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An 18 yearold girl falls in love with her 16 year old brother and his best friend
Eighteenyear old Zoey Blake was having a very bad summer. She had no boyfriend and she was horny. She had a perfect body. Her boobs were perfect 36 C's. Soft light brown hair and beautiful green eyes.

The problem was that all the boys her age were jerks. After one date they expected a blow job in return. Although she was a virgin and wanted sex, she did not feel that any of the boys she dated respected her or appreciated her beauty. No, she wanted a relationship on her terms.

She had always heard that a girl should date a younger boy. According to this theory, younger guys really appreciated the fact that they were with a more experienced girl and were willing to let the girl take the lead.

That was why she was checking out her brother Jack's U-16 soccer game. It was a very warm evening so she was wearing a bikini top and tight little shorts that really showed off her ass and long suntanned legs.

Zoey had driven Jack to the game. Looking sideways at the rising tent in his soccer shorts, she knew that at least one boy already found her body desirable. Jack was also a very attractive boy. He was thin but had well developed muscles. But most important, he was kind and well mannered. For a second Zoey had a very incestuous thought.

When they got to the field Jack met up with his best friend Scotty. Zoey also found him attractive. Blond curly hair, blue eyes and a great body like Jack's. Scotty was also reacting to Zoey's hot body. She thought to herself, "This kid has real possibilities."

Scotty said, "Wow, Zoey, you are looking great. Jack, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful sister."

"Thank you, Scotty, you are so kind. Women love to hear complements like that."

Jack added, " I also think you are great looking and I'm proud you are my sister." She then gave her brother a big hug, more than a sisterly hug. Zoey enjoyed this moment of intimacy with her cute little brother.

Scotty looked a little disappointed so Zoey gave him a big hug also. Both boys felt good in her arms.

"You two had better get on the field with your team."

Through a miscommunication, both teams were wearing the same color jersey. Jack's team agreed to be the skins. Zoey looked admiringly at all the shirtless boys, but Jack and Scotty had the best bods. Both boys were eye candy for Zoey.

Jack and Scotty played a great game. In the last minutes of the game the score was tied 1-1. Jack and Scotty got a fast break and passed the ball back and forth till Scotty kicked it in for a goal.

The team surrounded the two boys to celebrate a victory. Eventually, the crowd thinned out leaving just Scotty and Jack to walk off the field to where Zoey was standing.

"Great game!" she exclaimed. "Can I give you both a victory hug?"

She didn't have to ask twice. Scotty stepped forward and she wrapped her arms around the boy's back. Zoey was about four inches taller than the two boys so she was in a real power position. She enjoyed the touch of his soft skin against her body. Scotty looked like he was in paradise.

After a minute Jack asked eagerly, "Hey, sis don't I get a hug?"

Zoey broke off her hug with Scotty and locked her brother in a hug. She had never felt romantically toward her brother but tonight she felt differently. She felt a little adventuresome.

And why not? She was with two very good looking boys who were obviously attracted to her. And she was in control.

" I have an idea guys. Since its only seven thirty, let's go to our place for a swim and then go in the hot tub."

Scotty called his parents for permission and told them that Zoey would drive him home later.

When they got home, the boys went upstairs to put on swimsuits. They then joined Zoey in back.

" Just a second guys. I have the rest of my bikini under my shorts." She slowly unzipped the shorts revealing a thong bottom. The boys eyes popped out of their heads. Jack had no recollection of his sister ever wearing a bikini this revealing.

The bikini was having her desired effect on the boys. Both were getting erections. Embarrassed they jumped into the pool for cover. Zoey joined them and they splashed around for a half hour.

Since it was cooling down she suggested going to the hot tub. The boys scrambled to be first in the relaxing warm water.

Zoey decided to make the situation more interesting. As she was approaching the tub, she took off her bikini top exposing her magnificent breasts.

The boy's mouths literally dropped open. When she entered the tub she asked, "Would you guys scoot apart so I can sit between you?"

They immediately complied.

The boys kept staring so she asked in a suggestive voice, "What's the matter? Haven't you two good looking boys ever seen a girl's boobs before?"

They silently shook their heads no. "Well boys this is your lucky night." She then put an arm around each boy and pulled them closer."

There was a long silence until, Scotty said, "Zoey, you have an incredibly beautiful body. You look like a model. "

Her brother added, "Yeah, you could be in Playboy."

Zoey was liking the way they were acting. They really appreciated her body and the opportunity to see boobs close up. She decided to go one step further.

"You boys are so nice and so kind I'm going to let you touch my boobs. Would you like that?"

They had faces of shock and joy. "But first I have to tell you boys a few things. You don't grab them hard. You touch them softly and massage them. I really like my nipples rubbed softly. If you're ready go ahead."

Scotty and Jack took their hands and softly cupped the nearest breast. The boys followed her instructions and were soon experts in handling her breasts. "This is the way a girl should be treated, " she thought to herself.

After twenty minutes of silent boob handling, she decided she realized that it was time to drive Scotty home. She wanted the boys to desire more in the future so she reached under the water, grabbed their hard cocks through the swimsuits and stroked them a few times.

"Thanks guys for a great evening. Most girls are lucky to hang out with one guy. I am spoiled with two sexy boys."

The boys reluctantly got out of the tub and went upstairs to change. When they came back down, her brother was in a pair of silk boxers and Scotty had slipped his soccer shorts back on.

As Scotty and Zoey went out the front door, Jack said he would stay up until she got home.

While driving back to Scotty's house he told, "Thanks Zoey for a great night. I realize how lucky I am to be with such a beautiful and sexy woman. And thanks for letting me touch your breast. It felt really nice and soft."

Just then they pulled to a stop in front of his house. He was going to open the door when Zoey asked, "No good night kiss?"

Scotty confessed that he had never kissed a girl before.

"Good, " she said. "I'll teach you the right way." She placed her lips on his and within a few minutes he had learned the basics. Then she slipped him some tongue and soon they were French kissing. She could feel his cock gong erect. To end this evening she reached under his shorts. No underwear. She grabbed his bare penis and stroked it for about thirty seconds and then stopped.

"Good night Scotty, I have to get back to Jack."

The boy left smiling and very pleased with this evening.

Zoey really liked Scotty. Nice body, great kisser and from a quick feel , would probably be good in bed.

But then there was her brother Jack. How far did she want to go with him? Did she really want to have a relationship with two boys at the same time, one being an incestuous relationship with her younger brother?
When she got home, the bedroom lights were all off. But she did see a light on downstairs in the family room. She went downstairs and saw Jack sitting on the couch in his silk boxers. She went and sat down really close to him.

" Zoey, I had a great time tonight. You’re my sister but I like you a lot. I want to be with you. Could you ever be with me?"

Those kind green eyes were pleading for more. So she leaned over and went through the same kissing lesson she gave Scotty. Two boys, two great make out sessions. Of course, Jack's cock went hard rock and actually poked through the hole of his boxers. Great looking penis.

"Jack I think of you more than just a brother." She then gripped his cock and stroked it for a couple of minutes. But then she stopped. She did not want him to cum tonight.

"I have a great idea, Jack. Our parents are going to be out of town this weekend. Why don't you invite Scotty over for a two night sleepover."

Jack really liked Scotty and was not jealous that his sister also found him attractive and had let Scotty fondle one of her breasts. He was willing to share his sister.

"Zoey, that's a great idea! I will ask him tomorrow."

" Friday night you and Scotty are going to take me out for a real date so tell him to bring along a dress shirt, tie and a nice pair of slacks. Afterwards we can come back here and watch some DVD's."

During the week Zoey went shopping for a few supplies for the weekend. First stop was Victoria Secrets for some sexy lingerie. Then she stopped to pick up some personal lubricants. Finally, she stopped and picked up her monthly supply of birth control pills. Her doctor had put her on the pill last year to regulate her periods. This weekend there was a good chance she would need them for their intended purpose.

Friday night finally came. Her parents had already departed leaving her a generous amount of money to feed the boys. She was in her room putting on a very hot and revealing sexy black dress. Underneath she was wearing her new sexy lingerie.

She heard the doorbell ring and she heard the doorbell ring. It had to be Scotty. Time for her grand entrance. The boys were at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her. Her dates looked very handsome; they had both put on sport coats.

" Zoey you look incredible," said Scotty.

Her brother added, " You'll be the most beautiful girl in the restaurant."

"Well I'm going to be with two handsome and sexy young men. I want to show off my two wonderful boyfriends."

Jack said, " You think of us as boyfriends?"

"Of course silly!" we are going on a date.

Zoey had picked out the restaurant ahead of time. It was a small, very old fashioned Italian restaurant . Oak paneling, soft lights and a single candle on each table.

As the host seated them at a very secluded round booth in the corner, he said to the boys, "I hope you two guys know how lucky to be with such a beautiful woman."

The boys simply smiled and nodded in agreement.

The boys were sitting on either side of Zoey. She discovered that both boys could carry on a good conversation and showed that they really appreciated her intelligence and her beauty. She had found two outstanding boys to be with.

After dessert, she said to the boys, "Time to go home and have some fun." She discreetly reached under the table to see if they were ready. The touch of two hard cocks told her that they were more than ready.

When they got home, Zoey suggested that they watch some DVD'd in the family room. "But first lets go to my room and take off some of these clothes and get comfortable."

She led them upstairs to her bedroom and she sat down on her bed. " Let me see you guys strip down to your underwear."

Then she laid on her side while two sexy 16 year old boys performed a private strip show for her. In less than a minute they were standing in front of her just in pairs of matching red silk briefs.

" OK guys it's time to help me get out of this dress."

Jack undid the top clasp and Scotty pulled down the dress. They pulled it down and then she turned around to show off her body covered only by a sexy bra and thong panties.

She was every boy's wet dream. And standing only inches from this sexy 18 year old girl.

She reached out a hand to both boys and the trio headed to the family. What the boys didn't realize was they were going to watch their first hard core porno movie.

" Guys I have to explain something about this movie and the rest of this weekend. They are going to use some words that you don't hear in public but for the rest of the weekend its OK to use them around me."

Scotty asked innocently, "Like what words?"

"Well words like fuck, blowjob, cock, tits, clit."

Jack had never heard his sister say any of those words before, " So you won't get mad if we say something like ' You have great tits.' "

"No I won't get mad and thank you for the compliment."

Scotty added, " I think my cock is going hard looking at your tits."

"Good job guys, " She said. "You catch right on."

Then they sat down to watch he DVD. Zoey had already watched it and knew it provided advanced lessons on how to treat a woman in bed."

Zoey, of course, sat in the middle and the two boys snuggled as tight as they could.

"Boys do you want me to take off my bra? The next part shows a lot of boob shots."

The boys were happy to have another opportunity to touch and feel Zoey's great boobs. Then the movie showed the man sucking the woman's tits.

The boys looked up with eyes asking the same question. Zoey simply nodded her head and the boys started sucking her boobs.

Both boys stopped and said. "Thank you Zoey."

In the next scene the woman was jacking off the guy. Both boys pulled out their respectable five inch erections and started to stroke themselves. Zoey decided to stop the movie and said, " Guys you need some relief."

She had prepositioned the personal lubricant and a couple of towels under the couch. She told the boys, "Time to lose the boxers."

The boys looked at each other with shock. They had never actually seen each other in the nude let alone being seen naked by a beautiful girl. They stood up and took off their boxers. Zoey was very pleased at the sight of two good looking boys with hard young bodies and smooth skin. Their cocks were going hard.

"Sit down boys and I'll put some lube on your gorgeous cocks and stroke them till you come."

The boys complied. She poured a generous amount on her hands, rubbed them together, and lubed up their now very stiff cocks. She also massaged their ball sacks. She loved caressing their testicles.

She had strategically placed the towels to catch any flying cum. She looked at the glistening penises and then started to stroke both boys at the same time. Zoey loved the expressions on their faces. They were thoroughly enjoying their first hand jobs.

"Boys, you are forgetting my boobs."

Jack sucked one and Scotty fondled the other.

Zoey varied the rate she pumped the boys. She wanted to see how much endurance these guys had . And she was pleasantly surprised that they had not yet come at ten minutes. At fifteen minutes , however, the boys were building up to a big explosion.

She started stroking faster and said, "Any time boys."

That was more than enough encouragement and suddenly white steams of cum shot through the air onto the towels.

The boys once again thanked Zoey and looked admiringly at her tits. The perfect boyfriends. This was more than sex; she was developing an emotional attachment to both boys. Could it be that she was falling in love with two sixteen year old boys at the same time?

After their cocks went limp, she noticed some excess cum on both her hands. She surprised the boys by licking it off her hands. Then she turned the movie back on. In the next scene the woman was giving the guy a blow job.

After the scene ended Zoey turned off the movie and said, "You know guys it is getting late and maybe we should go to bed."

They looked a little sad but the two naked boys followed Zoey upstairs. When the boys turned to go into Jack's room, Zoey said, "Where are you two going? I thought the three of us could sleep together in our parent's king size bed."

The boys were obviously excited over the chance to sleep with Zoey. They went into the bedroom pulled down the covers and laid down. Zoey of course was in the middle.

Then she said, "What did you think of the last scene of the movie?"

Scotty had built up some confidence and said, " Zoey, you are so sexy. Would you please suck my cock?"

Jack added,"'Please blow me too."

" You both said please so how can I say no."

Both cocks were ready for action. "Jack, massage my back while I suck Scotty."

Jack positioned himself so he could watch his best friend get his first blowjob from his beautiful sister.

Zoey put Scotty's penis in her mouth and started to suck. Scotty face showed both ecstasy and pleasure. "Jack, this is amazing. It's better than a hand job. This is fucking great." The boys were getting used to talking dirty.

After fifteen minutes Scotty shouted out, " I can't stand it anymore I'm going to come."

Suddenly streams of cum were hitting the back of her throat but she managed to swallow as fast as he spurted into her mouth. As his cock started to go down she sucked out any remaining cum.

Scotty pressed his lips to her and they kissed for a full minute. When they broke off the kiss, Scotty said without any hesitation, "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Zoey was a bit surprised but said in return, "I think I love you too."

Then Zoey remembered it was Jack's turn. " Come on Jack. Now I get to suck off my little brother. "

Sucking her own brother was a real turn on. Who ever thought she would have such feelings for her own brother? And this boy had endurance. He went twenty minutes before shooting his wad into his sister's mouth.

Another long satisfying kiss and the Zoey said, " You heard me tell Scotty that I loved him. But I love you too." Then she looked at both boys and said, " I have fallen in love with both of you. I can't choose between you. So if this is going to work, we are going to be a love triangle and you can't get jealous over me."

Jack answered for both of them, "Don't worry Zoey. Scotty and I have already talked about this. We're best friends and we're willing to share you without being jealous."

Scotty added, " We both love you and want to be with you forever."

She kissed both boys again and said, " You guys are wonderful. Most girls are lucky to fall in love with one descent guy. And I have two."

It was time for some sleep so the two boys snuggled up to their mutual girlfriend. Zoey's final words were, " Guys, tomorrow night is going to be really special."

She then dreamed about losing her virginity tomorrow night.

Zoey woke up to two very horny boys. She smiled at both of them and said, " Would you guys enjoy a morning blow job?"

It ended up being two for each boy plus a lot of French kissing and snuggling. About ten o'clock she sent the boys off to shower in the bathroom downstairs while she enjoyed a warm bath in her parent's Jacuzzi tub.

She wanted the boys to realize that a relationship with her meant more than sex. She wanted to go out today and have some fun like other couples … or threesomes. So she spent the day at the mall with her two boyfriends. Scotty and Jack would take turns holding her hand. They did a little shopping, hung out at the arcade and ate lunch. They were a happy trio enjoying being together. Her guys were very polite and helpful. They opened doors for her and carried her shopping bags. In the afternoon, they went an amusement park and water park. Other boys would stare with envy at the two boys lucky to be with the girl in the killer bikini.

After eating pizza for dinner they drove home. After they got in the house she gave both boys a long kiss and said, 'Let's go downstairs and finish the rest of the movie from last night."

"Guys let's get comfortable and strip off our clothes."
The boys were out of their clothes in record time. They wanted to sit down and watch Zoey strip. When she got to her panties she had a big surprise for the boys …she took them off. For the first time they saw a girl's pussy. And it was shaved. The boys did not know what to say.

Zoey sat between them. Their cocks of course were hard.

" We're going to watch the rest of the movie and then go to bed. Please watch carefully and we'll have a great time tonight."

In the remainder of the movie the guy was fingering and licking the girl's pussy. This led up to the finale when the guy puts his cock into her vagina and pumps away. Of course, there were several close up shots so the two boys would know what Zoey expected in bed. And the man entered the girl from several different angle and positions. The boys had completed their classroom education and were ready to make love to Zoey.

The three virgins walked up the steps and went straight for the king sized bed. Zoey laid in the center and the boys crawled next to her.

"Boys we're going to have sex for the first time and that means we will no longer be virgins but lovers. Someone has to go first and I think it should be Scotty since he is our guest."

Jack said , " I don't mind. It will be fun watching my best friend fuck my sister for the first time."

Zoey laid back and Scotty positioned himself to lick Zoey's clit. As soon as his tongue touched her she knew that she was going to enjoy this foreplay. Scotty got bolder and stuck his tongue into her vagina. But now she wanted more. She was wet and ready.

" Scotty go ahead and put your cock in. I'm ready to be fucked."

The boy lifted himself up and positioned his five inch cock at the entrance to her vagina. As he slowly pushed in he said, "Zoey, I love you and I want to be your boyfriend forever."

Zoey could tell he was enjoying his first time. He started slowly but soon was thrusting into her like an expert. She in turn was excited that she was no longer a virgin and was enjoying having a sixteen year old giving her so much pleasure. She would stop him on occasion to give him an encouraging kiss. She didn't want him to come too fast.

She looked at Jack who was staring in amazement at his friend fucking his sister. He was not jealous: he was simply enjoying the show.

After fifteen minutes Zoey was moaning with pleasure and she knew that she was going to have an orgasm.

She asked Scotty, "Are you ready to come? "

Scotty simply smiled and nodded yes.

Then the moment came. Zoey experienced her first orgasm with a boy and Scotty shot his warm load up her vagina.

After a minute they separated and joined their lips in a long French kiss that lasted a couple more minutes.

Then Zoey said, " Scotty, that was incredible. You’re a great lover."

But now it was Jack's turn. Scotty scooted aside to make room for his friend.

Zoey wanted her brother's first time to be special so she said, " I'll let you fuck me from any position you want, but first will you go down on me and lick away Scotty's cum."

She spread her legs and Jack sucked and licked away his best friend's cum while giving Zoey some additional pleasure .

Then Jack said, "I would like to fuck you doggy style if that's OK."

Zoey was hoping he would want to try something different . So she got on her knees and lifted her cute ass in the air so her brother would have easy access.

Jack approached her from the back with his rock hard cock.

"Go ahead Jack. Scotty got me really wet so just stick your cock right in."

With one thrust, Jack was in and started pumping Zoey right away.

Zoey thought about the fact that she was fucking two really good looking boyfriends in less than half an hour. And they were both very good at sex.

Jack was enjoying this position because he could easily fondle Zoey's breasts at the same time. This was a wet dream come true.

After fifteen minutes, Jack said Zoey, " I am going to come, sis. Are you ready?"

"Just hang in there for one more minute. I want to come at the same time."

Finally both climaxed and Jack's cum joined Scotty's up her vagina. She thought about how disappointed their sperm would be not having the chance to impregnate her.

Exhausted Scotty withdrew his softening cock and the couple laid on their backs. Jack said, " Zoey, that was fantastic. Thank you for being my sister and letting me have sex with you for my first time."

The three former virgins were happy and spent the next half hour snuggling and kissing. Zoey was pleased that they were willing to share her body with no jealousy. She loved them both and enjoyed being sexually satisfied by her two boyfriends.

Before the night was over, the boys made love to her six times ….three each. That night they all enjoyed a satisfied sleep.


2015-01-18 12:16:13
"Two Boys And A Girl" - Eighteen Year Old Virgin Sister, Zoey Blake and Her Sixteen Year Old Virgin Brother, Jack Blake, and His School Mate, Sixteen Year Old Scotty - [In my Mar 30, 2014 comments, Zoey was 15, and Jack and Scotty 13 years old, respectively--each of them are NOW three (3) years older!!]

I'm not a fan of threesomes nor moresomes. For conventional sexual partners it's okay because group sex in these circumstances is such a smaller percentage, than in incestual, blood-kin situations. Writers tend to make incestual stories more perverted, trashy, with no respect or warmth and love, passion and committment. In the real world of incestual couples the male and female blood-kin couple stay more within the normal one male and one female!! The basic reason is because of the risk of exposure to societies distain and the laws in most localities aganst incest. Scotty as a third person in this story muddied and diluted the brother and sister beauty of incestual love!


2014-03-30 22:27:45
"Two Boys And A Girl" - Zoey and Jack Blake, and Scotty - (Sister and Brother, and His Friend)

More disappointed than "Jack and Emma - An Incest Story", as that story was all about the deep seeded love, mutual respect and sensuality of a brother and sister! This story "Two Boys And A Girl" never captured the flavor and feelings of the former!

This story of "Two Boys And A Girl" is about the gratification only, lust and wantonness of an inexperienced, unbelieveable virgin mid-teen taking on two thirteen year old boys--her brother Jack and his friend Scotty. Although all three are virgins the tone of the story throughout gives the impression they are all professionals with years of experience! Even in fiction that concept is not rational nor even fantasy material!!! Their so-called love they express lasts only for the fiveminutes it takes each of them to get "their jollies", get their "rocks off", the pure lust--and the "love" is gone!!

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The sperms were disappointed?
DUMB! 1 out of 10.....Could have been so much better!

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I rember my first time i was 19 he was 18 good times n now where married

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it's like the writer isn't a native english speaker.

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