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Family bonds become a lot tighter
This story is 100% true, this happened to me when I was 8.. I was being looked after by my 15 year old cousin.... This is what happened as I remember it...

She had come straight from school so was still wearing her school uniform, a white blouse, a knee length pleated skirt, a pair of tights and small heels.. Her hair was medium length dark and scrunched back in a pony tail.

Where it began

First was bath time... I was more than old enough to take baths on my own now, but Sonya insisted on coming in to help wash my back...whilst in the bath she ran her hands all over my small little ass and spent a lot of time "washing my penis" she only used soap once, but kept rubbing me and massaging me over and over... Even at 8 my penis liked it and got hard... At 8 I was obviously very small.... But big for my age... I was a good 3inches hard and the thickness of an adult thumb.. On other occasions she shared my bath with me and we took turns cleaning each other (but that's another story)

On this occasion I entered my bedroom first , wet and wrapped in my towel, Sonya came in behind me and removed her heels.. From being a toddler I have always had a fascination with tights or stockings, often couldn't resist rubbing them when I saw them..

She crouched down as she dried me, her legs were spread right infront of me and straight away i started to rub my hands up her legs feeling her tights.

When i was finally dry my cousin let me continue rubbing her legs, guiding my hand up her inner thighs her eyes were shut tight but I could still hear her moaning a little every so often...

Eventually Sonya stopped me and said we were going to kiss like mummy and daddy, her tongue poked into my mouth and i copied... her hand slid up my leg and she began to rubmy tiny penis again until it got hard..then lay me on my bed.... stepping back she undid the buttons on her blouse to reveal what I remember to be large round breasts. I sat staring as she hitched up her skirt to reveal ripped tights and some tiny white panties with pubes poking out around them... My cousin stood for a second looking at me whilst she pulled her panties to the side and touched herself...

Sonya lay next to me on my bed and told me she wanted me to kiss her like she showed me before... But this time between her legs... I hesitated...which she noticed, she placed her spare hand on my thigh... And said "it's ok baby, this is what grown ups do... You are a big boy aren't you?" Of course I am I thought... So slowly she guided me down to her hairy snatch, once again she pulled her panties to the side and spread her lips.... They were a bright pink colour... I started by closing my eyes and poking out my tongue just enough to touch her juices.... They didn't taste nasty so I poked it out a little more.. Gradually I took bigger licks until eventually I had my 8year old tongue swirling around in my 15year old cousins wet pussy. It was quite nice :) all the time I was there, my cousin held her panties aside with one hand and rubbed herself with the other...

After a while I remember her making noises and shaking a little....

After this she informed me it was my turn now and that I was to lay down... So I did... Sonya knelt in front of me, leant forward and licked my tiny penis... She sucked me in her mouth easily sucking me back and forth... Lifting my legs up, she licked my tiny testicles and ran her tongue down and flicked it around my freshly bathed ass hole... The whole time she was looking up at me to see my reaction.. even at 8 that felt nice, I could see her hand was between her legs the whole time, Sonya would moan regularly which vibrated and tickled me. Occasionally she would stop lift up to kiss me and squeeze her breasts asking if I was having fun being grown up...I nodded.

A little while longer she asked me if I wanted to play mummy and daddy and that we were going to pretend make a baby like real mum and dads do... I couldn't wait... "hello mummy, I'm home from work" I said as I pretended to be daddy.. She played along for a little while but soon found a way to steer it to us making a baby...

She told me to play with my willie for a second and watch her... she stood up and took off her ripped tights then her skirt, her ripped tights were pulled off and finally she slipped out of herlittle white panties She was totally naked.. Her breasts seemed so big to me and her vagina was bushy... Not like me, I was as bald as well, a baby..

She lay on the bed and guided me up and between her legs.... She played a little with my penis wich was still hard (harder than an 8 year old should ever be) Sonya lifted her legs open and up... She reached down and parted her lips revealing a little pink hole... "Put your willy in there and we can make a baby" I moved forward trying to push it in, after a few attempts I slipped easily into my 15 year old cousins hairy wet pussy... She grabbed my waist and started to move me in and out of her... "Come on daddy... Fuck mummy" she would say "give mummy a baby" Until after a while she would moan again and shake a little... She lay there on my bed with me still aimlessly thrusting my little penis into her... Soon she stopped me... Cleaned me up, put my pyjamas on and tucked me into bed.

Until the age of 15 (she 22) we regularly had encounters... By this time she had her own flat and I went to stay quite often... Just the 2 of us alone with our little dirty secret.

I had grown a lot by this time and had learned a lot too, I was a good 6inches and fairly thick cock... So it fit nicely inside her... I had also learned to cum by now so sometimes Sonya would give me a real blowjob and swallow... Other times she would make me cum inside her... And occasionally she would ask me to cum on her breasts.

Now, aged 24, I have a nice 7.5-8inch cock with a nice girth... Maybe it would be me taking care of my cousin (now 31) like she used to take care of me, who knows what might happen if we end up alone again.

Please rate and leave comments, I may write some more of the other events out in detail if people like this story...

Like I said, this story is 100% true, it is written as I remember it, and I can remember these encounters vividly.

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2016-06-06 20:58:43
not exactly a story id support rather pervish but well written with very few grammar mistakes

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2016-05-28 13:56:16
Great story....straight to the point w/o any extra fillers. Looking forward ti more stories from you

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2015-08-27 16:46:16
A+ great sotry i cummed 3 times i wish i had ur penis in my pussy im still wet

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2014-01-30 07:52:54
Dude please for the love of god STFU nobody reading this is that sick
Also do you realize its an OLDER FEMALE and a Younger Male not the other way around Motherfucker also nobody gives a single fucking shit about shit people like you write

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2012-12-25 03:30:22
Come on bro, that never happened.

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