This chapter is based on true events. The names have been changed of course, and good dose of imagination added in. Thanks for the positive comments and suggestions please keep them cumming
Chapter 4 Sharing With a Friend

Part 1

Some time had passed, and we had not seen Warren and Ellie for a long while. One morning, while I was doing some renovations to the house, I was outside cutting a piece of drywall, when Warren and Ellie drove by and stopped to say hello. I invited them to come in for a coffee. Kathy and I were happy to see them; it had been a while since we last got together.

Warren said he wasn’t doing anything today and offered to help me with some of the work I was doing. Ellie said she had to run some errands and Warren could call her when we were done, and she will come back, and we can all visit for a while.

Warren and I put up some dry wall, and in no time at all, had finished the last piece. Kathy came in with a plate full of sandwiches and couple of beers. “Wow it’s looking nice”, she said “and that didn’t take long, it’s barely noon hour”. We ate the sandwiches and drank the beers and I said “I need to take a shower” Kathy said “go ahead, I’ll bring you some clean clothes”.

I finished my shower and was just drying off in the bathroom, when Kathy came in with my clothes.

“Let’s tease Warren before Ellie comes over”. I suggested

“What do you mean?”

“Go get dressed in something hot and sexy, and come back and sit with us”.

“Ok, but, then what?”

“You know, you, me, and Warren can fool around a little bit”

“No way, I don’t want to start anything, and besides Ellie not here.”

“I’m sure she won’t mind”, “we’ll get him so worked up, Ellie won’t know what hit her”

I said “It’s been a while since we watched him give it to her, you know what a turn on it is”

I got dressed and went back into the room, Warren was holding his cell phone in his hand and said “something’s come up, and Ellie won’t be able to come over”. “So if it’s ok with you guys. I can stay for a couple of beers and then maybe you can give me a ride home?”

Kathy and I looked at each other kind of disappointed, we were so looking forward to seeing them again (or should I say watching them fuck). Then to my surprise Kathy said “why don’t you stay for dinner? Call Ellie back and see if she can come over for dinner too.

She looked at me and asked “is that ok with you?”

I said “sure it is”

Warren called her back on his cell phone, Ellie said she would try to get away for a bit but couldn’t promise anything. Kathy said “great, we’ll order a pizza for dinner; She looked at me and smiled.

Warren hung up the phone and said “I asked Ellie to grab some clean clothes for me, is it ok if I take a shower? “No problem, I said, I’ll get you a clean shirt and a pair of shorts for now”. Warren said “thanks that would be great”. Kathy looked relieved and said, “While were waiting for Ellie, I’ll make up a pitcher of frozen mojitos and we can sit down and get caught up”

Kathy made a Picher mojitos using fresh mint from the garden and sat it on the table in the den. Warren had his shower, and when he walked into the room we could see the outline of his penis under the loose Basketball style shorts I gave him. Warren sat on the couch across from Kathy and me. We talked and joked around and at some point the talk became sexual. Warren and I were booth feeling good and getting aroused, and Warren’s erection was tenting up in his shorts.

Warren spread his legs apart, lifted the hem on leg of the shorts and pulled his penis out and repositioned it. “Man that was getting uncomfortable” he said, making sure Kathy had a good look before he pulled the hem back down.

I jokingly said “if the shorts are too, tight just take them off”

Warren said “that’s ok; I have this problem whenever I start getting hard”

Kathy laughed along with us but didn’t say much and I could tell she had something on her mind. I caught her staring at the bulge in warrens pants and I’m sure she could see the head of his penis just under the hem of his shorts. She looked flushed and excused herself and left the room.

We sat in the den, I opened a couple of more beers and I turned on the TV and we watched our local football team getting there ass wiped by their arch rivals. Almost an hour went by when Kathy came back into the room. I couldn’t believe my eyes; Kathy had changed from her jeans and T shirt, into a blouse, that button down the front, and a tight mini skirt with stockings attached to a guarder belt. She was wearing the lingerie outfit I bought for her on our first wedding anniversary. The outfit also had a very shear, and completely see thru bra and lace panties, that covered half her ass before the thong disappeared between her nice round ass cheeks.

Her top was unbuttoned quite low, and she showed a lot of cleavage as she bent over and poured herself a drink. When she sat down on the couch beside me, her skirt barely covered her crotch. We talked for a while and Warren and I had another beer. The pitcher of mojitos that Kathy was drinking was almost empty. It was clear that Warren was getting aroused again; he had that tent growing in the leg of the loose fitting shorts I gave him and I noticed Kathy kept glancing down at Warren’s growing hard on.

I put my arm around her and whispered into her ear “let’s tease Warren a bit”.

She looked worried, and I could tell she was having second thoughts; Kathy looked at me and quietly said “I don’t know”.

We talked and joked for a bit, about the home team getting their ass, handed to them on a platter, when I put my hand on her knee and started to rub her thigh. My hand went higher and I pushed up her skirt. She made no attempt to stop me; the drinks were starting to take effect, and she was enjoying the attention from Warren’s wandering eyes.

I kissed her neck, nibbled on her ear and whispered “Warren is getting a hard on watching us” there was a tall tent happening in his shorts.

“If Ellie were here, she would be sucking his cock right now”

“If she doesn’t show up you might have to suck it for him”

Kathy let out a soft moan and I put my arm around her shoulder, and with both hands I pulled her blouse open so Warren could see her see thru lace bra and her beautiful tits.

“There” I said “that’s looks much better”

“I have never seen anyone look as hot as you do right now” Warren said

Kathy blushed when I whispered in her ear “spread your legs so Warren can see the nice matching panties you’re wearing”.

At first Kathy hesitated and then slowly she spread her legs wider. She looked so hot sitting on the couch, with her tits in the black lace bra outside of her blouse and her mini skirt pulled up, revealing her garter belt and black see-through lace underwear.

Warren looked at her and said “you look so hot” “Ellie has an outfit just like yours”.

I smiled and thought to myself “I know, that’s why I bought the same one for Kathy”

I pulled her legs further apart, and I said so Warren could hear, “show Warren your hot underwear”.

Kathy spread her legs and turned towards Warren, who was rubbing the top of the bulge in his shorts.

“That is so fucking hot” he said.

Kathy’s panties barely covered her cunt, and what it did cover, left little to the imagination. I reached down and ran my hand along her thigh and rubbed her crotch, her panties were getting wet.

“You know, Warren always lets us see Ellie’s pussy, but he hasn’t seen yours yet”

Kathy was breathing heavy and her crotch was getting very wet. “Warren, would you like to see my wife’s pussy”

“I’m going to fuckin’ cum in my drawers” he said

“I think that means yes”, we all chuckled and I said “do you want to let Warren look at your pussy”.

Kathy looked at Warren, then looked at me, and said “are you sure, Ellie’s not here yet”.

“It’s ok, and besides Ellie’s not going to be here for a few more hours yet”

“I don’t know, I would feel better if Ellie were here”

“It’s ok; I said “just show us how hot you look in the lingerie outfit”.

She stood up in front of Warren and me; teasingly, she undid her skirt and let it drop to the ground. Warren stared in awe. Kathy turned around slowly, so we could see how the thong disappeared into her sweet, tight, round ass.

“I have only seen something like this in a magazine” said Warren “I swear you look like a Victoria’s Secret Model”

Kathy turned to face us and her eyes opened wide in surprise; Warren had pulled his shorts down and had his fat cock in his hand. I looked over at Warren and couldn’t believe he had his cock out in his hand and was slowly stroking it.

I said to Kathy “take your top off too, so we can see your pretty matching bra”. Without taking her eyes off of Warrens cock, Kathy undid her blouse and slipped her top off. Warren and I watched as she exposed her nice firm round tits, in the sexiest lace bra that we ever seen. Kathy sat back down beside me with her legs spread slightly apart and teasingly rubbed her pussy as she watched Warren stroke his swollen cock.

I Whispered in her ear again “now’s your chance, we can stop now if you want”.

We looked at Warren stroking his huge cock and a large drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his penis

She looked at me and said “it will just be the three of us”.

“We can stop any time you want” I said

She looked at me and nodded her head. I slowly stood up and took my pants and shorts off; I figured it would give her a chance to change her mind if she wanted to. I was so Horney; my penis sprang out, when I took my boxers off. Warren sat there stroking his massive cock. I took her by the hand and stood her up in front of me facing Warren. I put my arms around her and kissed her neck and told her that I loved her.

In a low voice she said “I’ll just suck his cock, but no anal or pussy”

I looked over at Warren, he had his cock in his hand and it was big and ready.

I said “it’s up to you, whatever you decide to do, it’s ok with me”.

I could feel Kathy trembling as I undid the clasp on her bra. She looked back at me and said” I love so much” and I let her bra fall to the ground. For a long moment she stood in front of Warren, bare Brest, in her panties, garter belt and stockings.

I said to her “I want you to show Warren how good you can suck cock”

Looking at Warren she asked “Would you like me to suck it”

Warren looked at me stunned, he didn’t expect this.

I said “whose cock do you want to suck?” Kathy looked at Warren and then to me and said “his cock”

Warren quickly slipped off his shorts, sitting on the couch; he spread his legs and said “yes please”.

As if in a trance, Kathy knelt down between his legs and placed her hand on Warren’s massive erection. She leaned down and licked a large drop of his precum off the head of his penis. Then, she kissed his cock, and licked the shaft. She Placed her lips on the top of his swollen cock head and sucked out any precum that might still be there. While working her tongue on his baseball size head, she gradually opened her mouth and took in half, of his massive penis head. Then opening her mouth as wide as she could; Warren let out a moan as the whole head disappeared into her mouth. It locked so erotic, watching her kneeling between his legs wearing just her black stockings, thong panties and a garter belt. His cock was so thick, she could not wrap her hand around it, and her mouth was stretched to its limit with just the head of his cock in her mouth.

As she sucked his cock, Warren began to quietly moan. I knelt down behind her and kissed her neck and shoulders. My cock was so hard; I lifted her ass up and pulled her panties to one side. Slowly I rubbed my cock on her very wet pussy, as I watched her suck his cock, I placed my cock at the entrance of her hole and pushed it in. I fucked her from behind, while she sucked his cock. This was just the way we often fantasized it would be; only this time it was really happening.

In all the times that we watched Warren and Ellie fuck, I had never seen his cock this big. Watching Kathy suck his cock and fucking her soaking wet pussy was too much for me; I could feel the pressure building in my cock. I couldn’t cum this soon, its way too early, we were just getting started. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and I sat back on the chair; my cock was throbbing and cum was oozing from the tip.

Kathy was licking and sucking on his ball sack, first one nut then the other. Warren spread his legs wider and I watched as she held his cock back and ran her tongue along the underside of the shaft, kissing and sucking on his balls and gooch. Warren moaned as she licked his anus, placing her lips on his rectum, she kissed and then licked it, trying to push her tongue through its opening. Kissing and licking her way back up his cock. She opened her mouth and sucked his cock deep into her mouth. Watching my wife give him probably, the best oral he ever had was too much, l had to leave the room or I would cum right there in the chair.

When I left the room, Warren reached down and pulled her up to him. He kissed her on the lips and told her she was beautiful, and then he lowered his head to her breasts and sucked one nipple then the other. Kathy could feel his large, hard penis press against her vulva and was overcome with passion. Warren locked lips with her again, at first she tried to resist but Warren was determined. Her passion got the best of her, and she allowed his probing tongue into her mouth. Then she savagely pressed her lips on his and sucked his tongue into her mouth.

Warren reached down to her crotch where her panties were still pulled to one side. With his fingers he fondled her clitoris and then parted her labia. Opening her cunt wide, he lifted her up and placed his cock in the entrance of her pussy. Kathy felt the head of his penis enter her hole; she had never felt anything this big enter her.

Quickly coming to her senses, Kathy stopped kissing him and said “NO! no we can’t, I’ve been off the pill for 2 months”

Warren kissed her again and said “just let me put it in; I just want to see what it feels like”.

Warren shifted his hips upward and managed to push his penis further into her cunt. Kathy wanted him inside her, but she didn’t want any accidents. She stood up in front of him and said “please Warren no, as much as I want to, we can’t”. I’m not on the pill and we don’t have any condoms, I don’t want you cumming inside me”

Warren stood up and said “all right” he kissed Kathy again and said “I want you to get on top of me”

“Warren, I said no!”

“I mean a 69, I want to eat your pussy”

As he lay on the floor, his penis stood straight up like a flag pole. Kathy undid the clasps on the garter belt and took it off. Then she slowly pulled down her panties, making sure Warren had a good look at her ass and pussy. Teasingly, she peeled off her stockings and then stood, totally naked in front of Warren.

“Fuck! You’re so hot” said Warren “Get over here, and let me taste that sweet cunt”

She straddled Warrens head, and lowered her pussy onto him. Rubbing her cunt back and forth on his face, Warren pulled her butt cheeks apart and licked her ass bud. She moaned and leaned over him and started stroking his penis and said “you can cum in my mouth if you want”. She lowered her head, and opened her mouth as wide as she could and took his penis into her mouth.

After a few minutes I came back into the room and Kathy’s underwear was lying on the floor. Warren lay down on the carpet completely naked and Kathy lay on top of him in the 69 position. Kathy was so engrossed; she didn’t notice I had returned to the room. She was sucking Warren’s cock like she had lost her mind.

What a site, she looked so tiny lying on top of Warrens large frame. I stood there watching him eat my wife’s pussy with his nose buried in her tight round ass. Kathy had gone mad with lust and was just devouring his cock, her saliva running down the shaft his penis, as she tried to get as much of his fat cock in her mouth, as she could.

Warren moaned and Kathy legs went rigged and her butt cheeks squeezed tight on his face. I could see his penis pulsate, as he started to fill her mouth with his sperm. She grinded her pussy down on his face, and she too, was having a huge orgasm. She had managed to put most of his cock in her mouth and I could hear her gulping down his cum. Not a drop of cum spilled from her mouth as Warren empted himself down her throat.

Part 2

I sat on the couch for the longest time, watching Kathy and Warren just lying there, totally spent. Kathy was still on top of him, holding onto his cock. The head of his penis was next to her lips, and every now and then, I watched her softly kiss it. After several minutes Warren began to squeeze and kiss her ass. I watched him put two fingers of one hand in her asshole and two fingers from the other hand in her pussy. Kathy started to softly moan and Warren’s cock was coming back to life.

Gently, she started to stroke his penis again. Warren said something to her, and she shook her head no. I heard him say

“Please, I promise I will pull it out”.

Kathy sighed and said “ok”.

I knew what she wanted it as bad as he did. Kathy, still on top of Warren, turned around, stood up, and straddled Warrens cock. She looked back at me as if she had forgotten I was there and asked “are you ok with this?”

Before I could answer, Warren placed his hands on her hips and pulled her down towards him. Kathy took Warrens cock in her hand and guided it into the entrance her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto him and I watched his penis disappear into my wife’s pussy.

Kathy’s vagina was well lubricated and easily swallowed up Warrens cock. Her labia were stretched tight around his penis, as she began to ride his cock. It was the most erotic moment I can remember, I sat there watching Warrens thick fat cock, disappear between her tiny ass cheeks, and into her pussy. He held her bare ass in his hands and lifted her up and down on his fat cock. His penis was in as far as it could go and he still had inches to spare. Kathy had her hands on his shoulders and moaned every time his cock hit bottom.

As she rode Warren’s cock I started to feel left out, I walked over and placed my erect cock in her face. She looked up at me and said “I love you so much”, she reached up and took my cock in her hand stroking it back and forth she guided it into her mouth. She began to moan, almost as if she was humming, I could feel the vibration from her mouth on my cock head and it just drove me wild. I wanted to throat fuck her so bad but after just a few minutes I was ready to cum again. I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I pulled my cock out from her mouth, and sat back into the chair and watched her ride Warren

This was the longest I had ever seen Warren fuck, after riding his cock for a long while they changed positions; Kathy got up and lay flat on the couch with her sweet round ass pushed up. Warren got on top of her and put his cock in from behind, doggy style. He spread her ass cheeks apart and I could see her cum soaked asshole and her wet gaping wide pussy. Warren’s penis was rock hard and massively rotund; I had never seen it so thick.

Gleaming with her cunt juice, he lined his penis up with her ass and with a hard thrust he literally rammed it hard into her cunt. Kathy let out a loud “OH FUCK”, he pulled it out and rammed it in deep again, “OH FUCK” she yelled again. Warren held his cock deep in her pussy and put his hand on the back of her head and pushed it in hard against the couch. “FUCK, you’re so tight” he said ramming his cock in deep again.

“Oh fuck it’s so huge” she cried as he drilled her again

Kathy looked at me and said “you like this honey” “you said you wanted to watch Warren fuck my cunt with his huge cock”

“Does it feel good; do you like Warren ramming his cock in you” I asked

“Oooh yes, his cock feels so fucking good” “Did you see me suck his cock too” she asked “I let him cum in my mouth, just like you said”

“Did his cum taste good?”

“Oooh yes” “and his cock feels so fucking good in my cunt too”

“Do you want him to fuck you in the ass?”

“Yes and you can fuck my pussy at the same time, just like in your fantasy”

“Oh fuck his cock is so big, my pussy feels like it splitting open” she cried out

Warren took hold of her ass and started to ram is cock in as hard as he could. Kathy pushed her ass up, either to try to push him off or to take him in deeper, I wasn’t quite sure. Warren got up off her and Kathy turned over onto her back, delirious with lust, she took hold of her thighs and held her legs up; her cunt was grotesquely swollen red and gaping wide. Warren quickly mounted her missionary style and resumed ramming her cunt fast and hard.

“I’m going to cum soon” he said as he pushed his massive cock deep into her cunt.

She looked at me and asked “Do you want him to cum in my pussy just like in your Fantasy?

Kathy was in ecstasy, her eyes rolled back in her head as another orgasm raged through her.

“I want him to cum in my pussy” she said “I want you to watch him cum inside me”

Warren pumped his fat cock deep into her pussy; “I’m going cum in your sweet little tight cunt” he said as he buried his cock deep into her cunt.

Warren held his cock in her cunt for the longest time, grunting every time his cock shot a load of cum in my wife’s cunt. He filled her with so much sperm, that it leaked out from the sides. Emptying every last drop of cum he had in her pussy, he finally pulled it out, his seamen poured out of her cum filled cunt and his penis was still hard. Warren rolled off of her and onto the floor totally spent. Just like the old Warren we knew

I got out of the chair and went over to the couch and lifted her legs over her head. I placed my cock on the entrance of her gaping wide; sperm filled pussy and pushed my penis in hard and deep. I buried my cock in as far as it could go into her cunt and fucked her hard and fast. She almost immediately had another orgasm, but I was nowhere near done. Kathy was so exhausted; it was like fucking a rag doll. I continued to fuck her for what seemed like forever, and then with my cock deep in her pussy, it finally exploded, filling her stretched and swollen cunt. This was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced.

When we were done we all laid there for the longest of time. Warren got up and went to the bath room and I could hear the shower running.

Kathy was now sitting up on the couch. She looked at me and asked “is everything ok”

“Of course” I said “you were wonderful” she smiled and came over and kissed me and said “I love you so much”

“It looks like our fantasies came true” I said

“Are you happy” I asked?

She smiled at me and said “Yes”

“No regrets” I said

“No, none” she replied and she kissed me again

“Good I’m glad” I said

Warren walked back into the room naked, even with his penis deflated it still looked huge as it swung back and forth between his legs. Kathy smiled at him and got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Warren put his shorts back on, and said “I wasn’t expecting this; your wife is so fucking hot”

“I know” I said “I never seen this side of her myself”

Kathy returned with her bath robe on and sat down on the couch, next to Warren. I left the room to get cleaned up. As I took my shower my head was spinning, it was so fucking hot watching Warren fuck my wife and Kathy’s dirty talk was such a turn on too. The thought of her fucking another man was making me hard again.

I finished showering, got dressed and headed down the hall towards the den. I could hear Warren and Kathy talking.

“I love my wife dearly, but you are the hottest fuck I’ve ever had”.

Kathy said “I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time”

“Ellie and I fantasized about this happening a lot”

“We did too, almost every time we had sex we fantasized, fucking with you and Ellie”.

“Do you think Ellie will be upset, that we did this without her?” She asked

“I don’t know, maybe we should just keep this between us” he said “I want to do this again”

“I would like that too” she replied

I walked back into the room, just as the phone rang. Kathy answered the phone; it was Ellie on the other side. I heard Kathy say “No problem, I’ll drive Warren home in the morning”. Then she handed the phone to Warren and he said “honey you get some rest, and I’ll see you in the morning”.

After he hung up the phone Kathy smiled and reached her hand up under the leg of his shorts. Taking hold of his penis she said “Mmmm, looks like I get to taste this big cock again tonight” I walked into the room as Kathy and Warren embraced, and kissed passionately. Her tongue went into Warren’s mouth, and then Warren put his tongue into her mouth. I watched, as his hand went down to her ass, pull up her robe and give her bare butt cheeks a squeeze.

I didn’t know what got into me, Warren had his hands on my wife’s bare ass and my wife had a death grip on his cock, kissing him and wanting to taste his cock again. I should have been fucking furious but instead, I was horny as hell. I walked into the room and they made no attempt to move, he still held her bare ass in his hand and she still had her hand in his shorts.

Kathy looked shyly, back at me, and said “Ellie called” “She said she can’t make it over tonight” “so I told her it was getting kind of late, and Warren could spend the night”. “We can drive him home in the morning” “Is that ok with you honey?”

Just then I noticed that Warren was fingering her ass and pussy while Kathy stroked his cock

“I can’t believe his cock is getting hard again” she said

She looked at me and said “The fantasy I always liked best was the one about being fucked by two guys in our bedroom” She looked down at my hard cock making a tent in my shorts. And said “I can see it’s your favorite one too”

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