This chapter is based on true events. The names have been changed of course, and good dose of imagination added in. Thanks for the positive comments and suggestions please keep them cumming
Chapter 3 Best Friends

Part 1

I first met Warren and Elle through a girl friend I was dating at the time. Ellie was an attractive tall blond, with blue eyes, big tits, long legs and a nice round ass. Warren was a body builder, tall dark and very muscular. The girlfriend and I broke up, but my friendship with Warren and Ellie continued and we became very good friends.

Warren and Ellie had been living together for a couple of years when one night, he came home and she smelled strange pussy on his dick. They broke up for about 8 months, and during that time Ellie and I had had a brief relationship. We went out together one night for conversation and a few beers, one thing lead to another, and she invited me back to her house. It started with a kiss, which then led to petting and then passionate kissing. The next thing I knew; I had her top off and her bra undone.

Her tits were big, with large areola and nipples the size of the tip of my baby finger. I was sucking and nibbling on her nipples; I undid the button on her tight jeans and pulled the zipper open. Slipping my hand down her panties and ever so gently, I worked my fingers over her clitoris, and then along her pussy lips. She was so wet, I pushed them into her opening and she let out a soft moan. After a bit I removed my hand and said “these jeans have to come off”. She reached down, lifted her hips, and pulled her pants and panties off.
I will never forget how sexy she looked when she pulled her underwear off, and exposed her natural bald pussy. Her vagina had a large clitoris and all she had for pubic hair was a tiny "tuft" of very fine white blond hair about the size of a quarter on top of her pubic bone, and was absolutely smooth everywhere else. No hair whatsoever on her lips, in her butt crack, none. Shaved pussy was just coming into fashion and this was very unique and erotic to me.

I nibbled on her nipples and finger fucked her pussy. First with one finger then two, I finger fucked her hard and fast, trying to find her G spot. Ellie was bucking like a wild horse and moaning loudly, she was so wet my hand was dripping with her vaginal juice. I just had to have a taste.

Ellie looked so hot, laying half off the edge of the couch naked, with her legs spread apart. Kneeling on the floor, I pulled her closer to the edge of the couch and just buried my face in her cunt. I licked it inside and out and gently sucked on her clit. It wasn’t long before my face was covered in cum. Her pussy tasted so sweet, I couldn’t get enough. Ellie had one hand on the back of my head and lifting her hips, she guided my tongue, from her labia to her clitoris and then deep into her opening. She later told me that it was her first most intense orgasm she ever had during cunnilingus.

In a raspy, whispery kind of voice Ellie said “I want you to fuck me, fuck me now; I need your cock in me now, please!”

I was ready too, my cock was as hard as a rock, quickly, I pulled my pants and boxers off and, my cock sprang out like a jack in the box. Ellie’s eyes open wide as I’m sure she was pleased at what she saw, my cock stood long, hard and proud.

Her heart was pounding and she was breathing hard and fast, her words came out in a desperate tone “fuck me, fuck me know, I want you in me now”

As I knelt down, Ellie pulled her legs up, in a trance like state, all she could say was “oh god, fuck me, fuck me, now, pleases, now!”

I felt like just ramming my dick into her cunt, but I wanted this to last, slowly, I lubricated my cock with her vaginal juices, by rubbing it along the slit of her pussy. I parted her pussy lips with the head of my penis and again, ran it slowly up and down her slit. I paused at the entrance, holding my the head of my cock half way in.

I looked at Ellie and our eyes met, she was delirious with lust, her face was covered in sweat and she had tears in her eyes. I plunged my cock deep into her pussy, paused for a second to feel the warmth and wetness, Ellie cried out “OH FUCK YES!

I pulled out almost all the way, and then again, I thrust my cock back in deep. Ellie cried out “FUCK ME, PLEASE!"

I had never fucked any one like her, her legs were wrapped around my waist, and she actually fucked me. As I pushed my cock into her pussy, she pushed up. Her hands, legs and her hips, were constantly moving, grabbing and squeezing me as tight as she could. She was so wet; we were both soaked at our waist in her cum. I fucked her long and hard, and every orgasm she had, was better than the last one.

It was a good thing that no one was home, because Ellie is a screamer. She was so loud my ears were ringing. I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t call the police. Every time I hit bottom she cried out, and when she had an orgasm, she would defiantly and loudly, let you know it. At one time I actually thought of “putting a sock in it” she was so loud.

She must have sensed that I was about to reach my climax and she wrapped her legs around my waist and said “please don’t pull out, I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel you cum inside me”. Hearing her say that pushed me over the edge. With another thrust deep into her pussy, and a loud, “OH FUCK YES!” from Ellie. I unleashed so much cum, with so much force, that it actually hurt. I saw Ellie’s eyes roll back in her head and her whole body shuddered. Squeezing onto me tightly with her legs and her head pushed back into the couch. She dug her finger nails into my forearms screaming out “OH FUCKING YES!”, as we both climaxed together.

A serious relationship between Ellie and I never really developed, we did have strong feelings for each other, but I liked Warren as a friend, and Ellie still had strong feelings for him too. Ellie and Warren eventually reconciled, but Ellie and I still kept up an occasional night out together. Warren was ok with it, but I don’t think he knew I was fucking her, I think he just thought we were just good friends.
She told me that Warren was great in bed, but he was a one shot wonder. Often after he climaxed, he was done, and Ellie was left unsatisfied. She said there were many nights, after they had sex; she wanted to call me to come over and finish what he started. She once told me, the best orgasms she ever had, had been with me. Ellie and I remain close friends to this day.

A couple of years later Elle and Warren married, and about two years after that, I married my wife Kathy. I met my wife while on a summer vacation in Europe. Kathy was beautiful, she had a smoking hot body; a slim figure, about 5’ 4, with olive colored skin, Dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her beautifully rounded breasts were a 34 C but her tits looked much larger than they actually were because of her small frame. Her pussy was always groomed; she had a large clitoris, and her labia really stood out. Needless to say she had an amazing looking cunt.

She had a lovely round ass that just begged to be fucked. But the feature that attracted me the most was her gorges ass and legs. In a miniskirt or tights, she had the kind of legs and ass that looked so good, you just wanted to have them wrapped around your head. Kathy had certain sensuality about her and didn’t have to wear a lot of makeup. She always dressed well, and wherever she went, she turned heads.

My sexual relationship with Ellie continued, but not as often. I wanted to stop and so did Ellie, but the sex between us was too good, we just couldn’t. We agreed that it was just sex and our spouses took priority at all times. I never wore a condom and Ellie never asked me too. She willingly let me cum inside her, even when Warren and she were trying for a baby she said “I would be just as happy with your child too”. She gave great head too, and would swallow every drop of cum I shot in her mouth.

Warren and Ellen became close friends to Kathy and I. We often planned weekends together, camping, shopping trips, or just hanging out. We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was not unusual for either one or both of us, or them, to spend the night either at our home or theirs.
One other thing about Warren and Elle, they were exhibitionists’. They both had smoking hot bodies and were never afraid of showing a little bit of tit, ass, pussy, or even cock in public. When we were together, at the beach, in a hotel, tent, cabin, or just watching something on TV, they would start to make love to each other. Right in front of us and in public, they would fondle each other and / or get naked, and start sucking and fucking.

Warren went to great lengths to make sure his lovely wife was displayed in all her glory for Kathy and me to see. Ellie had Barbie doll figure; large 42 DD tits, slim build, with a nice ass and a smooth pussy. He had a bigger than average penis, that was very thick, and with his muscular build; he looked like quite the stud. Warren knew that Kathy was always eager to watch and would always give her a good look at his cock. Often he would stand right in front of Kathy, while she was sitting, with his hard cock right in her face.

One night after an amazing display of Warren, hard fucking Ellie’s hot pussy, Kathy and I had gone to bed and we were discussing the evening’s events. Kathy took my cock in her hands and said “Warren’s cock is just as big as your cock, but because his is so thick, it looks huge”

“He’s slim and very muscular, and he waxes all his body hair” I said “which makes it look bigger too”

She was also amazed at how fast Warren would cum, usually in less than 10 minutes he was done. There was often little foreplay evolved, just hard and fast fucking. Kathy said “he’s so fast too” and annoyingly said “you take forever”.

I told her “When I make love my dear, I prefer to saver the moment, and make sure my partner had at least one orgasm”, “We both know, he often leaves Ellie unsatisfied”.

He was really a site to see, one night while on a camping trip (this is another story I will write about) he fucked Ellie like a raging bull in heat. He blew his load and promptly rolled off her and was snoring before his head hit the pillow. I thought to myself; that’s why Ellie looks forward to her occasional “girl’s night out”. At least it was with me, and not other strange men, although with her looks, I’m sure she would have no problem finding someone else to fulfill her needs if she had too.

Part 2
Kathy always looked forward to spending the evening with Warren and Ellie and would often encourage me to rent a porno flick just to get them hot and Horney. I knew that Kathy liked looking at Warren’s naked muscular body, and his large penis. He was very impressive looking and she always looked forward to watching Warren’s fat cock, barley fit in Ellie's mouth, or to see it stretch out Ellie’s pussy. Kathy was content, to just watch, I could never get her past giving me a blow job. Every time I tried to undress her she would get annoyed and tell me to stop.

One night, Warren and Ellie brought over a porn movie that they had just rented. We had watched threesome movies before and this one had some awesome threesome scenes, and the last scene had two couples swapping partners. That night I managed to undress her down to her panties and bra before she stopped me from going any further.

After Warren and Ellie left, we went to bed very hot and Horney. During our foreplay I whispered to her and said, “Did you see the way Warren looked at you tonight”. She said “not really” but I knew she noticed he was watching her in her bra and panties while he was fucking Ellie.

“Have you ever thought of letting Warren see you naked?”

“I finally got up the nerve to let you undress me” she said “but then it got kind of awkward when the couples in the porno switched partners”

“Do you think they were trying to tell us something by renting that video?”

She said nothing but I could tell she was getting aroused. “You like seeing them naked don’t you?” I asked her

She became a little defensive and said “you like it too”

“Yes I do. They are a very sexy couple, and its hot watching them fuck”

I slipped my finger into her very wet pussy and said “Warren looks hot naked doesn’t he?”, “with his rippling muscles, and his cock is so big isn’t it?”

“Ellie is good looking too” she said.

“She is hot, but you’re even hotter” “He likes it, when you watch Ellie suck his cock”

Kathy let out a soft moan, our conversation and my fingering her pussy was having its effect on her. I said “I know Warren likes watching you suck my cock, maybe next time you will let warren see you do it naked”

Another soft moan came from Kathy when for some unknown reason; I asked “do you like looking at Warrens cock”

“Ya I do” she said shyly “I have never seen a cock so thick” She made a fist with her one hand and held her other hand near the elbow like a karate chop.
“Yep, that looks about right” I said.

“I don’t know how Ellie does it”

“If he let you touch it, would you?”

She said nothing but I could tell she was very aroused. I slipped my rock hard cock between her ass cheeks, and then between her legs, her pussy was so wet. Having her not get upset after what I had just asked, I said, “Have you ever thought of getting naked and letting Warren touch you””maybe let him suck your tits or eat your pussy?”

“Maybe, only if you were doing it with Ellie too”

Kathy was very aroused and I asked “would you put his big fat cock in your mouth?”

“Would you let Ellie suck your cock?”

“Yes, and I would love to fill her mouth with my cum too”

I slipped my cock between her pussy lips, and I whispered into her ear and said, “Would you let him cum in your mouth too?

“Mmmm. Yes” she said

“After Warren takes his cock out of your mouth, would you like him to put in your pussy, and stretch it out, like the way he does it to Ellie?.

She quietly moaned, as I pressed my cock in the entrance of pussy and I heard her whisper, “Yes”

This sort of talk became a big part of our sex life. Every time we had sex she would ask me if I fantasized about fucking Ellie and I would ask the same about Warren.

See Chapter 4 "Sharing With a Friend" for the rest of this Story

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