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First ever story, sorry if there were any mistakes or anything like that. constructive criticism welcome. This is based on my boyfriend (I'm a girl) and his friend. Didn't actually happen (But I wish it did) Obviously, names had been changed.
It was Friday. I was sitting in my last class of the day with my girlfriend Jen. It was english and she was sitting beside me writing down notes on Shakespeare. I couldn't care less about this old, dead guy so I decided to have a little fun. I leaned over and whispered to Jen "I wanna fuck that pussy so bad"

"Kev, stop." Jen said as she jokingly hit me. But I knew I was getting her horny.

"I wanna lick that clit and finger you til you cum then I'm gonna take my rock hard cock and-" She cut me off

"Cut it out" she hissed.

I stopped, seeing as I was going to Tyler's tonight and there was no need of getting her too horny if I wasn't going to be there. The rest of class went by normally and when the bell rang i walked Jen to her locker.

"Have fun at Tyler's" she said as she put her homework in her bag.

"I will, have fun at Kristen's" I replied.

With that I hugged and kissed her, the kiss leaning more towards a make-out.

Jen was a beautiful girl. Long brown hair and sparkly blue eyes. She was 5'4 compared to my 5'7. Her tits were a C-cup and very cute and her ass was round and firm. She was a cheerleader, but she wasn't snobby or ditsy. She was nice, funny, and really smart. Also, she was amzing in bed.

I suppose I wasn't bad looking either. I had blond hair and blue eyes. I was 5'7 and had a 6-pack. I was in shape probably because I play basketball, soccer and I'm on our school's track and field team. I think Jen's favourite thing about me was my 7-inch cock.

"I'd tell you two to get a room but we're having a guy's night and there's no girl's aloud" Tyler came and said, interrupting my little make-out session with Jen.

"See ya Monday" Jen blushed as she waved and left.

"Man that chick is hot" Tyler said.

"And she's mine, so back off" I said. Me and Jen have been dating for almost a year so I don't really need to worry about Tyler stealing her.

We drove back to his place and when we got there no one was home.

"My parents won't be home, they went to visit some relatives this weekend."

"And you invited me over instead of throwing a party?" I replied.

"Dude, remember what happened at the last party I threw?"

"Oh yeah" I said and thought for a moment. "Smart choice having just me over"

At the last party Tyler threw, it started out good. But there may have been too much alcohol available. By the end of the night there was puke all over the bathroom, and even on the floor in the living room. And every piece of furniture was cum-stained. Somehow he cleaned it all up and his parents never knew. But Tyler never threw a party after that.

We ordered some pizza and started playing some xbox.

"Hey why don't we grab some beer" Tyler suggested.

"Sounds cool" Tyler's parents are really cool and let us drink. They know we're going to do it anyway.

Once we ate the pizza, had a couple of beers in us and we were casually playing xbox talking and somehow the conversation had turned to sex.

"How's Jen in bed?" Tyler asked me.

"Oh, amazing." I replied. "She's so kinky and playful and her cheerleading has made her strong and flexible, it's awesome."

"Man, I wish I had a girl like that." He replied.

We continued talking about sex for a while and for some reason, I was getting horny. And apparently Tyler was too because just as I was thinking of going to the bathroom to jack off he said "Fuck this, wanna watch porn?"

Me and Tyler have been friends since we were little kids but I don't think we ever watched porn together. I was horny though and since Tyler was my best friend it didn't seem that weird so I agreed.

We went to his room to go on his laptop. Coincidently, we had the same favourite site so we went on that site and looked for a good video. The one we chose was two lesbian school girls.

By now both our dicks were making tents in our jeans, so we decided to take off our jeans and take our dicks out of our boxers. We've seen each others dicks before but never erect. As the two school girls started making out we started rubbing our dicks.

I looked over at Tyler. He was not bad looking with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had tan skin but he wasn't as built as me, and a little shorter. His dick had to be at least the same size as mine, if not bigger. Maybe it was the alcohol in me, but the sight of my friend stroking himself was making me even more horny.

"You know, it's been like months since I've had sex" Tyler said. "Not even a blow job, I've gotta hook up with a girl soon, my hand just isn't good enough sometimes."

"I feel bad for you. Jen is always giving me blow jobs or sex, I think I forgot how to use my hand" I said. I didn't mean to brag but it was true. Jen certainly knows how to keep me satisfied.

"You lucky bastard, why don't you share?" He said, hitting me then going back to rubbing his dick.

I laughed and we went back to rubbing our dicks silently with just the occasional moan from one of us.

My thoughts kept bouncing from Jen, to Tyler rubbing his dick right beside me. Without really thinking I said "Wanna try something Ty?"

"Try what?" He asked.

"Let's jack each other off"

"Ok" he agreed. I don't know why, maybe the couple of beer we had were affecting us.

Slowly he reached over and grabbed my dick as I let go and did the same to him.

We kept doing that for a few minutes when on the video the girls started to eat each other out Tyler said "Fuck I need a good blow"

Again, I don't know why but I said "Why don't I help you with that" And I got on my knees and put my mouth to his dick. It was weird having a dick in my mouth, but I actually didn't mind it.

He gasped and moaned. "Fuck Kevin, I don't care if you're a guy that feels so good." While sucking him I was still masturbating myelf and I was moaning while sucking and I could tell he liked it.

Within minutes Tyler warned me "Kev I'm gonna cum" I decide against swollowing and grabbed a dirty sock of his floor for him to cum into.

Once he came into the sock I sat back down on the bed "Now let me finish" I said.

"Here I'll help" He replied and got on his knees and started to suck my dick. It felt so good. I realized, whether a boy or a girl, a blow job was still a blow job.

It wasn't long before I had that sensation in my balls and I knew I was ready to cum. "Ty, I'm gonna-" but it was too late "Ooohhh - ffuuuuccck -yeaahh" I moaned as I shot spurt after spurt on Tyler. Once I finished I apolagized but it seemed he didn't really care.

"I'm gonna go shower" He said. Once he came back we went back to playing video games and the rest of the night went normally.

-The end (for now?)
part 2 possibly, involving Jen maybe? let me know!

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2013-10-26 16:46:42
mhIjeO Great, thanks for sharing this blog.Much thanks again. Will read on...

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2012-12-16 03:37:18
That was hot. Can't wait to read more with Jen involved. And maybe Kristin too!

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2012-12-15 22:09:07
my friend sucks my cock like no other he deep throats and does not let go till your cum is gone

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2012-12-14 16:09:30
Good story I want to here more and some with Jen and both boys fucking

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2012-12-10 01:59:27
this isnt as you labelled it, said teen male/female need to change that. need ot tage shit properly

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