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So in the last part I didn't really introduce my characters so I think I will do it here.

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As Chris drove home feeling satisfied with his night’s antics, he was despite to try it again and see how far he could make Emily go. He wanted to be able to explore her mind even more, but due to her having to work all day till late at night every day of the holidays it was going to be hard to find the time. Now Chris was an average build and just below average height but he wasn’t exactly short for his age. After sitting around at home for a few hours he got horny again and this being mixed with being very board got his thoughts wandering. Rather than being with Emily he realised if he did try, all the girls he could think of knew that he was in a relationship and they wouldn’t want to step into that kind of mess. So Chris decided to try something new. He knew of one girl who he thought was cute. Her name was Sam and she had a nice set of B cup breasts and short dark hair. Along with being quite petite she was also known to swing both ways.

After experimenting around in front of the mirror Chris started to shape shift himself into another fit girl who he knew from school Talia. She was short and petite like Sam but she had nice C cup breasts and a toned ass from cheerleading. He tried by stripping down and then starting with her breasts. This was the easy part, and then he decided to rid his manhood as it shrunk and formed into a tight and cleanly shaven pussy. He slimed down his legs and stomach and then continued to grow out his hair and shift his facial features around. After all of this he looked into the mirror and was surprised to see one of the many girls who he had fantasised about staring back at him in the mirror. Slowly he rubbed his nipples causing them to become erect almost immediately. He then trailed a hand down to his now moist pussy as he fondled his breasts with his free hand. A slight moan escaped his soft lips as his fingers rubbed over his hard clit. Before he could help himself he was jamming 2 fingers deep into his tight and wet pussy. He didn’t hold back as moans escaped and he fell back onto the bed. As he lay down he felt the sensation of his heavy breasts separating and falling down his sides. As he jabbed at his pussy, angling his fingers so that he could hit his G spot his other hand went from fondling his perky tits to start rubbing on his hard clit. It didn’t take long until he was undergoing a bone shattering orgasm as his body stiffened up and the he started to shake. Once his orgasm had passed he lay there in the afterglow and was amazed at how horny he still was.

Deciding to experiment a little more he got out his phone and set it on his dresser with the camera facing the bed. Setting it to video he began recording as he pulled out a hairbrush and lay down on the bed. He slowly rubbed the handle over his dripping wet pussy. He dipped the tip in before plunging it into his waiting hole. Slowly he removed the brush and seductively rubbed the end over his erect nipples before bringing the wet handle up to his mouth as he seductively sucked his juices off of the handle. He then got on his hands and knees with his sexy ass pointed towards the camera. He looked back seductively as he rubbed the handle up and down his moist slit, getting the brushes handle nice and slick as he then began to trial it up his ass. He then trailed the brush down again leaving a moist trail after it as he repeated this again. The brushes handle was sitting all wet and greased from his pussy juices and was sitting waiting at the entrance to his asshole. He let out a groan as he began to slowly push the handle into his nether region. The sound of the moan in Talia’s voice turned him on even more and forced him to plunge the handle in the rest of the way. Slowly he began to pump at his asshole while moaning in pleasure as the hairbrushes handle stretched him open. As he got closer he used his other hand and bought it to his clit, rubbing it hard causing him to scream out in pleasure into his pillow. This was all too much as he again came to an earth shattering orgasm, violently convulsing while rubbing his clit until his arm seized in cramp. After recovering for a few minutes while lying down in the afterglow of his second orgasm for the day he removed the handle from his asshole. He then stood and turned off the camera, hiding the file for later reference.

Now he was going to have some real fun, but he realised that he couldn’t go out naked and had no female clothes that he could wear. This was quite a predicament and he realised that he hadn’t quite thought all the details through. Not to be put off he decided to shift back into his original form and head over to Emily’s. He knew she wasn’t due back from work for hours and he arrived with his sports bag over his shoulder. As Emily’s mum answered the door, she was quite surprised to see him there. “Emily is at work at the moment and won’t be home till around 11” She said. He quickly made up a quick excuse that he left his phone somewhere in her room the other day. With no second thoughts Emily’s mum let him in, and said, “You know where it will be but be warned it’s a pigsty in there at the moment”. Chris walked on in and wasn’t surprised to see that there were clothes strewn across the room. He quickly opened the wardrobe and found what he was looking for, 2 short party dresses that Emily had bought online but where too big in the chest. Knowing that she wouldn’t notice them missing he jammed them into his bag and began searching through the rest of the clothes piled on the bed. Finding a nice short miniskirt and blouse he thought he was done as he turned towards the door. Suddenly something out the edge of his eye caught his attention, as he turned to her duchess and found her underwear draw. Quickly he managed to fish out some sexy lace panties and a nice matching bra. Knowing he was forgetting one thing he went back to the closet to look around one last time and spotted what he was after. Some sexy 4 inch stilettos that would go perfectly with the outfits he had chosen. Happy with his haul he put them in his bag and then put his hoodie on top so that Emily’s mother wouldn’t suspect anything. As he walked down the hall he yelled towards the kitchen that he had found his phone, and was on his way.

He fought the urge to run home with all the excitement and ended up in quite a brisk walk. On his walk home he thought about how he was going to seduce Sam and have his way with her. This was proving to be difficult as while he knew she swung both ways, he didn’t know what girls that she found attractive. He did know however that she worked in a department store in town in the lingerie section. Suddenly he had an idea and as soon as he was home he rushed to his room and opened the bag, spilling the contents all over the bed. Stripping down he then slid the sexy lace panties up his legs as he began to shift into the short sexy frame of Talia. The feeling of the soft lace against his smooth legs was further amplified by the cool breeze that was flowing through his open window on the hot summer’s day. He then went for the bra, knowing already that it would be too small he struggled with the clasp as he tried to do it up behind his back. After frustratingly trying he turned the bra around and did up the clasp and the slid it back the right way around. There was a feeling of a great weight being lifted off his chest as the positioned his breasts in the cups of the bra that was much too small. After some adjustment he knew it wouldn’t take much for one to fall out as the bra struggled to contain his magnificent tits. The feeling of his nipples rubbing across the fabric had his pussy starting to tingle. Instead of addressing the problem, he decided to slip on the miniskirt that was barely covering his pert ass, and then slipped into the plain blouse, leaving the top buttons undone to show off his cleavage. He then slipped into the heels and almost fell over straight away. He reminded himself that he would have to be careful as he didn’t want to break his ankle he practiced walking down the hallway. Finding the best method was to walk almost like on a tightrope with one foot in front of the other he finally managed to mater the heels. Looking in the mirror as he walked away he also noticed that it caused his ass to swing in a sensuous way causing him to get even more excited with his pussy aching to be touched. Resisting the urge he made his way downstairs and out the door, walking into town. When he reached the department store he was quite surprised to see how large the lingerie section was. After finding the counter and asking for a measuring (Disappointed that he couldn’t see Sam anywhere nearby), he followed the shop assistant into the fitting rooms to get measured. After finding what size he was, a nice 34 C he went about looking for some nice sexy bras and matching panties. After finding what he wanted he took them up to the counter and was excited to see Sam sitting behind the desk. She smiled and Chris could tell she was checking out his tits and ass as he walked towards her. He smiled and as she begun to scan the items through. Once she was done she then reached into her pocket and swiped another card over the counter, giving Chris a wink and saying she had just given her 60% off. Delighted with how this was going Chris decided to get a little flirty and asked for Sam’s number. Sam was more than obliged to give her number and then said she was off in 15 min if she wanted to wait. Trying not to sound too eager Chris paused and then said yes, making arrangements to meet at Sam’s car in 20 minutes.

Now being very excited Chris thought about sneaking into the toilets and rubbing himself to orgasm but decided he would wait for Sam to do that and let the release be even more special than he knew it would be. Deciding to use his time to look around he noticed an adult toys store across the road. Deciding to get up to some mischief he went over and started looking through the store at all the toys. Not long after entering the shop assistant came over and asked if he was 18, knowing Talia was 18 last month he said yes, and reached out and touched the shop assistants hand. As soon as he did this he could see all her thoughts and he quickly erased the doubt that he was under the age of 18. As soon as he released her hand the shop assistant then asked what she was after. Looking at the selection of dildos, vibrators and other more erotic toys he began to ask about the dildos. The shop assistant instantly grabbed one and recommended it. It was an 8 inch long dildo that was quite thick and even had a hole in the end where lube would automatically come out to keep the dildo lubed when you turned on a switch on the bottom. Looking at the vibrators and deciding on some egg shaped ones he grabbed them and a tube of lube. Approaching the counter the shop assistant then pulled out a double ended dildo and placed it on the counter next to all the other stuff saying that she would though it in for free. Delighted with his purchases, he made his way back across the road to the car park building to wait for Sam to finish her shift. It wasn’t long before he saw her sexy frame come into view, and as she approached, Chris decided to drop his bags and walk towards her. Pulling her into a tight hug, causing both of their perky tits to mash together as Chris then leaned in and placed a light kiss on Sam’s lips. She was stunned and then pulled him back and began to kiss him back exploring his mouth with her tongue. After breaking the kiss, Chris told her to get in the car as he had a surprise for her. As they sat in the car Chris said they should go to Sam’s house for some more privacy, and before he could finish they were racing towards her house. Chris giggled to himself as he thought what would happen if when they went back to school next week Sam goes up to Talia and kisses her, what Talia’s reaction would be like.

As they arrived at Sam’s place she the kissing resumed, but with even more passion than before. Chris was surprised at how easy it was to get with this petite vixen. He remembered his bags of shopping as reached into the car and grabbed the dildos that he had bought at the sex shop. There was lots of kissing and groping as they stumbled into the house and made their way down the hall into Sam’s room, with the two of them collapsing onto the bed. Sam broke the kiss and let out a gasp. “I knew you would be back for more” she said while licking her lips seductively, “I haven’t forgotten about last time as well you kinky slut”. The tables where turning what had Talia and Sam been up to that Chris didn’t know about. He had to find out and quick, as he reached out and touched her hand. Instantly he could see into her thoughts and recalled the moments Sam and Talia had spent together. What he saw shocked him… To be continued

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