His grasp wasn’t hard, but I was firm, no way I could. He gently moved his hands to my bum and I clenched my ass in fear
I was a very quiet boy in my young age, my mum and dad were never there for me, like literally they were never there. They were swingers, and often had parties at other peoples houses, and if ever at our house, I could never come down. As a result of this lifestyle I naturally received a lot of sexual abuse. Not from my mum or dad, but their visitors, one day, I couldn’t have been more then 7 years old I had my first taste of tits and vagina. I must say it did not appeal to me as a child. At 10 I received a blowjob from an elderly lady my parent brought home, and at 11 I was made to give a stranger who walked into my room a bj, at 11 I was made to fuck a 21 year old horny as fuck girl. These cases were just a few of that ended in me getting used as a sex object, truth be told such instances were plentiful, over 100 a year from when I can remember to now. As a result by my 12 bday I knew everything about sex there was to know. Or so I thought. What I did know however was that I definitely preferred men to women, I actually liked the taste of sperm and seamen, but vagina fluid was disgusting. The only problem was that, every time I had a sexual experience I would freeze and literally just be a puppet to whoever had me. It was only after 30 mins or so that I was capable of moving, but my then most sexual activities involving me were finished. The reason was despite knowing what was happening the moaning and groaning and sometimes the yelling would petrify me.

The most scariest time for me was when I went into a quiet public park, I was 12, it was after school and my parents said to go have fun at the park and not be back til at least an hour after dark. So I did. On the way there I took a short cut through the empty forest area. As I walked down the pathway I saw an older man maybe 35-40 yo walking towards me, but he didn’t look friendly at all, he was a hobo, mum always told me to avoid this guy, he never talked to anyone and once it was rumoured that he slept with our neighbours wife. Anyway I should have turned around and walked back. But I was a minute from the park and at least 3 mins to go back so I decided to walk past him. The tension was unbelievable, as I walked towards him he walked towards me, I started to angle of to the right he walked right to the centre of the path. I was a very narrow walkway and I knew I would have o walk sideways not to touch him. Then 2 meters away and he stopped waling, I kept walking towards him trying to show that I wasn’t afraid but inside my heart was pounding. Just as I approached him I turned my back to him so that I could walk side ways out of his way. When I felt him kneel down and take a hold of my waist. I froze, again petrified. His grasp wasn’t hard, but I was firm, no way I could. He gently moved his hands to my bum and I clenched my ass in fear. He smiled and still on his knees got closer to me, so close I could feel his week old stubble touch my ear, his breath on neck and now his hands around my shorts waist band. He gently tugged them down around my ankles. Since I knew he would do something sexual to me, I automatically went back into sex abuse state and froze, and relax. He started to rub and caress my bum cheeks slowly getting rougher until his caress was pulling my cheeks apart, still I stood still and stared straight ahead. As his grasp on my checks became firmer and more feverish I felt my underwear slip into the crack of my ass. He continued to caress and rub them, my undies started to rub up and down my crack and bum hole, I felt almost pleasant. Then he pushed my head down so that my head was between my legs and my legs were still straight standing. I could now see what he was doing. He started to kiss my cheeks, slowly at first left cheek, right cheek. Then again much rougher, until it felt like he was gonna suck them off my body. Suddenly I snapped back into reality I shot up and tried to run, but tripped over my shorts. I realised I didn’t have time to put them on so I tied kicked them off and ran with just my underwear and tshirt. As I ran I looked back, but the man didn’t move. He just watched me go. Still I ran until I reached the park. There I hid in this bushes until it was dark.

After dark When I stepped into the old run down toilet that was part of tha park. As I stepped into a cubicle I noticed a hole in the wall and above it had written “put penis here” I ignore it and sat down and took off my underwear to piss when a guy walked into my cubicle, unzipped his pants and pissed all over my face and my visible dick, again I froze in fear. That's when I realised it was the same hobo who had groped me! That made my heart stop as I thought for sure I would be killed. But this guy had other plans. He picked me up, flipped me around and made me lay on the toilet seat with my stomach, back to him, and my ass was in his face. You can probably guess what happened next. He started to really roughly lick and suck my asshole and tongue fuck it. Again I froze in fear and let this man have his way with my ass. I can still remember his stubble pricking my ass and scrotum as he delved deeper into my now relaxing hole as I snapped back to reality as he started to spank me, the sharp stinging pain brought me out of my stupor, but I couldn’t do anything, and had to let him suck, kiss, lick and spank my ass. he did this for about a minute when I realised something quite startling, I was sporting a throbbing red erection. I was turned on!! It was when I noticed this that I realised that I was also panting and letting out small moans of pleasure. The quiet suddenly this man shoved his tongue deep inside my bum hole. Man his tongue felt long and massive, the feeling of being filled up to such a degree really felt amazing as his slippery wet tongue started to rub against my prostate. 20 seconds of this and my dick started to leak precum in copious amounts. And unwittingly every time his tongue dived into my hole I would arch my ass out to into his awaiting mouth. I felt like I never had before, I was panting like a whore now and moaning like a slut. I felt so amazingly good that I didn’t want it to stop. Then just as I thought I couldn’t feel any better he grabbed my dick and started to wank me with those big strong hands of his around my little pecker. At first the feeling on my uncut dick was itchiness due to his rough hands, but as my precum supplied the necessary lube I felt myself thrust into his and arch my ass into his mouth at the same time, I knew I was gonna cum but this time it would be huge. My body was sweating and leaking cum, my body temperature was though the roof, as was my heart rate. My dick was pulsating in his hand and was dripping so much precum his hand slipped of my dick only to be grabbed onto again with much more force. Then I orgasmed. And how I orgasmed.

The moans of ecstasy filled the night as I howled like a rabid dog. As I came his tongue pushed my prostate with such force that I felt my dick jump up, then my penis released squirt after squirt of preteen cum into his hands as he continued to wank me with this new source of lube. Even after I squirted 6 times my dick still felt heavenly as his wanking gradually slowly stopped and his tonguing of my anus also receded. It was the best orgasm of my life and my legs were so weak I dropped to the floor in pleasure as a wave of warmth filled my body. I turned around to face this man, but he was already leaving. As he left I heard him say “if u want more u know where to find me, my little whore. And next time it will be better” and he left. Leaving me shaking from the most powerful orgasm of my life. Cum dripping down my dick into the crack of my ass on the toilet floor of a public restroom.

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