My main story will continue but in the meantime enjoy this story my mate emailed to me. He is an incredibly talented writer

My sister Charlotte was and still is a keen horse rider at 20, she had loved riding horses all of her life. Thing was, she looked so hot in her horse riding trousers and tight top. So much so, that I loved to watch her riding “Mazy” her horse every Saturday morning. One time she came home and sat on her bed in all her gear. I knew this because I was walking past her bedroom on the way to the toilet and by chance I looked in.

"hi", I said peering in her room, "hello" Charlotte replied. "You ok?" I asked. Yeah she said taking off her boots. Her room was small and filled with horse pictures. "How did you get on today" I asked. "Yeah it was good" she replied. "Well! You don’t look ok?" I said and I started to walk in the door. "Don’t tell mum she replied but I fell off Mazy today and I can’t tell her case she stops me from riding her."

"Let’s have a look, where did you hurt yourself?" I asked. "The top of my leg" she replied. "You most probably just bruised yourself Char” I told her, "I could take a look if you want me to?" "I think it’s on my bum" she laughed. "Well" I said "I could still take a look if you want?" I was desperate to see what her bare naked bottom looked like in the flesh and I thought this is the perfect excuse!

Charlotte got up off her bed with her back to me and unbuttoned her trousers and un-zipped and pulled them down over her pert cheeks, "see anything" she asked. Her arse was looking directly at me; she had the most beautiful clean white panties on ever! She held them up with her hands and asked me again, “see anything?” ” err, No?” I said. With that, she slumped sitting back on her bed in worry, thing was she hadn"t pulled up her trousers. “Shit Steve! If I haven’t got a bruise that means I have broken something!”

"Look" I said, "don’t worry, it’s probably just a pull on your leg or the bruise hasn"t come out yet." "It gets worse." she started to cry and her trousers had slipped down her smooth thighs and down to her knee’s where she had let them go. I couldn"t help but look down at the small pouch in her knickers. She cried on my shoulder for ages.

Now, without thinking I put my hand on her thigh and the other around her waist, “Steve! She said sniffling “What are you doing??” That’s my leg! She giggled. "Oh!" I shouted "sorry!" I pulled away, "NO!" She said wiping her eyes with her hand. We both paused and both said nothing looking at the wall on the other side of her room sitting on her single bed. Suddenly out of nowhere I leaned back over and went in for a kiss.

“STEVE!!” she shouted pushing me away, but then she stopped pushing me and started to kiss me back, we kissed for ages. The feelings of us kiss felt like a bolt of lightning in my mind as I tasted her mouth. I kissed her all over and around her neck. I pushed her back on the bed and I stood up taking off her trousers leaving on her knickers.

"Better shut the door" she asked quietly. In the heat of the moment I totally forgot that mum and dad was still down in the lounge in the room underneath us. Better be quiet if we are going to do this she told me. Her legs were off the side of the bed. I took off my top and went down to kiss her inner thighs. “Do you have a condom” she asked, "No" I replied kissing her slowly.

"Just pull out then OK," I agreed and pulled aside her panties showing her hairy pouch. "Lick me" she asked. I lifted her leg up and moved her to the side and licked front to back. Her cunt was soaked with juice and sweat from her morning ride. I held her leg up and licked all around and around her ass hole. She giggled. "Oh, like that then do you?" "Yep" I said sticking tongue in and around her pussy and anus.

I undid my jeans and pulled out my erect penis, pulled her now soaking knickers apart at the side and got between her and popped myself in side her. The mattress started to move as I popped in and out of her. “Aren't you going to take them off for me” she asked. "I thought as mum and dad is sitting down stairs if need be I can just pull myself off quickly If one of them comes in." "but then what’s the point, they will know something’s up as I am sticking it deep In my sisters pussy when they walk in."

I pulled out and she got on her knees. I stuck it back in from behind. We were trying so hard not to make a noise. Charlotte panted and moaned. "Fuck me Steve" Charlotte pleaded. I started to pump harder watching her little dirty hole move as I was pumping her fanny. It was so wet and slippery soaking my dry cock. "Fuck me!” she shouted quietly. "Pull my shoulders back!”

I could feel her hand rubbing at my balls from behind me.She told me that she was going to cum; I gripped her with my finger nails and pounded harder slapping my balls on her with each thrust. "Hmmmmmm……" she started to sweat and drips were dripping on her bed covers. I could feel her pussy clam up and tense. Charlotte started to move back and forth on me.

Suddenly she let go. "Fuck!! Hu HU HU!!!!!!!!!" With that her juice filled and sprayed the end of my cock pushing it out as she let go. Her pussy got so wet it slipped out. I could feel her cum all over the head of my cock and I could feel it lubricating my cock even more. She got off and laid back on her bed. I lifted her leg up. It was my turn. I wanted to nut in her but I knew about the consequence if I did.

Then it got worse. There was a knock at her door. We stopped. Hello she called out. Charlotte put her hand over my mouth. “Charlotte, Tea is in about an hour” It was mum on the other side of the door. I didn"t stop thrusting inside her as she spoke to mum. “OK," she replied. Then… I wanted to blow.

She waited till the footsteps had gone but the sounds outside the door sounded like mum going to the airing cupboard putting stuff in there or something. I forgot what I was doing and before I knew it I had let go myself and ejaculated my warm sticky cum inside her pushing it deep in with every squirt. I must have nutted in her so much my stomach hurt after. “Shit!”

She moved off me.” What have you just done!!” “I’m sorry sis!” I said in worry she looked down and lifted her top up and stuck her finger in and pulled out the sperm in scoops. As she sat up I saw my cum dripped in slobs out of her warm wet soaking pussy. “You’d better go, “ I put on my jeans and watched her get up off her bed and watched as a slurp of cum dribbled down her inner leg and on her bedroom floor. “go get out of my room” I left and we never spoke about it again.

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this was total crap your friend needs to go back to school and LEARN before writing any thing else and you need to stop posting crap.

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god what a shitty story no background or character development and crappy rush to unreal sex and no end delete and stop posting.

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why did you post this without proofreading it? your friend IS NOT a good writer there are whole words missing and some parts make no sense. do all readers a favor and delete this and run it through a GOOD EDITOR then tell your friend to learn to write.

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is there a part 2???

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