A new series about a girl I met last week

Chapter 1. Meeting Alexandria

It was almost ten in the evening and I had just got off work and I was hungry. A very nice 24-hour restaurant is by the interstate’s on-ramp. So that is where I headed before turning my pickup down the interstate toward home. You probably know it because it’s a family chain which serves county style food and most the waitresses look like your mom.

So I got the surprise of my life when this very young looking girl came up to my table. Sitting down, my face was nearly at the same height as hers. Well actually my face was even with her boobs; but they were hidden behind her blouse and apron. Alexandria was lettered on her apron in bright red letters. When I looked up at her face she looked all of twelve years old. And, OMG she was ever so pretty. Not pretty in a fashion model or playboy model way; but pretty in a wholesome way. You know, the girl next door whom you want to bring home to mom. You want her to have your children; without sex even.

She has normal brown hair, which is probably long, but was in a knot at the back of her head. Her eyes are sparkling blue and she has blue eye liner accenting them. The eyeliner stretches a bit far beyond her eyes, in my opinion, which probably would not be listened to by anyone. Eyelashes are long, enhanced by make-up. Perky lips have just a bit of gloss to make them kissable; again in my opinion.

I took all this in in the first minute while she laid the silverware down. Because the next table was fairly close, she stood right next to me, up close and personal. She had a big smile on her face and welcomed me to the restaurant. “And my name is Alex, and I’ll be taking care of you,” she said in her little girl voice. I could not help it and blurted out, “OMG, are you even twelve years old?” She laughed and said, “Alex just turned twenty.” So I told her to appreciate her youthful, pretty looks because at thirty she will be really glad she only looks twenty.”

“Why thank you,” she answered with a bigger smile and a bit of southern drawl. Good grief, she made me feel like her grand-father. I said, “Bet you hear it all day long,” and just tried to not look more foolish. She had mercy on me and asked for my drink order. Another waitress walked by and pushed little Alexandria right against my leg. She wore tan khaki’s and I swear I could feel heat where our legs touched. Alex did not move away and just waited for my order and smiled at me. I stopped talking and tried to start thinking. We stayed touching each other for nearly half a minute, which is a very long time, when you are just counting the seconds. “Alex, I would love some unsweetened tea, please,” I finally got out after taking a deep breath.

As she left, I checked her ass and tried to guess her height. The ass was very shapely in her tight pants. Her height was probably around five feet five. From sitting down, I had no clue how to guess. I did see a bit of curve in her apron at her tits level. “Hidden assets,” I chuckled and ran the whole thing through my mind again. Did she just stand there against my leg because she was waiting on my drink order, or trying to keep out of the way of the much larger older waitress, or was she working me for a big tip already? Shit, I could not decide. “Insufficient Input,” Mr. Data of Star Treck would probably say.

I should be able to figure it out; but was unsure what was going on. At age forty I should be able to read her; I mean. I have been with a fair number of honeys, but I was really reacting a bit love-struck. She seriously looks like a twelve year old, maybe fifteen if I give her some credit. Just like someone you can find in the high school’s freshman class. Of course I assume she would think I am just a horny “old” guy. You know, forty is over the hill for some girls. Plus, she probably had some jock boyfriend or worst case some no-good dope smoking biker.

To get me mind off her, I pulled out my brand new, state-of-the-art i-phone and looked at the movie previews. Since its Friday night I hoped to catch an early Saturday afternoon movie. There is a brand new action adventure flick starting this evening and the crowds should be small on Saturday noon.

Alex came back to my table from behind me and I did not see her approach. She sat my tea down and pulled a little pad out of her apron to take my order with a big smile on her face. As she looked down she obviously saw the i-phone with the movie’s trailer playing. I had the sound turned low. She looked at it with interest. She glanced at the screen and I kept my mouth shut again. After a few seconds she asked, “Wow, is that the new i-phone?”

I told her it was and she mentioned she had tried to look at them when they first came out but the store was always out, plus she could not afford it on a waitress’ salary. So she quit looking. I agreed the price was really steep but I needed it for my job. I handed her the phone and she watched the trailer a bit. “Oh, is that the new movie?” she asked and mentioned the action star’s name. I told her it was and I had plans to go see it Saturday. She told me she hoped she could catch it too. Then a waitress walked by again and she moved close to me again; but no touching. Crap.

She took my food order and I watched her walk away toward the kitchen. Since it was behind me I had to turn my head without being super obvious. Ok, it may be my imagination, but her hips seemed to sway a bit more than the first time. Wow. I think I was getting horny for the twenty year old “twelve year old”. I imagined dating her and everyone assuming she was my daughter; grand-daughter even. Crap. In my imagination I stood next to her. At five feet ten I guessed I was more than a half foot taller than her. That may be OK, lots of guys date short girls. But the imagined age difference was a challenge. Crap.

Alex came back and told me she had put the food order in and asked if I wanted a refill or anything else. Of course my dirty mind immediately thought of five or ten things I wanted, most of them required her to be naked. Geez, a minute ago I was thinking of her as the girl next door and now she was already naked. I smiled at her and told her a refill would be good for now. Then my brain engaged and I held up the i-phone and asked her which of these two actors she liked better. Alex came back close and stood touching my leg. After half a minute of her leg burning me, or at least I thought I felt it, she told me she liked actor number one. The one playing in the movie on Saturday.

She smiled and left with my glass. I liked that because it meant she had to bring it back. Two minutes later she was back and put the drink on the table. I told Alex, “I like him too and I think I’m going to see the movie tomorrow afternoon”. That was all, left it hanging in the air for her to hit back. Yes, I know, it was the second time I mentioned the movie. Repetition builds success. She told me she was going to check on my food and left. I know her hips were swinging.

When she brought my food she fussed with the plates, setting them just so. Again, it may be my imagination, but it was more service than needed. She did not overtly flirt and because her shirt was buttoned to the top there was no cleavage show and tell. She was nearly finished fussing when she asked, “What kind of job do you need that expensive i-phone for? It gave me a minute explaining why a financial analyst need the power of the new phone to access fairly big data base stuff like spreadsheets and other number crunching stuff. I pulled a business card out and handed it to her. She came back to her “position” and we touched. “Do you go by Don or DJ?” she asked as she looked at my card. “My friends call me ‘DJ’, I answered and she laughed, “Ok, DJ”. She patted my shoulder and headed toward the kitchen. My card was in her hand and disappeared into the apron pocket. Great.

Alex checked on me twice; but nothing happened. When I looked up at her she gave a tiny nod in the direction of a manager standing on the other side of the room watching all the staff. The pay-off came with the bill. Under the bill was a slip of paper with her name and phone number. When she came back for my credit card, I whispered, “Can we talk when you get off?” She told me she gets off at midnight and I asked her if she was Ok if I waited in the parking lot. She shook her head ‘No’ and I suggested the parking lot at the bar two blocks away. She said quietly, “Wait at least until 1:00 a.m.; if I don’t show up call me at lunch time, Saturday.”

Well it was a clever way to either meet me or just get a big time tip. So she got a big time tip anyway. I had one hour to get home, shower, pick up stuff lying around in my bachelor pad, and get back to the bar a little bit after midnight. Well, at least I was optimistic. So before I left the house, I packed a small duffel with shaving gear and clean underwear. Yes, very optimistic.

We met in the parking lot and went into the bar. I had been in this bar before; it has a sports theme with lots of televisions. Best however, is the rule, “No loud TV or music after midnight”. Soft romantic music gave it a good atmosphere. We sat in a booth toward the rear, ordered drinks and made small talk. Alex said, “I’m going to let you take me on a movie date tomorrow.” When Alex was not talking her eyes were closed. At first I thought she was just enjoying the music and then I realized she was falling asleep. She confessed she worked a double shift and had been awake for nearly twenty hours. Sipping the second drink probably did not help. “Let’s get you home,” I said and Alex went to the restroom.

Here it got interesting. The short version is she fell asleep in the stall and a waitress and I managed to get her out of the stall. I picked her up and carried her to my truck. She had left her car keys on the table and I put them in my pocket. Now what? I could take her to her place, which I did not know where it was, or mine. Easy decision. Using her car keys I searched her car and found a purse behind the back seat. In the trunk she had an exercise mat and a sports bag. A quick peek told me it was her workout gear and a set of clean clothes. It all went into my truck.

At my house I put her over my shoulder in a “buddy” carry like they taught us in the Army. Yes, two tours with the MP’s in the desert. I dropped her on my bed and just looked her over. What I had thought about on the way to my house seemed to be a good plan. I will have a naked girl in my bed in a short while; then what? The plan was developing as I went. I laid her out with her arms out and her head on the pillow and listened to her breathing. Definitely asleep. Her chest rises in a steady rhythm. May as well start with the easy part; so I pulled off her sneakers and socks. Then her khakis came off and she showed me her short pink undies.

They are a sexy style with a frilly edge on top and showed a bit of camel toe. Very nice. Her legs, even on her short body, are sleek and long. They are definitely toned, so she must exercise quite a bit. Her body is very white and she seems to spend absolutely no time in a tanning bed. “Good,” I mutter to myself as I spread her legs a bit and look at the ‘V’ between her legs. A tiny strip of dark hair is visible through her panties and it’s clear she shaves her muff. “Not for a boyfriend,” I have already figured out since she confessed there are no guys in her life. Between community college and work she had not much of a social life.

The buttons on her top were easy and when I opened it wide a matching pink bra emerged. More good news, it has a front opening clasp and so I did. Like her pretty face, her boobs are fantastic. They match her small body perfectly; soft, round with small pink areolas. She may be about 32-B. Her nipples are flat against her skin so what the hey? I knelt next to the bed and kissed her breasts and gently sucked her nipples. In five minutes they are standing up dark and hard. “Ha, ha, you may be asleep; but your body is awake,” I smile at her and work to get the shirt and bra all the way off.

The knot in her hair comes lose easily and I fan her hair out on the pillow. Her arms are spread and after I pull her panties off I spread her legs. She is picture perfect and I get both my movie and regular cameras. I have to have this fantasy forever. After a few regular pictures I have the movie camera rolling to capture some close ups. When I push her legs further apart, the rest of her body does not move.

I kiss her pussy and run my tongue down into her slit. I hear Alexandria moaning slightly when I open her up. Pink inner lips smile back at me and let me kiss her from top to bottom. With two fingers I pop her clit out of its hood and get some great close ups. Then I tongue it easily. A touch of moisture is visible deep in her pussy. I really want to stick my tongue deep into her; but the trick is to have some fun without leaving traces she has been opened like a spring flower. So, no penetration even with a finger. Just more close up pictures of her moist pink entrance.

I can’t help it; but I jack off by her face. Her lips are slightly parted and it would be so easy to stick my cock between them and fill her full of hot cum. OMG, better not. Crap.

Now, it’s time for me to get to work around the house. I set the alarm next to the bed for 10:00 a.m. I unplug the phone, get her dirty laundry and turn off the cameras and lights. In the kitchen I start my detective work. First I dump her purse and see the usual girly stuff – make-up, gum, hair brush, eye liner and on the bottom are two tampons.

Her cellphone and ID are my first priority. I make a list of all her contacts, frequent numbers called and other info one can glean from a phone. Her call history shows her bank account and it is validated by her debit card. Next comes a FaceGirl search and I find her account without a problem. It states she goes to the community college. Her High School year book picture validates what she has told me. Alex is an open book. It takes me about an hour to see her whole history and that she lives alone. I have to teach this girl a thing or two about personal security.

I make a couple of signs telling her what to do when she wakes up. These are posted in the bathroom and on the bedroom door. Then I lock the bedroom door from the inside and shut it on the way out.

Let’s see what the pretty girl does when she wakes up.


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2014-12-09 23:07:34
Your other stories always seemed to have a thing for underage girls and their mom at the same time, this is a little different.

It's a nice enough story, but you are constantly flipping between present and past tense. Just stick with past.

Finally, five-five is NOT short for a girl, really about average. Anything above that is getting tall. I consider four-ten to five two to be on the short side foir a full grown female, as the top of their head is under my chin.

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2014-10-15 13:45:38
Is it just me, or does this dude sound like a young girl writing...? There is just something off with the cadence of this story. Please understand that your main character is a male...a 40 year old male; and he should sound like an older man and not use "OMG" to describe how "ever so pretty" the girl is. While you may (or may not) be a man, and you yourself think and talk this way, it does not translate well to story.
Life is stranger than fiction a lot of the time, but that doesn't mean it can be put down on to speak.
Honestly hopes this helps!

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2013-08-11 07:27:32
She is totally a canidate for identity, vaginal, anal, personnallity annd Life THEFT
I taught my daughters only carry what you need and secure it when not being used. I use to random check them, with the penalty being grounded the up-coming weekend. After missing a Big Birthday party, I didn't catch them again.

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2013-01-08 14:47:45
What a F@@#%^ WASTE!!

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2012-12-19 22:09:31
do NOT change tenses in your writing! AWFUL style

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