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This is a story about me and a girl named Rachael.We used to date but i later found out that she had been two timing me.So,i made a plan to teach that 'two timing' bitch a lesson and went on to make her my personal 'sex toy' This is a story about me and a girl named Rachael.We used to date but i later found out that she had been two timing me.So,i made a plan to teach that 'two timing' bitch a lesson and went on to make her my personal 'sex toy' This is a story about me and a girl named Rachael.We used to date but i later found out that she had been two timing me.So,i made a plan to teach that 'two timing' bitch a lesson and went on to make her my personal 'sextoy'
This is a story about me and a girl named Rachael.We used to date but i later found out that she had been two timing me.So,i made a plan to teach that 'two timing' bitch a lesson and went on to make her my personal 'sextoy'

Her name was Rachael,she was 15,blue eyes,blonde hairs,36Cboobs and a nice firm ass.
My name is Seth,i am 16 and i have an athletic body thanks to years of tracks.

Rachael is a virgin and has never allowed me to do anything beyond kissing.Whenever i asked her to have sex with me she would just say that she has planned not to have sex before finishing high school.
Although,i have known that she had been flirting a guy behind my back i didn't broke up with her cause i wanted to punish her.
We always used to do overnight studies. I am very good in maths and her maths is quite weak.We had a maths test next week,so i asked her to come to my place for overnight studies.
My parent's were not home,they were away for the weekend and they trusted me enough to leave me alone in the house.But i never said anything to Rachael about me being alone at home;-),i didn't wanted her to get a hint of my planning.
She lived with her mother and since we did overnight studies quite often she readily allowed her.
I was watching t.v. Alone in the house when the bell ring,I opened the door and found Rachael in a blue plaid shorts and a white tanktop smiling at me.She was looking hot like always,we embraced each other and i let her in.
She was shocked not to find my parent's at home so i told her that my grandfather has been rushed to hospital and my parent's had to go there.Of course,i was lying but she bought the lie.

I asked her if she would like to have coffee cause i was going to make some for myself,she said she would love to.I went to the kitchen,made the coffee and slipped in the drug into her coffee.
I was pretty nervous but i tried to act as normal as possible.We drank our coffee while watching 'how i met your mother' on t.v.
After a few minutes,i looked at her and she looked like she's drunk.I asked her if she's okay,she said"ya,i just feel kinda drowsy and have a headache".
I asked her if she was on her periods to which she replied "NO!!it ended a couple of days ago".Well,i was trying to act as normal as possible so i asked her to go to my bedroom and lie down for a bit.She liked the idea and went to my bedroom.

I waited for about twenty minutes before i went into my bedroom to checking on her. When i went into my bedroom she was dead asleep,i called her a few times and then shook her a bit to confirm.After being sure that she was out cold,i removed her tanktop and shorts.
Now,Rachael has amazing legs and a very sexy body so,just the view of her unconscious and semi nude body lying on bed gave me an instant hardon. I would have loved to fuck her in conscious state but i knew her too well,she won't allow me to do that.
I kissed her on the lips,at first it was weird cause it felt like kissing a dead body but then i roamed my hands on her boobs and fondled them over the bra.
I turned her back and unclasped her black bra to reveal a gorgeous pair of round and full boobs. Rachael is very white and she hardly has any tanning lines,so the pink nipples on the white,beautiful boobs was quite a sight.
I took the left nipple in my mouth and sucked it like a kid while playing with the right one.As i sucked her boobs harder i felt a very low moan escape from Rachael's lips,i was scared for a moment but when i looked at her face i saw she was still out.
After sucking her nipples to my heart's content i bit on them hard.I went down on her kissing her all the way and stopped when i reached her crotch. I put my thumb in the waistband of her panties and pulled it down out of the way.Now,Rachael was lying completely naked with her nipples bathed in my saliva and her virgin pussy right before my eyes.
I parted her legs for a better look at her pussy,she had a beautiful pussy covered with small blonde pubic hairs.I grazed my fingers over her pussy,i pushed a finger into her virgin hole.I could feel her body take a little jerk at my intrusion,she was wet not dripping but neither completely dry too.
I motioned my finger in and out of her love hole faster.I put my other hand on her clit and rubbed it in circular motion while adding another finger into her pussy.
She was moaning now,i wondered how much she would have liked it if she had been conscious.
There were three fingers of me inside her pussy,i felt her body shiver and her pussy walls contracted as she cummed on my fingers.
I took my towel and wiped her pussy clean. I leaned on her hole and kissed her pussy,i really loved her aroma.Her pussy smelt good.
I parted her pink pussy lips with my finger and pushed my tongue up inside her.First i licked her slit up and down then,i pushed it inside her while my hands rubbed her clit hard.
She tasted salty but i liked her taste.I took my tongue out of Rachael's love hole and put my mouth on her clit and my fingers replaced my tongue.
I nibbled,sucked and made her clit all wet with my saliva as my fingers did to and a fro motion.
I sucked her clit until she had another orgasm.
I got down from the bed,removed all my cloths.Now,we both were naked and my cock was throbbing to fuck Rachael.I wished she would magically woke up and give me a awesome blowjob but then i reality hit me that i am not gonna get it.:-(

I got up on the bed,positioned my dick at her entrance,rubbed it along her slit and then pushed it inside.
Her body reflexed as my cock went into her overcoming the small obstruction caused by her hymen. Once my cock was fully inside her,i stopped kissed her lips,neck and sucked her nipples again for a minute.
I started humping her,i picked up speed and fucked her harder and faster.
After a few minutes,i felt my cock twitch.I SOOO wanted to cumm inside her but i didn't wanted her to get pregnant that would be a mess for both of us,so i took out my dick and released my sperm on her tummy.
I felt so happy and relieved that i have finally fucked Rachael and thought that,thats the end of the night.
But my cock had other ideas: when i stared at the blonde beauty lying beside me,my cock started getting hard again.
Ahh..i so wanted a blowjob from Rachael.I thought for a moment and then i had an idea. I turned her unconscious body so that she was now lying on her stomach.
She can't give me a blowjob but she still had another virgin hole to offer.When she was lying on her stomach,i finally paid the necessary attention much needed by her butt. Rachael had a perfectly round butt,it wasn't huge but it was a nice view.She had a freckle on her right top side of the bottom.At first it looked like someone had given a hickey on her butt.
I kissed her on the freckle,it looked really cute and i just couldn't control myself.I took her two cheeks in my two hands,felt it around before squeezing it very hard.I squeezed them a few more times before another idea struck me.
I have always fancied about spanking someone but never got an opportunity to do so.Since,Rachael was my sex toy for the night why not try that on her. Yes,she was out otherwise it would have been fun to listen to her groans.Anyways,i slapped on her butt as hard as i could.My hand made an immediate red mark on her super white butt as she twisted a bit at the contact.I rained consecutive slaps on her butt making it turn blood red.I wasn't being gentle,i slapped with all my might.
When i got bored of spanking Rachael,i took her ass cheeks and parted them to have a view of her asshole.It was very tiny and very squeak clean.It was clear that Rachael took a very good care of her body.
I pushed my index finger inside her butt,it was so tight my finger could hardly penetrate it.I fucked her with my finger making it ready to take my cock. When i felt that she was ready,i took out my finger and took my cock near her hole.I stretched her hole with my left hand and pushed my cock into it.She was very tight and it took such a huge effort to get just the head of my cock in.I pushed harder into her hole,in about two more pushes i was completely inside her.Rachael moaned loudly and for a moment,i thought she's awake.She kept on moaning at a very low as i fucked her asshole with all my strength. Fucking Rachael's asshole was such so awesome that fucking her pussy seemed nothing compared to it.I kept on humping her,occassionally stopping to squeeze her butt with my hand.My cock twitched and like earlier,i don't have to cum outside,i came inside her asshole as i fell over her body.I took out my cock and fell beside her on the bed. After,taking a small nap,i woke up and wore my cloths.
I cleaned Rachael's body,particularly her pussy and boobs.
I got her dressed although,it was such a herculean task to get her dressed like that.
She woke up after a few hours.She felt the pain in her asshole and her pussy,she knew what had happened. She started fighting with me,saying "how could i do something like that to her??she trusted me..blah!blah!" but then i told her that i knew she had been cheating on me and i wanted to punish her.
Then she started crying,i was really scared so i showed her the nude pics that i have taken of her while she was unconscious. I told her that whats done is done but if she dare tell anyone about what happened over here,i would circulate the pics to every guy in school and everyone will know what a slut she is.
She cried even more but in the end,she agreed that if don't circulate the pics,she's not going to tell anyone about this. She even asked me to delete the pics,to which i smiled and replied"nah...i won't circulate the pics but i won't delete them either.I am gonna keep them,so i can fuck you whenever i want.You need some more punishment,Rachael";-)

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2014-07-20 02:19:21
Fuck that cheating slut

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2014-07-20 02:19:20
Fuck that cheating slut

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2013-05-01 23:21:56
Why do you find it funny??and really?you were watching how i met your mother while reading this?

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2013-04-28 03:32:18
I found it funny that i was watching how i met your mother while reading this

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2013-03-14 03:13:52
Ya i don't feel sorry for the bitch too.She cheated on him,fuck her bro.Show no mercy,make both her holes so filled up that she cries in pain

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