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You'll want to read Part 1 first!
Life’s Strange Turns, Part 2

The phone rang, waking both Karen and myself with a start. We’d slept for only about 15 minutes. “Well, it would have been bad to sleep longer, but it would have been almost tragic if the phone had rung while we were writhing around having such marvelous sex. Especially if she’d had my cock in her mouth” I thought! To give Karen some phone privacy and to take care of some personal hygiene issues, I ran into the shower and quickly washed my crotch. That made my dick hard again, but that wasn’t a bad thing. As Karen was still on the phone, I grabbed my clothes and toolbox, blew her a kiss and hand signaled for her to call me. She smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign, with a big grin, and returned to the phone call.

I closed the bedroom door, got dressed down the hall, and let myself out. Stopping to check the mailbox on the way home, the neighbor lady across the street came over, purportedly to get her mail. Her name is Sandy, and she’s a “soccer mom” of about 40, with three kids, two boys in their teens and a girl about 10. Sandy was, near as I could tell, a mix of Hispanic and Asian...very pretty, but she’d put on some pounds and was probably around 160, too much to look great on her 5'4" frame. “Still, she’d qualify as a MILF”, I thought. At least, somebody thought so, because I was under the impression that she had a boyfriend. She’d been separated from Greg for awhile; I hadn’t heard that the divorce had gone through, but I brought up the subject by bringing up my own recent divorce. Sandy said that the divorce was settled, and she’d just gotten the “certificate of freedom” as she put it this last week. I just nodded knowingly, and told her to expect some sad times. She said, “Oh, I guess that it might be difficult at times, but I’m glad to be rid of the cheating son of a bitch”. To which I said something like “Gosh, I find it difficult to believe that Greg would cheat on a pretty thing like you”. We kibitzed awhile, so I set the toolbox down. “Karen had a leak under the sink”, I explained. Sandy then told me that the house was up for sale, the open house would be tomorrow, and that if I knew anybody looking for a nice house to let them know.

Back in the house, toolbox put away, I decided I should shower and change, having rolled around on the floor, under the sink...and oh, by the way, with Karen. While I was scrubbing in the shower, I got another stiffy, which lasted until I shut the water off and was just starting to dry myself. The phone rang, and I ran to get it. My dick was bouncing up and down with the running, slapping my abs but unable to slap the boys around, due to the stiffness. I was hoping it was Karen...but it was Sandy. She said the landscape maintenance company called and cancelled the appointment she’d made two weeks ago. “The lawn really needs mowing, my boys are gone to their father’s, and I couldn’t get the damned mower to run. Could you please help a damsel in extreme distress?” “Sure, I’ll be over in a few.”

“Well, shit, no gym today”, I sez to myself. I pulled on some jeans, a Harley-Davidson T-shirt, socks, boots, keys, and headed out the door. Sandy’s garage door was open, and I spotted the riding mower. “Hmmm. Wonder how these things work!? But it’s just a machine, and I’m a friggin’ engineer with a Harley T-shirt, so surely, I can get it going!” I checked the oil and gas, and strapped the seat down with a handy bungee cord to keep the “deadman switch” from activating. Well, Sandy had run the battery down. There were jumper cables hanging on the wall, so I jump started it off her mini-van. “No worries!” I told myself. I went ahead and mowed the lawn, then got my edger, hedge trimmer and leaf blower and finished it up real nice, just like a professional landscaper might have done. Sandy had been baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the Open House, and offered me some. “Well, just one.” “Thank you so much for mowing, I owe you!”, she sez.. “No problemo, Seniorita” I quipped, and we laughed. “I’d never run a riding mower before, so it was educational and kinda fun! I bet your boys fight over who gets to drive it every week.” “No, not anymore!” was her reply. Next, she said something strange. “During the Open House, I’ve gotta make myself scarce. I thought about going to a museum or a movie, or just shopping, but they all cost money, and I don’t have much. Could I come over to your place and watch TV...or something? I could cook you dinner, at least.” “Sure, I think that would work out fine. I’ve got some errands to run before Monday strikes, but you could guard the fort. Why don’t you drive over at about 8am, and put your car in my garage?” I replied. “Why?” “It’ll make your garage look bigger, and in my garage, instead of on the street, it will make the neighborhood a little less cluttered and open up a parking place.” I replied.

So, 8am sharp, there’s Sandy in the driveway. I pulled on yesterday’s dirty sweat pants and ran to hit the door opener, waited for her to drive in, signaled when to stop, and closed the door. She was nicely made-up and dressed casually but neatly, her hair still wet, tied in a ponytail. I apologized for not being dressed, saying “I didn’t sleep well, and was just having some tea before hitting the shower. Come on in and have some tea, it’s on the stove.” I went into the bathroom and showered. Stiffy again, of course. I wanted to whack off, but resisted. “Might just need to put the fella to work again today, you never know” I whispered to myself. Dressed again, I came back to the kitchen in flip-flops to find Sandy cooking breakfast for us. “I hope you like scrambled eggs, bacon and toasted English muffins”, she said. “Three out of four of my favorite things”, I said, not really meaning anything in particular. “What’s your fourth favorite thing?”, Sandy asked. “Sex, of course!” was my reply. “Well, what else is new?”, I thought. She wiggled her butt suggestively, while laughing loudly. I didn’t know what to think of that. Was she inviting me to have sex, or was she just joking around? Hmmmm.

We sat on the stools at the breakfast bar, chatting and eating. I got up slightly quicker than Sandy, cleared the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher. As I was bending over the dishwasher, I felt her hand on my backside, sliding down the inside of my pants. Sandy soon found that I was “going commando” today. “Out of clean skivvies”, I said, as I turned to face her. “I like!”, she said with a grin...then she cleared her throat and continued “I’m wearing my sexiest thong.” “Shouldn’t I be the judge of that?” I heard myself reply. Sandy wrapped her arms around me and said “I can’t thank you enough for mowing yesterday. You really came through for me when everything was just crazy, and I was sooooo tired. Is it too early for a nap?” We started kissing...I’m not sure who kissed who first. I do remember that Sandy was the first to offer up some tongue, and as we walked down the hallway to the bedroom, she still had her right hand in my jeans and on my muscular ass. I had my arm around her, cupping her breast from behind, in my left hand. It was soft and jiggly...all real.

Once in the bedroom, we quickly started stripping our clothes off. The shades still pulled and lights off, I could still see her camisole and thong...and yes, it was sexy. Sandy came over and hugged me and deep french kissed me, then pushed me back onto the bed. I had a woody, of course, and she was quickly on her knees and sucking my knob. She was licking around the head, up and down the shaft, and sucking on my balls as she stroked my 8" stiffy. Soon, she was taking me into her mouth, and managing to get about halfway in, but it was blocked from her throat by her tongue. “Stick your tongue out” I whispered. She did, but as I pushed into her mouth, she pulled her tongue back in. “Keep your tongue out” I coached her. Finally, Sandy managed to keep her tongue out, allowing my cock to slide into her throat. When she pulled out to catch her breath, she got a huge grin on her face, and said “Thanks, Coach, I never thought I’d ever be able to do that!” “I think you need to practice that some more!” was my quick reply.

Before long, Sandy was bumping her nose solidly into my pubic bone while she licked my balls, my cock deep in her throat. “Damn, Girl, I think you’ve got it!” I said as I pulled away from her. She got wicked grin on her face and plunged my cock back down her throat, fast and almost violently. I patted her on the shoulder blade and said “You not only deserve a pat on the back for what you’ve learned, you need to stop that before I give you a load of cum down the throat”, almost pleading with her to quit. Sandy jumped up onto the bed, laying on her back and spreading her legs, she said simply “Do me now!”. I started to kiss her nipples and lick her, but she repeated “DO ME NOW!”, lifted her knees to rotate her pelvis upward, and I started to lick her slit. Her pussy was very wet, and getting wetter very fast. I licked around her asshole and up the slit to her clit and back. She had a nice asshole and a slick pussy with no hair except a short and well trimmed heart-shaped patch. The labia were compact and smooth, with no signs of razor burn, and the folds were inward, so it was just about the nicest looking pussy you can imagine. I pushed her legs up more, so she put her feet on my back, then finally pulled them up and hooked her knees behind her elbows. My tongue was thrashing her asshole and pussy, with my lips sucking on her clit. Sandy’s clit was about an inch long by then, and very hard. I licked and sucked on it, as she grabbed my hair, pushing my face hard against her crotch, her hips bucking into me, as she thrashed and moaned with a nice little orgasm.

“God, that was great!” she said, adding “Let’s 69", and giving me a kiss on the cheek. It seemed like she was headed for my lips but thought about the PJ on my lips and diverted to my cheek. I positioned myself centered on the bed, with my knees hanging over the end. Sandy launched herself onto me, shoving her pussy into my face and quickly burying my cock back into her throat. “Mmmmm. I love this.” she gasped, then again sucking me into her throat. After a bit, I wheezed through the saliva and PJ “You give great head, Sandy!”. “Let’s fuck”, we said, almost in unison. Sandy rolled off me and I scooted up on the bed, putting my head on the pillow. She grabbed another pillow and stuffed it under my ass, then climbed on top of my cock, guiding it into herself, slowly sinking it into her tight pussy. “God, it’s so big!” she said, wincing slightly. Then she grinned and said “Finally, a really big cock for my pussy. Just what she’s always wanted!”

Slowly but surely, Sandy’s pussy relented until she had my thick 8" cock buried. She didn’t stroke it up and down, but just wiggled her hips slightly, squeezing my cock, while rubbing her clit against my hairless pubic bone. “Oh God”, she repeated, over and over, followed by “I’m so full! I’ve never had such a cock before!” Nice way to boost a guy’s ego! She started stroking up and down, slowly at first, then very hard, her titties bouncing violently, working my cock against her G-spot, rubbing her clit and building toward a really hard orgasm. Sandy was riding me like she was a wild woman, sweat running down her back and chest. I was getting close to shooting my cum into her, so I thought about the baseball game that was going to be starting on TV about now. I wouldn’t mind missing some of it, I thought as my impending climax had subsided.

Sandy climbed off me, and got on her elbows and knees, for doggy position. Positioned between her legs, I slammed my cock into her pussy, burying it to the hilt, with my balls slamming against her clit and pubic bone. Again and again, I pounded into her wet snatch. She lifted herself up off her elbows, and I wrapped my hands around her, cupping her breasts in both hands, pinching the hard nipples, and kissing her neck. Putting my cock again firmly against her G-spot, she thrust violently onto my cock, in and out, while rubbing her hard clit with her fingers. One of her fingers slipped into her wet pussy along side my cock, filling her pussy and putting a pinch on her clit. Sandy came like a fire hose, squirting her cum on the bed. I didn’t care! She was going ape chit, her whole body quivering in my arms, her legs limp and useless, unable to support her.

I pulled her limp body back onto mine, with her cunt in my face, and my cock in hers. I was wondering if she’d be a sport about it and suck a cock with her pussy juice on it, while I licked away at her clit, pussy and asshole. She seemed apprehensive about sucking a “dirty” cock at first, but soon got going on it and had it buried again, plunging in and out of her throat. Damn, that felt good! I was almost ready to blow my load of cum into her mouth when I thought about that baseball game again. I rolled her off me and without me saying anything, she got back on her hands and knees. I got behind her and slammed my cock into her, making her ass ripple like waves in the ocean. I was wondering if she’d take it in the ass, and held the head of my dick firmly against her brown pucker. “Not yet!” she said, with a tone of panic in her voice. “Mmmmm, make note of that” I thought, and plunged it back into her hot, wet snatch, pounding it into her, making her moan and readying herfor another violent orgasm, I hoped.

We shifted into modified missionary, her calves on my shoulders, and my cock pounding into her slippery cunt. Again and again, I pulled all the way out, then slammed it into her, putting as much friction as I could against her G-spot as she rubbed her clit. Her orgasm was building, as she squirmed more and her panting increased to a frantic pace. When it started, I pulled my cock out and put my face down to her pussy. Her hand beat me to it, and she had 4 fingers stuffed up her as far as they would go, her hips bucking madly. When she started to squirt, she pulled her fingers out and strenuously rubbed her clit, bucking her hips and squirting pulse after pulse of girl cum into my mouth, onto my face and into my hair. When the violent quivering subsided and as it did so, she smiled a wicked smile, and said “Now, I want you to fuck my ass! It’s a virgin.”

Duly noted! I licked her pucker again. It was wet with cum from her orgasm, so I plunged my middle finger into her pussy and then started working it into her ass. It took awhile to get two fingers into her ass, and required some KY jelly and time, to get three in. As my cock had dried off, I smeared some KY on it, and then started sliding it in. Slowly, in and out, slowly, until finally it went all the way in, buried to the hilt. She was moaning with each thrust, eyes closed, but no objections. I started pounding into her, and the moaning increased, as I battered into her ass. Sandy brought both legs together on one shoulder, and clamped her ass cheeks together, increasing the tightness of her asshole and rubbing my cock harder. She reached down and cupped my balls with one hand, gently rubbing them until they started to pull up tight and we knew I was about to shoot the goo. Sandy’s middle finger slipped into my asshole to the first knuckle, which sent my cum on it’s way. I pulled my cock out of her ass, intending to shoot it onto her stomach, but most of it went on her crotch and pussy. I lowered my head to her crotch and licked a lot of it into my mouth, pussy first, then working my way toward the rest of the jizz. When I had it all cleaned up, we french kissed, and I dumped my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it with a wicked grin.

“Anybody for a shower?” Sandy said. We went together, soaping each other well, head to toe. She knelt and sucked me some, but the hot water was running out, so we retreated for some soft towels and slowly, sexily, dried each other off. I looked at the clock, it was almost noon, then looked out the window to see the activity at the Open House. There was a BMW, a Buick, and a Lexus parked in front and in the driveway. I turned to find Sandy had her thong back on. She was right, it was sexy. She grinned that wicked grin and wiggled her hips as she turned around to show the back...three times, actually. “Which do you like best?” she said with a grin. “I like both really well, but I love your throat the best!” I said. “I’m so glad I had my tonsils out when I was little!” she grinned. “Yes, indeed”, I agreed. “Thank you so much for the coaching on my cock sucking skills, and for busting open my ass, too! I’d only had a few orgasms before, and never, ever squirted like that! OMG! I didn’t even know that was possible!” she replied. “Sandy, you must be pretty dehydrated after those two squirting orgasms, so we’d better get some fluids into you” I replied.

Sandy grinned, pushed me back to the bed and started sucking my cock again. This time, she didn’t let up, and sucked me to an incredible orgasm. She swallowed all my cum, right in the mouth, showed me she had a mouthful, swished it around and swallowed it like a porn star. I pushed my cock deep into her throat until it went soft. First words out of her mouth were “Fuck! Why didn’t my husband ever fuck me like that? Why didn’t I ever fuck my husband like that?” My reply was “Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Why don’t husbands and wives fuck like that? Maybe there would be less fooling around and fewer divorces.” Sandy took a quick peak out the window and said “Shit, there’s my ex, with his slut girlfriend. I wonder what that’s all about? Looks like they’re going to tour the house. Well, I know he can’t afford to buy it again. I bet after they leave, she’ll blow him in the car. Say, there are two cars in your garage. Do you think you could rehydrate me some more?”

Hang tight for Part 3. I can only write so much at a time, partly because I’m also reading stories you folks write and post. Hints: I’m not done with Karen yet, and I’m thinking about Jill, too. Be patient! Oh, I am being requested in the bedroom.... :)

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2015-07-27 08:38:00
I agree with the others, its good they're not superheroes that cum 20 times in a row (although squirting such a distance stretches the imagination). And slow down the coitus!
Otherwise storyline good (= believable), grammar good, spelling good (however, use "peek" instead of "peak" for a little look).

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2015-06-20 23:21:59
Please,, when the sex starts to come in to the story, slow it down a LOT, good story but too rushed, good luck on your future efforts.

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2014-11-23 11:21:37
Thank God he's human sized, and doesn't cum 15 times in a row! Also the women aren't sexual freaks with an endless orgasm "loop" in their system. Good fun read; keeps the interest "hard" as well. Big plus is that the grammar and spelling are good as well. Keep writing

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