Thanks, to all the people who viewed and commented on my last part i was overwhelmed by the amount of views and thank you to all the feedback. i will take this part slow and read over it.

i get on my hands and knees leaning over him and tell him"finger my asshole" he spreads my ass with a smile. I notice him lick his fingers to lube them up, and then suddenly he thrusts his finger powerfully into my ass, i miss a heart beat as his finger feels its way around the interior of my ass. While he starts stuffing a second finger up my tight, virgin ass, he start milking my gigantic rod, as pre-cum leaks onto his legs.

I start to feel semen moving inside my balls, i feel my cock being forced backwards and turn to see that my younger brother is folding my cock backwards, I surprisingly feel no pain as he replaces his fingers with my enormous dick travels further and further into my ass. I only feel pleasure as i contract the muscle around my dick and around my ass and fuck myself.

In all this self-fucking i missed the fact that tom (my brother) has crawled out from underneath me and lined his dick up in front of my mouth, i open wide and my brother sticks his manhood into his brother face. The taste is salty but i love it. I can feel every vein on his cock as it hits the back of my throat, but no gag reflex responds. he goes in for 3 more thrusts and then grabs my head with both hands, and i know he is going to ejaculate and i feel my own cum flooding my penis.

we both cum simultaneously, him down my throat hole and me in my own ass. While his lasts a couple minutes mine keeps going, my brother rips his penis from my mouth with a *plop* and goes around to my rear . I am still Cumming as he positions himself underneath me and remove my dick from my asshole and puts it in his mouth as he milks me dry i finger-fuck myself while cum pours from my stretched ass onto my brother's chest.

I am surprised how well my brother can suck cock so i take my cock out and ask him, to which he replies "last month, since me and James share a room i practiced on him while he slept." My jaw was wide open above his face, he pulls me in and i suck my own cum out of his wet mouth. i love the taste and we stay like this for a couple of minutes until he stops and says "follow me".

I stand up and he lifts himself of the sofa, he grabs my cock and uses it to lead me to his bedroom. when we arrive he sets up a camera pointed at his bed and tells me "whoever pins down their opponent gets a dick up their ass" i nod my head and we step in front of the camera. he hits play, i jump at him and try to bear hug him. but he ducks beneath my arms and gets behind me, i spin round and my dick makes a connection with his side, knocking him off balance while he recovers i trip him up and he falls to the carpet. sit on his chest until he taps out.

I start to stand but squat down and tea bag him. he is caught off guard and falls back to the floor."stay down" i tell him. i position myself above his dick and sit on it. while it not being as big as mine, my cock is facing his head. As he takes a large breath to begin fucking me, i stick my long dick in him. He is oddly unsurprised and start sucking as best as possible with a 18 inch dick.

he begins fucking my anus, but he has trouble with sucking my dick at the same time so i do it myself. I bounce up and down his rod this makes me scream as i am impaled by him. he starts to slow and he pushes me off of him. he crawls over to his draw and i take a moment to admire his ass, how firm it is when he returns to me he has a massive dildo smaller than my dick yet twice as thick.

"i wanna get a photo of your gaping ass" he explains to me

"but that thing wont fit inside me " i complained

"with your amount of cum, it'll fit"he tells me"but you cant cum in me so i will get you horny." With that, he leans back exposing his ass and begins fingering it vigorously. I reach down and rub my dick with both hands.

"tell me what James was like" I ask him

"his dick is tiny, but his ass is amazing, so soft and when is spread it you could hardly see his hole, he was so tight."he smiled at me revealing his pearly white teeth and his cum stained lips"so i played with his dick and opened his mouth and stuck mine in. But he started to stir so i told him that he was dreaming. He believed me so i told him to suck his lollypop and he just started to suck. i couldn't believe it, when i needed to cum i pulled out and sprayed onto his body, He fell fast to sleep."

By this time i was jizzing all over the dildo. i got on my hands and knees with my ass high in the air. Tom grabbed the toy and used two hands to plunge it deep into my anus. the pain was almost unbearable but the pleasure far outweighed the pain. My young brother pulled it out using all his strength and got his camera and stopped recording.

He snapped a photo while i spread my ass i attempted to stand but he held me down "stay" he told me, and i stayed obediently. i hear him wanking his stick and realize his plan. he only takes a couple of seconds of staring deep into my pink boy star for him to release a torrent of semen onto the edge off my ass.

He allows me up, And i look at the photos he snapped they were of my pink hole that was stretched impossibly, but the last ones had Tom's dick spelunking cum on my ass.I realize how tired i was and tell my brother "Good job" and walk slowly out of the room and into mine and fall into a deep sleep.

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