I stopped to look at Louise; Jason-s wife. Louise was sleeping on her bed with the door open. I-d never seen Louise like that before; lying on her bed on top of the covers...


I had known Jason for more than ten years... We met when we both played slo-pitch for a community team. We became pals and about six years ago I got him a job as a heavy duty mechanic at the union shop where I worked. Jason and Louise, my wife and I spent allot of time together for a few years.
We partied, travelled together, a great friendship.

My wife got sick and passed away last year. Being badly hurt and a fifth wheel, I stopped seeing them for a while. I had visited a couple of times prior to this night; this would be my third visit in eight months.

When I first arrived tonight Louise seemed happy to see me. Being ill she soon paled and went to bed. Jason and I drank a couple of beers on his deck rehashing old times.

---- Todd, I have something I want to say to you. Would you please put your drink down before I speak? I don-t want you throwing your beer at me... [He smiled...]

Jason had one of those disarming smiles. It held him in good stead with the girls when he was younger he told me. And probably helped you win Louise I replied.
That conversation took place years back but somehow jumped to the fore in my mind at this particular moment.

I put my beer down, looking toward Jason I could not for the life of me figure what he could say that would shock me so much that I-d drop my drink, that alone throw it at him.
----Todd, I want you to stay the night with Louise.


----You ok Todd.

----TODD !
........................... [Now I knew...]
---- What! ..., was all I managed to get out...

What the fuck was he thinking?
Finally I looked at him. He was smiling at me. I was too stunned to say anything.

----Hear me out Todd; Jason said. [Not like I had any choice. I could not have moved if I needed too.]

JASON explained; when he was finished I had tears in my eyes. I loved Louise almost as much as I loved Elise, my wife. What I had not thought on was other people had also lost Elise. Not only did Louise and Jason lose Elise, they lost me when I pulled away from them. Jason saw me at work so he had it easier than Louise, plus he is a guy.

I sat there with my head in my hands, tears running down my face. Honest to God I was broken hearted for the second time in a year. I sat back in the patio chair and accidently knocked my beer over. Without saying a word Jason got up and fetched me another...

Jason and I talked quietly for more than an hour. Finally we got up and went inside. It took every bit of strength I had to walk up those stairs.

Looking at Louise, my heart ached. I was extremely nervous. Jason was going to sleep down stairs at the ready just in case she freaked. Louise was on heavy medication to combat her depression. The tears started again as I looked at her. I put Louise in this position with my selfishness.

----Damn it, I said under my breath.

Slowly walking about Louise-s bedroom, looking at her, all the while thinking; Louise is such a beautiful woman. This was not new to me of course.

Her raven black hair went past her shoulders. She had a sloped nose, cute and pudgy. Her lips where full ... I have kissed Louise many times over the years, and it was always a thrill to kiss Louise. She was very affectionate towards me.

Louise-s eyes are dark brown, nearly black. Her eyes are large for her cute face; they are sexy; bordering on naughty. Tonight they are covered with a black blindfold. Tonight her wrists are bound over her head, again with a black fabric. Tonight she is bound the way she likes to be bound when she was in that mood, I have been told. Jason did the honours. Jason thought Louise and I in bed gave him the best chance at getting his wife back.

I had to admit his reasoning seemed sound. However; ... I was way outside my comfort zone, a heart attack seemed imminent. Jason had figured my reluctance into his equation so he was going to give me plenty of time. Pretty smart for a mechanic I thought, but then I am a mechanic too..., so..., WHAT?
Self praise is no recommendation?

Here I stand ... looking at Louise. She is a beauty, of that there is no doubt. I do not want to do this; I do not want to have sex with Louise. It just seems wrong; yet according to her husband, Louise waking to find her old friend inside her would be a good thing...

I am very, very nervous, nearly terrified.

I sit in the chair in her bedroom staring at her ... my mind in a trace at times. I started to think the black blind fold and black ties that bound her wrists were cute, even a little sexy. I felt a stir below my waist. I stared, wondering what Louise looked like without her panties. Does she have a small bush, does she shave, and on and on ... trying to get myself erect. I had thought about that before of course, I never would act on it.

I must have sat there in that chair for over half an hour. Thinking about Louise; my mind drifting back and forth over the times we spent together. I found myself laughing quietly to myself in her room as the memories came at me like the scenes in a movie trailer.
... And then it hit me.
Suddenly it became clear as to what I was supposed to do to Louise. A knot developed in my stomach.
----You can-t do that, I told myself.

I sat there thinking, it made perfect sense to me now. The comments, jokes, implied naughtiness, touches, teasing; I was always the one who stood in the way of adventure. Louise, Jason and Elise had tried often enough to get me to step out of my shell, as they used to say.

Hell, I had a good job, beautiful wife, great friends, what needed to be changed. It seemed perfect to me. I never really understood until now, or do I ? Maybe I never will understand.

I looked at my watch. I have been sitting here reflecting upon past times with my wife and our best of friends for nearly an hour. Minus those trances I fell into.

I stood and undressed, down to my underwear. Louise had extra blankets in a chest at the end of the bed. I picked one and crawled into bed with her after I had turned off all the lights but the one beside the bed.

Lying on my side facing her I looked at Louise sleeping. I wonder how she will react when she wakes to find me beside her.... I hope not badly.

I untied Louise-s wrists and removed her blind fold. I lay beside her watching her breath. It occurred to me that in all those years I never really watched her breath. It was quite something to watch her chest and her breasts rise and fall. Louise was a small breasted lady but they still held my attention.

I reached over and unzipped her top moving the zipper down so it was below her breasts. I watched Louise breath and was fascinated by the material as it moved with her breathing. Each intake of air spread the unzipped material apart slightly giving me a peek at the side of her breast.

I unzipped her top further until it was near the middle of her stomach; I continued to watch her breath with no appreciable difference in the exposure of Louise-s breasts.

I had of course moved the blanket aside to facilitate my leering. I bunched up my pillow to raise my head so I got a better view of Louise.
...AS I watch Louise breath my hand moves over her and a finger traces a path from her throat to her stomach and back, touching Louise-s skin.

...I loved touching Louise; I was enthralled with the experience of tracing a path along the center of her body. I watched my finger make it-s way from her throat to her middle, and back to her throat. It was hypnotic.

My finger made its way along her white, white skin, sliding effortlessly between the valley bordered by her breasts. My eyes smiled as that very same finger reached the hollow of her throat.

I Jumped... Louse-s eyes were open, looking right into mine eyes.
----Hi Todd. She said with a smile.

I managed to choke out a ... – HI -... I know my face went several shades of red. My hand snapped back to its rightful position near to my body. My eyes darted back to the exposed sliver of skin, exposed by my opening her top; and back to Louise-s eyes. My eyes blinked nervously; at least I think they did.

Louise smiled; her smile was almost always suggestive. Tonight it was devoid of that emotion, her smile lacked warmth; it was matter of fact if anything. The smile you-d give a work college whom you really had no feeling for.

I was gripped with fear, the fear of being caught molesting a woman. I could not speak. I felt myself hyper ventilating. I know I began to shake.

I had to pee. I had enough sense to get up and run to the half bath located next to the master bedroom. When I finished I stood in the bathroom and shivered. I was cold and scared. I don-t know how long I stood in that bathroom. I could not bring myself to face Louise.


----Hello. I said.

----TODD! .... You ok man?

It was Jason. I opened the door. What else could I do?

I wish I could just disappear, I was so humiliated. I looked down as Jason-s form appeared in my visual field. I could not look at him.

----Come on man, it-s ok. Jason said to me.

I did not understand how he could say that it was ok. I guess he is just a very good friend. I stepped out of the bathroom into Louise-s bedroom, I glanced towards her; she was covered now. Thank God for that I said to myself.

----I gave Louise her Med-s Todd; she will sleep for the night now. Get dressed. I will make some coffee, we can talk more.

I had forgotten that I was in my shorts. It was not a big deal really; Jason had seen me like this many times over the years. I had just forgotten. I got dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen were Jason had coffee on and had made a snack. I did not know if I could eat my stomach was upset.

I glanced at the clock over the sink, it was just after midnight. I wondered if the clock was correct, it did not seem like that much time had passed.

Jason poured me a mug of coffee, black, and passed me a sandwich; bologna, my favourite. Jason started talking and I listened. I always listened when Jason spoke, about matters not related to work. I was the better mechanic. He was the better human being.

AS he talked I began to feel better and soon joined in the conversation. He explained Louise-s medication was very strong and affected her responses to most situations, including my touching her. We talked in general terms for most of the first hour. Jason led the conversation as usual. We started in on more personnel matters and finally he told me about Louise, Elise and himself and that they had gotten intimate the last couple of years that Elise was alive.

He was a little surprised at my reaction, which was one of acceptance. I told Jason that I was ok with it. That I suspected as much and that it did not bother me; especially since Elise lost her life at such a young age. I was happy she found pleasure with my closest friends.

----Anyway..., I said..., you three where far more open minded and outgoing than I.

It was 3AM before we went to bed. I slept in the spare bedroom. Jason slept with Louise. A much more natural way for things to be; I felt much better.

WE headed into work and put in a light day, not very busy right now. Jason and I lunched with the usual guys talking guy stuff, the usual trash really.
But, and that is a big BUT, Louise was on both of our minds. I knew that after work I would be put to the test once more.

WE left early arriving at Jason and Louise-s before 4PM. Louise was standing out on her front step as we pulled in, I knew Jason had text-d her. Louise gave her husband a nice hug and little peck on the cheek and turning to me;
----Come on in Todd, I have fixed supper for my hard working men. She took my arm and we walked arm in arm into the house. Louise holding onto me tightly, I could feel her breast, not new for me either. BUT it was her demeanor that moved me...this was the old Louise.

WE ate what can only be described as a fantastic steak dinner, no and, or, if, or buts about it. Our conversation was varied and included talk about the night before. I was not as uptight as I had been last night.

WE carried on like this for a couple of hours, just like old times. Louise broke that up by letting me, us..., know she was going up to her bedroom to get ready for me... Jason was advised he would be needed to bind her again...

When Jason came down it was my turn... I was still a bit nervous but nothing like the night before. When I reached Louise-s bedroom door it was - deja vu - all-over... she was dressed exactly as the night before complete with blind fold and ties around her wrists...

I dropped my laundry and lay beside Louise. Unzipping her top this time right to the bottom of it and pulling it open so I could see her beautiful breasts. DAMN they-re gorgeous.

A-cup with beautiful light brown hard nipples... Louise was excited. That helped me get by my nervousness.

I kissed each nipple, respectfully kissing, sucking and light nibbling, with just a hint of a tug on those beauties.

Moving down I slipped her white garter past her hips and moving from leg to leg I removed Louise-s white patterned hose and garter as one.
...I kissed Louise-s legs inside and out, again moving from leg to leg until I reach-d her pussy. I buried my face in her panty covered crotch, taking a deep whiff of this stunningly beautiful woman.

Slipping my fingers under the leg holes of her panties I splay-d my fingers and slowly removed those lovely panties... pulling at then with my teeth and hands simultaneously. Stopping at her ankles were I used my teeth only, making sure Louise felt my teeth pulling at her panties... She made a cute sigh...

On my way back up her body I kissed those legs of hers inside and out...dragging my tongue at times, scraping her with my teeth at times...or just kissing her. When I got to Louise-s pussy I buried my face into her crotch...sniffing her, darting my tongue out jabbing her lips, her clit, and slipping a tongue into her furrow of love...Louise groaned so I knew I was doing something right.

After a minute or so I rose up positioning myself over her. I entered my long time friend and love with one slow push. Taking Louise..., bury-ing my cock inside her as deeply as I could... She let out a very audible gasp...then sighed.

I heard a slap of hands together from downstairs...Jason...I smiled and so did Louise.

I slow fucked Louise taking my time, as I usually did with my wife. I always made love that way. I knew they had talked about me so I figured I should not deviate for the norm. Louise was with me right from the outset...moving with my thrusts. I slowed to a near stop for a moment and slipped the blindfold from her eyes;
----I want to see your face and feel your hands Louise I said.

Seconds later Louise and I were deep in the art of love making. I am mostly a straight in and out kind of guy...with very little variance. Louise on the other hand is mostly a grinder...she knew how to get the most out of a man. Her hole took my cock for one hell of a ride. Thank God she was eager to finish... I never would have lasted otherwise...

HER warm wet sheath of womanhood guided my cock through repeated short strokes. Each one in and of itself was pure pleasure. Those little motions of hers had me hanging on for dear life:
------Hurray please, I said to Louise.

-----Can you last another minute Todd, she answered.

----Yes, I said. [The longest minute of my life, I do not know how I managed it actually.]

HER pace quickened, I knew she was getting close but my God, I could not stand it anymore I was going to cum.
-----Oh NO I said.

Just then I felt Louise jerk as she started cuming. I felt the first two strong thrusts from her before I cam... I tell ya I do not remember ever cuming that hard. I was surprised I did not hurt her...

I lay exhausted on Louise. Panting like I had just run a mile, or something.
-----Todd..., I cannot breathe...

I immediately raised myself up, and looked at her.
---- WOW! I said.

Louise cupped my face and kissed me.
----WOW is right she said.
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