with groping hands. Discovering the stiffened nipples, the boys became mesmerized by their exquisite wonder. Using the tips of their fingers, they rolled the nubile nubs and delicately milked the nippled protrusions.

Speaking of milk, perhaps boy children never lose their instinctive hunger for suckling a tit. Jess and Jeff certainly hadn’t. Without daring ask permission out of fear of denial, the two boys raised themselves up and each closed his lips over a swollen nipple. Vacuuming mouths greedily suckled. Saliva-drenched tongues lapped at the rosebud peaks and licked the strawberry colored areolas.

Bianca was surprised by the brazen boldness of such young little boys, but she had to admit that they were mighty fine titsuckers! Inexperienced as they were, they were making her hot, horny, and wet with their insatiable hunger. As the boys continued to suck and play with her breasts, this girl allowed an unforgivably wicked thought to enter her consciousness. These penises she was fondling were only about half-pint sized, but damn, they were all male meat with an undeniable allure to tempt a female with lust in her loins!

Suddenly, this teen girl made a daring decision. Jerking her nipples out of hard-sucking mouths, she put a hand against each young boy’s chest and gave a shove hard enough to throw them back flat on the bed. Before either boy could protest or fight his way upright, Bianca bent over and kissed one penis then she kissed the other. The boys froze in place with startled disbelief.

Bianca discovered that her kissing lips found the softest flesh they had ever touched. Warm and stiff, but unbelievably silky soft, the skin tasted slightly salty. The masculine smell was of musky, erotic seduction. Giving each boy equal time, this girl explored their pubic areas with a kissing mouth and a licking tongue.

There was a mysterious something about these penises that Bianca especially liked, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. As she closed her lips over a testicle sack, the answer struck her like a bolt of lightening. Why of course, there was a complete absence of pubic hair on these preteen boys’ bodies! Good god, she loved the feel of the baby smooth penile flesh!

Just to prove her infatuation to be complete, Bianca stuck one of the penises into her mouth. It was Jeff’s. The stiffened rod didn’t yet have the majestic size to deserve the moniker ‘cock’ yet it wasn’t so babyish that it didn’t deserve any sexual name at all. This girl finally decided that while the erection she was sucking on wasn’t all that big, she did nevertheless have quite a good sized load of ‘dick’ in her mouth.

Jeff’s dick swelled as it filled with seminal fluids seeking release from their testicular prison. This was the little boy’s first ever blowjob. Unbeknownst to him, this was Bianca’s first cocksucking blowjob, too! Yet, some instinct told the girl to get the erection out of her mouth before it blew.

As soon as Jeff’s dick saw the light of day, it erupted with spouts of orgasmic cream. Bianca’s mouth and face missed being splattered. Instead of ignoring the boy, this babysitter’s hand wrapped back around his shaft and pumped him vigorously. Whimpering cries of orgasmic ecstasy filled the room.

Before Jess could voice his growing jealousy, Bianca switched her focus to him. She closed her mouth over his dick and started giving him a good and proper cocksucking. Now with some experience, she knew how to lick, and suck, and eat male meat all at the same time. She had the boy writhing, wiggling, and ready to shoot within a matter of minutes.

Moving her head just in time, Bianca’s face once more avoided getting hit. This girl knelt between her twin babysitting charges and she pumped their dicks until she had them milked dry. Their bellies and chests were covered with their seminal excretions.

“Boys, go clean up,” Bianca commanded. “But, you get yourselves right back in here and finish this homework or there will be no popcorn or TV tonight!”

(Part Two) He’s big for his age

Like jackrabbits running from hounds, the boys jumped up and ran to the nearby bathroom. Bianca stood, tucked her breasts back into their romper top nests, then she began berating herself. She muttered as she walked towards the other bathroom, “Damn, that was fun and I liked making them cum, but I didn’t get to cum myself! I’m so hot, horny, and wet I betcha I could screw a doorknob! I guess I’ll have to masturbate now!”

Speaking of masturbation, as Bianca came abreast of Justin’s bedroom she heard the unmistakable sounds of someone doing just that. Daring to disturb a boy during such a solemn occasion, this girl opened the door, walked in, and closed it behind her.

“Aha, caught red-handed,” Bianca said to the nude boy lying in bed. 12-year-old Justin had in fact stripped off his clothing and he was indeed beating his meat.

“Or, to be more precise, caught cock-handed!” she corrected. In a matter of seconds Bianca’s probing eyes had noticed the differences in size and shape between this brother and his younger brother’s penises. Oh no, that’s not to say that his was as big as a man’s! But, in length, this boy had one that would probably measure out to the 5 to 6 inch mark! In girth, this penile pole was as thick as a polish sausage! Oh yes, in Bianca’s eyes, this boy had a ‘cock’ between his legs!

Justin’s preteen face flamed red in embarrassment at being caught. He covered his erection with his hands. He had hope that it would soften, but it refused to. “Please don’t tell on me, Bianca,” he begged. “Please, don’t even tell Jeff and Jess! I’ll do anything if you won’t tell! Okay?”

“Justin, I don’t tell tattletales and I’m not a blackmailer!” Bianca irritably answered. Not wanting to embarrass the boy further, this girl started to turn away. But, she stopped. Oh god, she desperately wanted to touch that nice, beautiful cock attached to the boy lying there on the bed!

Turning back, she took three steps then sat down on the edge of the bed. This teen girl noticed how the younger boy’s whole body became rigid with startling uncertainty about what was happening. Bianca had not yet herself set her mind, but she was seriously contemplating seducing this boy. Should she? Could she? Well, if Justin was anything like his horny little brothers, then ‘yes’ she should and she ‘yes’ most definitely could!

“Justin, may I ask you something?” she innocently asked. “You don’t have to answer. But, when my top was pulled down and my breasts accidentally fell out, did you...did you think they were…pretty?”

Justin’s breath expelled in a rush. “Oh god yes!” he exclaimed. “They are the first real ones I’ve ever seen, but goodness they were gorgeous! I’d do anything if I could see them again!”

“You would, you really liked them that much,” Bianca said with pretended naivety. “You know something, Justin? I think your…your cock is gorgeous, too, so if… if you will let me see it again, I’ll let you see my breasts! Okay?”

Justin’s hands came away from covering himself and he excitedly answered, “Okay, oh god yes, okay!”

Once more this young lady pulled the elasticized band of her romper top down and allowed her breasts to spill out. Her eyes watched the face of the nude boy on the bed light up with joy. While his brothers were ‘pretty’ boys to her, Bianca had decided that Justin’s looks had more of a ruggedly handsome manly man’s cast.

While on the subject of manly looks, Bianca’s eyes studied this young man’s masculine cock and determined that it was an erotic specimen of penile perfection. A downy blanket of newborn pubic curls was thrown across his loins.

Unconscious thoughts passed between Bianca and Justin’s minds as their eyes met again. “Yes, you can touch me,” unspoken words said. “You can kiss and suck, too, if you want.”

Justin’s hands reached to touch. Capturing two handfuls of breasts, he played merry boob-bouncing, tit-tossing games. Exploratory hands encircled these globes on lust sanctioned expeditions for mammary treasure.

At the tiptop of two nipple-topped peaks this boy planted a kissy-licky flag of ownership. He sucked all the bejeweled riches and wealth from each mountain’s nippled summit then he kissed, licked, and sucked at the mountainous flesh itself.

Although lying on his back, this boy was experiencing the heady euphoria of mountaintop intoxication. He was happy and exhilarated beyond belief. Sex just couldn’t get any better than this!

This last thought came a little too prematurely. Just two seconds later a girl’s mouth swallowed his cock. Bianca wasn’t just meekly sitting around while the young boy toyed with her tits. Nope, she had better things to do with her time. While she most certainly did enjoy the feel of his manhandling mammary manipulations, she had a perfectly proportioned penile plaything positioned perfectly for her to play with!

So, play she did. She squeezed, she pulled, she pumped, she jerked, and she happily amused herself. This was her third cock to play with today, but it was by far the best! Correction, this was her first ‘cock’, the other two were fine, but they were only ‘dicks’!

Bianca’s fondling hands found their third testicle sack of the day. Her juggling fingers felt balls much bigger than the marble sized spheres hanging between this boy’s brother’s legs. She became so excited she gave the bagful of spongy balls a good hard squeeze.

The teeth inside a nipple-sucking mouth unintentionally bit down on a tender nubile nub. Bianca learned her lesson and resumed playing with a gentler touch. This was a girl who had learned the pleasures associated with sucking dicks today, now she was wondering if there was any difference between dicksucking and cocksucking.

Curiosity caused this horny pussycat to pull her nipple out of a sucking boy’s mouth and to transfer her attention towards doing some sucking herself. Dropping down to her knees, she guided a stiffened erection towards her and her mouth swallowed the cock.

Justin nearly screamed when Bianca started sucking. Her Hot-as-Hell mouth was so slippery wet it glided up and down on his rigid rod with effortless ease. The girl was licking, she was kissing, she was sucking like a Hoover running out of control.

Bianca didn’t intentionally set out to deep-throat this preteen boy, but oh his cock was so unbelievably nice! With her saliva pouring on the penile flesh, she felt the boy’s cockhead enter the opening to her throat. She gagged, stopped to take a breath, then did it again.

Justin knew he couldn’t take much more of this without cumming. Oh glory, this was a zillion times better than jacking off! Emboldened by lust, the boy ran a hand down into Bianca’s romper and slipped it under the waistband of her panties. For the first time in his horny young life his hand cupped a real-life girl’s pussy! Not really knowing what to do, he let instinct be his guide. He squeezed, he rubbed, and he played. Wow, oh wow, pussies were nice playthings!

Finding no objections, Justin pushed his luck. Damn, he wanted to see the pussy he was playing with! Getting a firm two-handed grip on the romper and panties, he pulled them down below the teen girl’s knees. Oh shit, just as he feared, Bianca stopped sucking!

Bianca did indeed stop sucking. Justin’s bold actions had awakened her from her cocksucking stupor. She loved sucking on this boy’s nice young cock, but instead of her mouth, she now knew she wanted it inside her pussy! She finished the job the boy had started. She stripped her clothing completely off!

This horny hot young woman sprang from the floor, jumped to the bed, and straddled the nude boy’s waist. Her intentions were to impale her drippy wet pussy on the boy’s rigid cockshaft and fuck him like crazy. Female instinct told her that this boy wanted to look at her first. Knee walking Bianca moved up towards Justin’s head. Once over his chest, she stopped and let him look.

Other than her tits, Justin didn’t believe there was anything in this whole wide world as beautiful as Bianca’s pussy! She had a neatly-trimmed bush of thin pubic curls. Her swollen female mound was split into two perfect symmetrical halves. There was the tip of an incredibly arousing feminine protrusion sticking out from between the two halves. The innocent, virginal boy wondered if this was the wonderful thing girl’s have that boy’s call a ‘clit’.

With curiosity guiding him, he cupped the pussy, gave it a few hesitant squeezes, and then daringly spread the split mound apart. Hot damn, the tip he had been looking at was only a tiny bit of the whole thing! This boy decided he would bet a whole year’s allowance that this was indeed a ‘clit’!

Justin raised his head, licked the seductively enticing tip, then he began running his exploring tongue all over it. When Bianca cupped her hands behind his head to support it, this boy became so emboldened that he began sucking the clitoral flesh. His lips smacked with slobbery tugs and his tongue went wild with kissy-licky slurps. Yummy, clits were tasty and fun to eat!

Bianca was having a pretty good time herself! This young boy’s lips were incredibly soft and his tongue was wonderfully dexterous. He may be new to it, but he was a natural at clitsucking! Oh god, the amazing tongue was now playing with her inner pussy lips! Oh Lordy, it’s probing inside her hole and licking her virginal hymen!

Justin’s tongue was drowning in drippy pussy juices. The slippery female fluids were sliding down into his throat forcing him to swallow to keep from choking. An exceptionally wicked thought entered his heads (the one on top of his neck and the one on the end of his cock, too). “I betcha,” he unintentionally said aloud. “This hot, wet, slippery hole would be the perfect place for me to put my hardened erection!”

“Go for it, Big Boy!” Bianca unexpectedly announced. The girl then knee walked backwards in the bed and positioned her dripping pussy over Justin’s young manhood. The boy’s fingers instinctively held his stiffened cock straight up. Without warning, without giving the right or wrong of it a second thought, Bianca sat down and impaled her pussy on Justin’s cock.

Wasn’t there supposed to be pain for the girl? Well, if there was, Bianca wasn’t feeling any! And, the primary reason might have something to do with the fact that she was already cumming! After happily eating two dicks and one cock then getting thoroughly tit-sucked, clit-sucked, and hole-licked, this girl was primed and ready for orgasms to sweep her away with their magical mysticism. Virginity be damned, she was ready to get fucked!

Of course, as soon as Justin’s cock slid up inside a real-live female’s hot, wet, honey hole, he too began cumming. After being played with and cock-sucked by this girl, he was more than ready to release his load of pent-up seminal cream. He squirted pressurized orgasmic fire! His penile flesh gloried in the ecstasy of lost virginity inside a vaginal home! With his hips bucking, his erection kept on thrusting into and out of Bianca’s pussy. He shot another joyous stream of cum into her.

Multiple orgasms assaulted Bianca with the rapture of their violent pleasure! She whimpered and cried blissfully. At the ripe old age of 16 it was about damn time this girl was losing her virginity! And, pray tell, where is it written that a girl has to lose her cherry to an older boy or man? This girl was finding out from firsthand experience that a ‘good’ little boy with a nice sized cock could get the job accomplished just as well!

Squishy squashy male and female cum spurting out from Bianca and Justin’s loins made a mess all over their pubic areas. When they finally stopped cumming, they rushed to the boys’ parent’s bathroom, ran a tubful of hot water, and jumped in.

(Part Three) Babysitters like gang-banging boys

Coming out of their own bathroom, Jess and Jeff discovered the nude bathing couple. Still naked themselves, the boys jumped into the tub, too. Bianca laid down some ground rules. As the babysitter to the three boys she had some measure of authority to do so. There would be only thirty minutes of playtime fun in the tub then it was back to homework for all.

For the next thirty minutes, 3 boys with 6 hands fondled and played with 2 tits, 1 ass, and 1 pussy. 1 girl with 2 hands fondled and played with 3 sets of balls, 2 dicks, and 1 cock. A good time was had by all. Everyone was gradually recovering from their orgasmic workout.

Bianca insisted that everyone dress for homework. Nudity provided too many distractions. The three boys gathered up their papers and books then gathered around their babysitter and tutor on the carpeted floor in the den.

At eight o’clock Bianca prepared a buttered popcorn treat and filled a bowl heaping high with hot, greasy, salty morsels. Throwing their books aside, the boys attacked the sexy food bearer.

At first, the boys were too famished to think about anything other than taming their ravenous hunger pangs. After their bellies became stuffed, their rapacious hungers found another target. Boys being boys, they wanted some tit and pussy dessert!

A hot-blooded girl being a girl, Bianca knew the boys would turn on her sooner or later. She was in charge, so she could have stopped them, but the truth of the matter was she kinda wanted to let them have their way with her. They were sweet kids, they treated her with respect, and they seemed to adore her in the way worshipers might revere a goddess.

Working as a team, the youngsters soon had the cooperative babysitter stripped nude. At her insistence, they had also willingly removed their own clothing. When she lay back and spread her legs, the boys wasted no time with the proprieties of asking permission. Jeff and Jess each sucked a nippled tittie into his mouth and began suckling a breast. Justin headed for the ‘good stuff’ and wrapped his lips around a warm, wet clit.

After playing for awhile, the twins convinced their big brother to switch female parts with them. Before trading, they persuaded their big bro to teach them how to eat pussy. Bianca didn’t know whether it was Justin’s experienced teaching or Jess and Jeff’s natural affinity for learning which did the trick, but she did know that those young boys were excellent little pussyeaters!

The boys weren’t the only ones touching inappropriate sexual parts without asking permission. As the three played, Bianca somehow managed to maneuver each, one ate a time, into a position where his penis danged over her face. Taking advantage of Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity, this horny teenage girl managed to get three erections, one after the other, into her mouth. One swollen, stiff, hard cock and a couple of straining, rigid, ramrod dicks became victims of this girl’s insatiable cocksucking appetite. She sucked, and chewed, and ate all the boy meat she could handle.

Bianca found herself quite amazed at the position she suddenly had herself in. The older boy’s mouth was sucking her clit and his tongue was playing inside her vaginal hole. Her mouth was filled with the full length of one of the twin boy’s dicks and her hand was wrapped around the shaft of the other. Her mouth was sucking while her hand was jacking and jerking.

All of a sudden, the clitsucking stopped. A few seconds later Bianca felt the head of a cock slip between her inner pussylips. Slithering like a snake, a cockshaft followed its head and penetrated deep into a slippery, hot, wet cavern. The venomous creature attacked! Time after time it struck, recoiled, then struck again! Without warning, the penile beast began spitting its venom!

Bianca’s own juices began spurting. Cock and cunt cum mixed inside a cauldron of orgasmic fire. A whimpering, whining euphoria stole away senses and left only trembling, quivering shells of flesh and bone filled with unrestrained exhilaration.

After spilling his load, Justin rolled off Bianca. Quick as a wink, Jess pulled his dick out of the suckling girl’s mouth then jumped down to occupy the vacated position between her legs. Following his big bro’s lead, he inserted his rigid erection into her cum-dripping hole. Although smaller, this boy’s dickshaft was nevertheless as viperously aggressive as its larger sibling. Striking with deep-thrusting plunges, this serpent assaulted vaginal flesh.

Until now, this babysitter’s hands and mouth had been the only female parts that had been wrapped around this boy’s young snake. He could now proudly add pussy to that list! Although the last added, this slippery, hot feminine body part now took top billing as the favorite on the list!

Jess’ virginal viper started spitting its serpentine sap into the girl’s glory hole. Streams of orgasmic seminal snake spit shot out in a creamy flood. Boyish whining turned to manly grunts and groans of joyful ecstasy.

Bianca’s pussy began experiencing multiple orgasms. Undersized, this boy’s dick might be, but he was using it in the correct way to solicit pleasure from a female’s loins. Her own body released more feminine cum which added to volume of boy cum already filling her vaginal cavity.

Sooner than she was ready for him to, Bianca’s boy-toy ran out of energy and rolled off her. Finding herself in mid-orgasm, the girl was disappointed. Not entirely unexpected, a rescuer jumped in. Jeff’s dick slipped in to take its brother’s place. As he began energetically pumping, this boy-hungry girl’s orgasms resumed.

Jeff wasted no time in doing what was necessary so he could cum himself. Having seen his brothers do it, he screwed Bianca with all his might! Plunging deep, he rammed his stiffened erection in and out as fast as he could. Swollen dick flesh began heating with frictional fire. Bubbling hot man milk shot up through a cumhole, raced for escape, and spewed out in a forceful gush.

It was a good thing Bianca wasn’t a screamer or else she would have alerted the whole neighborhood many times this night that hanky-panky was going on in this house. Even as the last load of boy cum tried to fit into her overfilled pussy, this girl felt one more wave of rapturous carnal bliss wash over her.

Time got away from the babysitter. Glancing at the clock, Bianca saw that it was less than an hour before the boy’s parents were due home. Jumping up, she grabbed up her clothing and headed for the bathroom. “Boys, I’m going to clean up in your Mom and Dad’s tub,” she said. “You go clean up in your tub then go to bed. I’ll come in and kiss you each goodnight.”

(Epilogue) Babysitter and boys get all tuckered out

Bianca had her bath and each boy had his goodnight kiss in his own sleepy time bed. She refused to allow any more intimacies tonight. This was a girl who was sucked out, fucked out, and worn out! When the parents returned home they found their babysitter asleep in a giant, overstuffed chair in the den.

Through a fog of consciousness Bianca heard Mrs. Ward tell her husband to pay the babysitter while she checked on the boys. When Mr. Ward walked towards her, all the girl’s slowly awakening eyes could focus on was the gigantic bulge between his legs. If this man’s young sons’ penises were any indication, their father was probably hung like a horse!

“Hmm,” Bianca muttered half asleep. “I like horses!”

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