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My foster parents teach me how to be a big girl.
Part 2......
Throughtout the next couple of months, it became a nightly habit. We all got in a schedule of daddy cleaning my bottom and checking my coochie, he didnt always play with my button though. I always hoped he'd put more of that wet and warm stuff on my button, it felt so good. Mommy came in my room early every morning, took out my cleaner. I heard her talking one morning when she though I was asleep, she said "my hole was streching nicely for daddy".

When daddy came home from work, I always ran to him. He picked me up, hugged me and told me he had a surprise for me tonite. He also told me how proud he was of me and that Im becomming his big girl.
The rest of the evening went normal, we ate dinner and watched a movie. I was laying beside daddy on the couch, like I did every night. I started moving around and felt something hard hitting my bottom. I told daddy he had something hard in his pants and it was hitting my bottom. He started laughing and said yes there was something hard in his pants, he thinks its about time we go to bed. He asked me if I was ready for my surprise, I jumped off the couch and said YES! He told me to get in the bathtub real quick and wash up.
Daddy came in the bathroom, told me when I get done, to come in his room. I hurried up, making sure to wash really well. I got dressed and ran to daddy’s room, they were both in their robes, I noticed a bowl of water, razor and shaving cream on the nightstand. I hopped on the bed; daddy looked at me and smiled. I always loved when he looked at ne that way, it made me feel special.

He sat down beside me, telling me I’m going to see some things tonight that I’ve never seen. It will help prepare me for when I get older, but other parents don’t tell their kids until they’re a lot older. So I was to never tell anything about what happens at home with mommy and daddy. I smiled, “I told you daddy, it’s our secret”. He told me to come to him; he needed to put my cleaner in my bottom. I took my pj pants and undies off and lay across his lap, bottom up. He put some warm and wet stuff on me, rubbed the hole, and then inserted the cleaner. It really didn’t hurt anymore; he was always quick at putting it in. Then he had me lay on the bed, so he could check my coochie, I knew to keep my legs wide open for him. I felt his finger around my coochie opening, moving around to the sides and toward my button. He told me I needed to close my eyes and not to peek. I felt something really warm at my opening, circling all around it, all over my coochie, working its way up to my button. It felt so good going up and down my coochie. The next time it got to my button, it sucked on it. I told daddy I had the tingles again, mommy told me “it’s okay baby, daddy knows what his baby girl needs, now just keep your legs open for him”. The tingles were getting stronger, I felt my body getting tighten, I knew last time I felt this way, I peed on daddy. They tell me I didn’t, but I really think I did. I started breathing heavier, my heart started pumping faster, I yelled “daddy I’m going to pee! Then my coochie got really wet. I heard daddy giggling, he told me to go potty and come back when I was done.
After I wiped, I noticed some sticky stuff on the toilet paper, I finished up and ran back to their bedroom. I told daddy, “there sticky stuff coming out of my coochie”. He just laughed and told me I’d understand it more when I got my surprise.

Mommy walked back in the room, still in her robe. She looked at me and smiled; she dropped her robe and lay on the bed. I was amazed at how big her boobies were, and the pointy thing in the middle of them was big too. I seen the hair at the top of her coochie, it looked like it was really curly. Daddy told me I needed to take my clothes off and sit by mommy’s feet. I kept looking at mommy, I couldn’t see her button, did she have one? I sat down slowly by mommy’s leg; my cleaner was still in my bottom, sitting down could be a little painful if it wasn’t done the right way. Daddy told mommy to open her legs wide, so his little girl can see what her body will look like when she gets older. When mommy parted her legs, she had hair all over her coochie. I think I seen her button, couldn’t really tell with all the hair.

Daddy put shaving cream all over her, and then started shaving her coochie. He told me I’d be able to see things better when the hair was gone. He opened her coochie with his fingers, shaved around the opening very carefully, he put his finger in the entrance of the hole, told me that was mommy’s baby hole, and that’s the part he uses a lot. He showed me her button, then her bum hole. He told me when I get older my boobies will turn into breasts like mommy’s and that the pointy thing in the middle was a nipple. That’s what she feeds a baby with, and daddy, when he gets hungry. He told me to touch her button, lightly and moved it around. Mommy started moaning as soon as my finger touched it. As I kept moving it, daddy explained that he puts baby seed deep inside mommy’s hole. I asked where the baby seed came from. He said it came from his rod, then stood up and dropped his robe. Daddy’s rod was big! He scooted between mommy’s legs and knelt down. Told me to hold his rod and aim it toward the baby hole. I tried grabbing it with one hand; I couldn’t get it all the way around it. I got closer, got both hands and helped daddy put it in the hole. Daddy had to push to get it all the way in. He moved the rod in and out a few times, then explained to me what the sticky stuff in my coochie, really was. He said it helped his rod move in and out easier, so it wouldn’t hurt mommy. I watched him move in and out a few more times, he pushed that rod all the way in mommy. He told me to get up there and suck on mommy’s nipple; I told him I wasn’t hungry though. Soon as I seen the look in his eyes, I moved. Then he told me to straddle mommy’s belly, making sure that I keep my butt in the air, facing him. I got on her belly, leaned my head down to take the nipple in my mouth and made sure my bottom was all the way up. Mommy’s nipple tasted sweet, like some kind of candy, I couldn’t tell what kind, but it was good.

Daddy started moving his rod faster, he was jiggling the bed, I had to grab a hold of mommy’s breast, so I could stay latched on the nipple. Mommy worked her fingers through my hair, telling me she was so proud of me, that I was now her big girl. I could hear her moaning and breathing heavier, then I felt daddy moving my cleaner in my bottom, moving the tip of it around and round. The faster he went, the more it hurt. I tried to tilt my hips more toward mommy’s belly, thinking daddy won’t be able to reach it. As soon as I did, I heard daddy say” get it back up there, or Ill make it hurt worse”. I immediately put my bottom back in the air, mommy kept playing with my hair. She whispered in my ear, as I was still latched to her nipple that..” your daddy loves you very much, if you do everything he tells you to do, it won’t hurt as much. She would be beside me every step of the way and not to be scared”

Then I heard her moaning louder, I thought that maybe daddy was hurting her. But she kept saying more, I made sure I was doing my part and staying on her nipple. Daddy pushed the rod in super hard, and then I heard him moan. Everything got still, then he told me to come to him, he wanted to show me what the baby seed looked like. I crawled to the bottom of the bed, leaned my head on mommy’s knee. Daddy pulled out the rod really slow, when it got to the end, white stuff started coming out of her hole. I grabbed the washcloth and started wiping her. But more kept coming out of her hole, I tried putting the washcloth in the opening to let it suck it up, daddy told me to leave some in there, that he needed it.
He got in his dresser and took out a package. It looked like a big pacifier, he told mommy to get on all 4s and stay facing the headboard. He told me he will need my help, he needed me to spread open her butt cheeks. I could tell mommy was a little worried, she wasn’t saying anything. Daddy put his fingers in her baby hole and some sticky stuff came out, he smeared it on her bum hole. He kept getting more and more, then he worked his finger in her bum. I heard mommy say, “This wasn’t what we agreed on”. He told her if his baby girl had to take it, then so does she. His finger got deeper in her hole, he told me I could help make mommy feel better if I crawled under her and played with her button.

I crawled under mommy, moving my little hand on her coochie, it found her button. She was still all wet there and my fingers kept sliding around. I started just moving them up and down the coochie, from her button to her baby hole. As I picked up the pace, my fingers went too far, and went inside of her. It felt so warm inside, really wet and warm. I kept my fingers in and started moving them around, I could feel the baby seed too. I could hear mommy sobbing and felt the tears dropping on my leg, I knew daddy was hurting her bottom.
Daddy must have seen what I was doing, he told me to move faster inside of there, he was getting ready to put a cleaner in mommy’s bottom, and it’s going to hurt. I moved my fingers quicker and used my other hand to touch her button, I heard daddy tell mommy to push down hard, I seen her tummy muscles tighten, and then she screamed. Daddy said it was all over with.

Mommy started backing up to sit down; daddy told her that she was going to let his baby girl finish what she started. Mommy got back on all 4s, opened her legs really wide. I could see everything now! Daddy told me to give him my hand. I took my fingers out of mommy and reached over to daddy. He poured some wet and sticky stuff all over the outside of my hand. Told me to make a fist, and then put it in mommy’s baby hole. I tried, but it wouldn’t fit. Daddy told me I needed to push harder, I did and it slid in. Then daddy grabbed my wrist, pushing my fist in and out of mommy faster and harder. He told me it was beautiful to see his little girl doing this to her mommy. I heard mommy breathing heavy, and felt her baby hole getting really wet. I knew if I kept putting my fist in her, that the sticky stuff would come out. It started to get tighter inside her, she was yelling for me to do it faster. Then I felt her baby hole clamp down on my fist, I stopped. Daddy told me what a great job I did, and then he told me to wipe off mommy so we can all get to bed.

I got a warm washcloth out of the bedroom, wiped off mommy’s coochie, and made my way up to her bum hole. I seen the “cleaner” in her hole, it was a lot bigger than mine, I wiped carefully around it. I told mommy, not to worry, after a few times, it stops hurting. She got off the bed, kissed my forehead, told me I needed to get to bed.


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Omg i cant wait for the next chapter

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really need to make them longer not dived up a small story into what has already been 2 parts when its really just a chapter

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