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this is my first story. please comment
David closed his eyes and ran his hands down his face. His day was drawing to an end and he would soon be heading home to his condo. David was the owner of a successful software company and was quite wealthy. He drove a nice car and lived in a penthouse but because he worked so much he couldn't find a girlfriend and Friday night was the loneliest night of the week for him. "Hi Dave." Dave looked up to see his friend John had walked into his office. "How's it going?" "It isn't, I'm so sick of work I need a break." "I know what you mean, and it sounds too me like you need to unplug man. You know maybe get a woman's touch?" "I'd like that very much but I can never find one." John pulled out a card and handed it to Dave. "Take this, go there, and tell them I sent you. They'll take care of it." "Fantastic Massages? Alright I'll think about it."

The next day was Saturday and Dave figured that he had tried a lot of things, What's one more. He went to the address and found out it was a house. He knocked on the door and a beautiful young Asian woman answered the door. The first thing Dave noticed were her breasts. She was a tiny girl but she must have had 36 Cs at least, but they were hard to see under her dress. Dave realized that he was looking at her chest and quickly brought his eyes back to hers.
She smiled and said "hello I'm Atchira are you here for an appointment?" Dave handed her the card and said "I was told to give you this." The woman looked at the card and said "okay please come on. What's your name?" Dave kicked himself for forgetting to introduce himself but he couldn't help but be mesmerized by Atchira. She was about 5, 1 had her extravagant chest but had a very small tight ass. Atchira turned around after leading him into the room and said "payment needs to be up front it's going to be 500 dollars however for that you get the whole treatment. Dave was so infatuated by Atchira that he would have payed anything that involved himself, Atchira, and the word "massage."
He payed her and Atchira lead him into an open spa area with an open shower and a large tub. Atchira then unhooked her dress and let it fall to reveal her naked body. Any doubts about Atchira having any less than 36 Cs was definitely disproved. Her body was beautifully tanned with no lines and her skin looked silky smooth. Dave was dumb struck and his erection that had been growing this whole time was now fully hard.
"We're going to get cleaned up first so let's get you out of those clothes." With that Atchira began to undo the buttons on Dave's shirt when she got to his pants she undid them to see Dave's 8 inch cock creating a bulge in his underwear. Atchira looked up at Dave, smiled while biting her lip slightly and said "wow he's happy to see me."
She then lead Dave to the shower, turned on the water, and began to soap up Dave. When she got to his large member she took it in both hands and sucked on the head while jerking it in both hands. Dave felt weak and almost fell over. The feeling of Atchira was almost to good to be true. After a few more minutes of soaping, jerking, and sucking Atchira stood up and said "okay now we're going to move to the bath."
She had David sit in the tub and then sat behind his head as she washed him off. Dave's large member was sticking up through the water and Atchira bent down to stroke it again. "You have a nice cock" Atchira said with a smile. Atchira's beautiful breasts were now over Dave's face and he put one of Atchira's nipples in his mouth and pinched them slightly with his teeth. "AAAAh" Atchira purred. Dave felt amazing knowing that he was making this beautiful woman feel as good as he was feeling. " think... Its time...we went to...the bedroom."
Dave released Atchira and they both got out of the tub. Atchira got a towel and dried David off. While she was drying him off David cupped her breasts in his hands a gave her a massage stopping every once in a while to caress her hardening nipples. David then reached down grasped her hips and lifted her into his arms. He then began to kiss and lightly bite her neck and she stirred heavier. "AAAAh FUCK! Mmmm! The bedroom is down the hall to the left." Dave walked her into the room and laid her on the bed. It was then that David first got a chance to return another favor. He parted her pussy lips and began to lick. Atchira's hips buckled and she moaned in response. Dave quickened his pace and Atchira reached down and pulled his hair. "AAAH fuck you and your tongue AAAH! Oh my god I have to ride you. Lie down."
David lay down on the bed and Atchira grasped his cock as she guided it into her pussy. Her pussy was tight and David was so thick and long she could only take two thirds of him into her. Atchira placed her hands on his chest and then she began to move up and down, back and forth, and faster. With every couple of thrusts she was able to take a little more of David into her. Atchira was moaning in ecstasy and David loved the feeling of her tight pussy on his cock. "Oh my god i'm going to cum! AAAAH FUCK" David could feel Atchira's pussy get tighter as she came.
Atchira slowed and slowly laid down on to his chest. "Aaaah, how do you want me David?" David grasped her hips tightly and got off of the bed. His cock was still embedded in her pussy and with an under hand grasp began to thrust and pull her onto his cock. As Atchira was slamming down on his cock her tits went up and fell down with the momentum. Atchira was in such ecstasy she was digging her finger nails into his back as her continued to thrust. "Oh my fucking god you're going to make me cum again!" Atchira yelled and David felt her pussy get tight again and her hips buckled.
David wished that he could keep this up forever but this was too much. "Atchira...I'm" "oh my god David I need your cum on my face! Please give it to me! I want it now!" David pulled Atchira off and she immediately got on her knees and began stroking his cock. "Oh my god baby here it comes." Atchira opened her mouth and tilted her head back just as hot white cum started to spurt out of David's cock. David had never had such a powerful orgasm and his hips shook as string after string was deposited onto Atchira's face.

When David's cock stopped cumming Atchira proved how dedicated she was by putting his member in her mouth to suck out any more cum. "Wow! Oh my god that was SO much cum, you cum so hard. Wow, I'm going to go and clean up. Atchira stood up and walked to the bathroom, David followed her and watched her as she cleaned his cum off of her face with a towel.
They both got dressed and walked to the door. "Mmmm thank you David and please come back and see me" David thanked her and said goodbye. He promised he would be back soon and as he walked to his car he promised himself he wasn't going to give her card to anyone. He was going to keep all of this to himself.

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Very nice continue part 2

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