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The Baby Maker & Moms Helper by mrmovie

"A Very True Story"

Do you ever wonder how things sometimes seem to fall into place, well this is such an instance.

It all started when my husband Bob had retired four months ago. We seemed to do OK on the bills with his retirement checks, but I thought we could use some extra income.
So I had the idea to rent out my daughter's old bedroom. Lorra had moved out years ago when she was 18 anyway.
I needed to get it repainted and buy new furnishings. With room and board for a reasonable price of $150 a month, some student from the college might take it ?

My husband Bob is ten years older than me and spends most of his time watching T.V. and drinking beer. We don't take trips like some people do when they retire,
the cost of things are just too much.

The next morning I called for someone to take out the old furniture and put it into storage, then I called a painter. While the room upstairs was being painted,
I decided to go out and look for a bed and new furnishings.

When I came back a few hours later, I asked Bob how the room was coming along ?

"I haven't really looked Anna." he said without taking his eyes off the T.V.

"Alright Bob, sorry to disturbed you, I'll go see how things are progressing."

Anna went upstairs and took a look indide the bedroom.

"Well it's looking pretty good."

"Yes it is, it is at that." he said as he stopped painting and eyed Anna

Anna couldn't help but notice the big bulge in the painter's pants. Other than overalls, he just wore blue jeans.

Damn, that's much bigger than Bob's, even bigger than when he used to be able to get it up, and this guy is not even hard. Henry looked about the same age as her
daughter Lorra and seemed to have a decent body to, and didn't have any ring on his finger. she said to herself

Anna is small and average looking but pretty to a certain extent. It's been years since she had any, let alone fantasied about it. Anna was always the type
of wife that stayed true to her husband. Yet looking at the bulge in the painter's pants made her wet.

"Would You be interested in a....possible discount ?" he said as he looked Anna up and down with a wry smirk

"Discount ?"

"Well...if you change your mind before I'm through...let me know ?"

Anna had walked up to Henry.

"Henry is it...If you haven't noticed...I'm a married woman and I would never do anything with any man !" she said, in an almost soft whispering manner

Henry had a pretty good gift at reading people and not only knew what people wanted to hear, but also knew how to say things that would have them thinking that whatever
he told them made sense.
When Henry came into the house, he could tell just by looking at her husband, that she rarely got any, if that. So he chosen his words carefully.

"Did you ever ask yourself...I'm I going to live out my remaining days...being denied...being...unfulfilled, and if so...why...unless your happy with that ?" he said in such
a soft way that made him sound as if he was feeling sorry for her, as he gazed into her eyes

she slowly turned around and walked a few steps forward then stood there for a moment, feeling the impact of what he said held truth

In that brief moment Henry could tell she wanted to but at the same time be faithful to her husband and before she decided to leave entirely, he walked up and put
his arms around her, holding her close.

Feeling a man's warmth for so long this way, close to her, made her body crave her innermost desires, a great longing for relief.

She tried to fight the feeling off and was close to coming to her senses till he started kissing on her neck, which made her let out a brief and gentle moan.
At that point Henry knew he had her. He turned to his side and picked her up, then went down the hallway looking for her room.

Once there, he laid her on the bed, kissing up and down her neck as she moaned softly, then whispered; "One moment." as he got up to quietly close and lock the door.
Anna had left her eyes closed, relishing in the moment. The next sound she heard that made her even wetter was the sound of his zipper as she moaned; "Oh god."
Anna only had on a button up blouse and a pair of slacks. As soon as she felt her pants and underwear come off at once and hearing them fall to the floor, she spread her
legs like an angel that spreads their wings then grabbed and held her ankles.

Henry moved his face up between her legs and looked at Anna a moment as she waited with anticipation, then licked his tongue up and down her slit, making her moan out.

Henry then buried his face in her sweet and deprived hairy honeypot and really licked away.

"Oh god.....Oh god please...not yet.....Uhhhh Uhhhh.....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Anna moaned out load with sheer delight

Anna feeling so relaxed after her body and breaathing had calmed down was emotionaly unaware that Henry was now on his knees and between her legs.
She opened her eyes and looked down at the size and thickness of his member that stood erect over her wetness and said; "Ohhh my...ohhh my god !"
As before she put her legs back and grabbed her ankles, and waited for the thunder. Henry put the bulb of his cock in, giving Anna a little taste of what was yet to come.
She started to squirm a little at the annoyance of being teased.
Henry pushed and slide his cock in and started to fulfilled her desires as she moaned out; "Ohhhhh my god...Ohhhh yeeees !"
Henry then pushed all the way in as Anna wailed out with sheer joy. He stayed that way and she let go of her ankles and moved her hips about, enthralled in her long overdue romantic fulfillment !

Henry let her have her moment then stated going in and out of her, sending her to a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhh....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh my oh my oh my....oh my yes...oh god...oh god that felt soooooo good !!"

Her body felt so numb and relaxed that she thought that was it, but Henry was still hard and still in her.

"Come on baby, put your arms around my neck." he said and as she did, Henry lifted her up by her buttocks and raised them both off the bed.

He stood in the middle of the bedroom and moved her cute butt up and down his thick shaft, sending her on another orgasm.
After she came, he went over and placed her back against the wall, and again sent her on a third orgasm as he moved in and out of her at a furious pace.

"Oh god....please....I.."

Before she could finish what she was going to say, Henry took her over to the edge of the bed and moved her into a doggy style position.

"Oh my lord." she said as he started to move in and out of her from behind

Anna's mind my have been saying; ( this feels so good, keep going ) but her body felt so drained yet satisfied

"Oh good god...I...I'm...gonna.....Uhhh...Uhhh....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Hearing her moan out with pleasure for the fourth time, Henry thought it was time she had enough, as well as himself as he moved his massive cock in and out of her with such speed, then pushed his cock up in
her and came with such relief and satisfaction as Anna felt herself again

He turned her around and picked her up and laid her up by her pillow, planted some kisses up and down her neck, then stood up, got dressed and left the room, leaving her to begin a peaceful and pleasurable nap.

Close to two hours later, Anna had woken up smiling and refreshed, thinking it was all a great dream, yet when she noticed her pants on the floor, she knew it wasn't.
She got up and could hardly walk. "Oh god he was good...I really needed that to !!" she said aloud to herself as she went to retrieve her pants and put them on

Anna walked down the hall to the bedroom and noticed it was done and that Henry was gone, so she went downstairs to cook Bob and herself some dinner.

As usual, Bob liked to eat in front of the T.V., when she brought him his plate of food, he grabbed her hand, looked up at her and said with sadness in his voice; "I understand...I really is I who feels bad for you to endure without...even if I can't !"
then let go of her hand, took the plate of food and said thank you, then continued to watch T.V

"I love you Bob." she said then walked to the kitchen to eat her food

As Anna sat and ate, she contemplated this whole day and had a great idea.

After finishing up the dishes she went upstairs and called her daughter up on the phone

"Lorra...Mom here, hows things going ?"

"Not bad I guess...?"

"I think I might have a solution to your problem...Um...that is if your husband David would be willing to let you do this thing I have in mind ?"

Her husband david unfortunately had a Vasectomy a year after they got married, then sometime later, Lorra had regretted making him get one.

"If this is about having a baby Mom, I still want to have one of my own...but I don't want to go down to some clinic, I want to do it the normal way, but I'm married now !"

"If I talked to David, would he do it ?"

"Well tell me what you have in mind and I'll tell you what I know he will say ?"

"Ok, that sounds fair I guess." "Well...first of all...I was wondering if David had any vacation time at all he could use so the two of you could come down to visit ?"

"That I know, he doesn't have any coming for another two years !"

"Alright then...would you know if he would care if 'you' came to visit for two weeks ?"

"He might be OK with that...why ?"

"You think if I talked to him over the phone about letting you...Um...well that is...when your here, let a certain man I know...Um...make it so that you can have a baby
and tell him that it would mean so much to me and Bob to have a grandchild, would he go for that ?"

"How is this man you have in mind going mean you would actually ask David to give his consent to have someone ball me, just for a child ?!"

"Well be frank...yes !"

"Well unless you laid out some major money...I doubt it !"

"OK then, I'll put forth $30,000...only if you tell him what I said and if you still feel like having a baby !!"

"Your serious about this aren't you ?"

"Just as much as you are wanting a baby !!"

"OK...I'll tell him when he gets home, which should be any minute."

"Lorra, if he wants the same thing as you do and loves you enough to trust your judgement on this one, as well as mine, because it was my idea and you can tell him so,
then the end result will be worth it, besides...tell him that you will be thinking of him when your doing it."

"I hear his car pulling in the drive now, I'll call you tonight and let you know OK."

"OK dear...bye bye."

After thinking of it, Anna called up Henry.

"Henry...Anna here, you did a wonderful job on the room of course !!" "I was not only wondering what the bill was but had some possible other work for you to do ?"

"You don't owe me anything for the room because pleasing you was like payment enough !!" "Um...what other work did you have in mind ?"

"Well...I have two actually." "I know your a painter by trade but could you come over every weekend and fix my plumbing ?" "The second is my daughter Lorra, she might be
spending two weeks with Bob and I and...well let's just say that she needs help having a baby, if you know what I mean ?"

"I'll tell you what...if you can pay my rent for the next six's a deal ?!"

"I have a better idea...but first I got to ask you, how much do you pay in rent ?"

"I pay $450 a month, why...what's your idea ?"

"Well it just so happens that the room you painted, I was turning into a room to rent out for $150 a month, room and board, and ordered new furnishings to be delivered tomorrow,
and would be most convenient for the plumbing work that needs to be done as well as my daughter, if she comes down, so what would you say to that ?"

"That sounds great but what about your husband ?"

"Well sadly he hasn't been able to get it up for years...and at dinner tonight...well he told me that it saddens him that I'm not fulfilled...even though he knows he can't get
any himself!"

" have a very loving, understanding and unselfish husband...I must say !"

"well...what do you say ?"

"When will the bedroom be set up ?"

"It should be set up and look in great shape before six in the evening tomorrow, if not sooner."

"OK then...Um...since it's the middle of the month, could I start paying rent come the first of next month ?"

"That sounds OK, say listen, I'll see you tomorrow evening OK, I'm expecting my daughter to call me back, and again...thanks for today, you know."

"OK, bye."

About forty minutes later the phone rang


"Hey mom it's me."

"Well...what did David say ?"

"He said it was OK...saying that in the long run, the end justifies the means, and in case you were wondering, I didn't even bring up the money you offered."

"That's nice of you dear, oh by the way, just so you know, I had your room repainted and got new furniture because I was going to rent it out for some extra money,
and that I already talked with Henry, the guy who painted it, he's going to rent it out."

"Was dad OK with that ?"

"Yes your father knows."

"Well it's getting late, I'll get up early tomorrow morning and be on the road, I should be there by supper time OK."

"OK dear, see you tomorrow, bye now."

By three the next day, the room was all done and around 4:15 Henry came by

"Your room is all done, follow me."

"Say this looks nice !"

"Oh I almost forgot to tell you, Lorra, my daughter will be here in an hour or so...You still up for that task I asked you about ?"

"You know, maybe I could kill two birds with one stone ?"

"I'm not sure what you mean ?"

"DO both of you at the same time perhaps ?"

"I'll have to ask Lorra if that's OK with her ?"

"OK, in the mean time I'll unpack my clothes and things."

"I have to make supper anyway, see you in an hour."

An hour and a half later Lorra had arrived

Lorra, unlike her mom was what people would call, a BBW. Lorra was also taller than her mom and showed more in the chest area but looked just as pretty as her mom

Lorra walked into the livingroom, kiss her father then went into the kitchen.

"Lorra, good to see you !" she said when she stood up to hug her daughter

" must be Henry ?"

"And you must be Lorra ?"

"Well, you hungry ?"

"I ate on the way here, the way, you never did tell me where I'm going to sleep since my room is now rented ?"

"Well you are down here for a reason...your room."

"I guess that would make sense, well...I'm going upstairs to put my clothes away."

"The dresser on the left is empty."

"Thanks." she said then went upstairs

I wonder if Henry was thinking about starting tonight, ya, he's a guy, I'm sure he will, let's see, I'll put on my thigh highs. Lorra said to herself then went to take a shower

"So you know Henry, Bob doesn't like climbing stairs, so he sleeps down here, my room as you know is down the can always come in my room anytime !"

"Alright, good to know."

Lorra had come out of the shower and went to her room, once there she put on her thigh highs then slipped on her robe and relaxed on the bed to read a little.

"Well that was a good supper, I think I'll take a shower a retire for the evening."

"OK...have fun !"

Henry thought to himself; Boy Lorra has some nice tits on her and cute to, I wonder if she wants to start tonight ?"

After Henry took his shower, all he put on was his robe, then walked down the hall to his room.


"Well hey there might as well come in and close the door." she said while she got up to put her book down on the dresser then laid back down

When Henry turned around after closing the door, Henry looked at Lorra and Lorra looked back at him, then undid her robe and opened it up.

"You look beautiful !" he said with sincerity as he looked into her eyes, then opened and took off his robe.

Lorra took a good look at the size of his cock and just laid there with her mouth open for a moment

"I must say really have a big one !" she said with a smile

"The bigger to please you with my dear !" he retorted as he himself liked what he was looking at

"I'll say...not even my husband can come close to what your packing !!"

Henry walked over to the side of the bed Lorra was on and stood there and Lorra got his intentions

Lorra leaned over, took hold of his thick cock and started licking up and down his shaft then took what she could in her mouth, moving up and down.

"Oh god Lorra, this feels nice !"

It only took the love and care of Lorra's tongue and mouth within a few minutes to bring his monster cock to life

"So Lorra...when was the last time you had it, if I may ask ?"

Lorra had stopped sucking his cock, and as she told him, she slowly stroked his cock with her left hand, keeping it stiff.

"It's been close to a year, my husband David has been working too hard this year and I wanted to do it with him before I left, but he was too tired ."

"You poor woman...I'll give you what you been missing and needing !!"

"I'm sure you will, and then some !!" she said with a grin

"You prefer the lights on or off ?"

"What do you prefer ?"

"Whatever you like."

Lorra stopped stroking his cock, sat up and took her robe off, then laid back down and spread her legs.

Henry got on top of her

Henry looked into her eyes and said; "I would never be too tired if you were my wife !!" Then kissed her softly on the lips, as Lorra kissed him back with the same passion.
Lorra held his head gently as they softly kissed one another and surprisingly enough, they both looked deep into each other's eyes as though this was much more than there initial intentions.

"Oh Lorra...I never wanted to get married, but if I had someone like you, I would marry you and make love to you every night !!" He said with the upmost sincerity

Henry couldn't believe what he was saying, but actually meant it

Lorra never knew someone, even on the first date that would feel this way about her, yet found herself feeling the same way about Henry. Strange she thought, how utterly and wonderfully strange ?

Henry soon was kissing up and down her neck then moved his way down, kissing, sucking and licking on her nipples, then moving down to eat her out.

"Uhhhh...oh god that feels so damn good !!"

Henry stopped and looked up at her a moment and said; "You mean to tell me David never does this to you or for you ?"

"Never has !!" she said then pushed his head back down and moaned out more from the delight her pussy was getting as Henry flicked his tongue madly away at her clit

"Oh Henry...oh god oh god...Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh fuck henry...that was great !!"

"Hell honey, we have only just began." he said, then got on his knees and lifted up her leg and positioned his cock, then lifted the other leg and plunged his cock in as if his cock was having happy hour.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me.....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...oh jesus christ this feels sooooo goooooood...smack smack smack smack....Uhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhh....Uhhhhhhhhhh...smack smack smack smack...Uhhhhhhhhhhh
Oh god Henry...I'm gonna come...Uhhh...Uhhh....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...oh man !!"

Henry kept going but slowed down, sliding his massive shaft in and out of her as she moaned out with pleasure.

"If your wondering's called ( controlling ones self ), besides...I love to please the one I'm with fully before I get off!!"

"This feels great Henry but you need to relax to, lay down and let me ride you."

As soon as Henry laid down, Lorra grabbed his huge cock and helped herself to a good stuffing as she sat down on his massive member.

"Uhhhh god." she moaned then leaned forward as they kissed one another passionately

Henry slowly moved his cock in and out of Lorra as they kissed, and they had kissed each other for at least twenty minutes.

Lorra later sat up and moved her hips furiously, sending herself yet again to another orgasm

"Oh man Henry...I think I love you !!" she said but almost couldn't believe she heard herself saying it, yet meant it, then got off and laid down.

Henry mounted her again and let his cock slide in as Lorra moaned again and again and again. She is just heaven to me he thought as he laid kisses on her.
For the first time in his life, without thrusting, moving or anything, Henry stayed still, with his cock to the hilt inside her, kissing her passionately, he said; "I love you !!" and came,
and came and came and came, as he never had came before.

"Oh Henry...I never thought I'd feel this way...about...'anyone' !!" she said as she looked in his eyes for the same feeling, and she was gratified to find it, which made her fall in love with him even more.

They kissed and kissed and kissed till Henry got off of her, turned off the light, climbed back into bed, then they held each other and kissed and kissed till they both fell asleep.

The morning came and Henry woke up first, he looked over at Lorra, she looked so sweet to him, he then combed away the hair from her face with his hand, leaned over and kissed her.
Lorra came awake then and looked at Henry, smiling and feeling refreshed, but mainly thought it was a great comfort to wake up to someone watching her, being there.

"Morning honey." he said smiling, then kissed her on the lips as she accepted

Lorra felt below while looking at Henry.

"Oh must like what you see ?"

"Honey...I really do love what I see !!" he said in a soft voice as he looked at her with puppy dog eyes

Lorra looked at him in a special way while she brushed her hand around his hairy chest

He got up to get on top of her and just balled the shit out of her as if the world were going to end, as she moaned and came up a storm, again and again and again.
He then got off the bed, she thought that was it because she felt over satisfied but instead asked her to get on the edge of the bed doggy style.

" 'are beautiful' and I'm 'really falling in love with you' !!" he said, then moved his cock into her as she moaned out with not only the pleasure of his cock but his words that made her
feel that this is the way love should feel, so tender, so caring, fucking real !!

"Oh god Henry....oh god oh god...Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh god yes Henry fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...fu Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

As Lorra came the second time, Henry came with her........still hard inside Lorra, Lorra moved her hips franticly up and down, sending herself to a third orgasm, as well as exhaustion.

Lorra collapsed forward on the bed with a smile on her face, not wanting to get up, she just wanted to be left in this emotional daze of happy confusion.
Henry laid beside her and started massaging her back with his right hand while giving her kisses on her shoulder and cheek.
However it was the morning and they both needed to get up whether they wanted to or not and use the bathroom

Lorra came down in her robe to the breakfast table while Henry got dressed

"You two must of had quite a time last know honey...I've never seen you glow like this before !?"

"Mom...Henry is might have a problem...I think I'm really falling for can this happen ?!"

"Sometimes things happen for a reason dear...if it so happens that you get a divorce and windup with be far as I'm concerned dear, I just want to see you you should want for yourself as well !"

"Oh mom...the wonderful voice of reason."

"You know Lorra, I would hate for David to be hurt, but as they say, all is fair in love and war...I guess what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't feel bad for far as I see it...David seems to be married more to
his work than he is with you !"

"How did you ever become so wise ?" she said as she smiled at her mother

"That's a trade secret." she said as she smiled back "Oh Lorra, I have to tell you something...that perhaps you might be shocked at but...well I just have to tell you and I'd hate for you to think any less of me."

" this about you and dad in anyway ?"

" might say that...well I'll tell you...yesterday your father told me something that made me feel better, you may not no this, but for years...your father hasn't been able to...well...get it up, and your father was
understanding and unselfish enough that 'he' felt bad for 'me'...that he let know...and said it was OK with him if I needed get just so happens that yesterday...I did get so happened to be with Henry."

"I am a little shocked mom...but like you told me a few minutes ago...sometimes things happen for a reason, and just what you told me...should apply for you as well...I want to see you happy to !"

"Thank you dear...but there is more."

"More ?"

"Well as you know this idea of mine, well now has seem to...intertwine, and I..."

"I think I get it mean that from your plan of getting my wish of having a child and your...fuck buddy as they call it...would out, but now that I'm sure I rather be with Henry...your plan of...getting some is now interrupted...
well's a shock for's OK with me, we should both be happy, as well as fortunate, if it were someone else other than you...I would have to say no, but your my mother and I love you !"

They both got up and hugged each other

"By the way, when I initially asked Henry about doing this for you, you know, the baby...Um...he had asked about doing it at the same time ?"

"You bed...the both of us...with Henry ?"

"Yes, but of course I told him that I would have to ask you about that."

"Boy mom...things just keep getting stranger...a happy strange...however I don't mind." "So...what do I do about David ?"

"Does Henry feel the same way about you ?"

"Well from what he said and how he shows me such...tenderness...yes, I would believe so."

"Well, you just be absolutely sure first, then we can go from there, yes dear I said we, I'm not going to have you go through whatever with David alone !"

"Thanks mom."

By now Henry had come down to breakfast

"It certainly does wonders what a shower can do !" he said then came behind Lorra and started to massage her shoulders

"Um henry...can I talk to you about something, mom...would you mind, thank you ?" she said and waited for her mother to leave the room

"What is it honey ?" he said then took a seat

"I have been thinking about what you said last night...that is if you really meant it ?"

He held her hand in his, looked her in the eyes and said; "Lorra, I never felt this way about anyone before...really...if you got a divorce from your husband to marry me...I would not only feel happy but feel as if my life were complete !!"

Lorra didn't say a word, she just smiled and stood up as he did as well and they both held each other tight.

"That's all I wanted to hear and know for myself !"

"You mean ?"

"Yes Henry...I'm going to ask him for a divorce...and for some reason he won't give me one...I'll just stay here and be with you !"

They both didn't know that Anna was nearby eavesdropping, when she heard them finish, she came into the room.

"You know Lorra...I think I'm going to tell David the bad news."

"No mom...this is something I should do !"

Later on that afternoon.......

"Hey mom, did you want to do that thing you were talking about this morning ?"

"Well first things first, did you call David ?"

"I did and he was shocked...but said he would if that's what I wanted."

"Well that's a relief, and to think you would of had more of a problem with a divorce if there was a child involved...Um...that thing...oh yes that thing...OK !"

"Then go up to our room and tell Henry to meet us in your room in five minutes Ok."

"Alright then, but let me see if your father needs anything first."

Henry walked down the hallway and opened Anna's door, only to find Lorra and her mother side by side on the edge of the bed in a doggy style position, he smiled then closed the door.

After taking off his clothes and standing behind them with a stiff erection, he said; "Which one of you ladies would like to go first ?"

"You can start with your future mother-in-law, I don't mind." Lorra said with a smile

"Uhhhh god yes...I needed that...oh this feels Uhhh so uhhh Uhhh goooood !!"

Henry took his time and with great care, then after a few minutes, gave Lorra her fill.

"Uhhhh are Uhhhh so Uhhhh right mom Uhhhh !!"

Herny gave it to them good for an hour, each one getting filled for at least three minutes a piece before switching to the next one. At some point he laid down on the bed and said; "OK now, let's try of
you sit on my face while the other sits on my cock...then switch."

Lorra had chosen to sit on his face first, then when she got situated, Anna sat down on his thick cock and wailed out moaning. Both ladies had such a great time that afternoon that they both decided
to make it an everyday occurrence of pleasure.

Months had passed and Lorra had finally got her divorce and got married to Henry, after a time, Henry gave Lorra what she had wanted for sometime, a baby boy, which they named Rod.

( I was premature in saying I would never write again, I just had a relative die, "my aunt" and while going over some notes,letter's and a diary I found, well,
this is actually her story, the side of my Aunt Anna I never knew about. I remember when I was little going over her house every year, years later, I never
would have thought that of my aunt, never !! Everything in this story is true, my aunt was very explicit when she wrote this in her diary. As far as my
cousin Lorra, and Henry goes, as far as their conversations went, I mean, well my Aunt Anna 'would know', she always was an eavesdropper and put everthing
she heard in her diary !! My cousin Lorra would have been the one going through her things, if she wasn't killed four years earlier by a drunk driver.
If she had been alive and found her diary, I would have never known !! )

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