I’ve never wrote a sex story before, and I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do this, I just know I want to write this. This story isn’t complete fantasy. Most the events are true, but of course all the names and personal information are changed. And since this is fantasy the sex is fiction for now. Nicole is 17 and Senior Year in High School. And John is 43 as the SRO at her school he’s there to make sure nothing illegal happens. John has a family of his own, while Nicole is losing hers, as her father just died but her mother is suffering from Cancer. Nicole turns to John for all her problems and after a year finds herself falling for him, and the only way she knows to express her feelings or thank him is sexually.
Nicole has had a past full of problems, and seems to always find herself, sitting in the principal’s office with the SRO close by. After a while Nicole gets John’s cellphone number so if she needs to talk she can always text him. Nicole was always into sexting since she dated her last boyfriend, she’d keep 12-30 nude or just sexy pictures on her phone. John knew this, and he’d seen them many times she made no attempt at hiding them from him. Her long brown hair, green eyes, and 34B tits would always be flaunted just right in her cell phone pictures.

He’d even seen pretty much everything at school without her knowing it, because she’d meet up with a football player for sex and when she did she’d wear a short white dress that had a way of coming up when she sat down. It showed her tits no matter what she tried to do to hide them. They seemed to just bust through the cups her little nipples were probably in fact the only thing that stayed in her dress.
He knew when she was having sex, because she’d came in his room once before when they about got busted in the school stairwell wearing that little white dress. She sat in one of the seats in his room, and then she received a text message and said she had to leave he asked, “Why?” She quickly answered before she walked out, “Have to get the condom wrapper, and put my thong back on your seats are really cold.” That response left him speechless and a little hard because he automatically started to imagine her warm soaking wet pussy pressed against the chair.

She always found a way to get him turned on, but it never seemed intentional. But it seemed like there was always more and more dirty pictures on her phone now that John was going through her phone just about every day but he figured she was probably just doing it for the football player or ex-boyfriend. He always warned her that if she’s going to take them to make sure she erases them, because he always did after he seen them. She even got a new phone and started making videos, and then he realized that she was more eager to give him her phone every day. And of course there were always many more pictures of her from in her under clothes to completely naked with her playing with herself.

Later Nicole texted John asking if he liked her pictures, and he already knew her feelings toward him but he finally asked if she was taking the pictures just for him or if they were for someone else. She told them he was the only guy she’d even talked to in weeks. At the time Nicole’s father was very ill and she was barely at school anymore, and she’d been told she was going to lose him. She soon had to stop going to school because her father had passed away, she ended up texting John all day from the time school would start until the time he had gotten home.

All she did was lay in bed, she was getting really turned on every time she texted him and had just told him she was really bored. His reply was always something like, “I’m sure you can find something to do while you lay in bed to stop you from being bored.” And so her reply started to be, “I wish you could help me with that.” After a bit of beating around the bush she finally got straight forward about it and said, “I really want you to fuck me.” She even told him that she fingered herself 3 times to orgasm thinking about him. He’d make funny comments on how wet he makes her. John brought up the idea of Nicole sitting her cute little white dress, playing with her clit in front of him that it would be easier and better in person. She liked the idea very much, and told him one day when she gets a chance she would wear a dress just for him.

A month after not going to school and managing to get really sexual through text message she returned. John acted as if nothing had happened, and apologized for the loss of her father. She said it was okay and thanked him for being there for her through it. She then handed him her phone, and as he began to go through her phone, he completely ignored what Nicole was up to. As she stood above him she undone her long grey jacket, and revealed her black shirt with stars all over it. She pulled the stretchy top part down and made it go right under her breasts. She then said, “John.” He pulled his full attention from her cellphone to look up her, he breast were fully uncovered. John’s mouth dropped his eyes focused on her nipples that were finally exposed to him in person.

After he got a really good look an evil looking grin came over his face. And Nicole told him she had to leave before her teacher calls looking for her. She pulled her shirt back up and left as if it she’d done that in front of him a million times. She left him with the biggest hard on yet. The next day she did almost the exact same thing only she was having trouble snapping her bra back, because it was just about too small for her breasts. He said as if he was kidding. “Want some help with that?” She replied with a small laugh, “I’d love some.” He said, “I can’t now you’ve already done it.” So she stood up and leaned up against his desk and undone it again, his hands lay across his desk ready to cup her young teenage breasts.

He looked behind her to make sure nobody was passing by in the hallway and focused back on her breasts, he reached out and cupped her right mound in his hand and started to massage it. She automatically let out a slight moan by accident, simply because she never expected a man that has his own family and kids her age to be the rubbing her tits. To top it all off it being a police officer. Nicole really wanted him right then and there, she wanted him to bend her over his desk and show her what a real man feels like, instead of a high school boy, who more worried about being a star football player and being with as many girls as he possible can be in one week.

Nicole mentioned to John how she absolutely hates to give men head, because she can’t stand to be on her knees for too long. So John tells her practice makes perfect and brought up that she could simply lie on her back and let the guy lower himself down into her mouth. She liked the idea very much. She even told him one of her latest thoughts as she finger fucks herself she imagines being in his patrol car, parked in a secluded area. John said, “You’ve really put a lot of thought into it haven’t you.” And she responded, “Well I have a lot of time lying in bed all by myself.” He tells her he will message her one day when he gets some time that he won’t be missed.

Few days pass, and Nicole tells him she’s starting to really want those practice lessons. He laughs and replies back telling her that with all sexy text messages he’s in need for a good blow job. She comes into his room, and she starts to write him really sexual messages on his notepad, because people start to walk by his door and he gets a phone call. She writes on the corner of the paper, “I want you to fuck me.” A grin crosses his face again, so she decides to keep on writing him being dirty. She writes, “You make my pussy so wet, I wish you could feel it for yourself.” He takes her pencil and writes, “How wet?” She responds with, “Dripping, wet, my thong is probably already drenched.” John then smiles again. And Nicole begins again, “Maybe if I suck your cock, my throat will stop hurting.” He mouths the words, “Maybe.” And then John gives a little wink. She begins to write again, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to wait until I get home to play with my pussy.” He takes the pencil once again and writes, “Go ahead.”

She then pulls her sweatpants down slightly. And she begins to finger herself. He leans over his desk to get a better look as her middle finger circles her tiny little clit. The bell rings dismissing the students to leave and head for the buses. John tells her to hold on, as she was getting her stuff to leave. He writes on the paper, “I’m driving you home today.” And he winks, again. A sexy devious smile appears across Nicole’s face. He stands up from behind his desk and grabs his paperwork. His phone conversation ends shortly after leaving his room. And he escorts Nicole to his patrol car. He drives to a private place in the woods, and they strip from their clothes then they begin to get in the back seat. He motions for Nicole to lay flat on her back. She quickly lies down and opens her mouth really wide welcoming his big hard cock, that she’d been waiting to see in person since he first saw her naked.

He smiled as he slowly lowered himself down. She quickly took ahold of it in her mouth, and started lifting her head wanting more of his throbbing hard dick in her mouth trying to get it deeper and deeper; she kept lifting more and more with it. He began to cram himself into her throat as far as it would go. She started to gag, and he automatically pulled it from her mouth figuring she was about to throw up, she instead spit all over his cock, and went straight back to deep throating his cock. He leaned back enjoying every minute of what she was doing it, letting out soft moans every few seconds. The moans grew louder and more often. Nicole wanted him to cum in her mouth, her pussy begged to be played with. She reached down between her soaking wet pussy lips, and massaged her little button, that made her legs twitch.

She didn’t stop sucking him off for a second. And he was getting closer to getting off he started to warn her, that he was about to cum, she just kept going. He started to try and pull it out of her mouth but she leaned up and kept taking it in her mouth. He then realized she wanted to taste his cum, he then shoved it to the back of her throat, and shot 3 big loads. She managed to choke on each drop; some of his sperm slipped from her mouth and dropped down her chin.

He then pulled her up and turned her so she was half way setting up and her ass was facing him. He spread her legs and begins kissing up her thighs. He shoves his finger inside her pussy hole as he licks her cunt up and down combining his spit with all over her juices. He sucks on her little clit as if he’s unable to pull away. Her pussy starts to fill with pleasure, she can only moan out the words, “Please… Don’t Stop.” He begins to push his finger inside her faster and starts to shove two fingers inside. Her moaning managed to get louder and the only word that escaped from her lips was, “John!” Her pussy then exploded all over his fingers and face with pussy juice.

He wiped as much as he could from his face, and waited for her breathing to calm down a little. She then gave him the okay to continue and spread her legs for him once more. He lined his dick up to her pussy and started to lie on top of her. He began to try to shove himself inside her, but it was still a tight fit even after fingering her. Each inch hurt her and at the same time felt blissful. Her tightness already made him want to cum. And the feeling of her wet pussy assured him that she wanted it just as much as he did, and if the wetness didn’t surely the moaning did. With each and every thrust her pussy felt as if I got tighter, and then he shot another full load straight into her womb. Her pussy milked every drop from the tip of his shaft; he left her so full that his sperm dripped down her pussy. They cleaned up, and got back in their clothes. He then started to drop her off at her house; she leaned in to give him a kiss on his lips and told him she thanked him for the good time she had with him. He smiled and told her anytime.

(Sorry for any mistakes I may have made in this story, and about the big paragraphs. Hope you enjoyed the story.)


2012-12-14 23:09:22
Thank you, I'll definately work on that. I just felt like I wasted so much time explaining everything, that I needed to jump into the actual sex part of it. And I'll probably make another story soon whenever I get the time for it.

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2012-12-11 21:34:25
rookie spent a good amount of time in the build up, then the tease...but when it came down to the act itself you rushed through it...don't be afraid to expand those paragraphs, that's what people come here for after all!

Great potential, so a positive vote from me...and I agree about a sequel

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2012-12-09 02:19:54
Amazing story. But it will be a terrible story if their is no sequel

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