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I am an amateur, so please forgive an grammar or spelling mistakes. This is something that I thought up and typed, I would love to know if you think I should continue or not.
A Very Dominating Ryde:
Karson Price stood by the bar in the large room, filling with people. The beautiful dress she had on accented her 32c’s nicely, and her golden brown hair hung in soft curls over her shoulder. Thick eyelashes framed her electric blue eyes. She knew she was beautiful, but she preferred to think of it as nothing, just good luck. Her eyes scanned the crowd for her best friend, and hostess, Bailey, when her eyes stopped on the acutely familiar form of him.

He was Maximus Ryde, her ex. In fact, her very recent ex. He dripped arrogance and self-confidence, from his broad shoulders and muscled form to the emerald green eyes that she often found herself drowning in. He mind instantly flashed back to the trips, trips to everywhere. Italy, Paris, Rome, London, anywhere she could think of. The endless hours between the sheets, every kiss, the gifts. In fact, the dress she had on was a gift; everything she owned was a gift from him. He had let her keep it when they split, but not (as she suspected) out of the kindness of his heart, but to remind what she left.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t handsome, in fact, he was downright gorgeous, and he knew it. No, it was that he was possessive, and arrogant, and cocky. Traits that, at first, she had adored, but now resented. When they were together he constantly tried to assert his opinion in at every point, letting it be known that no one else’s mattered. She hated it.

Karson sighed, seeing that he looked as good as always, a deep expensive charcoal grey 3-piece suit, a black sanity button up underneath it, the collar undone the first three buttons. His hair, her favorite feature, was messy, covering the piercing green eyes that lay beneath. He looked good, and he obviously knew it.

She silently glowered at Bailey for inviting him, she thought Karson had been crazy to leave him, and made no secret about it. Taking a last look, she noticed him looking at her. Surprisingly his eyes were unguarded, showing an emotion she couldn’t quite place before she could visibly see the wall of arrogance slam down beneath the churning emeralds.

The moment he stepped through the doors his eyes scanned the crowd to look for her, knowing she would be here. Max could remember exactly the way she had looked at him less then two months ago as she spat the words at him, spinning on her heel and leaving for good. But Max was smart, and he was determined not to let he go again.

Oh, he had tried to date other girls, but they were all bimboes with no thoughts of their own. Karson was intelligent, to a point of annoying sometimes, but so smart. Not only was she gorgeous, but she often seemed to forget just how beautiful she was, and he had failed to remind her every day. But no matter, he would have her again.

As his eyes locked on her, thinking she hadn’t seen him, the rush of memories flooded back to him one by one. They way she smiled, her body molding perfectly to his, the way his shirt looked on her after she got up, barely covering her perfect ass. They way her eyes had filled with cold contempt when she left, the venom in her words. Shaking his head ne noticed her looking, immediately controlling the motions and tilting his chin up slightly, letting her know he knew she had been looking.

The blonde girl, Kay, had latched onto his arm. He had only brought her along to piss off Karson, and by the look of disgust on her face, it had worked.

Effortlessly swinging the wispy girl onto the dance floor as a waltz started he kept his eyes locked on those beautiful blue pools framed with mascara, never leaving them as the girl rattled on and on about something unimportant. As he twirled the blonde about elaborately, he could see the rising color in Karson’s pretty cheeks, the anger prevalent in her eyes. He flashed her a cocky grin.

Karson fumed. ‘How dare he bring that little Barbie doll in here and then have the audacity to grin at her while dancing?’ He was intentionally provoking her, and it was working! Downing the last of her drink she grabbed an exceptionally handsome guy, dragging him onto the floor and pressing her body into his, watching eyes go from surprise to self-pleased with himself. She fought the bile that rose and threatened to spill.

The man had no skill, but slyly glancing over at that cocky son-of-a-bitch, she could see it had the desired effect. He was brooding, his emerald green eyes churning. Karson knew he still wanted her, it was obvious, but he wasn’t getting her. He could wish and plead, but nothing was changing her mind; especially after this.

Instead of giving Maximus the pleasure of her glances, she turned her back to him, wrapping one elegant long arm around her partner’s waist, letting the other drape over his shoulders as he fumbled in an awkward square of a dance. She rolled her eyes inwardly, sighing at the obvious incompetence of the man. She tried to repress the urge to lead the dance herself, watching his confidence grow as he moved his hand lower, towards her ass.

Karson let him, seeing no harm in it and knowing it would really piss of that bastard Max. She giggled appropriately at all the right intervals, to all his corny jokes, nodding her head and making herself look interested as he blathered on about his job as an accountant.

At the sight of that pansies’ hand on his Karson’s ass, Maximus almost lost it. He almost put that little wimp in his place, under hit foot, on the ground. But refrained. Instead, he excused himself from the blonde, slowly striding towards her beautiful silhouette.

The fear in the man’s eyes was clear, and he had to have stood a full foot shorter that Max’s own 6’4”. Adam, as he later learned, dropped his hand, and backed away quickly. Max watched as Karson’s head tilted, confused, her gorgeous locks of honey brown hair falling over her shoulders in waves as she did so. He coughed, letting her know he was behind her, and watched as she turned slowly, her eyes flashing with barely suppressed anger and Max fought a laugh.

Karson pursed her lips in annoyance, crossing her arms over the plunging neckline of the dress she wore, snarling out a very clear and very angry “What do you want, Maximus?” He was taken aback by the hostility there, but recovered quickly, running a hand through his hair confidently while offering her his hand to dance.

“Just dance with me, you know that guy was a twig.”

She just glared at him, keeping her arms folded over her chest snugly, pushing the small little diamond heart pendant she always wore up to be seen by the world. Max sighed, keeping his hand out, knowing he would get what he wanted eventually. He always did.

As she turned around, Karson already knew who she would see. He was the only person that could make a man run scared like that, could make her want to scream and sigh his name all at the same time, could make her want to kill him and kiss him. It made her head spin, so to keep the pounding of her heart down she glared and crossed her arms tightly over her chest as he held out a hand “Just dance with me, you know that guy was a twig,” his eyes flashed with something that told her he fully expected her to say yes, to just fall back into his arms. He had another thing coming to him if that was the case. In response to his outstretched hand, Karson leaned forward, her eyes faking invitation and as soon as he had leant his head down so she could speak into his ear she spoke lowly,
“You have no right to intervene in my life anymore, so stay the fuck away.” And with that, she was gone, turning on her heel to disappear in the crowd, feeling his angered and confused gaze on her as she left. Karson knew that her response would only make the chase more fun for him, but she just couldn’t resist the jab. The look on his face had been priceless, but she could hear him moving toward her, if not feel it. She felt him move like she felt the wind on a hot day, and it sent little shivers up and down her back.

Max stood, stunned as she walked away, her curvy figure weaving through the crowd with ease. He just smirked, walking after her, the crowd parting like the red sea as he strode towards her short 5’3” figure, she could have passed for an 18 year old girl, when in fact, and Karson had just turned 21 to his 24. They were a match made in hell, and he loved it. Loved the way she challenged him, made him chase her, loved the way she caved eventually, and loved the way her eyebrows came together when he was intentionally annoying her. Everything, it was what he wanted, and he got what he wanted.
As ‘It will Rain’ By Bruno Mars came on, couples gradually got together, starting a low dance and he watched as she looked for someone to dance with, avoiding him yet again. But his time, instead of giving her the chance to walk away yet again, Max simply grabbed her hand and twirled her expertly into him arms, stepping onto the wooden dance floor. He could see the surprised outrage on her pretty face, her eyebrows pulling together as her nose scrunched up with distaste. Max just chuckled, holding her tightly in an iron grip that left her no way out.

He worked her jaw back and forth, refusing to meet his eyes. Karson knew that if she did, she would cave right then and there, and she would not give him that satisfaction. He held her tightly, spinning around with grace, her head came no taller than his shoulder and it made it easy to void the penetrating gaze he was burning into the top of her head.
Suddenly, Karson was all too aware of the way his body was pressed to hers, the way his hand was on her lower back, just on the curve of her hip, the way he breathed even and slow, his entirely too intoxicating smell. It was making her head spin in all directions, making her dizzy and perfectly perfect all at the same time.
She could faintly hear him saying something, so in turn she just nodded, hoping whatever it was had passed, and fighting off the urge to press herself closer to him.
His hand guided her along the dance floor in a series of intricate dance moves, never once getting further than a few inches away, keeping her locked tightly in his embrace. Karson fought the acute urge to lay her head on his shoulder and succumb to the feeling of want-no, need to be as close as she could get to the man. It was..well, she was fighting a losing battle.

Max could feel the tension in her back, the thin material of her dress doing nothing to mask the warmth coming off of her skin. He knew she was at war with herself, could practically hear the argumentative thoughts he was having as they ran through her head. She refused, and had done so, to look at him with those gorgeous pools of blue and he wished she would, Max knew it would solve her indecision.
The problem was, she was far too stubborn to make any kind of progress, another thing he adored about her. He sigh inwardly, then had an idea, something he used to say to her when she was pissed at him, something he hoped would work since she was leaned as far as possible from him, but she had to look at him for it to work.
“Karson,” He took his index finger, tilting her chin towards him with slight difficulty and made her meet his eyes with her own, “Kars-“

“No. Don’t. I know exactly what you’re going to say, Maximus, don’t. I don’t want to hear it, I could care less, god. You are just the most arrogant, self-satisfied, irritating, coc-“ Karson was abruptly cut off by the crushing of his lips onto hers, firm, so familiar, so…right. Initially she tried to resist, freezing and keeping her eyes open in shock, but as the kiss continued, she found her elf letting out a soft sigh, tilting her chin up just so and moving her lips with his.
Her baby blues closed and Karson found herself melting into his strong body. Her hands moved around his wide biceps, closing not even halfway around them and pulling closer. She had tried, really, she had. Karson had fought with almost every fiber in her being to stop the inevitable, to keep him away. But, she didn't want to stop him. She wanted for him to fight for her, for him to win. And now that he had, she saw no reason not to kiss him back.
And that’s just what she did, pulling his body closer, gripping the expensive suit that clad his body and returning the kiss with another soft sigh. She could feel his body heat, especially this hands that held her waist, her lower back, his heat burning through the material of her dress, sending little spikes of hot up and down her spine.

Max felt her physically give in, leaning against him and those big blue eyes closing with a small sigh. He wished that he could have captured this moment, this scene. They had stopped dancing and Maximus had pulled her off the dance floor, making the kiss tenderer, designed to ensure her downfall. It wasn't that he necessarily wanted to make her submit, well he did, but he wanted her back. And he really only knew one way to do it. He pressed her tighter against him, feeling the way she molded perfectly to fit his body.

Oh she had missed this. Missed him, his strength, his raw passion, she even missed his stupid arrogance that made her absolutely crazy. Yes, they had problem, yes she sometimes wanted to murder him, but in the end, it was worth it. She loved the way his full lips molded over hers with ease, like they belonged there, loved the way he held her close so she couldn’t get away, loved the way his hair brushed her forehead, the way his hands burned her skin with thousands of pinpricked spots of pleasure, loved it all.
Karson traced the tip of her tongue over his bottom lip, smiling when he opened his mouth in response and so ensued the battle for dominance that he always won. Oh, she put up a good fight, but she liked to let him lead, and he trailed his hands up to cup her face as they kissed, her hands pressed against his broad and defined chest.
As they re-explored each other’s mouths, she felt him pull away and attempted to follow his mouth, but was held in place, confused as she opened her eyes.

He chuckled, amused by her obvious confusion as to why he had pulled away, and leaned his forehead against hers, whispering low into her ear, adorned with an expensive sea blue gemstone earing.
“I missed you, love.” He could feel her smile as she clung a little tighter, whispering back.
“I missed you, Max.” She sighed again as he took her hand pulling her towards the door. The valets waited outside with the keys to his black Mercedes, and he tugged on her arm though never more than a few inches away from her.
She followed easily enough, always the fighter though, a little resistance was met and he pressed his lips to hers once more, eradicating any thoughts’ of staying. He caught the stare of her friend Bailey, her expression shocked but self-pleased as he led Karson through the doors and to his car as she slid into the black leather seat with an unconscious sexy grace. As he closed the door, Max couldn’t help but smile at this, sliding into his own seat, pulling out onto the road with the sleek car.
Max reached over, taking her hand in his as he sped down the road to his penthouse and twining his fingers through hers, marveling at how her fingers fit perfectly between the spaces of his own hands.

Meanwhile, Karson reveled at how his hands dwarfed her own; in fact, she reveled at how he dwarfed her. She hadn’t expected this to happen, but sitting in his fast, sleek car, Karson couldn’t imagine a better way to end the evening.
As they pulled into the parking garage and into his parking space, she looked at him, hoping she wasn’t blushing. He just smiled, leaning across to kiss her cheek and then open his door.
Once inside the huge, luxurious penthouse she followed him into his modern kitchen, letting him mix their drinks while she leaned against the smooth countertop. Max turned, handing her a glass of wine and she took a sip, setting it on the counter next to her as he stepped closer.
Max set his drink next to hers, sliding his strong hands around her waist and leaning his face to hers. Karson tilted her chin up as he leaned his head down, the dark curls of his hair brushed her forehead as his lips met hers in a tender but firm kiss.
Sighing, she splayed her hands on his chest, feeling every hard muscle and crevice even beneath the clothing he had on, her lips quickly becoming overpowered by his. Karson felt him step closer, pressing his body into hers, and in turn pressing her into the counter. He moved his mouth to the spot just below her ear whispering softly something she didn’t catch, all to aware of the spikes of pleasure he was sending down her body.
He gently pulled away, taking her hand and leading her into his large bedroom, familiar in every way possible. From the large bed, adorned with black silk sheets, to the red grand piano and wall of one way tinted windows on the far wall. She smiled inwardly, trailing a hand along the neatly made bed that she had spent so many hours in.
Suddenly, Karson could his hot breath on her bare shoulder, kissing in repetition as he trailed his fingers over her smooth, light skin and Karson closed her eyes in rapture.

Max slowly trailed kisses up and down her creamy skin, hooking a finger under the thin strap on her dress and pulling it down. He heard her take a sharp breath, and he lightly bit down on the spot where her neck and shoulder met seamlessly. He heard her whimper and Max took that as a sign to take it further, so carefully he slipped the other strap of her dress over her shoulder, watching it float to the ground around her feet, leaving her beautiful body on display. And beautiful it was, her skin glowed flawless, the curve of her waist, the dimples just above her tight ass. She really was gorgeous.
He slowly turned her around, laying her back onto the bed and kneeled between her legs, pressing his lips to hers once more as her gorgeous honey brown hair fanned around her head like a dirty halo.
Max suddenly stood, removing the coat, vest, and black shirt he was wearing and tossing them on the floor, watching her eyes go wide with want, and something else.

Karson bit her lip, her eyes traveling over the perfectly sculpted body of the man that stood before her. Since he had dropped her dress, she had been in nothing but the black lacy bra and lacy boy shorts that she had chosen for tonight, suddenly thankful she had worn them.
She watched as he leaned over her body, raking his hypnotic green eyes over her body before finally letting his mouth meet hers with a raw passion that she had missed so much.
As they kissed his hands roamed over her body, sliding the palms of his hands along her smooth thighs and over her toned abdomen, slipping over her firm breasts as she let out a soft moan. Even with the bra, she could feel the electric shock that went through her and in turn she reached up, burying her fingers through his soft, thick waves, tugging lightly in response.
Max deftly removed the lacy bra, moving his mouth to her little pink nipples and flicking his tongue over them, earning from her a sharp intake of breath followed by a soft moan. She tugged harder on his curls, pressing his head to her breast. Max chuckled, his voice vibrating the skin where his mouth touched and Karson let out a loud groan.

He relished the feel of her hands pulling tightly on his hair, something she had always done. Even as he slowly swirled the tip of his tongue around her perfect pink nipple, he could feel her unconscious grinding on his knee, which was positioned between her slim thighs and he trailed a hand down towards the pretty lacy boy-shorts she had on.
Grasping the thin material in his hand, Max tore it away for her body, hearing the small gasp that Karson let out, and she jerked his head up, a forced, lust filled glare pointed at him.
“Dammit Max, those were new.” She furrowed her pretty brow at him and pursed her lips, irritated.
“I’ll buy you some new ones” He mumbled, dropping the now ruined lace shorts on the floor beside the bed and moved his hand back down to her rapidly growing wetness, pressing the tips of his index finger to her little bud.
Her sharp intake of breath, followed by the low moan that escaped her lips told him that all was forgiven and he slowly parted her moist lips and inserted the tip of his finger into her tightness, feeling her tense beneath him.
Max slowly swirled his finger around her tight folds, feeling her clench him trying to press down further when he suddenly stood up.

Karson let out a frustrated growl. She had been so close then he pulled away and she could see him smirking in the moonlit room. Her short lived scowl was replaced by a small smile as she realized he was taking off the charcoal slacks he wore, stripping out of the tight briefs as well.
She sighed as he kissed up her abdomen, stopping briefly to swirl his tongue over her nipples and then bit down on her shoulder. Karson moaned, and then was silenced by his insistent mouth on hers, their tongues wrestling as he touched the head of his large prick to her soaked pink slit, not entering.
Frustrated, she tried to wiggle, pushing herself onto him, but Max was having none of that and grabbed both of her wrists, holding them above her head. She looked up at him, pleading with her big blue eyes.
“Max, please.” He quirked an eyebrow, answering exactly how she hoped he wouldn’t. “Tell me what you want, love. Please what?”
She clamped her jaw shut, determined that he would not win.

Max saw the warring determination to hold out shut over her eyes, the clamp of her jaw, working backing forth. He would win; it was just a matter of getting her to submit to him.
So, he leaned down, licking his way to her hard, erect nipples and sucking on them, taking one between his teeth and biting down lightly. She squealed, wriggling beneath him in pleasure, held down by the iron grip he had on her wrists.
Max heard her whimper by his ear “Max, oh god, please.”
“Please what?” He asked, nibbling on her ear lobe, biting the spot just beneath her ear and rubbing the tip of his prick up and down her slit. It took a serious amount of self-control to not just shove it in her tight pussy and let her have it. But she would tell him, even if she seemed determined now.


She squirmed, trying desperately to free herself from his grasp, from the relentless biting and kissing that was driving her crazy, making her head spin in a thousand directions. Her aw was clamped as tight as it could get, grinding her teeth down against each other.
All at once she felt him move, not in, but up and down and it drove her over the edge, gasping in and tensing her back up she growled, low and husky.
“Please, oh god, please just fuck me god dammit” And at the same time that he drove the length of his shaft deep into her pussy, hitting her cervix, Karson clamped her teeth down over his shoulder.
He drove it roughly, thrusting faster and faster while she moaned and squealed loudly. He pulled all the way out, ramming it back in with quick skilled repetition, sending waves of pleasure all throughout her body, bringing her closer to the edge of orgasmic bliss.
When the tip of his thick cock hit her g-spot, Karson lost all sense of time, screaming out incoherently as her pussy gripped him, milking his cock as she jerked around, her back arching.

Feeling her milk his prick, Max lost it soon after, and with just a few long thrusts, buried himself in her wetness and came.
Torrents of his thick jism spurted into her welcoming box and he collapsed on top of her small body, careful not to hurt her. He breathed heavily as he slipped his prick out of her and pulled her naked form against his solid chest, cradling her against him.

Karson was slightly surprised when he pulled her to him and covered them both with the black duvet. Pleased, but surprised and gently pressed her lips to his chest, running her hands along the lines and grooves of every defined muscle on his torso, feeling him shudder slightly.
She spoke softly, trailing her fingers along his collar bone. “Max?”
His eyes were closed but he was listening intently on her soft voice “Hmm, what is it, love?”
She hesitated before she spoke, her voice small. “Is this just a one nig-“
He cut her off, pressing a long finger to her mouth. “No. And don’t ask, but I was hoping you’d come stay here with me.” His mouth abruptly replaced his finger’s place on her lips, answering the question for her and she sighed, contented with life at this moment, and drifted off to sleep, soon followed by Max, who watched her sleep before tucking her head to his chest.

_________________________________ ___________________________________________

When Max woke up the next morning, Karson was tangled in the sheets, her smooth bare back uncovered to the waist and the light from the huge windows glinting off her flawless skin. Her gorgeous face and just-fucked hair shone brightly with the innocence of sleep, and Max couldn’t resist trailing his fingers lightly over her back. Karson shifted.
“Hmmorning” She mumbled, burying her face into the plush black pillow and let out a tired sigh. Max chuckled, splaying his fingers over her small little bottom and flexing. He heard her sharp, very awake, intake of breath as he did so.
Placing a heated kiss on her shoulder, he moved his hand down to the apex between her thighs and felt her stiffen. “I do so love to see you like this in the morning,” he mumbled against her flushed skin, she let out a whimper. He could tell her focus was solely upon his fingers which had worked their way into her soft folds and were circling slowly, wiggling occasionally. Karson moaned softly.
What a pleasant way to be woken up, though Karson, her skin burning with desire as her stomach clenched. She could feel every move of his fingers, every flick of her clitoris, every heated kiss on her hot, exposed flesh. She shivered, all too aware that Max knew exactly what he was doing, and knowing him, there would be something for her to work for.
She slowly turned over, looking up at him as he leaned over her on his elbow, slowly retracting his hand, she whimpered in confusion. Why is he taking it away...I was so close! Max smirked down at her, slowly bringing his hand to his mouth and slipping each finger in, sucking.
Karson’s eyes widened and she sucked in a breath, her mouth falling open slightly. Holy shit. He grinned at her evilly, leaning down to suck a hardened nipple into his all too alluring mouth. His deep green eyes were aflame with passion, lust, want...and something she couldn’t put her finger on, not that she was trying to hard anyway.
She looked at him from under her eyelashes, biting her lips softly when he growled up at her.
“I want to bite that lip, Miss Price” and with that he grabbed her chin, pulling her lips from between her teeth, and kissing her roughly, pulling her bottom lip into his mouth, nibbling softly. She let out a low moan. Oh my…
After he broke the kiss, she could feel her hot lips, and muttered huskily at him “I think you already have accomplished that, Mr. Ryde.” He just cracked a lopsided grin and winked at her, planting kisses in a circle around her collar bone, biting and sucking on his way.
He smoothed a palm over her toned stomach, towards the apex between her thighs and felt her wetness, letting out a groan. “God, Karson, you are so wet.” She nodded at him, her blue eyes wide in anticipation and trepidation, but couldn’t resist challenging him.
“Then do something about it, Max,” She said, her voice dripping with lust and sarcasm.
His eyes harden in the slightest, the deep churning green turning stony and glinting with the obviously accepted challenge, and in one fluid motion he flipped her over on her back, shoving her knees underneath her so that her tight little backside was in the air.
Max leaned over her back, she could feel his smooth muscular chest on her skin as he growled into her ear, biting her earlobe. “Oh, I fully intend to my dear.” And with that, he shoved the his massive girth into her in one stroke, eliciting a loud, drawn out moan from her as Karson is pushed forward on the soft mattress sheets.

Max could feel her squeezing him, and as he picked up his pace, he could hear the loud gasps and moans that Karson was giving out. He took her wrists in his hands and pulled them behind her back like handles, using her arms to pull him even further into her depths.
“Come for me, Karson, give it to me,” That one, solitary sentence seemed to be her undoing, and she came around him, her muscles clenching deliciously as he found his own release, calling out loudly.
They lay in the bed for a while, calming down their nerves before Karson suddenly sat bolt upright.
“What time is it?” She asked him frantically and he tilted his head before answering. “9:00, why is something wrong?”
“Shit, shit, shit! I have to go!” She jumped off the bed and into the shower, getting out in less than 5 minutes and dressing in the only thing she had, the slinky evening dress she was wearing last night and her heels.
He gave her a confused look, sitting up. “What do you mean, leave?” She just gave him a withering look, pulling her wavy hair ito a bun, little tendrils of hair falling to her shoulders. “Some of us have to work for a living. We can’t all be CEO’s of our own company, Maximus.”
She rolled her eyes at him, and then taking pity on the confused look on his all to handsome face she crawled onto the bed, placing a kiss on his lips and then, as she was walking out the door she called over her shoulder. “Don’t worry; I’ll see you at dinner. Here, at 7:00” And with that she was gone, leaving the promise of later…

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