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short but sweet
That experienced doesn't seem that bad compared to other things I was tricked into doing. Things started off simple. She would want me to walk around wearing nothing but a t-shirt or tank top. I would be slapped in my ass or groped once in a while. I was told to go down on her about once a week. Once after a very long and hard spanking session, I was lying face down on her bed studying. Daisy walked in with a few of her friends, Chris and Kari. I tried to cover my self up, but that failed. Daisy swiftly came over to hold me down and comforted me. I was embarrassed as all hell, but I just pretended to continue studying.

See, the things is, Daisy, Chris and Kari kind of worked as a couple. They were the guests that usually spend the night in her bed. Daisy and her friends just sat around drinking. After about two 6-packs, they started to get frisky. Chris sat next to me on the bed and attempted to finger me. It was painful and surprising. I jumped up, hitting my head on the bottom of my bunk bed. They laughed. Daisy got me to put my books away and had me drink with them. We were sitting on the floor Indian style. I was very conscientious. They loved it. I was the only one exposed. They didn't start undressing for another hour or so.

In the mean time Chris attempted to finger me again, but this time it was a success. He sat the the left of me holding a beer. His right hand wandered, and he aggressively went at me. He touched me on the outside then soon headed for the in. Of course I complained to Daisy as soon as he started touching me, but she said he could. Next thing I knew I was straddling Chris’s lap as he sat on the computer chair. My shirt was off. So where his pants. On Daisy’s bed, her and Kari were massaging each other. They were laughing and falling all over the place they were so drunk. I didn't trust Chris, but he was almost passed out anyway.

One of Chris’s hands would be playing rudely with my breasts and another with my sore pussy. He would roughly pinch and squeeze what would. After a while he would switch hands. When he was done with his beer bottle, he attempted to have me masturbate with it. His first tasks was trying to get it inside me. He lubed the head of the bottle up with his mouth. Then he wiggled it and twisted it at my pussy. He angled it and pushed. I tried to resist.

Chris finally got the empty beer bottle in me about three inches. I was painful and uncomfortable, and took 20 minutes but it was in. He was too tired and drunk to do anything, so he pushed me off of him. He said I better keep it in there or there'd be hell to pay. He passed out on the two naked, drunk girls on the bed. I didn't care anymore so I grabbed a pillow and my blanket from my bed and just collapsed on the floor.


2007-09-17 01:17:25
Daisy, chris and kari would be...
uhm, let me think now...
oh yea, kind of a "trio!!"
are you sure that this is not a true story????


2005-06-06 17:58:45
shit shit shit learn how to write u stupid virgin!


2005-05-01 04:56:50
good story i liked it needs a better ending and starting in my opinion tho but hey does mine really count

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