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Ms Dumont watched intently from her usual spot at her left shoulder, then shifted awkwardly to a position behind her lovely student’s head. Young Cindy had a magical body and Ms Dumont could feel a familiar tingling in her pussy. Glancing down her eye followed the curve of the girl’s budding breasts. It was their last time together. Cindy, once her child prodigy… now all of thirteen was, about to leave her tutelage.

Cindy Madison, young virtuoso of piano, had been plucked for one of the countries best music academies. Ms Dumont had taken her in childhood when she was only three and led her through years of preparation. Her mind seized on one thought as her eyes wandered over the Cindy’s lovely body. She e had taken her through so much. But that was precisely what Ms Dumont had never done — taken her!

A shudder rippled involuntarily, low in her tummy, as Ms Dumont felt the pang of lust and the nearing of her last chance.

“You may play,” Ms Dumont said quietly.

The music flowed gently… firmly… superbly from under Cindy’s fingers, reaching into the heart of the piano. This day Ms Dumont heard none of her genius. Only the sound of her soaring want of this precious girl he she turned into a virtuoso.

From her vantage point behind Cindy, Ms Dumont looked down at the casual tumble of rich dark hair framing the beauty of an angel face. Cindy’s dark innocent eyes, sweet chiseled delicacy of cheekbone and nose and soft full lips. The disarming titties that topped Cindy’s burgeoning body that seemed ripened before her very eyes. This girl had awed Ms Dumont more and more in these last years. And it was soon all to be lost to the older woman
Ms Dumont found herself staring at Cindy’s nipples clearly urgent against the satin top, then soft curve of firm and blossoming tities and the slight cleavage at their middle. Ms Dumont could feel her pussy grow wetter

At the lovely girls back Ms Dumont let the heel of her hand press down on the crotch over top of her dress.. Her hand darted quickly and her sigh was lost in the notes of the piano. Ms Dumont was now using her the side of her hand to slide up and down over her pussy lips, just as she was about to slip her hand under her dress in a flurry of excitement, the music stopped.

“You said something, Ms Dumont?” Cindy’s head turned as the student glanced in the mirror and smiled quietly. Ms Dumont was caught with her hand between her legs.

“Did you want me to play…play it differently Ms. Dumont?” said Cindy in a breathy voice.

“Oh no, Cindy, my dear, you played it perfectly, and you, you have a perfectly beautiful body, did you know that my dear.”

“Thank you, Ms Dumont,.” Began to blush. “Shall I play for you now?”

“Oh so lovely, you’ve been so lovely for so long my dear.” Ms Dumont seemed not to hear her question and the first-time-ever praise from her idol continued. This was Ms Dumont of the dancing fingers.

“Oh thank you, Ms Dumont, really but….” Cindy stared down at her hands resting lightly on the ledge of the keyboard.

“There’s one thing you must overcome. You are shy about your budding breasts. Your posture is atrocious. As a woman you really should have learned how to, carry yourself?”
“Please, Ms Dumont, what do you mean?”

“My lovely, lovely Cindy you must learn to sit, shoulders back, your lovely breasts thrust forward… displayed. My dear girl you should flaunt those lovely young,perky breasts of yours.”

“But I feel self-conscious Ms Dumont. But… thank you.” Cindy shivered. She had heard the words “perky breasts” spoken by from her teacher, in reference to her own titties.

Cindy noticed the heavy breathing so uncommon in Ms Dumont. “You must always be in command, my dear. You are a great talent. You are a young Goddess remember that.”

“I don’t think I understand, Ms Dumont.”

“Your personal life, child. Your sexual life, if you will. That is totally yours to choose. But if you choose it, use your admirers at will and never demean yourself to be grateful for what is yours to take.”
“Do you mean that, Ms Dumont?”

“Posture, child! Sit straight and proud!”

Ms Dumont caught her shoulders and drew them back. Demanding, delightful sensations flooded her body at the satiny feel of her flesh. Tendrils of dark hair brushed against her hands.

“Now, for this exercise at the piano today, I am going to insist on that posture and bring it about!”

Ms Dumont bent unexpectedly and planted her hands at both sides of the girl’s rib cage. “As you play, my dear, I shall compel your best posture. Proceed!”

Cindy’s body stiffened as she felt Ms Dumont’s gentle hands at her midriff and knew her teacher was looking over her shoulder was staring directly down her loose top at her breasts. Knowing that sent tingling excitement to the already the young girls already stiff nipples, and at that instant Ms Dumont cupped firmly upward to force her firm young titties into even greater prominence.’

“Posture, my dear. Show the world your young magnificent body .”

Now Ms Dumont’s palms were directly at the curve of Cindy’s breasts and stroking them lightly.

“That’s what I mean my sweet Cindy,” she said, breaking contact with one hand which in the mirror Cindy saw disappear behind her head.

Ms Dumont couldn’t help herself she needed to touch her own dripping pussy through the light material of her knee length dress.

Those firm little breasts! After all the years, she had at last touched Cindy’s titties and that touch made her loose control.
“Play, Cindy,” the teacher urged, bending low over the student’s shoulder and slipping a hand under her dress and into the leg hole of her thong, plunging a finger into her soaking pussy. “I’ll mind your posture,” Ms Dumont sighed in a thin, brittle voice.
One of Ms Dumont’s hands cradled under a breast and Cindy let her fingers wander aimlessly through the simple harmonies of a popular tune. The inconspicuous mirror on the console, somehow forgotten my Ms Dumont revealed the urgent finger Fucking Ms Dumont was giving herself . Cindy, totally familiar with the music, was able to focus on the passion of Ms, Dumont’s magical fingers twisting in and out of her shaved cunt lips, What a beautiful pussy was all Cindy could think of.
Cindy studied the bared and slick cunt, and the fierce pumping of her teachers fingers in and out, framed in the mirror’s reflection.

Reacting to the urgency of Ms Dumont’s hand on her breast, a hand meant to appear paternal but now stroking seductively, Cindy straightened abruptly. Her firm little thrust forward, urging the older woman to touch them. Looking down Cindy could see could see her rigid nipples taut against the translucent cup which served as a bra.
There was no way Ms Dumont could resist doing what she had long wanted to dare as Cindy practiced before her.
“Your cunt looks so beautiful Ms Dumont, please sit on the piano and let me taste you..”
Ms Dumont’s mouth dropped open dumb-struck.

“Cindy… I…” Ms Dumont couldn’t get the words. The teacher stepped out of her panties and gingerly she stepped onto the piano bench and taking Cindy’s hand sat down on the top of the closed baby grand.

She looked into Cindy’s young eyes and saw her own lust reflected there. Spread your legs Ms. Dumont, show me how wet you are, spread your hot cunt for me.”

It was at this time that Allison Smith, the lovely eleven year old blonde who had the lesson after Cindy showed up outside the studio door. The door wasn’t closed all the way, and she couldn’t believe her ears.

She liked coming to the studio early, so that she could hear Cindy play. Truth be known, the slim but sexy little preteen had a crush on Cindy and often stole peeks into the studio to catch glimpses of the lovely Cindy.

Allison thought at first that she had heard Cindy wrongly, but as she opened the door slightly to take a look, what she saw made her heart jump and her young little pussy tingle. She watched the scene unfold through the gap in the door.

Ms Dumont was in shock as she drew her dress to her waist and slowly spread her legs for her young star student.

Ms Dumont was intoxicated with the young teen’s beauty. The dark, dramatic thin-line eyebrows, and underneath, long curved lashes. She looked into those sparkling, wonderful eyes and saw her untested lust.

“Oh, God Cindy see how wet my pussy is! I’ve wanted you for so long my beauty…please touch me, please eat my cunt,” Ms Dumont groaned thrusting her pussy forward.

“Look at you, you hot bitch, wanting the tongue of a little girl in your cunt. Well it just turns out that I’ve wanted to do this since I was eleven, I have dreamed nearly everyu night of eating your lovely cunt Ms Dumont!” Cindy hissed the words, undoing the buttons of her top and freeing her firm little tittles from the lace cups of her bra.

“Play with my little tittes while I suck your cunt Ms Dumont!”

Allison couldn’t believe her eyes. Her lovely teacher Ms Dumont and the girl she conjoured each night in bed as she let her fingers delicately trace her tiny little clit were making love before her very eyes. Alison reached under her short dress and rubbed her little pussy roll through her cotton panties. As she witnessed Cindy go down on Ms Dumont.

Cindy began to kiss her way down Ms Dumont’s thighs, letting the wet tip of her tongue trace over the soft satiny skin. Ms Dumont groaned as her hands cupped the girl’s bare breasts and began to gently twist and pull on the stiff little nipples.

Cindy groaned as her mouth latched over her teacher’s engorged clit and sucked it into her hot mouth.

Ms Dumont threw back her head and groaned loudly, “You hot little cunt sucker, it’s beautiful, it’s better than I ever fantasized. Fuck don’t stop Cindy, oh sweet girl eat my cunt suck on my clit, like that oh yes like that.”

Ms Dumont looked down, there was no way she could avoid those wonderful, dancing eyes turned suddenly upward to meet hers as Cindy let her quick tongue lap over her clit, then suddenly thrust it into her teachers cunt hole.

Ms Dumont hissed as she looked into her lovely students eyes, pupils dark with excitement, even as she used her talented tongue inside her pussy. Ms Dumont’s heart raced madly as awareness dawned. She had taken her teachers advice precisely. Ms Dumont had said that Cindy should ask of the world what she wanted sexually. Ms Dumont was her first want. Now Ms Dumont put one hand at the back of the girls head, pressing her lovely tongue deeper into slick cunt.

“Oh Cindy, this is amazing, like nothing I have ever felt, oh my lovely student, you tongue fuck my pussy so fucking god.”

Cindy squirmed on the bench and lifted her head for air. “Your cunt smell and tastes amazing. I love the feel of your throbbing clit on my tongue. I love your cunt Ms Dumont. I fucking love it.”

Just outside the studio door the young blonde, Allison, was beside herself with lust. She had often dreamed of Cindy going down on her own little cunt and seeing her doing it to Ms Dumont was almost too much. She pulled her panties down over her firm tight ass and thin legs and quickly plunged a finger into her slick little cunt, her eyes fixed on the scene before her.

“ Oh yes Cindy, just like that, Do me like that you hot little cunt licker!” Ms Dumont’s entire body was tingling with excitement as she returned her hands to her student’s firm little tities this time twisting her firm nipples harder, until the girl moaned into Ms Dumonts foaming cunt.

“I want you to squirt your creamy cunt juice all over my beautiful body,” she said sneering with lust as she removed her tongue from her teachers cunt and twisted three fingers deep inside the older woman’s pussy.
I’m going to fuck you and suck on your clit until you can’t take any more. When you cum you hot fucking bitch I’m going to open my mouth so you can squirt your cream right down my throat.”

With that Cindy latched her lips once more onto Ms Dumont’s clit as three fingers plunged in and out of the teacher’s dripping cunt, the juices lit down into her ass crack and over her firm buttocks.

Nearby just outside the studio door little Allison heard every word. She had no idea Cindy could talk so dirty, but it excited the young girl to no end. She had two fingers working furiously in and out of her tight little cunt and she leaned on the door handle for support. She licked her lips and pulled her top up so she could play with her bra less breasts, well, little orange sized tities. Allison twisted her nipples just as she had seen Ms Dumont do to Cindy’s. The sweet young blonde could feel an exquisite cum building deep inside her young cunt.

Cindy’s nipples, were wild points of desire against Ms Dumont’s gentle torture and she moaned loudly sending vibrations into her teachers trembling cunt.

“Look at you, you sweet little cunt sucking bitch…don’t ever stop , I’m going to fucking cum for you, I’m going to explode all over your beautiful body! I’ve never…Oh fuckl never as good as this…Aaaahhh… eeehhh…!”

Ms Dumont’s orgasm cry burst helplessly from between her trembling lips as Cindy continued to lick and suck her clit and pound her fingers in and out of her convulsing cunt. The with a force that surprised Cindy, Ms, Dumont’s cunt rejected her fingers as the young girl opened her mouth at the sight of creamy cum spraying furiously from her teachers cunt. It splashed all over her lovely firm tities and down over her flat tummy flesh. The talented student clamped her mouth over her teachers cunt and took the second wave of cunt juice straight down her lovely throat, until it dripped and drooled from her lovely lips;.

At the door the young Allison had never seen anything like it in her life. Thumbing her clit with one hand and finger fucking herself with the other she came so hard she lost all sense of time and place. She sensed her own juices spurting from her quacking cunt, and running down her legs. A series of squeals left her throat as she came again. Her young body pitched forward tumbling through the doorway and onto the floor.

From her vantage point Ms. Dumont saw Allison’s ecstatic entrance and new immediately what had transpired. Knowing that the innocent, and lovely Allison had witness the hot lustful love making between her and her star student, sent another crashing climax through her body, now cum was dripping down over the black and ivory keys, as Cindy licked cum from her teachers thighs, and then let her tongue lift the cream from the piano’s keys.

When Ms Dumont regained her faculties she climbed down from the piano and crossed the floor where Allison was curled in a fetal position her whole body still shaking.

She knelt down and took the girl in her arms and lifted her from the floor. Cindy smiled as Ms Dumont crossed the room and laid the young eleven year old on the cushioned piano bench.

“How very lovely you are, Allison,” Ms Dumont said softly as she parted Allison’s legs and peered down at her delicate yet pink and puffy cunt lips.

“I think its time for your lesson sweetheart. I’m going to enter your lovely little cunt with my tongue while Cindy lowers her pussy onto your hot young mouth. Would you like that Allison?”

“Oh, my God, o my God, yes! Oh Cindy… yesss let me lick your pussy, I’ve wanted to so bad!” said Allison full of lust and enthusiasm.

Cindy removed Alison’s dress and then her own, Ms Dumont followed and soon all three were naked. Allison’s chest was heaving with excitement as Cindy kneeled beside her and took both of her tiny tities in her hands.

“So small and firm, I fucking love them Allison. “ with that Cindy began to suck and lap at Allison’s sensitive, puffy nipples. She wriggled on the bench as Cindy scrapped her perfect teeth over the sensitive nipples.

Ms Dumont knelt at the end of the bench and gently encouraged Allison to spread her legs wide, revealing the beautiful flower of her young pussy. While Cindy was the mainstay of her fantasies, sweet Allison had made many an appearance as well. The teacher place her hands on the girls narrow thighs and sighed at the satin smoothness of her skin. Yes she had lusted after young Allison, but her perversions didn’t stop there, there was the lovely nine year old Beth with that firm little ass that made the older woman whimper, and had she not insisted in hugging eight year old Mira at the end of every lesson, long body crushing hugs that often involved a gentle cup of her cherub ass. Would all of her young female students be hers sooner or later? Ms Dumont smiled, at the very thought of flicking her tongue over Mira’s tiny sensitive cunt button, then plunging her tongue into her pudgy cunt mount. That though would have to wait for another day, for before her was the lovely Allison, whose young cunt was weeping for attention.

Allison smiled up at Ms Dumont. Pouting, tantalizing lips puckered and she Cindy lifted her body and straddled the end of the bench so that her pussy was inches from Alison’s lovely mouth. Allison raised her chin proudly without the least hint of embarrassment. She saw something she wanted : Cindy’s pussy, wet and inviting.

Ms Dumont sighed as she watched Cindy lower her engorged cunt lips onto Allison’s sweet face. Immediately Cindy began grinding her full cunt up and back over the younger girls face before settling on Allison mouth and allowing her to take long tantalizing licks over Cindy’s throbbing clit.

Ms Dumont gently kissed each thigh before swiftly plunging her long pointed tongue into Allison’s tight cunt hole. Alison’s moaned into Cindy’s cunt and arched her back off the bench. Ms Dumont did not relent, she tongue fucked the girl without mercy, holding Allison’s hips and repeatedly thrusting her tongue deeper until her lips meshed with Allison’s cunt lips.

Ms Dumont groaned, Allison’s young pussy was ambrosia, and she couldn’t get enough of it. She let the young girl’s juices gather on her tongue and she hungrily swallowed them down. The teacher glanced up to see her older student raising and lowering herself on Allison’s fingers as Allison lapped and nibbled at her clit. Cindy’s whole body was trembling.

“Oh fuck Allison, I love your tongue on my clit and your fingers inside me. Fuck me with three baby, oh yeah like that. Don’t every stop you hot little preteen freak, I’m going to spray my cunt juice all over that beautiful face of yours,” said Cindy her voice trembling.

Ms Dumont knew that Cindy didn’t have long before she would explode. She smiled at the thought of her two lovely student’s cumming together she, suddenly removed her tongue from Allison’s pussy and slid her long middle finger swiftly into her tight young cunt as far as it would go. Allison bucked again and this time she continued to buck her cunt against her teachers’ fingers as she fucked and sucked Cindy to oblivion.

Ms Dumont took Allison’s firm little clit between her lips and let her tongue stroke over the tip. The teacher could feel the girl’s urgent pulse captured between her lips, then she sucked it hard into hot wet mouth letting the sensitive clit flesh scrape over her sharp teeth.

Allison let out a scream into Cindy’s cunt which set the older girl off and immediately a flood of the older girl’s cum flooded over Allison’s face and tities at the same instant Ms Dumont was sprayed with a blast of little girl cunt juice,. The force of the ejaculation surprised the teacher but she quickly opened her mouth and sucked as of little Allison’s sweet pussy nectar as she could before it dribbled out of her mouth and into her hair.

The two girls were in convulsions for a long time and Ms Dumont did her best to clean Allison’s cum from her body as well as Cindy’s sweet com from Allison’s body, Finally the three of them were sitting on the bench, hugging and kissing and planning a class orgy. A recital of the flesh and the two girls loved the idea of involving the adorable Beth and Mira, into the mix. It would be a good bye party for Cindy, and the girls giggled at the thought of seducing the innocent young girls.

“ I've had my little sisters cunt,” said Allison, “and she is only six. You two are going to love the taste of fresh tweeny cunt!”

All three of them moaned at the thought of it and planned the party for the following Saturday.

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