The morning after I met Alexandria

Chapter 2. Alexandria’s movie date.

It is 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and I can hear the alarm in my bedroom where Alex is naked under the blanket. The room has been prepared for her awakening. How she will react is up to her; but I took the phone out as a precaution. I imagine she will wake with a start at the unfamiliar sound then she will hit the top of the clock and hope it stops buzzing.

The buzzing stops when I hear a slap on the clock. Now she is probably looking around wondering where the hell she is, when she sees my first sign next to the clock. It tells her, “Good Morning, Alex.” It has instructions to look in the bathroom and that she is in my bedroom. As she looks around she should see all her clothes are washed and neatly hung on hangers. In the bathroom are instructions to take a bath and come out for breakfast. A few minutes later I hear the toilet flush and then the shower start.

Well, I consider that a good sign. No screaming naked girl running out my front door waking the neighborhood. I have been up for an hour working on breakfast and double checking that I had hidden all my investigative materials and the cameras in the basement. My place looked like what you imagine a financial analyst should have. Good quality furniture without looking like a man cave. Nice curtains and accessories, done by an interior decorator, by the way. No porn magazines or vids lying around; they are locked up in a basement cabinet.

Alex opens my bedroom door and I could hear the knob rattle as it took her a second to figure out the door was locked from the inside. She stands by the door and looks like the little twelve years old again without her make-up. She looks down at the floor probably embarrassed beyond hope. She wears her sweat pants and an oversized football jersey I had hung next to her clothes. I smile because she obviously followed my directions to shower. Her hair hangs down in a ponytail and glistens from a fresh shampoo and blow dry. I wonder if she took the hint of the pink razor I left with the shampoos. “Did you shave your sweet pussy,” I wonder.

“Good morning Alexandria,” I say quietly, “how are you feeling?” She looks a bit sheepish and tells me she feels Ok; but asks, “How did I end up in your bed?” Does she really want to know if she got fucked? I tell her she was in no shape to drive and I did not really know where she lives except her address on the license. So it was a whole lot better to let her sleep here since we have a movie date. “We do?” she asks. I motion her to the kitchen table and pour coffee telling her about our time at the bar and her falling asleep. “You know, being petite has its benefits,” I joke and tell her she is as light as a feather. It puts a grin on her face and she asks, “I notice my clothes are freshly washed. Did you do that?” I nod and tell her it’s the least favor I can do for her because I put her through the trouble of meeting me at the bar. “You should have just gone home and I would have called today.” Internally I am happy to make it seem like it was my fault. Since everything is always the man’s fault anyway; I beat her to the conclusion.

The payoff was immediate. Alex gives me a hug and tells me thanks because she realizes she could have driven home and wrecked her car. I tell her we will pick up her car after the movie. Alex pours cream and sugar into her coffee and sips with a smile, “DJ, it’s nice to get waited on.” Bacon is sizzling and she tells me scrambled eggs are good. I serve them a few minutes later and we eat together. Alex laughs and asks me if I travel a lot because I left her a half dozen different shampoo bottles from fancy hotels. I tell her I’m just bragging because my boss pays for my fancy hotels. She looks down at her plate and says, “I used the razor, too.” I look at her and she lifts her eyes up at me and smiles. The message is real clear, she shaved her pussy. I’m glad she decided to go with the flow.

I think this is definitely going to be an interesting morning. She has that innocent look and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. She says quietly, “I suppose I did not get undressed all by myself?” “Not by yourself; that’s correct,” I answer and can’t help but smile. “And what did you do?” is her next question. So I have to tease her and play dumb, “Well, first I took your shoes off and carried them to the kitchen because they needed to be polished. Then I took you jeans off and took them to the kitchen and turned them inside out like my mother taught me to wash jeans …” Her punch on my arm stopped me talking and she says, “You know what I mean, did you ‘Do Anything’?”

I lean into her and kiss her lips and ask, “You mean did I kiss you like that?” She gasps and looks at me and I say, “No, I kissed you like this.” I kiss her a bit harder and hold it longer. When I pull back I say, “Yea, I think it was more like that?” Alex processes the information and says, “I hope that was all you did.” There is a flicker of a smile on her lips teasing me.

“Actually there is more,” I tell her and lift her arms straight up. Telling her to hold her arms up, I sweep the big football jersey up and over her head. Alex at least manages to blush a bit as her pretty tits bounce into the open. No bra; it’s a good thing. She looks at me and bites her lips trying not to giggle. I say, “I think it was something like this,” as my hands play with her boobs and my thumbs run over her nipples. Her breasts are standing straight up because Alex still has her hands up high.

When I lean forward and suck one nipple between my lips she loses the pose and grabs my head and moans a little, “Oohh.” When I kiss her other breast and suck its nipple also she says, “DJ, I think you were being a very bad man, taking advantage of me like that?” I try not to laugh and play with her nipples for a few more minutes and finally say, “I probably was; I am so sorry.”

Alexandra giggles and says, “I may forgive you if you did not do anything else.” I smile and tell her I am so happy she will forgive me; but there was only one more tiny little thing I did after I took all her clothes off. She is serious and says, “Did you fuck me while I was passed out?” I am happy to answer truthfully, “Of course not Baby; that would be horrible. I only kissed you some more.” Her eyebrows raise and the question obviously is where, what, when? So I scoop her up and carry her back to the bedroom, telling her I can’t show her in the kitchen.

After laying her gently on the bed, I start at the top again and kiss her perky nose and her lips. Alex likes it and responds by kissing back hard. I’m fairly sure she knows she is going to get a morning fuck before noon. She is fully awake and her sex drive is awake also. Her eyes sparkle like crazy and her skin is flushed red. She “Oohh’s” and Aahh’s” when I kiss her nipples and suck them. Her breasts seem engorged and the two nipples stand up hard. She grabs my head and gives me a small push to go further south.

I tongue her belly button and she jerks hard in laughter and giggles. Ok, so I found a tickle spot. Great. While she is laughing I get up and pull her sweat pants off. A fully shaved bald pussy slit is in front of me and she tries to hide it with one hand. “I did not put on panties because I didn’t know what I was going to wear out the door,” she tells me as her excuse. “That’s just fine, Baby,” I tell her and lean down and kiss her right above her slit. “This is where I kissed you,” I tell a big fat lie, figuring it was a lot more romantic than telling her I sucked her juices out of a spread wide-open vagina.

Alex looks into my eyes trying to gauge my story and finally whispers, “You are forgiven.” I smile and lean back down and kiss her on the same spot a few more times. Then I get between her legs and slide them open a bit and kiss her pussy. “OMG, yes,” she cries and lifts her knees up and lets them fall apart. Her outer lips are opening without me pulling them apart. Her skin is baby pink without any blemishes and her pussy looks like a young virgin’s. I did not realize how close to the truth I was. My tongue runs around her outer lips and I pull them gently giving me full access to her inner sweetness.

My cock is straining hard in my jockeys and I can feel pre-cum leaking already. However, I know fucking her was not what she seems to need. She needs an earth shaking climax to make her my slave for a long time. So I just imagine she is my twelve year old preteen lover and I am her first guy giving her her first climax. It puts me into the right mood to go slow and gentle and let her set the pace. As she moans more or pushed my head to certain spots that is where my tongue loves her. A few licks on her clit gave a good response of shaking legs and quivering belly muscles.

She lasted about twenty minutes before she pulled my face into her clit and moaned, “OMG, do it now.” So who had trained whom? First she followed my orders and now I am doing exactly what she wants. Of course, when your tongue is in a girl’s cunt and your cock is throbbing is not the time to have philosophical discussion with yourself.

Her whole body was quivering and I sucked her hard knob between my lips and worried her clit to no end. A minute later, Alexandria screeched and locked her legs around me. Her belly rippled from her orgasm and I felt wetness on my face. Moving back to her pussy I sucked her juices into my mouth and licked her gently. “OMG stop,” she cried after a few minutes and pulled my head back up to hers.

She cuddled into me and her hungry mouth found mine. When we kissed hard her juices smeared her face and she licked mine between kisses. “OMG, I needed that,” she told me with her mouth next to my ear. I guess it was to be our big secret. We cuddled a few minutes more and I guess she realized I was probably the most horny guy in the room. She pulled my face to hers and our noses touched. “OMG, do you want to fuck or do you want me to do something else for you?” I kissed her again and told her ear, “Do you know what most men really love?” She shook her head “No” and looked at me for an answer. “How do you feel about swallowing,” I asked.

Alex looks at me seriously and swallows before answering. “DJ, I have never ever done it.” She cuddles back into me and hides her head in my shoulder. I heard her murmur, “If you want me to do it, you can teach me.” So I ask her to tell me what she does for guys. She tells me in a quiet voice she had only given a couple of guy’s hand-jobs in high school and fucked one boy in college. “Just regular style,” she confesses. I pull her face back to me and kiss her and tell her I would never force her to do anything; but I can teach her to explore her sexuality.

Alex grins at me and says in a mock college professor tone, “And today’s subject, Ms. Alexandria is your Sexuality where you will learn to swallow loads of cum.” I could not agree more and tell her so. She says that she know how to do it from seeing porn on the internet; but she just never had anyone whom she wanted to do it to, until just this minute. Nothing like the present to start her lessons.

So I sit up against the headboard, after stripping naked and getting us some colas to drink. Alex lies next to me and smiles as she touches my cock for the first time. Yes, her warm hand feels awesome. She looks at my cock and its size looks huge in her small hand. But in reality I am just at average length when hard, which seems where Mr. Cock is headed right now. My cock twitches in her hand and Alex lets out a small giggle. “What should I do first,” she asks. “Stroke me gently and just play with him like you want. When you are ready you can kiss him,” I tell her. Alex smiles and pulls the skin back and runs a finger over a vein, “Him?” she asks. “Better than an It,” I answer and inhale as she squeezes a bit harder. I think Alex feels she is in cock play land. She inspects me carefully and grabs my balls and rolls them in her hand. “Are these sensitive?” she asks. “Yes,” I tell her and explain guys do like it when girls handle them gently and even suck them into their mouths.

Alex’s eyebrow rises up, either she really does not have much experience, or she is an excellent actress. I think she does not have any experience. She goes back to stroking my cock with a slow rhythm and lays her head on my chest. I play in her hair and tell her she is doing an awesome job. Alex slides her head down to my cock and gives him a small kiss right on the top of my cock head. “That’s it,” I say and tell her to use her tongue a bit, too. “Like this,” she asks and moves her head around so she is looking at me while slowly running her tongue down the more sensitive underside. She bats her eyes at me and strokes some more.

“Just like in the porn shows,” I tell her; but gently to begin with. “You can be a bit slutty in the bedroom if you like,” is my next lesson, wondering what that means to her. Alexandria smiles at me and opens her mouth and pushes my cock head into it. Her eyes ask me, “Like that?” “Oh yes, just like that and a lot deeper,” I moan as her tongue swirls around my cock head. She holds me between her lips and her hand keeps stroking a bit faster. Alex knows exactly what to do, she just needs courage to do it and get a mouth full of cum.

She comes off my cock and takes a deep breath. “OMG, you feel so huge in my mouth,” she says and crawls up to kiss me. Her lips taste different and I guess I taste my cock. I pull her up and tell her to straddle me. She swings a leg across and her child sized body melds against me. As I push her hips lower my cock head touches her pussy. Alex’s face is in front of mine and she smiles as Mr. Cock tries to enter her. She reaches back and points him at the target and whispers, “Let me help,” while slowly impaling herself.

We kiss and our tongues wrestle while I push up and Alex pushes down. She inhales hard when I bottom out in her pussy and feel her muscles clamping down. She is so tight it almost hurts and I let her sit and just get used to the meat in her cunt. She whispers, “OMG, don’t move.” I don’t, just enjoying her body against me. I slide my hands up to her breasts and rub her nipples and pinch them. She “Uuhh’s” and I pinch and pull harder. Alex rocks her ass and makes tiny pelvic rocks with my cock locked deep inside her.

She puts her hands on my shoulders and pelvic rocks harder and I push up against her and drop back down. It’s only about an inch of fucking and we both groan as we go faster. Her lips are on mine and she sticks her little tongue into my mouth as far as she can. I can feel and hear her panting as she rocks her ass harder and faster. I love being deep in her pussy with her muscles clamping down hard. I know I’m going to explode soon as we pass the fifteen minute mark. Alex body quivers and she moans, “OMG, I’m going to cum again.” When her climax hits she shakes hard and pushes down extra hard on my cock. I hold her too me and try to let her relax and me too.

Alex giggles, “OMG, I have never done that.” She kisses my face and then asks, “Do you still want me to swallow your cum?” She doesn’t seem shy about it now. I explain now would be just excellent because she can taste her on cum on my cock. Alex pulls off me with a plop and puts her head back on my belly. My cock is slimy with her juices and I tell her to swallow it and use her tongue. She opens her mouth and slides her head over my cock until I can feel it hitting the back of her throat. She gives a little cough and closes her mouth. Her tongue wiggles against my cock.

To help her, I grab her head and pull it back an inch or two and then push her down again. She gets the idea and strokes me with her mouth. I can feel her tongue working, too. I try to be somewhat gentle and face fuck her with reasonable speed. Her head bobs up and down and my cock is near exploding. As I get near to filling her with Jizz, I tell her not to swallow it but keep it in her mouth. She nods her head and I tell her she has to look at me when I cum. She moves her head around so I can see her face and I push her hair out of the way. Her blue eyes are wide open and my hand is on the back of her head when I explode.

She has the natural reaction to pull back, but my hand keeps her from moving. Ropes of hot Jizz fill her mouth and her eyes grow into saucers. When I quit jerking she pushes against me to pull back and I remind her not to swallow. I let her off my cock and tell her to sit up Indian style. She crosses her legs and looks at me expectantly. Her hands go to her hair and she flips it and messes with it. I nearly laugh because most girls fuss with their hair all the time. Here she is with a mouth full of cum, playing with her hair.

“Show me,” I ask and she opens her mouth and shows me my sticky white cum puddled on her tongue. “Taste it,” I tell her and she closes her mouth and moves her tongue around. She looks at me and grins a bit and I wait. Alex sits quietly and then I reach over and pull her chin up. “Open and let it slide down your throat,” I tell her and watch my cum disappear in the back of her throat. She swallows twice and opens her mouth and shows me. “All gone,” she adds. When we kiss I can taste my cum and Alex cuddles against me and murmurs, “OMG, I can’t believe I did that. OMG, I thought you were never going to stop shooting cum.” She prattles on and on about her new experience.

I pull a blanket over us as we lay in the bed, both happily exhausted. “I guess you are going to do it for me again?” I ask and get a big smile and nod from her. Her hair tickles my face and makes me laugh. Her eyes get big when I ask, “So what else have you seen on the porn which you have not done?” “OMG, do I have to tell you?” she laughs and I tell her she may as well while she feels happy. “I never put anything up my ass,” she admits and then adds she is not on the pill. “I’m going to fix that on Monday,” she says and then asks, “You do want to see me again?” I kiss her lips, “Of course, Baby. And since you mentioned it, I will fuck you and cum in your pussy. Then I’m going to fuck your ass, too.”

She grins and I tell her, “I really love you sucking my cock and swallowing.” She blushes and says, “All the girls on the porn are cum sluts. Am I a cum slut now?” Ah, little Alex wants to be a bit slutty in the bedroom. I kiss her and whisper to her, “You are my very own fucking cum slut and you can do it again when I recover. Then I make you my anal slut and deep throat slut, too.” Alex shivers and holds on to me, “Promise?” Holy shit, I may have awakened every sexual craving I can think of. So I say, “If you learn all that and are a really good little girl slut, I may let you play in a threesome.” She quivers again and says, “Oh no?” It definitely did not come out sounding like she was against it. Oh, my.

We may not make this afternoon’s movie is what I’m thinking. Alex says, “DJ, I still want to go to the movie and when we come back you can pretend you are the star. Him, I would probably let fuck my ass.”

I laugh and tell her she has to swallow one more load first. “And I want to know what you though when you woke up in my bed?”

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