Do you believe in angels?
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Miguel Rivera glanced in the mirror and thought he looked pretty damned good for his age. He didn’t have the deep wrinkles of some of the seasoned officers and only had a touch of gray starting at the temples. Other than that, his wavy black hair was still full and thick. He smiled as he thought how he still wore the same size, while he buttoned his uniform shirt over his flat stomach, on his last day of walking his beat. The last day, he thought. It seemed like only yesterday when he set out on foot to patrol the city streets that first time, twenty-five years ago. It’s a day he never forgot.

He loved his city during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, back then. It was a magical time when the department stores put on whimsical displays and people crowded the streets, their arms filled with packages. You could smell the chestnuts roasting at the carts on the corners and hear the shrill sound of bell-ringers cutting through the noise of the traffic, asking for money for their red kettles.

Miguel leaned against the street light that first day, just watching the crowds while he waited for his partner. It was a time for families and a time for everyone to be a child again. He wasn’t that far removed from his own childhood being only twenty-one and a second-generation police officer. He smiled as two brothers chattered on about asking Santa for baseball bats and gloves, holding on to the hands of a man he assumed was their grandfather. He remembered how exciting it was to wait in line to see “the man”, ride the monorail and walk through the Magic Corridor in the department store.

It was their beauty that caught his eye. A mother and daughter, dressed alike in royal blue coats with white fur collars, were part of the ever-growing crowd. Both had blonde hair, though the child wore a matching hat with white fur trim to cover her ears from the softly falling snow. The mother held one gloved hand while the little girl’s other hand was exposed, tightly holding a red and white striped peppermint stick. He watched them being tossed around the crowded sidewalk. Everyone was always in such a hurry around the holidays.

Most said it was divine intervention that the child’s gloved hand slipped away from her mother’s. If it hadn’t, she would very likely have died when her mother fell off the curb, into the heavy traffic. Miguel still remembered how she trembled in his arms as he held her after lifting her to safety. He had never seen a cherub before that day. She was everything he had ever seen depicted in paintings. She had round cheeks, big blue eyes that were brimming with tears and a perfect heart-shaped, rose colored mouth. Miguel continued to hold the crying child tightly, while they put her mother’s body into the ambulance.

A female officer took the little girl from Miguel and assured him that she would locate family members immediately. Although he never saw her again, Miguel prayed for her every night. Not a Christmas went by that he didn’t wonder what became of the little angel.

As much as he loved the streets, Miguel now realized that they needed much younger men protecting them. They weren’t as safe as they used to be and most of the citizens of the county no longer came downtown. Instead they sought the security of the suburban malls that had sprung up. Today, he walked with his partner and the young man who would replace him. Miguel purposely hung back, walking behind the pair, so that their bonding could begin. Monday, he moved inside the precinct, wearing a suit and working as an investigator.

Now that he would be leaving the streets, Miguel thought that he might begin to explore relationships away from work. Up until this change, his biggest fear was leaving a widow and children behind. Sure, he had dated, but he had always kept women at arm’s length. Now he wouldn’t have to worry about the everyday dangers. Yes, maybe it was time to get out and start seriously dating. Who knew? Miguel might even become a step-father to a family.

He never heard the warning, but became aware of people screaming and running. He looked ahead and saw the two officers, guns drawn, ordering a man to drop the gun he had pointed at them. He put his hand up to his shoulder radio, at the same time he reached for his gun. Miguel never fully got it out of his holster before the bullet tore through his body. As he fell to the ground, he heard shouting and gunfire. He closed his eyes and prayed.

It felt as though his life’s essence was flowing out of his body. He could feel snowflakes coming to rest on his face before he felt incredible pressure on his abdomen. Miguel could hear a female voice yelling for people to get back and he forced himself to concentrate on that voice. He tried to speak, but couldn’t. He tried to move, but couldn’t. It was all he could do to finally open his eyes.

At that moment he knew he must be dying because Miguel was convinced God had sent an angel to escort him to Heaven. He was vaguely aware of her talking to him. As she did, her breath created a halo that hung over her blonde hair. Tears seemed to form in her blue eyes. Her voice got farther and farther away, but he concentrated on her heart-shaped rose-colored mouth. That was the last thing he saw before he closed his eyes.

It was three days before Miguel opened his eyes. His mother started crying, offering her thanks to Saint Michael. Although his father appeared to have his emotions in check, Miguel could see this had shaken him. Papa had watched his own partner be killed in the line of duty. The young petty thief, who was shot and was killed by Miguel’s fellow officers, was only sixteen years old. His bullet had ripped through Miguel’s abdomen, but he would be fine. Miguel’s desk job would have to wait. Right now, he just wanted to sleep.

After another forty-eight hours, Miguel was fully conscious and lucid enough to give his nurses a hard time. When his mother came in to visit, she was thrilled he was able to talk and looked so much stronger.

“Dios mio, Miguel,” the older woman said. “Don’t ever put your Mama through anything like that again. My heart almost couldn’t take it. I went to extra masses and prayed to St. Michael every day.”

“Michael, the patron saint of police officers. Your archangel sure came through, Mama,” Miguel said with a weak smile, and then remembered something. “Mama, I know you have always believed in angels, so I know you won’t laugh at me. Mama, I think I saw one that day. I could see her face but I couldn’t hear what she said to me.”

“Miguel, it’s very possible an angel was with you, but it’s rare when they’re seen. “

“But I can tell you exactly what she looked like. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Mama, I think I saw her halo.”

“Hijo, there was so much going on that day. A young woman saved your life, perhaps it was her.”

Miguel frowned and thought before saying, “Perhaps, Mama, but she seemed like an angel to me.”

That night Miguel slept fitfully. He dreamed of gunshots, screaming, and angels. Anyone observing him would see him thrashing about in the bed. When her hand went to his forehead, he instantly calmed down. His eyes fluttered open and he saw her.

“Shhhh, calm down. You’re fine – you’re safe and you’re fine. Try to go back to sleep,” she said, softly.

Miguel refused to believe he was dreaming; not this time. “You’re here,” he said.

“Go back to sleep, Officer Rivera,” she whispered. “You’re just having a bad dream.”

He knew he wasn’t dreaming. In his dreams there was no pain. In his dreams he couldn’t smell the soft scent of this angel. In his dreams he wouldn’t have felt the warmth of her hand. Miguel strained to sit up, but she gently pushed him back onto his pillow.

“We’ll talk again, but now you need to sleep,” she urged.

“But who are you?”


Miguel went back to sleep but this time his dreams were different. He was waltzing with his angel in his arms.

The infection that developed took the doctors by surprise. Miguel spent days in a medically induced coma, the only way drugs could help his body recover. It was a frightening period for everyone who knew him. During this time his fever would rage and the dreams would come, but they weren’t nightmares. Each night, his angel would be there, putting cold compresses on his forehead and urging him to relax so that he could heal. Miguel only slept peacefully after she visited him.

As fast as the infection arrived, so did Miguel recover. A bullet wound like his would have kept a younger man down, but not Miguel. He was more determined than ever to start his new job, after having worked long and hard to achieve this new position. The occupational therapists had a hard time slowing him down so he didn’t cause additional damage to his body by doing too much. Miguel no longer felt the angel visit him at night, but he knew she was there. Perhaps it was the fragrance that seemed to linger – floral tones with a hint of sandalwood. It was the only time he had ever smelled it.

Although Miguel’s mother wanted her boy to come home with her, he insisted on moving back to his own apartment. Mama had stocked his refrigerator and freezer with food and cleaned his apartment from top to bottom. She also promised to visit him every day, but Papa talked her out of that, as long as Miguel promised to telephone them with daily reports.

That first night at home, his angel didn’t come. Miguel dreamed he was walking with her in the snow. When she looked at him, he knew that all was well with his life. They seemed to walk for the longest time, holding hands, but never going anywhere. The next morning he woke himself saying, “Eve”.

Miguel had strict rules to follow. He truly felt if they didn’t say he couldn’t, then he could. One restriction was that he was not allowed to run. The doctor never said he couldn’t walk, so walk he did. At first he walked around his block, and within a few days, was walking around the block eight times during one session. He decided to venture further, walking in the direction of the park. With its ponds, basketball courts, jogging and bicycle paths and an ice skating rink, it was a popular city destination. An unexpected warm spell came through this early December morning and exercise enthusiasts were out in droves.

There was snow on the lawns of the park but the sidewalks were dry. The skaters were racing around the rink while in the middle the more serious skaters practiced their jumps and turns. Miguel stopped to get a bottle of water and then sit on one of the nearby benches to rest before heading back home. A small voice broke through the attention he was paying the skaters.

“I never skated that well,” the small white-haired woman said from the opposite end of the park bench. “But back then, we skated on frozen ponds, not man-created rinks.”

Miguel looked at the old woman, bundled under blankets, her hands pointing to the skaters. “My granddaughter is quite a skater, much better than I could ever dream. She’s so talented. She just seems to float across the ice.”

There was something so familiar about her, yet so strange. Her words were melodic and peaceful. Her little blue eyes were bright and sparkled with excitement. She reminded him of someone but Miguel couldn’t remember whom. He moved closer so he could hear her better.

“Hi, my name is Miguel. Are you sure you’re warm enough?” he asked, smiling at the old woman.

“Oh, don’t bother yourself; I’m a tough old bird. Thank goodness this sun is out, though. Sometimes I come here and not all the layers in the world can keep me warm. This is the first I’ve seen you here, officer.”

“I’m normally at work but I’m off for the next few weeks. Do you like to come watch the skaters?” Miguel asked her, now noticing the shape of her mouth. It was perfectly heart-shaped.

“I’m here when my grand-daughter comes to skate. She works nights and she likes to get some exercise in before her shift. In the summer she runs and I sit and wait for her. Of course, when there’s too much snow during the winter, I choose to stay at home. What brings you to the park today?”

Miguel knew he was staring, but he was also not sure why. This elderly woman mesmerized him, with her youthful attitude. She seemed frail but full of life. There was something that made him want to sit and talk with her. He could swear she used molasses and vanilla as cologne. “I was walking the park and needed to take a break. I had a little accident and I’m walking before I can run. Which one is your grand-daughter, ma’am?”

“Oh, call me Granny – everyone does. It’s so hard to see Evie out there with so many skating. She’s wearing blue and she has blonde hair. I think she’s spinning in the middle, right now.”

Miguel immediately saw her. It was his angel, gliding across the ice and then spinning like a top. He stood and walked toward the fenced in rink, just watching her artistry on the ice. No wonder Granny seemed so familiar! Now he would finally have answers. He turned to question the old woman, but she was gone. How could she have disappeared so fast? Had he been watching the young woman that long? Miguel turned his attention back to the ice, but couldn’t find her anywhere. At least now though, he knew where to find her.

If only it were that easy. All the next week, it didn’t matter what time of the day Miguel returned to the park, he couldn’t find the old lady or her grand-daughter. There were times when it was just too cold to stay and wait. Miguel began to question his sanity – an angel, who was real, an old woman who looked like her, and no way to find either of them.

After another morning of hoping to find her, Miguel left the rink disappointed once more. He was carefully making his way down the icy sidewalk towards home when he glanced inside one of the coffee shops. Seated at a table near the window was the old woman who had asked him to call her Granny. Without hesitation, he stepped inside to speak with her.

“Granny?” How are you? I haven’t seen you at the park lately,” Miguel said, greeting her warmly.

“Oh Miguel, how are you feeling? I’ve been a little under the weather so I’ve stayed away from the park. Please, join me,” Granny replied. “I trust you’re beginning to feel better.”

“Stronger every day, Granny.”

“Well, you’ll be back on the force before you know it,” she said, with a knowing smile on her face. “Are you here for a cup of coffee? They really know how to brew a good cup. Or is it my company you’re seeking?”

Miguel was confused for a moment. He didn’t remember telling Granny about being a police officer, but then he remembered very little about their conversation once he saw his angel.

“Um….well….you see….,” Miguel stammered. “I was wondering about your grand-daughter. I think I’ve seen her before.”

“Chances are that you have. After all, I told you she spends time at the park.”

“No, I think I’ve seen her someplace else - like I’ve known her or something. I don’t know, and this probably all sounds very crazy.”

Granny thought for a moment and then said, “I guess anything is possible. My mother always told me that anything is possible, if you believe. And you don’t remember where you met her?”

“That’s the really crazy part – I don’t know that I actually met her. I just…it’s so hard to explain, but I need to talk to her to know for sure.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t see her when you came in. She left about that same time. She might still be waiting at the bus stop,” Granny said, her eyes now shining.

“Really? Oh jeez, I have to see if I can catch her! I’ll be right back!”

Miguel still couldn’t run, but he walked as fast as he could, to cover the half block to the bus stop. He saw her step onto the bus, which pulled away before he could get to the corner. So close, he thought. It just didn’t seem fair. A dejected Miguel walked back to the coffee shop to talk with Granny and maybe take her home so that he would know where they lived. When he arrived, there were two college-aged girls sitting at her table. Miguel simply went home.

Okay, he thought, how hard could it be to locate one little old lady in that neighborhood? She had to live in that neighborhood because there’s no way she could disappear that fast without living close by. Miguel had never seen her move, but at her advanced age he assumed it would be a little slower than someone younger. He was going to be an investigator, so that’s what he would do. Surely, there weren’t that many white-haired women living in that area.

Apparently, Miguel was wrong. No matter who he questioned, no one seemed to know of an old woman fitting her description, living anywhere around the vicinity of the coffee shop. He even spoke with the wait staff of the cafe and none of them remembered her, let alone knew where she might be living. Between visits to the park and all of the stores in the surrounding area, Miguel was having no luck at all.

Miguel prided himself on being a strong man, but knew when to utilize the help available to him. His visits to the department-ordered psychologist aided him in working through his feelings on the death of the teen-aged boy and his own brush with death. He felt at ease enough to speak about, and debate, his thoughts on guardian angels. The more time that passed without seeing Granny and the young woman he thought of as his angel, the more Miguel believed in the existence of angels assigned to protect and guide our lives. He was ready to resign himself to the fact he would never see them again. He also decided to take some advice and return to the sidewalk where he had been shot. Although Miguel didn’t feel like he had any underlying issues with the spot, he also knew there was only one way to find out. Maybe he would do that soon.

She came to him that night, in his dreams. It was as if she knew how much he needed her. Her blonde hair lay softly on her pale shoulders and she was wrapped in white gossamer. The fine silk was draped over her curves, delicately billowing out behind her as she crossed the room to him. Miguel sat up, shifting his legs off the bed while she approached. Not three feet from him, she let go of her covering. It floated behind her, looking like angel’s wings, then eventually falling like a gentle rain onto the floor.

Eve stood before him, naked, trembling and smelling of the same floral fragrance. Miguel was afraid to touch her, for fear she would vanish. Instead, she offered her hand to him and when he accepted it, she pulled him to his feet.

“Miguel, I’ve been waiting for you for such a long time.”

“You’re here,” he whispered, afraid to speak.

A shy smile and she answered him back, “This is where I belong.”

In the little light that shone through from the street, Miguel’s dark Latin hands cupped Eve’s face and he lowered his lips to her perfectly heart-shaped mouth. He had always known her kisses would be wonderful, but he didn’t know how wonderful they would be. He felt as if his body were floating in air. He moved his hands to her soft hair and relished the moment. He tasted a faint trace of peppermint on her lips as their kisses became more urgent.

Eve’s arms snaked up around Miguel’s neck and she held him close. He could feel her breath on his cheek during their never-ending kiss. He shivered as she tentatively pushed her tongue in to meet his. Their mouths opened and they began to consume one another. Miguel’s desire was as evident as Eve’s willingness to consummate their union.

He lightly moved his fingers down her spine to the curve at her waist. Eve pulled away slightly, breaking their kiss long enough to whisper, “Yessssss….” That was all the encouragement Miguel needed. His hands moved down to cup her round cheeks and pull her hips into his hardness. Eve arched her back, pushing her soft breasts into his hard chest. Her length molded to his.

It was as if they were lying on a cloud. Miguel looked down on his goddess as she held out her arms and urged him to come closer. His hard cock was enveloped by her moist heat and her legs held him as tightly as her arms. They moved as if they were dancing; a perfect match. When Miguel felt Eve’s legs tense and her nails dig into his back, he exploded. Afterward, Eve lay in his arms, her legs between his and Miguel running his fingers through her silken tresses. He finally slept in peace.

When the sun came up, Miguel was alone again. It was almost an overwhelming feeling of aloneness. Standing at the kitchen counter, smelling the dark roast of his coffee brewing, he looked around his apartment. Cold. Empty. The rooms were empty of life. He needed something to bring energy back into this space. That was it, he thought. Maybe bringing a Christmas tree in would help. Lights and sparkle would at least help brighten his surroundings. The holiday was fast approaching, and he needed to get into the spirit.

The sky was an odd mix of blue, gray, lavender and taupe. The temperatures had taken a turn, and it was the kind of cold that made you wish for snow. Miguel would have to drive north of the city to find a freshly cut tree. There was no way to tell how long the trees in the city lots had been sitting, so it was better to be safe than sorry. He also thought he would surprise his parents with a fresh tree. Miguel’s mind went to Eve – wondering if she would have enjoyed the ride. He shook his head. He had to get over this mad obsession with someone who was still a phantom.

His spirits began to lift as he walked through the rows of trees. His apartment wasn’t all that big, but he had very high ceilings. He searched for a tree that was tall and thin. His parent’s home could accommodate a much fuller evergreen. The smell of balsam filled the air and his boots crunched on the hard packed snowy paths. Children screeched with excitement and parents ran to keep up with them. For a moment, Miguel regretted his decision not to have a family.

His ears perked up when he heard it, the soft giggle of a woman. Not just a woman, but the woman who came to him last night. Miguel picked up his pace and started scanning each row, looking for her. At one point he thought he saw Eve’s blonde head, but by the time he got to the spot, there was no one there. He convinced himself that his mind was playing tricks on him. He tagged two trees and turned to walk back to purchase them and get someone to cut them down. As he walked up to the cashier, a car with a tree strapped to the roof drove past. The driver was a beautiful, blonde woman.
It was Eve. It had to be. Miguel tried to make out the license plate number but the sun shining on the white snow nearly blinded him. All he could seem to read was: MGC. So close, yet so far. Each time he thought he would finally see his angel, she disappeared. She stayed in his thoughts on the drive to his parent’s home.

Delivering their tree turned into helping to set it up and decorate it, after helping his father put lights on the bushes in front of the house. It was a good diversion, but not enough for Miguel to stop thinking about Eve.

“You’re very quiet, Hijo,” Mama noted. “What’s wrong?”

“I feel like I’m losing my mind, Mama. I’m obsessed with a woman I’ve never met but I’ve seen often. It’s like I know we’re supposed to be together, which is crazy, but I can’t explain it any other way. Even at my age, I feel like a teenager in love. But can that really happen? Can you love someone you don’t know?” Miguel searched his mother’s face, hoping she would have the answers.

“Miguel, dear, sweet child, at your age, you are still so young when it comes to the matters of the heart. You’ve never opened yourself up to anyone, so for you to have these questions is completely normal. As far as loving someone you’ve never met, haven’t you heard of love at first sight?” Mama said, smiling at her son. “Who is this woman?”

“Please tell me I’m not crazy. Do you remember when I told you about the angel? She’s real. I know she is.”

“I’m not surprised and I’m sure she’s out there, Hijo. You’ll find her. I know this.”

It was late when Miguel arrived at his apartment. He was tired, but he knew he had to get his tree into water. By the time it was in the stand, moved into the corner near the window, and filled with water, Miguel’s hands were sticky with the evergreen sap and that unmistakable fragrance of pine. Unable to remove all of it, he finally fell asleep. He dreamed he was searching through rows of evergreens, only looking for one thing – his angel.

Miguel woke and knew he had an appointment to see his doctor at ten, so he took some time to wrap his tree with lights. He went to the doctor’s office hoping more of his restrictions would be lifted. He felt good. and there was no reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to do more. The x-rays proved what Miguel already knew - he was healed enough to start being normal again, and he could return to work after the first of the year.

Not wanting to waste any time, Miguel rushed home to change into a running suit and make his way to the park. The weeks of limited activity, combined with his mother’s cooking and her holiday cookies, packed on a few pounds he was determined to take off in record time. The nice thing about the park was that the paths were kept cleared of snow. The city didn’t want anyone falling and injuring themselves.

He started slow, just a jogging around the pond, but picked up the pace about three quarters of the way around. It didn’t take long before he broke into a light run. It felt good to be free and to get lost in the crispness of the winter day. Miguel wasn’t stupid and limited the number of times he ran around the water. He finally slowed to a jog, and then a walk, surprised that nothing hurt.

As he walked through the park, his eyes went to the skating rink. She wasn’t there, he knew that without looking. He sat down in the same spot he sat before, thinking that enough was enough. He shouldn’t be wasting his time on a dream. It was time to pull up his pants and deal with life head on.

“Penny for your thoughts, Miguel,” the voice shook him. Granny was sitting at the other end of the bench, just watching him.

“Granny, I didn’t hear you. How are you?” Miguel asked, quickly looking around for Eve.

“Oh, I’m fine. This is the last time I’ll be here to watch the skaters during the day, though. My grand-daughter is switching shifts on Monday. She’ll be working during the day and have her evenings off. She told me it was time she got a life and that means working normal hours. She’s lucky a position opened up on her ward.”

“Ward? Where does she work?” Miguel could almost guess.

“Why, I thought you knew. She’s a nurse at St. Peter’s.”

It was her, he thought. She is real. She came to him at night because she worked at the hospital. His heart began to race.

“She’s on her way over there now. Something about meeting a friend or something….”

“She’s headed over there?” Miguel knew it was only a few blocks away. “I need to catch her. I need to talk to her,” he said, excitedly.

“Well then go, young man, don’t sit here talking to me!” Granny’s face was full of light. “Go get her.”

Without another word, Miguel leaped up and took off in a full run, towards the park entrance. St. Peter’s was just five blocks away. Even if he didn’t see her on the street, he could find her at the hospital. Everything suddenly made sense. Everything suddenly seemed right.

The streets were crowded with shoppers and commuters. Miguel ran, searching for Eve’s blonde head. He appeared to be a much younger man, the way he dodged in and out of the crowded sidewalk. He had to find her. Somehow he believed life depended on it.

Then he saw her. In the midst of a fast moving group of people, this petite blonde woman was trying to break free and get to the corner and cross the street. A group of teen-aged boys started a shoving match with each other, and it started to spill into the innocent bystanders. His training made him keep one eye on the boys, but still watch Eve as she got caught up in the tussle. Miguel had to keep moving, he had to reach her. It happened so fast. The largest boy shoved his friend and it resembled Dominoes as people started to fall. One person fell into another, into another, into….Eve.

Miguel lunged and grabbed for her wrist at the same time as she started to fall off the curb. Before she even knew what happened, Eve found herself in the arms of a man who saved her life for a second time. A man whose life she had saved on this very corner not too long ago. A man who pulled her into his arms, holding her so tight, she thought he would never let her go. A man she had been dreaming about for a long time.

Eve looked into his eyes and whispered, “Miguel”. As she did her breath floated up, creating a halo effect over her head. Miguel realized she was the angel he had been dreaming about and searching for. When she smiled, he lowered his lips onto her perfect heart-shaped mouth. It didn’t matter how many people were around them, nor how many stopped and stared. All that mattered was that they were finally together.

When the couple broke apart, several of their witnesses applauded their approval. Miguel’s hand around Eve’s waist guided her away from the street, coming to rest against one of the brick buildings. He couldn’t stop staring at her.

“I can’t believe it. I’d almost given up hope of finding you. I’d almost given up hope that you were real. But you’re here and I’m holding you.”

Eve stepped closer to him, hooking her arms around Miguel’s waist, looking up at him and smiling. “Of course I’m real. What did you think? You were a little out of it in the hospital, so I can understand your confusion.”

“I just wasn’t sure. I would see you and then you would disappear. I knew you were there but I didn’t. I know I’m not making any sense. I feel like I’ve always known you.”

Eve’s face became serious. “Well, you’ve known me since I was a little girl. You were one of the police officers at the scene of my mother’s accident. There’s an old newspaper article with your picture. I never thought I would see you again, although it was the one thing I always wanted. And then, you were shot. I didn’t want that.”

“You were the one here on the street. You saved my life.”

“I was on my way home from work when it happened. I’m just glad I could help. And I’m glad you’re here with me now,” Eve said. She tilted her head up in anticipation of his next kiss and was not disappointed. There was an unspoken commitment between the couple that needed to be consummated. “Miguel, will you come home with me?”

Eve took his hand and led him through the city streets, to a block of row houses. Each entry was decorated for the Christmas holiday. Wreaths hung, garland decorated wrought iron fences and candles were lit in the windows. She dropped his hand long enough to dig out her house key, climb up the few steps to the front door and open it to let him in. Inside, smells of evergreen and cinnamon embraced Miguel. Eve’s tree stood next to her Victorian-era fireplace. It was an eclectic mix of old and new.

After tossing her coat in a chair, she crossed back to Miguel and reached up to unzip his running jacket. His hands stopped her. “Um, I’m sort of sweaty so I think maybe….”

“You can say anything you want but nothing is going to stop me,” she said lowering the zipper. “I think you need to come upstairs.” She took his hand once more and led him up to her bedroom.

The opaque curtains diffused the light coming in the window. When she turned to pull back the bed coverings, Miguel’s mouth went dry at the site of her rounded backside. Everything he hoped for was going to come true and now he was scared to death. Eve turned to face him, her eyes locked on his, unbuttoning her blouse to expose her pale skin. Her blouse slid off her shoulders and onto the floor, her lace covered breasts waiting for him.

Nothing mattered anymore – except that they were together. Miguel walked toward her, removing his jacket as he did. He pulled Eve into his arms and kissed her with all of the passion that he had kept hidden, through the years. Her hands ran through his dark hair, her breasts were crushed against him and their mouths began to devour the others.

Coming up for air, Miguel pulled back, looking into the blue eyes of a woman who knew what she wanted. Her hands pulled at the tee shirt that was tucked into his running pants, releasing it while she pushed it up and then over his head. He had to feel her skin now. He put his arms around her, fumbling with the clasp on her bra until it finally opened. Eve’s breathing came faster as he lowered first one strap, and then another. Perfect, pale globes with nipples the same rose color as her lips greeted him. He opened his arms and she came without hesitation.

Their bodies seemed to mold together. Their tongues explored while they kissed. Without breaking apart, they moved and sank onto the edge of the bed. When Eve pulled back to take a breath, Miguel lowered his head and captured one of her nipples in his mouth. She groaned and her hands went to his head, holding him closer. “Yesssss,” she whispered. “Harder.”

Miguel licked, sucked and gnawed bringing a reaction of trembling and moans. Eve’s hand swept down Miguel’s back to his waist, then around to his lap, searching for his hardness. Now it was his turn to stop and take a breath. When he sat up, Eve slid to the floor, opened his legs and rubbed her face against his pants and his ever hardening cock. She stopped to pull his running shoes off his feet and then looked into his eyes while she hooked her fingers around the waist of his pants. Miguel raised his hips as she pulled his pants and briefs off in one motion. He was left sitting on her bed, naked with his cock raging for relief.

He didn’t ask, she didn’t question. Instead, she opened her mouth and took his cock deep into her throat. Miguel gripped the edge of the bed, praying he would not release his seed this soon. Eve began to lick his cock from base to lip, with long firm movements. Each time she reached the tip, she would press her tongue into his slit, moved back down again, after teasing the head some more. She was relentless in the attention she paid his throbbing rod. When her mouth left him, the cool air jolted him to attention. Eve’s small hand began to stroke him, lifting his cock high so she could suck his balls into her hungry mouth. She playfully rolled them around with her tongue, while continuing her sensual stroking of his cock.

“Eve….please,” Miguel moaned. “Not this way.”

She understood. Eve had felt his balls swell and Miguel’s legs begin to tremble. She agreed….not this way. She slowly backed off, giving his cock one last playful flick with her tongue.

Miguel placed his hands on her arms and urged her to stand in front of him. He reached in front and opened the snap and unzipped her slacks. Sliding his hands over her hips, he urged them off her body. She looked like a dancer as she stepped out of them. Now a small, peach colored lace triangle was all that covered her. Her unique womanly fragrance filled the room with its sweetness.

Miguel pulled her hips to his face and kissed the part of her that would soon be his. Her trembling told him it was time. He stood, removed her thong, and then gently lowered her to the bed. Eve opened her legs, inviting Miguel to kneel between them. He ran his finger up and down her slit, briefly stopping before gently flicking her clit. The pink of the skin deepened and droplets of her sensual moisture began to appear, glistening in the soft light. Miguel leaned forward, needing to taste her.

She tasted as sweet as he expected. He ran his tongue all around, playing with her clit and then diving into Eve’s hot, wet hole. Her delicate nectar flowed, and he drank from her. He could have stayed there forever, had his raging need not pulled at his attention. One last lick from hole to clit, with his firm, flat tongue, and Miguel moved away.

When he rose up, Eve’s hips writhed beneath him, silently inviting him to join her. He held the tip of his cock at her entrance, looking in her eyes and waiting for her to tell him. Eve raised her hips, trying to capture him, and moved her legs around his waist, desperate to have him inside her.

With the cutest pout on her lips she asked, “Please, my love?”

Miguel couldn’t wait any longer. Slowly, he eased his length inside her, satisfying her need for him. Placing a kiss on Eve’s lips, he began to move, rocking to a silent song in his head. Her pussy held and released him, trying to get him to release his seed. The pair moved in unison, silent except for their breathing and their moans. Miguel buried his face in her neck, kissing her throat, tasting the saltiness of her skin. He could feel her hands move up and down his back, lightly scratching him with her nails. He could tell she was close when her hands cupped his ass and held him, gripping him with her nails.

He started moving faster, driving deeper, filling her with everything he had. Eve’s hips rose to meet his with every thrust. Miguel knew her body yearned for release when he felt her pussy start to spasm. The gripping and releasing of his cock, by her heat, pushed him harder and deeper as he exploded inside of her. They rocked, milking each other, until there was no more. Exhausted, the lovers held each other closely, kissing, touching, and rejoicing in the first of many moments like this.

“You know,” Eve began, “I think I’ve always loved you. When I was old enough, my grandmother showed me the newspaper clippings of my mother’s death. When I imagined who I would spend my life with, it was your face I always saw. I’ve loved you my whole life, Miguel. We just had to find our way to each other.”

“Your grandmother is a very wise woman,” Miguel told her. “There wasn’t a year that went by that I didn’t think about you.”

“Was,” Eve said. “Was a wise woman. I wish you could have known her. She would have adored you, Miguel.”

Miguel rose up on one elbow and looked at Eve. “Was, you say. She’s not with you?”

“No, the angels took her this past summer.”

“Eve, my love, I have a story to tell you. Do you believe in angels?”
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