A slave is forbidden by her master to masturbate, so she turns to 'someone' else for release.
The feeling between her legs was so intense, so full of desperation that it almost hurt her. She stepped out of the shower, looking down at her wet, dripping naked body and giving a soft sigh. She'd been forbidden by her master to masturbate, or use any toys to relive herself, but was in a desperate need to cum. She grabbed a towel from the hook, using it to dry off her damp body, savouring every second the rough material slid along her bare pussy or her sensitive nipples. Once she realised she was almost grinding the towel against her clit, she stopped drying, wrapping the towel around her naked body,leaving her long brown hair hanging loosely around her shoulders.

Stepping out of the bathroom, she immediately felt a nose poking around the bare thighs visible beneath her towel. She reached down, rubbing a hand along the dog's thick fur before giving him a playful scratch behind the ears. She walked past him, feeling his snout bumping against her bare ankles proving he was following and still sniffing at her. Reaching her bed she slipped the towel from around her body, leaving her body completely naked. She'd already laid her outfit out on the bed to change into, but as she leant forward she felt the dog's paws against her upper thighs, his nose pushing between her legs to sniff directly at her dripping slit, his thin fur around his noise tickling her bare thighs.

The feeling of his wet nose pushing up against her pussy, inhaling her sweet strong scent, was too much, as she dropped forwards, placing her hand on the bed, but keeping her legs straight. She let out a loud moan, before the dog suddenly stuck out it's huge tongue, and began lapping at her slit. Her hands grabbed two handfuls of the sheet below her, she'd been forbidden from masturbating, but the dog was working of it's own free will. Too soon her pussy had started leaking her juices generously, starting to rub down her inner thighs, which only caused the large dog's tongue lap more ferociously.

After just a few minutes of 'innocent' licking, she felt her knees start to become weak. Without thinking she pushed her hand between her legs, shoving the large dog away, before crawling onto the bed on her hands & knees. She closed her eyes, waiting for the intense feeling to return, but found nothing. She opened her eyes to see the large dog walking from the room. She let out a loud groan, "Theo...Come back" she gasped, her voice full of desperation as she remained on her hands & knees like a bitch ready to be fucked.

She crawled a little forwards onto the bed, her legs spread wide, her ass stuck up into the air with her back flat. She considered playing with herself, accepting her Master's punishment when he got back to her. "Theo.. Please... Here boy!" she cried, suddenly feeling a thump onto the bed as something jumped up onto it. She felt a few hairs tickling her bare butt and thighs. "Good Boy... Good dog" she whimpered, feeling his tongue start to brush around her slit once more.

"Good boy.. Keep licking.." she whimpered, her juices flowing from her pussy to be lapped up almost immediately by the dog's huge tongue. She could feel it pushing between her lips, occasionally rubbing directly against her clit & sending a wave of pleasure through her body. Soon she was bucking backwards against his tongue, moaning loudly as she approached a powerful orgasm. She was hating herself for never thinking of this before, as a powerful orgasm suddenly swept over her body.

Her toes curled, her fingers gripping tightly enough onto the bed-sheet for her nails to tear straight through it. She screamed loudly in pure ecstasy, her juices squirting out from her tight little slit to coat the dog's face. Through her entire orgasm the dog kept licking, making the pleasure almost unbearable. Finally once the orgasm had subsided, she reached behind, taking a swing at the dog's nose & managing to bat it away, a soft thump as she heard him jump down from the bed.

She sighed in relief as the intense pleasure finally stopped, but her orgasm had been so overdue, and had hit her so strongly, that she was still experiencing it enough for her to be barely able to move, she kept in the same position for a few minutes, her breathing heavy as she struggled to regain control of her body. Finally she retrieved enough strength to push herself off her hands & knees, moving back to sit on her feet, until she heard a loud growl from behind. She turned, looking over her shoulder just in time to see Theo launch himself off the floor, his front paws slamming against her naked back, the force sending her forwards to land on her face, her butt sticking high into the air.

She was about to try and push herself back up, when she felt his paws landing on her back, his furry body pressing up against her from behind, something long and thick pressing against her tight slit. "Theo! No! Ba.." she began, but interrupted herself when the large dog suddenly thrust forward, driving it's large cock against her slit, missing penetrating her by inches as it slipped along her slit. A loud cry escaped her lips as the dog suddenly started thrusting, missing it's mark every time, his cock rubbing against her slit and pushing down between her thighs driving her to even more pleasure than his tongue had given her.

She stayed perfectly still for a few minutes, just enjoying the sensations his rubbing cock was giving her tight slit, unsure if she was not moving because she couldn't.. or because she didn't want to. The large dog got more & more frustrated as his large cock refused to find an entrance, his thrusting starting to grow harder and faster, soon the pleasure was too much for her, and she exploded in another orgasm, Moaning loudly into the bed as her entire body tremble d in pure pleasure. The intense pleasure made it hard for her to hold herself up as much, her entire body actually dropping around two inches, his next pull backwards would soon be followed by his cock perfectly hitting it's mark.

"Theo..!" she cried out, as the large doggy cock suddenly plunged into the virgin-like tightness of her slit. She moaned loudly into the sheets, having not enjoyed a cock besides her master's in such a long time, the feeling of a new one was exciting. The large dog gave her no time to adjust, seeing her hole as just a thing to use to relieve himself, his heavy panting was going directly into her ear, one rough thrust after another, slowly pushing deeper inside her, until the entirety of his 9 inches of thick degrading doggy cock was inside her.

He let out a triumphant howl once his cock was fully inside her, giving her almost no time to adjust to his large size, before he pulled back, yanking his cock halfway out, before starting a sudden serious of rough thrusts into her tight slit. The pleasure spread through her entire body, already she could feel another orgasm starting to build up inside her. "Ohh..Theo..Good dog...Fuck me...please fuck me" she gasped loudly, starting to thrust her butt back against him, driving his large cock deeper into her tiny slit with each of the dog's thrusts, but she was clearly unable to keep up with his frantic thrusting, and soon enough she had given up, struggling to keep her knees from giving in as she was fucked roughly and intensely.

To her it felt like years, but in reality it was only another 10 minutes before she felt another powerful orgasm sneaking up on her depraved body. She let out a long loud desperate moan, as her tight slit clamped down onto the dog's cock, squirting her sweet juices over it's thick shaft as her entire body trembled from the powerful orgasm. The pleasure was all too much for her as the huge dog continued hammering into her with each rough thrust all the way through her orgasm. But she knew she had no chance of stopping him now, it wasn't too long after that she felt something thicker pressing against her slit, she realised too late that the dog's knot was trying to force into her too tight lips, the only defense she managed to conjure up was to let out a whimper of "No!" and a very weak attempt at swinging back at the dog, her hand missing his body by inches.b

Her defense easily failed, as the huge knot began pushing right against her tight slit, causing her to groan in pain as his next handful of thrusts forced her tiny slit to spread, allowing the huge knot to be forced into her. She threw her head down, burying her face in the sheets to silence the loud scream that escaped her lips as his knot spread her wider than she'd ever been before. Although his thrusts became shorter, they didn't get any slower, and soon she was being fucked at full speed once more, moaning loudly until she finally felt the dog's large cock twitch inside her, before an incredible warmth started inside her spreading quickly inside her as his cum flooded into her. The large dog let out a howl of success, three last powerful thrusts before his thrusting stopped, dropping his heavy body to rest on-top of hers, his chin resting on her back between her shoulder-blades.

She kept still for what felt like hours, the huge knot showing no signs of shrinking even after the large dog had finally stopped cumming into her fucked hole. It was around 20 minutes after the fucking had stopped when the large dog lifted it's head, suddenly jumping backwards & tearing the knot which had only shrunk to half of it's full size from her tiny slit, causing her to groan in pain and look over her shoulder. She spotted Shadow first, who was jumping up to try and lick the face of his master.. and her own. Who only looked down at her, then at her fucked pussy and sighed softly. "Your slutty self couldn't even wait three hours could you?" he asked, stroking the innocent dog along the back of his neck slowly as he glared down at his little slut with a look that would tell her she was going to be punished severely for her actions.

This story was written for a good friend of mine, who will hopefully one day help me make a fantasy like this a reality. If you're leaving a comment about the story, please add a small note for her.

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Im so wet. I can feel my clit pulsing and its taking everything in me to write this.. I just want to touch my warm, wet pussy and feel the same sensation of a long tongue on my clit.

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I would love to be a large dogs bitch

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