story of a girl who have attraction towards her boss and have a affair with her boss
Affair with your boss at office part -1

Hello guys. It is mine first story. Hope u like it.

I always have a special spot for female since birth. Whenever I see a female in lingerie I feel uneasy inside and want to touch my pussy, which got me wet. These feelings for female grow more, as I grew older. I am 5’5 in height, having blonde hairs, 36d breast, brown eyes and average body. I have a strange hobby of buying new sexy lingerie every week and trying them in front of mirror.

At age of 24 I got a new job of personal assistant to female boss in a financial firm. Well in beginning I never saw my boss with sexual feelings. Her name is Susan. Well no doubt she was very pretty and gorgeous. In free time I always thought no doubt god had made her while drinking coffee.
She had a perfect body. She was 5’7 in height, having good juicy breast, black short hair, and she had cute yummy and sexy ass. She had perfect butt, when she walk pass by me I used to see her perfect shaped butt. While seeing her ass I always thought of grabbing her ass and want to have a taste of it. Her cleavage was perfect for her figure and it was with her sweet ass. I had noticed one peculiar thing about her dressing sense. She always wears a short skirt and she really looks dam hot in those short skirts. She had very sexy legs and never wear stocking by which her legs also look dam sexy. She always put an intoxicating perfume over her clothes. I had never seen such a sexy and gorgeous babe. Her whole body was perfect. Not an inch of her was more then normal.
Within a month I was really attracted towards her. I used look her through mirror for hours secretly so that no one notice me. Whenever I think about Susan I immediately had to ran to toilet and seductively touch my pussy and insert little finger in it. My pussy got wet soon and I taste my juice and used to rub my pussy with my panty. I don’t know why but I get fun doing this (I mean I love rubbing my pussy with my wet panty, soaked in my juices). For this reason I had to take one extra panty in my purse to office as I had to changed it in toilet.
I used to take special care of Susan cabin. I used to come office early and prepare her desk properly. Put all the things properly and spray a good and sexy perfume in her cabin. After all staff had gone I used to sit in her cabin, sit in her seat and try to impersonate her. Well this was my feeling towards her.
Well one day it was raining so heavily. The weather was so romantic and full of romance. I was putting my things in order and was preparing to go back home. I was very tried that day. That Susan had not gone back home as she had some important work to do. I went in her cabin and asked that “if she want anything as I was going”. She said” Kelly wait, I have some work for u”. I gave the nod and sat on the chair. She go and lock the door came behind me. That made me very nervous. She asked me “why you are nervous Kelly”. I said, “I am not Susan”. “Then why you are sweating when the a.c is on”. I wiped my sweats from napkin.
She put her hand on my shoulder and asked me “ so Kelly tell me one thing, please reply with all truth and tell me Ur real feelings.” I said ok mam. She asked, “ what u think about me” I said “Susan u r good looking, efficient in Ur work and smart also.”
She said “ ok tell me don’t u like me and want to have sex with me.” I immediately stand up and was facing her. I was quiet for some time and was seeing her and thinking what reply should I give. Well inside I want to say yes but I thought if I give yes then maybe she will expel me. I said with trembling voice “no Susan, what you are saying? This is wrong”. And then I looked down to floor.
She said “Kelly don’t be shy and don’t hide your feelings from me”. I was not replying her. She came near me, took my hand and brings to her lips and slowly sucks one of my fingers and repeats the same question. I didn’t reply, as I did not know what to say. I was in dilemma to say yes or no. She understands my position and came near my face we were seeing each other. Our breaths were touching each other face. She came close to me and gives me a sweet kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes and was supporting her with kiss. My hands automatically went around her neck and start caressing her hair. We kept on kissing each other passionately. I then slide my tongue into her mouth running it along the top and drawing her long tongue out. My hands move from her shoulder and went straight to her sweet butt.
Susan suddenly stops and starts laughing. I ask “why u r laughing”. She said, “I realized after a month that u liked me. I doubted u by your behavior; you take special care of my cabin, give prefernce to my work. Well I also some how started liking u. I want to tell u one thing that one day I had seen u secretly masturbating in toilet. When I seen your sweet throbbing pussy I decided that day that one day I will surely taste that sweet yummy shaved pussy”.
Suddenly There was naughtiness in my eyes and I said “oh u want to taste my pussy”. She said “oh yes” and she sucked her finger slowly and blinked at me. I slowly unzip my skirt and drop it on ground. I was wearing black g-string. I went towards her I straightaway sat down and start removing her skirt. She had closed her eyes with pleasure. She was wearing a pink thong with a heart engraved in front side. I could smell her pussy outside the thong. Her pussy was really wet and her thong too was really wet with her sweet juices, I said “wow and give a small kiss on the thong”. I then move my tongue slowly around the sides of her inner thigh, while doing this I tasted some part of her juices. She started moaning and start playing with my hair. I said, “ Gosh you really taste marvelous”.
She then put hands on my shoulder and moves me upward and, then She then gave me a small kiss. She was really licking my lips and was playing with my tongue in amazing fashion. I said “wow it was a fantastic kiss I had for a long time”. She said “I just want to taste my juices from your lips, its gives you more pleasure when u taste your own juice from some one else lips”. She said, “ You want to try this”. I said “yes, but for that you had to taste my pussy”, and take her hands towards my pussy and said “u want my pussy,” she said yes in moaning way. I said ok and give her small kiss and said “u have to earn it” then I ran away from her. She ran behind me “oh Kelly don’t do this and please come here”. I said “u have to earn it” and again laughed loudly and keep on runny away from her. She somehow grabs me and pushes me to couch and start kissing me wildly and full of anxiety, hardly.
My hands went towards her sweet thong and I pushed her thong down and start moving my finger sometime around ass and sometime around her really wet pussy. I was teasing her so till she herself do something. She unbuttons mine shirt and start pressing my boobs outside the bra. I said, “Rip it of”. Susan obeyed and pulled of my lacy bra, letting my boobs fell of and I could feel her tongue moving back and froth across the boobs, sending a sudden rush through my body.
“Ohh Susan you are really wonderful”.
She pressed my boobs harder out of anxiety. I said, “Relax Honey” and looked in her eyes seductively.
I was moving my finger around her pussy. I was keep teasing her to increase her anxiety, and then suddenly she pushed herself little behind so that finger automatically goes inside the pussy and it happens. She said “ohhhhh yes Kelly you are now going the right way”. I keep on inserting my tip of the finger and then remove it outside and do little fingering and stops for sometime. I was doing to tease her more. She then said, “ ohh honey please don’t tease me any more now, my pussy is really throbbing for your fingers to get inside it”. I said ok and start fingering. She started moaning. “Ohhhhh yessss Honey, keep-going yesss, keep on fingering, ouch, keep going Honey”. I stop for a second take out my finger and taste it and also gave her a taste and said, “u taste quite good Honey”. “Well yes Kelly and now I wana taste your juice”. She stands up and takes my g-string of. As soon she took of my g-string she kept looking at my pussy. That some how embarrassed me and I cover my pussy. She said “ ohh don’t cover your lovely pussy, I haven’t tasted such a beautiful and yummy pussy for a long time”. She widened my legs and came in between them and started licking my pussy. Well now its time for me to moan. I started moaning. Mine one hands were pressing my boobs seductively and other was on Susan’s hair and moving her head in different direction.
She then put her lovely tongue on my pussy and start moving it in all directions. She then inserted her tongue inside my pussy
“Ohh yess Susan looks like you are expert in licking pussy”. Definitely Kelly and she started fingering with great speed. Ahhhhh, yessss hmmmmmmmmmm, she increase her speed as I start moaning loudly. Do it fassst, yesssssss, yeahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh, fasterrr, fasterrr, yessssss good jobbb Susan. I am about to cummmm Susan. I know that, she replied and again increased her speed. Yesss I am cummingggggggggg, she bring her mouth in front of my pussy and so that I can cumm in her mouth. As I cummed I laid flat on couch and start breathing fast. I was really tried. I was feeling pain in my whole body but at that I was enjoying that pain also. I haven’t had an orgasm with a female. It was my first time and I was fully enjoyed it. I was feeling like I am in paradise.
As I was thinking this Susan comes over me with cumm in her mouth. I start little laughing but I did not know her intentions. She come over my and put all my cumm over my breast and start licking it. My tits were already erected with the touch of her tongue. She was also tried. As she was licking my boobs my hands slowly went towards her pussy and start moving my fingers around her pussy. I get aroused and I said “now Hun it’s my turn”. Before she could understand anything I turn over her and now I was laying over her. I slowly first suck her tits and then move my tongue slowly from boobs towards her pussy. I widen her legs and start towards her pussy. ………………………….
Part 1 end here. More in part 2

hey readers this is mine frist story.u r free to tell what wrong in mine story and can email me give me rating i deserve.hope u like this story.this is a story about me


2005-12-24 16:44:43
just a little on the grammer side but hon ur on the right track


2005-09-10 14:56:50
if u corrected spelling and grammer it would be great.


2005-07-10 09:15:37
learn to speak and spell! other than that, good hot story.


2005-07-08 13:22:02
That was a great story! IHeartAshleeS, I like her too. Where u from?


2005-06-07 16:20:03
oh em gawdsh i is so horney i am fingyring miself..duz anyonez wanta fuk meh?

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