Another Russian girl is in dire straits
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If you haven't and don't feel like it: the situation is that two teenage Russian girls were abducted to Syria to force one of their fathers to toe the party line over Assad. They have escaped into Turkey and are in Istanbul; now Natalya has set out from the apartment they’ve stayed in to fetch their stolen car.

This is a long girlie adventure story; this chapter has violence (not graphic violence to girls) but no sex – if that’s not your thing please quit now rather than start and be disappointed. If it is your thing, I hope you enjoy…


Episode 20

That guy. In the brown trousers. Looking ordinary but not quite Turkish somehow, who’d been a hundred metres behind her before she went into the shop for the jackets, and now was STILL a hundred metres behind her and STILL going the same way…

Trying not to show that she’d noticed him, Natalya looked again at the map on her phone, thinking she must be quite close to the hotel and their car by now though it wasn’t on the screen yet. Was he was far enough behind so that if she was quick she could get in and drive off before he could do anything about it? She wasn’t sure, if he started running.

How had he got onto her anyway? Well she’d gone a bit close to the Russian embassy, that couldn’t be helped as that’s where the route to the car went. And her stolen FSB phone was on with GPS enabled and that couldn’t be helped either. Though it could be tracked, and she hadn’t really thought about that much had she?

That wasn’t good enough, now. Katya wasn’t looking after them any more so they had to look after themselves; it was no good being inexperienced teen girls even if that’s what they were! They had to work at not being dependent and vulnerable.

The route took her round a corner and then another, and the guy hadn’t appeared before she emerged into a little square – perhaps he was just a guy and she was fussing about nothing.

Her attention was caught by two women getting off a bus across the square – they looked a bit Russian somehow: their colour and clothing. Tali watched them go and meet a couple of men, who looked Turkish. One woman was about fifty, plump and unattractive, while the other was perhaps early twenties and good-looking, though not that well dressed. 170 centimetres perhaps. The men were… what?

Something about them made Tali keep watching. They seemed to be paying the older woman, who walked off leaving the younger one with the men. The younger one looked unsure now, taking a step away from the men, but one of the men took hold of her arm, above the elbow. The other man was on her other side, talking insistently to her.

The older woman was walking along the side of the square; on an impulse Natalya went to intercept her.

“Good afternoon,” Tali said in Russian as she approached. The woman looked…not really scared but guilty! She muttered “good evening” back but hurried on. She didn’t seem nice at all; in fact the look she gave Tali was quite unfriendly. Tali felt – somehow - that the woman had just done something wrong. Something to do with the young woman?

The woman WAS Russian, so the girl was a probably a Russian girl, like herself. Probably. Looking a bit like she was in the control of those foreign men, as she had been herself until a fellow Russian girl – her amazing Katya – had sacrificed her job and safety to save her. The girl wasn’t struggling or anything, not shouting or resisting, but still…it didn’t look friendly.

Tali ran after the men and the girl, up the street they’d taken – there they were!

She slowed to a walk and followed them at a distance up the street, looking at the girl between the two men, walking apparently willingly but still with her arm being gripped by the look of it. Tali checked her route: by luck they were walking towards her hotel!

They walked straight past the hotel where her car was – what should she do? If they kept walking it would be impossible to stay with them in a car, with the traffic and lights and everything; but if they got into a car she’d be stranded if she was on foot. She kept walking, thinking they’d walked quite a long way already. Surely they could’ve parked closer, if they were driving…

He phone went! She got it out, and saw it said ‘Boris’! Shit!

Well, she had to answer…it was Lena! She must have Boris’ phone. Lena saying she’d had to leave Katya! But with a friend of Dmitri who could be trusted.

Alright. In fact!…

“Babe, can you come? Walk? Sorry I can’t come in the car, I REALLY need you, something’s happened. Great! Can you do a route to the hotel? I’m walking past it…there’s a girl, a Russian girl I think. I’m not sure, but some men have got her between them and I don’t think it’s quite right. I’ll call you, K? Love you babe.”

Lena would be probably half an hour. What was it now? Four o’clock. The trio ahead turned into a side street, then another. Tali tried to mooch along inconspicuously, carrying her bulbous bag of jackets, about seventy or eighty metres behind the trio she was following. They weren’t looking back anyway. Oh! They’d stopped at a house; and were going in!

Tali walked past, seeing it was just a house like the ones all along the street. A guy was coming out of it, a different guy.

She slowed down and tied a shoelace on her trainers, wondering what to do. She couldn’t just stand in the street; it didn’t even look like a very nice area. Lots of litter…a couple of men walked past and went and knocked at the house, then went in.

Another man came along, looking at her, in a way she didn’t like. He spoke to her, in Turkish. Tali had no idea what he’d said but she didn’t like his whole manner, which was insulting somehow.

“Fuck off,” she said in English, giving him a hard look. She was thinking about the gun in her pocket and how she would shoot him if he tried to grab her arm. She had a feeling he might try and get her into that house, though she couldn’t really say why. She turned her left side towards him so her right hand would be free to get at her gun.

But he held his hands up in a gesture of defeat and walked on, going into the house. God! Last week she’d have been terrified.

She had to walk on a bit more… ah there was a bus stop. She stood at it and phoned Lena, giving her the directions from the hotel. Lena would be here in a few minutes, she’d been walking fast. Tali would feel a lot better then.

Oh SHIT! There was that guy! Brown Trousers! Veering to knock on a house door suddenly … that was pretending wasn’t it? Tali watched a woman answer the door, have a brief conversation with the man, then close it again. The man went to the next house, and this time he went in and the door closed after him. Well…Natalya couldn’t decide.

Oh, another man was leaving the house the girl had gone into; walking towards her, looking at her. There was something not very nice about him, staring rather rudely at her. She stared back at him and he dropped his eyes and walked past.

This really was not a good place to be hanging around! Oh! There was Lena, already, walking quickly towards her, looking too beautiful to belong here, with a guy on the other side of the street blatantly stopping to just stare! Lena looking so young in jeans and trainers and tee, with no makeup or anything. Her hair a bit wild and amazing. Tali realised she herself wouldn’t look any older.

“Lenushka!” Tali gave her a hug, avoiding the kiss at the last second as she realised it wouldn’t be smart for two teens girls to start snogging here!

“The girl is in that house,” Natalya indicated the one a few along. “I don’t know but I’m not sure she wants to be there. I mean…she did walk in there, she wasn’t being dragged or anything, but these two guys were holding onto her and they didn’t look very nice. And there are men going in and out all the time…so I don’t know…I mean, we ought to make sure, don’t you think? If she’s a Russian girl like us? Just think if Katya hadn’t decided to save us Russian girls and give up that job and get hunted and everything…

“Those men, they might be doing things to her!” She didn’t want to say ‘rape’, but it was hard not to worry about that.

“OK well if you’re sure babe,” said Lena, “let’s do it.” What a girl.

Tali couldn’t think of a better way than just walking up to the door and knocking. So she did, with Lena at her side.

After a minute a tall, scruffy man opened it. There was no pleasantness in his manner whatsoever, just suspicion and meanness. He said one word in Turkish, presumably ‘what?’ or something.

“We are Russian,” said Natalya in English, then repeated it in Russian. He started to close the door! Tali didn’t want to start brandishing a gun in the street. She grabbed Lena’s tee and lifted it, exposing her left tit! Not many guys would close a door on Lena’s tits, they were fabulous. Not hugely big or anything but a totally perfect shape with a lovely big nipple!

The guy hesitated, goggling, while Tali prayed her Lena would tune in and go along with it. She did! Just stood there until Tali lowered her tee again. “Money,” said Tali, rubbing the palm of one hand with the fingertips of the other. He’d have to be insane to think she was offering Lena for sale - the same age and size as her just for a start - but he didn’t look very clever. Grasping, more like. He might want to at least find out a bit more. He did! He opened the door.

As soon as they were inside with the door closed she pulled her gun, to make sure she couldn’t be grabbed. She was terribly aware that if she was disarmed she’d revert back in an instant to a vulnerable 47-kilo teen girl instead of possibly being another girl’s rescuer.

The guy had stayed to close the door at the end of the narrow little hall , and too late Tali realised she had to get him past her and Lena so she’d be facing the right way to go on into the house. Shit. It was a reminder she didn’t really have much idea what she was doing!

Lena had her gun ready, but Tali remembered how she herself had had to wind herself up to shoot someone. She didn’t want to leave Lena in the position of having everything depending on her shooting someone, if she could help it! Lena might simply be too sweet to pull the trigger.

Tali racked the slide to load a bullet and slid the safety off as the man turned, seeing him register that she was quite practised! Well if he didn’t cooperate it meant he was doing something bad and she WOULD shoot him. No Russian girl –or any girl – was going to have anything like that Assad thing happen to them if she could help it. And as it was right now she could help it.

She gestured the guy to raise his hands and slide past her and Lena, keeping her gun low down out of his way, pointing to his middle.

He started to go past, sideways on, facing her; then as he was exactly level Tali saw his left arm start to move down.

She’d prepared herself for what to do and she did it – just like in the torture room there was no time for wavering. She didn’t wait to see what was going to happen but pulled the trigger. BANG! She was ready for the noise this time. The guy staggered but was still upright, shocked, starting to descend on top of her. Tali knew from films that her gun wasn’t big enough to disable him every time with a shot to his middle…

She ducked and took a step towards the door to give herself space and took aim at him, at his head, both hands on the gun. BANG! He went down, dead or as good as; Tali didn’t care, he was out of it that’s what mattered. Now… he wasn’t on his own was he? He wasn’t either of the guys from the square.

She went quickly past Lena, over the body, along the hallway, past a closed door and a staircase, to a door at the end which was ajar. Voices were coming from it. She pushed it open, her mind racing: it was a kitchen. The girl was on her back on a table, naked from the waist down, her legs over the edge and just closing them. He face was horror-struck. A guy by her was doing up his trousers, while on the other side of the table a second guy was holding her arms over her head, staring at the door.

Just like in the FSB torture room Natayla found it was actually easier to keep shooting than to stop. She put her two-handed aim on the chest of the one nearer her and shot. Without waiting to see the effect she moved her aim to the other one and shot him too. They were both down. She went back out to Lena, who was watching as two men ran out of the front door. The other door off the corridor was swinging, open: it was a sitting-room, with chairs and a sofa. The men must have come from there.

Stairs. Hmm, well were there more people up there? Tali ran up, hearing Lena following. There was a door facing her. She opened it: it was a bathroom, empty. A door opened behind her and she swivelled to see a guy in an unbuttoned shirt coming out, looking scared. She waved him back in with her gun and he fled back inside, closing the door.

Tali pushed on the door but the guy was holding it shut. Shit, another mistake. She looked around: two other doors. She went to one of them, opened it, and inside was a girl in a bed, naked as far as could be seen, and a man next to the bed trying to get into his trousers.

“Are you Russian?” she asked the girl. The girl was terrified.

“Yes,” she said, “don’t shoot me!”

“Why are you here?” asked Tali, “are you a prisoner?”

“Yes! Of course!” said the girl. She looked unbelievably sad and pathetic, Tali couldn’t even guess her age.

“So he knows, that you don’t really want it?” Tali indicated the man.

“They all know,” said the girl.

"All?" Tali asked.

"Men who see me; ten, twenty, it depends."

"What, you mean fuck you? Ten or twenty since when?" Tali was horrified.

"Yes fuck me, ten or twenty a day, I don't know."

“A DAY?” The girl nodded, her head hanging down.

Tali couldn’t believe the feelings she had. Rage didn’t describe it. She shot the man. He went down but was alive, so she shot him in the head.

She went out, feeling Lena looking aghast. She couldn’t tell how much at her killing spree and how much at the girls’ plight. She went into the third room: another girl on the bed, another man trying to get dressed in a panic.

“You’re Russian?” she asked the girl.

“Ukraine,” she answered.

“Forced?” Tali knew the answer by the look of her.

“Yes.” Her head hanging too.

Tali shot the guy once in the head; later she’d realise it was an execution. But now, the girl was free.

Tali went back onto the landing and went up to the first door. She was almost finished. The guy was still holding it shut.

“I’ll go and see the girl downstairs,” said Lena, and ran down the staircase. Tali guessed she hadn’t wanted to see any more killing. She pointed her gun at the door and squeezed the trigger, Click! Shit! Out of bullets!

Tali tried to stay calm as she flipped the lever to free the magazine and pulled it out, then dug in her pocket for the full one. Shit, the door was opening; he must have heard!

She stepped back into the second bedroom while she got her fingers round the magazine, pulled it out, lined it up…there was the guy! On the landing! As she pushed the magazine home he ran past, not trying to attack her but fleeing. What should she do? She caught the sound of a gulp – the girl starting to cry – and stepped onto the landing, ran to the top of the stairs racking the slide, and shot him in the back. He tumbled down to the bottom.

Everything went quiet, apart from the girl sobbing.

“Sorry Tali,” she heard from Elena - coming from the corridor at the bottom of the stairs!

What? Tali started down, until she caught a glimpse of Lena and a man, with the girl from the kitchen too! Tali stopped and ran back up. A man’s voice was speaking, in Turkish. Shit! It must be one of the men from the kitchen, that she hadn’t killed after all!

Tali peeked over the banister, to see a tall, menacing man standing at the bottom of the stairs, holding Elena with a gun to her head! He was someone new! The girl from the kitchen was standing next to them, too terrified to move.

The man spoke again, in Turkish but his commanding tone made it obvious what he was saying: Natalya had to go down or he’d shoot Lena!

Christ! She couldn’t not go down could she? Could not possibly leave Lena to her fate. But at the same time if she did go down he’d probably shoot them all! Or perhaps enslave them which would be just as bad!

Could she shoot him first? There was only his head showing above Lena’s! Christ! Suppose she tried and killed Lena herself!

But she’d shot quite a bit hadn’t she? She counted…nine or ten shots, and seven men. Seven!! Now she thought about it she’d quite likely done more shooting than the man. Jesus! But never in a shootout, that would be something else, and there was Lena…

Christ! What to do? Well…if she surrendered Lena would be helpless. The thought of Lena being basically raped ten or twenty times a day made her mind up. She knew what Lena would want. She’d want her Natalya to fight.

The man shouted up. Tali peeked over again. He was still there, looking more menacing and angry than ever. Probably Tali and Lena had ruined his whole business…

OH! Shit! Behind the man, at the end of the corridor, the front door was slowly opening!!

Tali watched in despair. It would be reinforcements - that meant the end for her and Lena. The end of their lives, one way or the other.

OH! It was Brown Trousers!!

God, well the FSB or the slaver, it was all the same.

She stood up. She’d go part way down and try and take them by surprise perhaps; either live and save Lena, or die from bullets quickly.

Tali walked slowly down the stairs, holding her gun down by her side.

WHAT?? Brown Trousers was holding a finger to his lips while he sneaked slowly along the corridor! Wow!

The slaver was gesticulating furiously at her to drop the gun but she pretended not to understand, keeping him occupied while Brown Trousers was creeping up behind him…

She could see the slaver examining her, waving his gun at her now, trying to get her to drop her gun so he could make money from selling her body and Lena’s.

“Silahı bırak,” said Brown Trousers, and Tali was gratified to see the slaver jump out of his skin. From being the aggressor he suddenly had a pistol sticking into his side. Even in the emergency Tali realised that Brown Trousers was pointing his gun so that if he fired the bullet wouldn’t go through into Lena.

Now, in perfect, native Russian, Brown Trousers spoke. "You, girl. Take his gun. I am on your side."

Lena looked round in confusion, at the man and Brown Trousers.

"Get his gun. I am on your side!" he said again.

Lena reached out to take the Turk’s gun. He didn't resist.

“You’re on our side?” Tali looked incredulously at Brown Trousers, the guy who’d been trailing her across Istanbul! “You’re FSB, you were following me!” She had half a mind to try and shoot him, but up close he looked quite kind. An older man.

Unlike the other guy, who definitely wasn’t kind or one of the ones she’d shot in the kitchen after all. She was pleased her shooting hadn’t let her down.

“Yes I am an agent,” said Brown Trousers, “but I am also a Russian patriot and these are Russian girls. I am a father too, I have daughters. Normally we have to obey policy and not interfere, but happily my job of tracking and protecting you fitted in, today.”

“Protecting us?” Lena asked.

“Yes indeed, you have to be asked some questions, so clearly nothing must happen to you.” He sounded quite fatherly. Tali was wondering if he even realised what form that questioning was likely to take; perhaps there were different sorts of FSB people and some of them kept secrets from the others?

“Why didn’t you just shoot this guy? Does he know stuff?” Tali indicated the surviving man, who now had three guns on him, backed against the wall with Brown Trousers to one side and the girls in front.

“The door was open,” said the FSB guy, “it would have been noisy outside, then it would have been dangerous for you.”

“Oh. Does he know anything? Is he a big boss or something?”

“I don’t know,” the FSB guy shrugged his shoulders. “it’s not my area. He looks quite arrogant, to me, not an underling. These gangs aren’t very big or clever, so he could easily be the boss, in Istanbul; then there are his feeders in Russia and other countries.”

Tali thought about that. She looked at the guy: there was no feeling of looking at a person, his eyes all dead and uncaring. She hated him.

Why should he survive, when all the others were dead? He wasn’t sorry. He’d start again wouldn’t he, using his feeders just the same, like that awful woman off the bus...

He should die. That’s what girls everywhere deserved. Needed. They depended on her to do the right thing for them.

To spare Lena and the girl, Natalya signalled him to go through to the kitchen. He gave her an arrogant half-smile, not moving; he despised girls.

Tali looked at the FSB agent: “What should we call you?”

“You can call me Vlad,” he replied. He seemed to have an idea what was coming, somehow.

“Vlad, please tell this guy his life will now end at the hands of a girl.”

Vlad said something in Turkish, and as he finished Tali squeezed the trigger. The slaver collapsed and she and Lena dodged out of the way of his falling body. She’d hoped she’d got his heart and it looked like she had: she was starting to think about her stock of bullets!

God! What was she turning into?

Vlad seemed to be thinking along the same lines as well! “You should apply for a job with my employer,” he smiled.

“They nearly killed our friend so I don’t think so!” snapped Tali.

“I heard,” said Vlad, “she is my friend, too.” He was looking meaningfully at her. So that explained it!

The girl was being sick and Lena was comforting her. Vlad, with no-one to point his gun at, had lowered it. Tali picked up his meaning and moved her aim onto him.

“Give me your gun, agent,” she said, “in the gunfight I got the drop on you. Your cash too.” Vlad handed his gun over with a smile, then some Lira and Rubles from his wallet.

“K babe?” Tali said to Lena, starting to move towards the door. Lena let go of the girl and moved, but the girl grabbed desperately onto her: “Don’t leave me! Please! They said it was a job, now I…I can’t …” she looked fearfully at Vlad.

“OK,” said Lena, nodding, “what’s your name?”

“Anna,” said the girl.

Tali was nodding too.

“OK Anna you can come with us, don’t worry. I’m Lena and this is Tali. Vlad will look after the others, won't you Vlad?” He nodded.

Lena touched his hand affectionately, then talking Anna's hand she led the rescued girl over the slaver’s body and followed her girlfriend down the corridor, and out into the street.

Episode 21

The three girls walked quickly away from the awful brothel house to the car, without saying much. It had been traumatic. Tali had done what she’d meant to, and here was the girl safe and sound with them, instead of being raped and enslaved; but now Natalya was a killer.

The girl said she was called Anna. She was bigger and older than Tali and Lena, but she was clingy and dependent nevertheless, and the teens kept her between them to help her feel safe.

Tali tried not to think about it, but her shooting had been spot on right from the start – accurate and quick, with no hesitation. If she’d put notches on a gunbelt like in the wild west movies there’d be quite a few of them! In fact there probably weren’t many better bodyguards for Anna in the whole of Istanbul! God, that was NOT the kind of girl she wanted to be.

Tali felt better once they were in the car and Lena was driving them away from the hotel where the FSB could easily find them, but she realised the car wasn’t really safe either. Lena had recognised that as well:

“We need to dump this car,” she said, “and get a room so we can think. My mind is totally scrambled and I bet yours is too.” Tali had to agree.

Tali saw the DVD from Antalya on the floor and put it in her bag with the laptop. They found a street with several small hotels in it and Tali and Anna got out to get them a room, while Lena drove off to leave the car in an underground car park they’d seen.

Natalya picked a hotel and with Anna went up to the little reception desk, in a bit of a daze. Really she needed Lena to run things for a bit. She had this to do, and she would do it, though most of her mind was busy trying to deny she’d become a ruthless killer and some kind of psycho James Bond wannabe. At not quite sixteen.

She gestured at the old woman for something to write on and the woman gave her a pad and pen, the woman’s attitude changing as Natalya’s demeanour gradually overwrote her youthful appearance. Tali knew that last week she’d have been smiling and asking politely, a young girl being respectful to an adult; but today she was expecting to have her requirements met, her focus being on her goal now and not especially on her relationship with this person.

Tali drew two rectangles as beds, one large and one small, in a big square with a door opening. “How much?” she asked in English. The woman knew what she meant and rattled off something in Turkish. Tali wasn’t having that. She passed her the pen and pointed to the pad. The woman wrote 120 L.

Tali looked at her, not smiling. She had no idea how much the room ought to be but something about the woman was telling her it was a ripoff. Tali looked steadily at the woman for several seconds, not glaring but neutral, telling her, she knew somehow, that she was going to walk away. Tali was desperate not to walk away but get into a room with Anna and Lena and lie down with her Lena, but she wasn’t going to let that show.

The woman said something and wrote 100. Tali picked up her bag and turned. The woman gabbled something and Tali looked: she’d written 80. Tali took the pen and wrote 40. Then she underlined it, twice, and put the pen down. Her final offer. The woman threw out her hands in a gesture of surrender and smiled, then turned and picked a key off a row of hooks. Tali gave her a slight smile and nodded.

She went up to the room with the woman: it was alright, two double beds and a little bathroom. No air conditioning but bearable if they didn’t wear too much; she almost smiled before remembering about Anna. They’d have to get her to talk it through, that would be important she sensed. She hadn’t been able to tell if those bastards had got inside her or not; though she knew from her own Assad episode it could still be pretty awful even if they hadn’t.

It was hard not to wish she’d gone in sooner and saved Anna from more of it. Though she knew really it would’ve been stupid and those guys would’ve killed her and then Anna and the others wouldn't have been saved at all. But anyway, she HAD gone in with Lena and saved four girls from that nightmare…was she regretting it? No. Killing had been the only way really. Not just for those girls but for all the others that would’ve been destroyed by the slavers and their customers, later on. She thought about the two men who had run away, wondering if she’d have shot them if they’d stayed. They’d obviously been waiting their turn, after all, just as guilty as the others. But…well it was too difficult.

Would another girl have killed all those men like that? No. Did that make it wrong? It seemed to, but then the world WAS a better place now, wasn’t it?

Actually there was another girl she thought would have done it: Katya. The thought gave her a little smile and some relief.

She went back down to the lobby with Anna and the woman and paid, just as Lena arrived.

Anna was hanging back; she was older and bigger than them, maybe mid-twenties and 170 centimetres and a stronger build too, but depending on them. A sweet girl; a normal, ordinary girl, who’d got on that bus and come to Istanbul with that wicked woman, hoping for – what? A job. Now holding onto to Lena, who was the kindest person Tali knew.

Tali wouldn’t have minded clinging to Lena herself, but she couldn’t. Not in front of the old Turkish woman; not while Lena was so needed by Anna; and maybe not even while Lena was thinking her bff had turned into some stranger who executed people in cold blood.

Well, she’d have to see. They had to eat, look at the DVD, find some transport, decide about Katya, sort out Anna, clean their guns, see if Vlad’s bullets fitted…

They went up to the room and Lena urged Anna into the bathroom to shower. Then, to Tali’s huge relief, Lena jumped on top of her and wrapped her arms around her and started kissing her face and neck and eyes and nose, and everything.

“You were awesome babe, awesome. You saved us all. You were amazing! And after that guy got me, when he came in the back door into the kitchen, you were going to try and get him weren’t you, coming down the stairs…" more kisses followed, and some squeezing. Eventually though, Lena levered herself back up and disengaged.

"But promise me we'll have a better plan next time. No going Jason Bourne again without good reason. Those were bad men, for sure, but not all of them were actually threatening us. Sometimes we just have to trust the police will sort it out. We, you, can't save the whole world - even if you would be the best at it."

But before that, Lena thought they needed to do some housekeeping: "Quick, pull out your gun before Anna gets back. Any spare magazines. We'll reload what we can and then put them away. Handy, but away. Anna doesn't need to see any more guns today, ok?"

Tali did as she was told. They had almost a full clip in her gun – she’d swapped it in before coming downstairs. Vlad's gun was also full; the clips weren't quite the same, but the bullets were. So she had two full magazines for both guns.

"Anna needs some clothes, hers are all damaged." said Lena. "There’s a backpacker store just down the block. I'll be quick."

Natalya lay on the bed for a minute, her mind refusing to wind down, then got up, got the laptop out and turned it on. While it booted her mind wandered. Lena didn’t really accept what she’d done, that was clear. Though the cuddle and affection had been wonderful … hiding the gun and everything. Would it really bother Anna?

The gun was what had saved Anna from…well it was difficult to even imagine that life in there and what would’ve happened eventually. Ten or twenty men a day?? Presumably Anna was a replacement for one of those other poor girls, the Ukrainian perhaps - what had her fate been going to be? Something even worse, though that hardly seemed possible. Why wouldn’t Anna LOVE the gun?

And what would the police have done? PoliceMEN. Who probably knew all about it and did nothing: all those vile men coming and going – she did the arithmetic - forty or fifty a day into a house, it must be well known as a brothel. At most the police would’ve knocked on the door, let the operators run out the back, let the customers go, and arrested the girls for prostitution! Well, that was a guess. She’d look it up later, with Lena, and try to explain. How could she have left them alive to do just do it again, to other girls? THAT would have been immoral, wouldn’t it?

Though the killing had affected her, she had to admit. Changed her. Damaged her? Did she look different to people now? Well if she was damaged, it was a price she’d pay. God, those poor girls.

It was hard. She wished Katya were here, then it would all seem right, with that strength and confidence; Katya encouraging her to learn about the gun, in the 4x4; and as though in some kind of natural, benevolent cycle the gun had then saved Katya, her actual life…ah the laptop was into Windows now.

She took the batteries out of her phone, and left them on the bed as a reminder for Lena.
What was next? The DVD. She found it in her bag and put it in.

It loaded as a video and she clicked Play. It was a black-and-white security camera, a bit jerky but quite clear, covering the area in front of the main doors of the Antalya consulate. It seemed to have been started early in the morning, with a clock at the bottom showing ’07:08’ to start with. Oh; the bathroom door was opening and Anna came back in, with a towel round her, so Tali paused the video and turned to her.

“OK?” she smiled. Anna needed her to be strong. She patted the bed next to her and Anna obediently sat down, a bit nervously. Natalya felt for her hand and Anna took it.

“You need to talk about it, straight away, OK?” Tali started. “Don’t hide it. You can tell me, cos I understand, I was raped, or jolly nearly, on Thursday, and a girl saved me, so I understand, OK? How far did they get? Did his cock go inside you? Mine got his cockhead in my ass, just about.”

“Sort of,” Anna said. “It happened to you?”

Tali knew Anna was postponing things, but she described the awful events in Maher al Assad’s office: how helpless she’d felt, humiliated and violated, her very self and what was Natalya being destroyed. She realised it was helping her, in fact, to lay it all out for Anna.

“Yes, that’s what it was,” Anna started. “They were going to destroy me…I knew her! The woman! She is from a town near my village. She said there was a job, and I needed one, there’s no money where I live, and I have a little girl.”

Lena came back in, and realised immediately what was going on. She sat down on the other side of Anna, so gently that Anna just carried on.

Anna explained about her daughter back home. How she was promised a job in a hotel in Istanbul. How she was told she’d be better paid than in Russia and would be able to send money home to her daughter – which she had to because her dirtbag boyfriend had quit the scene as soon as she had got pregnant. Her daughter was now three, and her parents were looking after her.

Lena was slowly stroking her thigh while Tali held her hand. Once she’d finished her story, Lena handed her a bag.

"It's not much. Undies, a bra, socks some jeans and a top."

Anna opened the bag and pulled out the stuff. She looked around wondering whether to go back into the bathroom to change. In the end she just shrugged and dropped the towel and pulled on her new panties and bra while standing by the other bed. Once she was done, she moved back to the other bed where Lena and Tali were. She didn't seem to want to be apart from them.

“So he only just got inside you?” Tali asked Anna. Anna had been a bit sketchy about it and Tali really wanted to get her over the experience as much as she could.

And not purely for kindness’ sake, if she was honest: Anna was rather sexy, and the sooner Tali could get her over the worst of it the sooner she could see about trying her! Her changing in front of them had been so innocent! She obviously had no thought about girls fancying other girls.

Though Tali thought some gentle girl sex would be just the final therapy Anna needed.

Tali hadn’t been able to help casting an eye over Anna’s body. Which was leggy with lovely shoulders and large, sexy tits; nice waist; long thick brown hair that Tali couldn’t wait to sniff and comb her fingers through...

But she had to put that on hold as now suddenly the anguished words were pouring out:

“Yes, they pulled off my skirt and my panties, then they pulled my knees apart, two of them. They just pulled me around, three men, put me on the table, they could do what they wanted. I felt so helpless! So exposed…yes I was on the table and there was nothing I could do. He came in between my legs…and then started pushing, you know, and saying the longer I resisted the worse it would be, I had to have customers and whatever it took they would do to me so I should just start cooperating. Then there was a knock at the door, so one of them went off to answer it, and the one trying, you know, he pushed more and then I felt it start to go in, it was hurting, and then there was a bang, from the hall, and another one, so loud, and he pulled out again and pulled his trousers up and then there you were, a girl with a gun, I could hardly believe what was happening and then straight away you shot them, so quickly, and you were gone again, and the men were on the floor shot, dying!”

Anna burst into tears and Natalya pulled her into a cuddle. Anna sobbed into her shoulder. Lena was looking and Tali signalled her over with her eyes. Lena was the very best at this sort of thing. Gradually Lena took over cuddling the sobbing girl and after a bit Tali eased away and went back to the laptop and the CCTV video.

Various people came and went, but nobody who seemed out of the ordinary. At lunchtime lots of people went out and came back, all looking like staff. It was slow checking each one though.

Then at 15:11 a car came into the forecourt, the first car that had done that. Behind it another one, a limo! The driver got out and opened a back door, while a big man got out of the other one – a bodyguard he looked like. A little man got out of the opened door, looking important. Or like HE thought he was important, Tali thought. As he walked up to the entrance she saw he was a swarthy sort of guy with a beard and deep-set eyes too close together. He looked a bit familiar somehow.

Tali moved the video back to the best frame and took a screen grab. That was one. Was there another? The obvious thing would be people coming to meet, wouldn’t it? Somewhere discreet, on neutral territory, like a minor consulate in a remote corner of Turkey…

Ten minutes later there was another car, another VIP, and this time Natalya DID know the visitor: it was Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister!

Almost straight away after that a third car appeared. This important man was tall, with sticky-out ears and a silly little moustache. Who was he? He seemed familiar…Oh! His picture had been on Maher Assad’s wall. He must be Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria!

So who was the little guy? Tali saved the screen grab, went to Google search-by-image and uploaded it. Ten seconds later she had her answer: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran! Christ! Well even she knew that was a SECRET meeting!

A sudden meeting, she supposed, and someone had forgotten about the CCTV until too late. Now here it was, the recording. How hot was this!!

Well…they’d have to think about it Ask Katya how to make use of it to clear things with their pursuers and get home to their mums and dads. Meanwhile Tali realised she was starving.

“Food babes?” She asked, including Anna, “Eat out or in?”

Anna hesitated.

“If you’re not sure Anna we should eat out,” said Natalya, “like they say, you know, confront things after a scare so you don’t stay scared.”

“I suppose so,” Anna said, not very confidently. “Will we be safe, three girls? It’s getting dark; and…” she trailed off.

“No-one will grab us, if that’s what you're wondering,” said Tali, “I’ll have my gun in my pocket, and anyway we’re not looking for a job so any guys who hassle us will just get told where to go. You’ll see. And all those guys who had you are gone aren’t they? They don’t exist any more. So let’s just go and have a nice meal. We don’t have to go very far.”

She gave Anna a reassuring smile and Anna got up. Five minutes later they were walking down the street towards a cluster of restaurants showing on Tali’s phone.

Tali and Lena instinctively kept Anna protected in the middle of them, even though she was quite a lot older and bigger. Tali was thinking how she was becoming dependent on her gun, and that couldn’t go on forever, but, well she could start practising couldn’t she? She did feel more confident somehow, apart from shooting people up.

They found a decent-looking restaurant and had a nice meal. The food was good, the staff were respectful and they had a great time. Gradually Anna came out of her shell, seeming to be a friendly girl with a sweet nature and a lovely smile. Tali liked her, and she could see Lena did too.

Then on the way back Anna’s fears were realised as three young men watched them go past and then started following them. They followed them down the street, then into the next, getting closer.

“Stop,” said Tali and pulled on Anna. The three girls stopped and Natalya manoeuvred them to the side of the pavement, in the wide, well-lit and fairly busy street on this Sunday evening.

The lads stopped, facing them. One of them said something. Tali looked at their grinning faces. “NO,” she said loudly, in Engish, “NO, NOT interested. Go.” She pointed down the street.

The lads stayed there, not wanting to be ordered around by a girl. Tali raised the stakes, and her voice: “GO AWAY” she yelled at them. People were starting to look.

“Ready babe?” Tali looked at Lena, who as ever WAS ready: ”One, Two, Three…

“GO AWAY” they shouted in unison. Now people really were looking, and stopping. The lads moved off, saying things in Turkish. Insults probably, trying to tell each other they hadn’t really just been rejected and humiliated. Tali and Lena shared a grin. Maybe the boys would think twice before following girls next time.

“OK Anna?” Tali said. “Never be quiet, OK? Make a fuss, a noise, always. Be loud. OK? Off the bus?”

“OK,” said Anna, nodding. They both knew that Anna could have made a fuss in the square. Now, another time, maybe she would. And tell other girls. Her little girl.

They got back to the hotel, without any more bother; full, tired and ready for bed.

They did their teeth and Lena and Tali took off all their clothes and got into bed together, smiling at Anna but not making anything of it. Anna smiled at them and took off her bra and panties too, before getting into the other bed. Tali could see she had no idea! Hehe, well all in good time!!

They settled down, then a phone went, in the room! A mobile! Tali was nearer; she leapt out of bed, looking for it: it was hers! The one from the FSB guy, that she’d put the battery back in to go into the city centre. Now it was ringing??

It wasn't even showing an incoming number, just a row of dashes. Well…she looked at Lena, her finger poised over the answer key. Lena nodded and she pressed it, holding the phone open so Lena could hear. “Hello,” she said.

“This is Vlad,” they heard, “don’t ask questions. I am not so senior but I have friends, OK? Now…Anna will not be safe in her village, so do not take her back. The people who took her from there will not feel safe if she returns, they may kill her or kidnap her again. You understand? I am sorry. That’s how it is in these cases, I had to tell you. You did well, I wish you well, goodbye.”

“Vlad! Wait! The disc, the DVD, the meeting, do you know about that?” Tali cried desperately.

“The disc?” Vlad was still there! “The meeting is not so important, a minor scandal at most, there are Iranian and Russian warships in Syrian ports already, or on the way. Russian helicopters. It is the little card they care about. That is what I hear. Goodbye.”

“Wait! Wait!” Tali pleaded; but he’d gone.

Christ! Shit! Tali hastily went into Settings and switched off GPS and network Location. She’d completely forgotten! How careless! She passed Lena her phone and Lena did the same. But they didn’t dare take the batteries out again.

“Oh!” They heard from the bed next to them. Anna had heard every word. Tali felt Lena get up and go to her. Then she fell asleep.

Natalya woke to find herself still alone in the bed: Lena was with Anna. Well that was OK, Anna needed her more didn’t she? Just for now. Tali got up and washed, then went back through to find the others were awake. She stayed naked while the others washed, continuing the slow campaign that Lena had started, to gradually introduce Anna to the joys of girl sex!

Anna seemed to just accept the nakedness, taking her cue from her just as she had from Lena about being cuddled in bed with only Lena having anything on! Really Anna seemed to have like a built-in innocence! Even looking innocent with those wide-open eyes and having her lips just slightly apart a lot of the time…she was irresistible!!

They all went down to breakfast and took a window table. “There’s a fire in the kitchen,” said Tali in a normal voice, “evacuate quickly or we’ll all die a horrible death.”

Anna gasped and started to get up, while a slow grin spread over Lena’s beautiful face. None of the staff or other guests had reacted at all. “So nobody else speaks Russian,” she giggled, pulling Anna down again,” we can talk. Plan. Toast?”

“So, now it’s Monday and everywhere’s open.” started Tali. “We have to get you home Anna and make it safe for you. We can do that don’t worry, we’re not going to quit now, are we babe?”

"Can we get a boat, like we did last time?" said Lena.

They had to see Katya too, about the card and the DVD perhaps.

"OK it's a twenty minute walk or a five minute cab ride to Dmitri's place,” said Tali, looking on her phone. A few minutes later they arrived at Dmitri's building and Lena led them to Mrs. Osmandias' apartment and knocked at the door.

"Katya?" Lena said when it was opened.

"Evet evet" replied the woman and she ushered the girls in.

“My darlings,” said Katya when she saw them, “it is good to see you again, come here.” She patted the bed next to her and Lena and Tali went and got on. First Lena and then Tali shared a long kiss with their heroine. A long, loving kiss.

Tali stroked her hands over Katya’s impressive shoulders, round her neck and through her hair. She savoured her fragance. But she had to get this card sorted…she explained about the card and what they knew. That Vlad had said it was the big issue. Katya knew Vlad and smiled.

“So when I put it in the laptop it just doesn’t register,” Tali explained, “doesn’t show up as a drive or anything.”

“This is not really my area,” said Katya, “but to show up it would need to be formatted? So if it is encrypted it just won’t work. Not in a Windows system anyway…”

“Oh,” said Natalya. She thought about that for a little, enjoying the feel of Katya and her naked body while she let her mind roam around. Katya had subsided, the effort even of the visit obviously having drained her. Katya had set something off though…what was it…

‘Not in a Windows system’ Hmmm. So what? Well…

YES! That was the thing! Windows wasn’t the only system was it? In fact those microSD cards were used in phones mainly. And…she happened to have not just a phone but an FSB phone! Right here! A slightly weird phone perhaps, that Vlad had mysteriously been able to ring anonymously while not being supposed to even know she had it!

She quickly pulled off the back and battery, swapped in the card from Antalya, put it back together and switched it back on. The phone booted.

She still couldn’t see it! She couldn’t find an app that would show anything! What now?

Katya was watching; giving her leg a little squeeze.

Well…she’d try connecting the phone to the laptop. That would have the FSB phone processing the FSB card wouldn’t it, then the laptop could possibly deal with it as a file?

She made the connection with the cable, and Bing! There it was, a removable drive! She opened it…there was a folder, with a file in it! It was called ^$!&%(().ccc

Shit! So close! At least it felt close. But if it was encrypted this was only the start wasn’t it? Still, it WAS a start!

She kissed Katya, who’d inspired her, yet again! Though Katya was almost out of it again:

“Sorry my darlings, I’m not quite right yet, I suppose they used some mix of drugs on me; …they have some weird stuff…you’ll do it, my special girls. Leave me your numbers…”

She was just about asleep.

They went back and checked out of the hotel; then, armed with their various cards, cash, equipment, guns, bullets, clothes and even jackets they went to a restaurant for lunch, where Tali found it had wifi.

They all crowded round the laptop and looked at the journey that lay ahead of them. Looking at the map they decided that the main Marina would give them the best chance of finding the right boat; then they could just go through the Bosporus straits first of all, that was only about forty kilometres.

Then round hugging the coast to Sochi – that was 1,500 kilometres! Even in a fast boat like Bruce’s it would take some time. But then, at last, they’d be back in their own country. Albeit with the country’s security service after them, but ‘one step at at time’ as Tali grinned at Lena. She couldn’t help feeling excited. She liked the sea, and if there was going to be another Bruce she wouldn’t mind…

“We half know what we’re doing, don’t we babe, haha!” Tali laughed, reminding Lena of one technique for getting hold of a boat! She had her gun in her pocket. Though a charter or something would be better, and they might easily have enough money.

At the end of the meal they took a cab to the marina and started looking. It looked quite promising.

Episode 22

They walked into the marina and straight away there was one! A nice cruiser with a sign on the quay. A man came out, a Turk who spoke some English. They explained what they wanted, but he shook his head. “One day,” he said. He wouldn’t do a long trip.

They tried several others, one a bigger boat that would do it but when they saw the price the guy wrote down it was more than they had. They toured the entire marina, lugging their stuff and getting hot and tired, but after quite a few tries they just couldn’t get a boat they could afford! They ended up pretty much where they’d started, near the first boat. The captain was talking to a broad-shouldered guy who looked about thirty. Oh! He was coming across to them!

He was rather gorgeous, Tali saw as he arrived. A bit full of himself perhaps, but maybe he was entitled: he could have been a model or an actor or something!

”You are looking for a boat to go across the Black Sea? Sochi?” he asked. He looked and sounded Italian, but he was speaking English rather well. The girls nodded vigorously. They were getting a bit desperate!

“Just you?” he asked, “no father, mother?”

“Just us,” said Natalya firmly, ”but we are quite old enough.” She wasn’t going to have Anna disrespected like that, even if she didn’t come across as all that confident. It WAS a bit like this was her first visit to a big city; bit still…

“You have money?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Tali, “how much, to Sochi?”

“3,000 Lira,” said the guy, “it is a sailing yacht, so it takes a week each way, maybe more. I cannot do it for less.”

The girls consulted. It was pretty much all the Lira they had, and it was slow, but it looked like the only offer they were going to get.

“Let’s have a look,” said Lena.

The guy led them across the marina to a part they hadn’t bothered with since it was full of sailing yachts not motor ones. His boat was nice, it looked smart and not old or anything. “Ten metre,” he said proudly, “four good berths, galley, shower…I include all food even.” He gave them his filmstar smile.

Tali looked at Lena, seeing her give a slight nod, then at Anna who was obviously just waiting for her almost-sixteen-year-old saviours to make the decision.

“OK,” said Tali, returning his smile, ”Let’s go.”

They went aboard and paid him and he cast off, using a little motor to get them out of the harbour, then raising the sails with electric winches. He saw her watching.

“You sail?” he asked.

“Windsurf,” said Tali, remembering the English word, “and books, stories, child.” She’d always liked the stories her dad used to read to her, and that later she’d read for herself. They’d taught both her and Lena about sails and tacking and gibing and everything, and then last year the two of them had had that great holiday where they’d got pretty good at windsurfing.

The guy was called Romano and sailed them expertly up the Bosporus on the good breeze, so that by dusk they were emerging into the Black Sea already! They had supper, Anna insisting on cooking and clearly glad to be able to contribute, then the girls settled down for their first full night at sea. They dropped off instantly. Romano seemed so friendly, they had a good feeling about him.

Tali woke up with Lena, in the double bed that was right in the bows, to see bright sunshine coming in through the portholes. They put their clothes on and went through, past the sleeping Anna, to the cockpit.

“Good morning,” smiled Romano. They were sailing along the coast, it was hard to tell how far away it was.

They chatted with him in broken English, then he asked why they were sailing instead of flying or taking a ship. They explained it was more fun, but Tali knew that didn’t quite match their desperate search round the marina, that he’d seen the end of. Romano had clearly been thinking about it during his long night at the wheel.

“So..Sochi, you have papers?” he asked. “I can see, please?”

Tali didn’t see it was his business, and they didn’t have any anyway. She shook her head.

“You have visa?” Romano was a bit persistent about it.

“We land at night,” she said, “quiet place.” It hadn’t been a problem for Bruce had it?

“So this is a different thing,” said Romano. “it is trouble for me if I am caught with illegal immigrants in Russia. Big trouble. It will be more money.”

Tali thought he had to be exaggerating. They WERE Russian, how could they be illegal immigrants? Also somehow the way he said it…

“We have no money,” she said. “No more.”

“Roubles? Euros? Dollars?” he asked. Tali and Lena shook their heads. He wasn’t having their Roubles, they’d need them. Tali was thinking he perhaps had suspected all this before they set out really, but waited till he had them at sea and stuck.

“OK we go back,” he said.

Nooo! Tali looked at him. They couldn’t just go back, not now! What could they do?

“You said!” she tried, “you said you take us, for three thousand.”

“Now it is different,” he said, “illegal.”

Tali and Lena looked at each other in consternation. Natalya could only think of one other thing. And after all it was something she’d been thinking about anyway…

“OK, take us, I sleep with you,” she said. It felt like a big thing! She was offering her body, like a complete tramp! But it would be worth it.

Romano smiled. “You are very beautiful, so young and sexy, it is so unlucky that I am gay. Sorry. We go back.”

“Gay?” Tali and Lena gasped together. It was hard to say who sounded more disappointed – or why!

“OK,” Tali resigned herself, “but no money. No Sochi -no three thousand.”

“I give one thousand back,” said Romano. Suddenly he didn’t seem so nice!

“No!” Tali could feel her temper rising; “We are one day only!”

Romano shrugged his impressive shoulders as he turned the wheel. It was obvious now he’d planned all along to rip them off, seeing them desperate and knowing he’d find some excuse to turn back and keep most of their money!

Well he’d miscalculated. The bastard. Tali drew her gun. “Sochi,” she said.

Romano looked at the gun in alarm. To make quite sure, Tali pointed the gun over his head and fired a shot. It wasn’t such a big deal, after all, but it would keep him in line!

But as she and Lena looked on in astonishment Romano disappeared over the side! Dived overboard! In a panic! There he was, swimming for the shore!

“Should we try and sail after him?” gasped Lena, “to make sure he’s OK?”

“Nah babe,” Tali had her wolfish grin on, “he’s got those shoulders, look how well he swims!”

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