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Lana emerges changed, and begins to spread her corruption...!
Terror from Above, Part II

"Status report?" A gruff, weary voice spoke over the communique from the outpost the freedom fighters were stationed within the underground, "abandoned" complex.

"Sir, we've combed the area inside and out where both Weathers and Lana were managing the perimeter near the Freezer area. Looks like it was mostly cleaned out, by which of them we don't know," said the matte black rag-tagged uniformed freedom fighter, searching out with three other fully armed personnel with him, all of which have taken the liberty to wear breather masks and body armor in the event there was some unknown threat that really was capable of taking them down.

After all, Lana was one of the most seasoned fighters when she wasn't sashaying her incredibly distracting figure at all the younger rookies....

"Exactly how can you not find both ONE rookie and ONE seasoned, trained, commando that could take you all apart within the drop of a cigar?!" The commander growled with frustration at the man scouting out the dank smelling area for their two MIA's.

"I'm not saying that, sir," the subordinate said evenly, trying to maintain a disciplined and controlled tone to his understandingly frustrated superior, "all I'm saying is what I'm seeing. I have three other fully capable men with me that can vouch for that, and we're making sure nothing is inhaled to confuse that point, or ambushing us to keep from reporting the facts to you."

"Dammit! I should've known that the Order abandoned this rotting bunker for a reason," the commander swore aloud, self consciously blaming himself now for sending the perfectly healthy, capable, if not beautiful soldier to her doom with Weathers.

"We may have missed a pass somewhere sir...we're not giving up until we at least find something indicating their locations, sir," the subordinate tried reassuring his commander, not wanting morale to be lost at the base due to the frustration of their sole superior officer.

"I appreciate that, Williams. Its just a shame that whatever is going on could just be a simple sinkhole or some conflagration bug's web that's been dead too long to check its ancient traps," the Commander rationalized, knowing that the mutated pests have often killed each other as well as the perimeter sweeps they do on a daily basis, making any nests or territory they used to cover abandoned and untended to.

"We'll find them, Commander," Williams said with certainty in his voice, even as he let his light filter through the shady corners throughout the cold, dark corridors.

"I know you will, son. Carry on, then."

"Williams out."


"Mmmmmmmmm," Lana's mind thought as she had muted moans from within her fleshy prison. She continually felt mindblowing sensations flow through her, as electric pulsation after pulsation of orgasmic shocks flooded her overwhelmed mind and nervous system.

The immersion into the flesh wall with what she thought was a digestion sac - for the term "flower" seemed less apt for the environment she was occupying at the moment- caused her body to be flooded with more of the aphrodisiac slime, having her nearly breathe in the vat. As the flower filled with copious amounts, she felt the tendrils slather it further into her pores and skin, making her adapt and transform within the fleshy sea of the organism's body.

" so strange...ngh," she thought as she continually gurgled from slime pouring out her mouth and nose, even her eyes began to leak some out but it didn't destroy anything or melt her like she thought it would -despite what her outrageously incredible overdoses of orgasmic climbs told her- almost as if her body was accepting it, "I...oh fuck...that I would be....di-mmmm...digested by now...oh wow...!"

While Lana would've been correct, had she been male, the creature acted with entirely different goal and mindset when it came to females. While indeed poor Weathers was by now melded into the flesh walls with his own body itself, Lana's body was now being re-purposed to suit the needs it needed, now it awoke from its hibernation cycle. Her body's insides were being restructured and re-purposed, hence the invasion of the assuredly sex slime was actually the larvae essence of creature itself.

The more slathered a creature would be, the more webbed it would become, until it would form a cocoon and pleasuring its host until its transformation stage would take place. Instead, the "mother" creature decided to implant part of its essence into her.

This is what Lana was experiencing within her spasms of amazing riding orgasm highs. The tendrils and slime began transforming her insides, lubing her skin, entering her pores, swimming through her blood stream, tapping into her nervous system -quite liberally- , entering and filling her orifices, and finally...rewriting her brain functions, with the miniscule tendrils snaking from a pair of average appearing tentacles into her ears.

It began telling her things, subtle things, like what she should do differently, what her compulsions should be, and what her aim should be. These things would make her a willing extension and slave to the organism, ensuring its "plans" would be put forth and that she'd attain them perfectly. Her body would soon appear a little more than human, but on the inside...would something entirely else than any of her comrades would expect, until it was too late.


"This sucks!" Reynolds, one of the masked volunteers to find their buxom beauty commando from wherever she got lost or captured.

"Quite your whining, pussy," growled Barton, one of the larger men and more responsible besides their leader, Williams as they advanced into the dark knocked down corridor they just discovered without knowing. Their lights were shining down the halls, and were only picking slight decay, a rare comparison to all the gunk and burnt wreckage they picked up where they knew Lana had been in.

"I'm just saying that if anything happens to Lana, its going to suck bad!" Reynolds continued, shaking his safety enacted assault rifle up and down slightly in emphasis, due to the mask covering his face.

"What? Do you actually care for her, rookie, or are you more concerned about your fantasy life?" Williams asked in a bemused tone, his smirk could be even heard in the tone of his voice.

"Both! She's like the hottest babe who's working for the resistance besides those other S.T.I.L.E.T.T.O cyber freak babes, and they're almost more machine than actual meat-worthy material!" Reynolds whined, while also speaking vaguely in awe of the enemy's new cybernetic commando force.

"I heard the latest models are more real than what real gets, if you know what I mean," Zeke, the shortest and the most smartest of the bunch, smiled sleazily behind his mask, "a buddy of mine managed to escape the clutches of one of the Stiletto-chicks, but not before he got a good squeeze off her rack..."

"You're shitting me?!" Barton asked, now actually intrigued knowing when Zeke spoke he's was almost always dead on with his information.

"No joke, I just had contact with him at 0900 five standard service days ago," Zeke said, puffing out his chest while walking in a more confident, upstart stance, "these babes are supposed to be five times deadlier, and ten times hotter than the last series. I think they're called the 'XXX' series, or something like that..."

"Makes you wonder how they're doing it, and why they're only doing women," Williams said in a more disgruntled tone, growling with the indication that the corporations working for the U.S.F. would actually be taking live tissue and body parts to mass produce the perfectly made commando, "freaking facist perverts!"

"Easy there, Will," Barton tried to calm his commanding officer down, patting him on the back.

"We'll find her, sir," Zeke said with a nod, rearranging his posture to a more straight one, even as they slowly walked down to a less dark area down the corridor, "you can count on it."

"That's the thing the fascist bastards will never understand," Reynolds spoke with a more appreciative, solemn tone, "no matter what they do, they can't do better than Lana did with her own au naturale buxom hotness!"

"Oh for the love of-" Barton was about the slap Reynolds upside the head when suddenly Williams grabbed his wrist suddenly, stopping all movement while holding his gun into a fist position for the others to stop, "what?!"

"I see a boot," Williams said as he pointedly shined his flashlight attached handgun towards what looked like a standardized boot most of them wore, "and I think that's Weathers' boot."

Zeke went ahead to retrieve it, bending down and shining his own flashlight attached weapon, before he swore lowly. Turning his head, he pointed at the boot, "Possible containment residue on Weathers' boot."

"Alright," Williams nodded, turning to Reynolds while pointing at Zeke, "get out the containment container shell. I don't want anyone touching that."

"Hope it doesn't spill whatever pissing shit's on it," Reynolds muttered underneath his breath, walking over while taking out a special metallic sealed, black bag before Zeke dished out some prongs. With slow, careful hands they managed to drop the boot into the back and seal it, compressing some of the air out of it for easier travel packaging.

"Wonder what happened to the poor slob?" Barton asked curiously as he observed the chamber entrance they began walking past where they found the boot, "I mean...I don't see any signs of struggle or fighting happening? Not even a drag doesn't add up..."

"It would if read the toxicity readings I'm getting," Zeke stated as he held up a crackling, beating air-thrometer, measuring the pureness and clarity of the air around them, mostly used to ferret out toxic gases deployed by enemies past and present, "its pretty high, and its not one I would call a natural gas or even a poison. Its like it has some other properties other than...-"

"We'll have the bucket heads study it later when we confirmed this place is secure," Williams said without patience for the details and speculations at the moment. He's looking for two people, living or dead, and he'd rather not speculate the oddities of a ancient base than find his people.

"This place doesn't feel right, Will," Barton said as he trained his assault rifle to and fro around the warehouse, seeing almost a mist of the unfathomably unknown air properties, "this looks like an abandoned supply depot they kept within this bunker, but where are all the bodies? I don't see any signs of battle or anyone trying to claim these canisters or cargo why didn't we find this place already?"

"Beats me-"

"Williams!" Reynolds called out in surprise, waving his hand at him as he rushed towards what looked like a body from a distance, obviously feminine from the curves and build, "I think we found her!"


It wasn't until too long that when the squad found Lana they retrieved her unconscious form back to base. The residue on her was considered toxic and they considered her a current health risk to the rest of the base. With this in mind, they sent her to an isolation ward, but made sure to keep her in good company as well as daily visits by the doctor.

On the second day of her bed-ridden state, Lana's eyes opened slowly, her mind feeling a little fuzzy and the bright lights blurred her vision temporarily. Waving a hand up, she tried to block out the bright artificial lights, moaning in slight protest of them being on...only to have a lithe, soft hand grab her wrist gently and place it down on her lap.

"You shouldn't be moving so soon, Lana," brunette nurse spoke with a soft, empathetic smile. Her hair was fastened into a ponytail, and what she lacked in generous bust size that Lana endowed she made up for a lithe hourglass waist and a supple ass. One too many times the medics have tried to seduce her, only to find them with disappointment and possibly broken noses, "I'm Lisa, by the way."

"Oh...hey," Lana said with a smile, suddenly feeling a surging warmth building up in her chest and travel up her face, making her appearing to blush as she stared at her emerald eyes a little longingly. Blinking after catching herself, she rubbed her face with both of her hands, "how long was I out?"

"42 hours," Lisa said in a soft, yet logic-filled tone as she waltzed over to the counter across from Lana's bed, digging around the paperwork, "you came in covered with what they think was some kind of toxic residue. They cleaned you off thoroughly, but they wanted you here in a sterile environment to speed up your recovery and keep most of the sick patients from you."

"Who found me?" Lana asked, propping herself on her elbows, suddenly curious who the Commander would send after her.

"Sergeant Williams led a team through the Northeast sector of the base where you were," Lisa said to what she knew, before shrugging her sleeveless white linen shirt with a red cross painted mismatched over her defined figure on her clothing, while she scooted her short skirted legs against the counter, "but that's all I was granted to know. Apparently you discovered a new portion of the base we didn't know about until now. Something we can probably use against the U.S.F.'s special forces, or its some nasty surprise they left behind, I'm just guessing right now."

"Oh, right," Lana suddenly felt fuzzy images and memories pop into her head, almost simultaneously. She remembered the surreal air that made her body feel hot...the goo she found on Weathers' boot...the bath of the stuff and found herself restrained unknowingly to her predator. She remembered the sheer ecstasy it gave her...riding her up before swallowing her whole...!

"Can you tell me what happened, Lana?" Lisa asked curiously, walking over to Lana's side before kneeling down to eye level with her, barely a foot away from Lana's face.

Lana's eyes began lock on Lisa's, feeling her breath sudden emit a thin vapor she unintentionally built up within her, spreading it across Lisa's face, causing her to cough slightly.

"L-Lana, wh-what are you-?"

Lana's body began moving on its own accord. The accord of lust.

The heat she felt when she saw Lisa was unbearable, and she wanted this delectably gorgeous woman, right now.

Reaching out swiftly, Lana used surprisingly recovered strength to pull Lisa's now infected breathing mouth onto her own, snaking her tongue into hers while breathing more vapor into the confused woman's throat while sucking on her lips.

"Mmmmngh?! Mmmm!" Lisa tried to protest behind the wet sucking and slathering within their meshed lips, but could only whimper and moan as Lana began rubbing her hair, and grasping her average-sized breasts, feeling them softly and lovingly.

"Muaaaahhh!" Lana exhaled and sloppily released her mouth from Lisa, a thin trail of saliva hung in space from between their tongues. Lisa, who by now was breathing a thin pink mist in and out of her own mouth, with a flushed expression that seemed to have crawled down all the way to her neck and beyond. Her eyes were now hazy with lust.

The two of them soon grasped each others breasts wildly, clamping each others mouths together for a wet tango embrace, their tongues caressed each other inside their wet silky mouths. They moaned in unison as their breasts were fondled, making each other even hornier and hot inside their lust-filled bodies.

Soon Lana found herself ripping Lisa's tight shirt off with surprising strength, and reached for her small melons, caressing them with adoration before latching onto one nipple then the other with loud slurping and sucking noises.

"Omigod! Mmmmm!" Lisa moaned out, finding Lana's mouth to be much more enjoyable than any other she's felt. Lisa has had her share of sexual ventures, but right now none of them were even starting to compare than her current time spent with Lana's hot body and succulent mouth.

"Muah!" A slimy kiss came from Lana's mouth on her strangely glistening globes, smiling with enjoyment at seeing Lisa pant and moan from her stimulation she was being given, "now its my turn."

With that said, Lana undid her hospital gown with one swift motion, revealing her bountifully generous cleavage. Grasping them in each hand, she lifted them up in front of Lisa and herself, latching onto one of her own large pointed nipples while winking at her.

The sight of seeing Lana present her beautifully large breasts was all the invitation she needed, and seeing her suck on one of her abnormally large, perky tits sent her over the edge. With a throaty moan of wanton, Lisa crawled onto Lana's bed and grasped her free unattended breast, admiring its rosy pink color that surrounded the light pink nipple. Licking her lips in anticipation, she leaned over to her lover's nipple and clamped it with her mouth, and proceeded to suck in as much of the breast as she could.

Lana moaned within her own breast, unlatching it with her mouth to leave more strangely warm and sticky saliva around her breast, lathering it to her own personal satisfaction, while enjoying Lisa's ministrations. When Lisa released her nipple, she dove for the other one, sucking on the strangely sweet and succulent saliva covered melon, while Lana rubbed her freshly sucked breast with enjoyment, moaning loudly with pleasure.

Lisa gasped as she released her breast from her mouth, thick stream of saliva slathered her mouth and down onto Lana's chest and breast. Looking at her moaning friend, Lisa wiggled out of her skirt and panties with wild wanton, and then straddled her new found lover, whispering, "I want you!"

"Mmmmmmmm!" Lana moaned, bucking her hips upward into Lisa's, her glistening smooth wet nether lips grazed Lisa's, causing her to fall flat on her chest against Lana's. The other woman soon reciprocated the action, and soon found each other entwining their limbs and breathing heavily, half-lidded stares clouded their vision as they began grinding each other muffs against each other.

It was then, at this moment, Lana felt her insides stir with incredible sensation and wonder. Lana let out a throaty moan as her eyes went to the back of her head, grinding up harder against Lisa and holding her down tighter than she had earlier. Lisa was too lost in her oncoming orgasm to sense the danger, for she closed her eyes and leaned her mouth just bare inches above Lana's.

"I-I-I'm g-g-gonna c-cum!" She panted out, loving the feeling of this woman's body on hers. She wished this wouldn't stop ever.

Lana then stuck her tongue out, causing copious amounts of the same residue that had ensnared her into the belly of the beast to pour out of her mouth and cover her cheeks and chin, in the wake of something else exiting. A lone red, thick appendage protruded forwards, almost tentatively considering the proximity of the other woman's mouth. But within a throaty longing moan of Lisa's orgasm waving upon her, the tentacle seized its opportunity and slid between the brunette's wide open mouth, all the way to the back of her throat.

Lisa's eyes opened suddenly with shock for two reasons. One, her body's orgasm didn't feel like it was going down anytime soon, leaving her blissfully exhausted and surreal. The next, a alien appendage was coming down her throat and out of her new lover's mouth, and she had no idea why she liked it so much!

"Mmmmmmm!" Lisa moaned around the appendage, sucking on the thick muscly, smooth tissue before swallowing it eagerly, helping its descent into her body. Even as the muscular tentacle traveling down her throat slowly, producing countless sensations throughout her body, higher than her orgasm was even carrying her, another pair of appendages came out of Lana's ass and grinding muff. The latter seemed to be able to slide its girth into her without trouble, manipulating its mass to make sure it wouldn't stretch her too much, but would gradually build up back into its former size. The same was said of the one exiting and reentering into Lisa's ass, snaking upwards past her colon and into her intestines with amazing ecstasy released into the woman's body.

Lisa's eyes rolled back and began bucking and grinding against the big busted beauty for all the tentacles were releasing incredible amounts of slime inside her, causing her brain spasm with pleasure and nearly pass out. The appendages, while only partially visible through Lana's body, were clearly defined and bulging within Lisa's. It was when the tentacles from her intestines and stomach met at the same point, that the tentacle stopped bundling within her womb. A strange sensation was unleashed through both women, causing them to moan past their meaty gags, as suddenly the ends became severed at the point of entry, leaving them to squirm down and inside Lisa while the remainder retracted back into Lana.

"W-W-Wow...that...felt...amazing, mmmm!" Lisa exclaimed, though out of breath she could still revel in the feel of the tentacles squirming on her insides, causing her to moan and shiver with delight.

"Aren't they?" Lana asked rhetorically, rubbing Lisa's smooth back with both hands, also enjoying the movement of her new found convert's tentacles bumping against her skin along her own, "they're just temporary to make sure your controlled, I think. It wants you to come to it for"

"Where? What is it?" Lisa asked in blissful shivers, smiling while staring at her new found lover's face.

Lana bit her lower lip, smiling mischievously, "Come with me tonight...and I'll lead you to that place."


It wasn't until too long that Lana agreed to take Lisa to see the creature that gave her these tentacles and deployed "controllers" into Lisa to make her obedient to Lana until she was..."introduced" to it.

However, the Commander was soon informed that Lana was awake and he wanted to debrief her on her situation.

"Lana," the Commander said with a nod, as he stood over her bed, having since been cleaned of the evidence of Lana's earlier escapade with the nurse, Lisa. Lana was also still dressed in her hospital gown, looking at the Commander with a serious expression, knowing her disappearance and discovery is no funny matter.

"commander," she replied firmly.

"Normally, I'd take any person who disappeared without calling in and reappeared without harm would be punished and given the most grueling tasks for the next week I can concoct," the Commander began, speaking logically and without any real blame placed on Lana, "but, under the circumstances, you're one of our best soldiers and you weren't gone for too long. Its the fact that you managed to detour off to another unknown sector of this abandoned bunker we're using as headquarters, WITHOUT checking in with me about it, is what you're really responsible for."

"I understand sir," Lana bowed her head in slight shame, wincing at remembering she waltzed into the storage depot without even an inclination to call in for orders or support, "it was a stupid call to emter in part of the base without proper equipment."

"Williams was the one who found you," the Commander said, crossing his arms over his weathered medal adorned uniform chest, raising his brow in query, "did you see him?"

Lana sighed, massaging her temples as she spoke, "Commander, with all due respect, he and I are history. I'm grateful he pulled me off my ass and cleaned me up, but there's really nothing that either of you can say to make me speak to him."

The Commander sighed nodding to her absentmindedly before he decided to make his leave.

"Yes well, the doctor's have examined you and have given you a clean bill of health," the commander said as he turned around, saying while waving behind himself, "just try and not overdo it, you hear me, Lana?"

"Don't worry about me sir!" Lana called after him, smiling coyly and knowingly, "I'm definitely not going to be the one who's going to be overdoing it."


It wasn't until that very night, Lisa walked into the isolation block, waking up Lana with a arousing, wet kiss. After exchanging pleasantries, Lana went and dressed herself in a night robe, barely containing her luscious hips and succulent large breasts, before leading Lisa out.

It wasn't until they were almost out the door, Lisa said hesitantly, "Ummmm, Lana, there's something I have to tell you..."

"What is it? You can tell me as we're moving," Lana said, opening the door before finding a surprise of her own. Lana found herself blushing and blinking owlishly at what she saw were two young college aged girls. They both sported rosy blushes common to those who've been converted and had sported equally luscious bods.

The one on Lana's right had black midnight hair and fair skin where the blush didn't touch. Her violet eyes looked away from Lana's gaze nervously, as her body sported a pair of fairly generous sized breasts a thin accentuated waist past her hips down to silky legs. She was also wearing a robe, and was slightly shivering at the base's current temperature.

The other was a redhead, with two long bangs that hung framed on either side of her face down to her shoulders in a thick braid while her hair behind her was fastened into a high ponytail that stretched down to the small of her back. She had a smaller chest, but made up for it in a angular and beautiful face with cute lips and sapphire eyes. She was soft at sight and touch, and was a head taller than most of the girls there, making her a exotic rarity between all three busty girls.



"Hi," Lana said after the black haired girl spoke up first and then her redhead friend. She then noticed they were shivering slightly, not because of the base's temperature, but because of what was now suspected in them. Lana narrowed her eyes before smirking, turning her smirk and knowing grin at a sheepish Lisa, tapping her bare foot expectantly, "it seems you couldn't help yourself till tonight, could you?"

"Y-Yeah," Lisa laughed slightly before introducing the two girls to Lana, "this is Laura and this is Grace," she said swiftly, pointing to the redhead first before pointing to the black haired beauty next.

"N-Nice to meet you, Lana," Laura blushed and turned her gaze to Lana's unmistakeably large breasts hidden behind her robe.

"Yes, we heard a lot about you around the base. And what Lisa told us after...showing us our purpose," Grace said hesitantly, with a bit of a musky tone.

Lana chuckled, reaching out and shaking each of the nervous girls' hands, already licking her lips in anticipation of them following them to where she was going to lead Lisa, "Do you girls know where we're going?"

Both of them nodded, hence the blush.

"Are you sure you want this?" Lana huskily asked, reaching her hand up to each of the girl's cheeks and brushed them softly, seducing them into the choice they already have made in their minds.

"Yesssss," Grace moaned out, closing her eyes and reveling Lana's touches for a promise of greater things to come.

"So badly, mmmm," Laura said out crossing her arms in front of her while rubbing her palms in a nervous habit gesture, but half smiled at the caress.

Lana smiled as she retracted her hands, saying with a arched gesture of her back, placing both hands on her hips as she said, "Then follow me."


As the girls followed for what seemed like forever, in actuality was only fifteen minutes of quiet walking, they arrived into the warehouse with the amazing scented musk and the sporadically placed goo puddles.

Lisa and the other two girls all walked close to each other, but gradually the heat within was being strengthened by the incredible air they breathed, heading towards the center of where Lana was first turned.

Lana then turned around,

"We wait here," she said, walking towards Lisa with a smile, huskily adding, "and have some fun until she wakes up."

Lisa smiled back knowingly, wrapping her arms around Lana's shoulders as Lana wrapped her arms around Lisa's waist and pulled her flush against her naked self. After breathing heavily for a few moments, Lana leaned forward and latched her mouth onto Lisa's, beginning a dance of saliva and tongue between her first convert. The two women moaned as they began groping, sliding, and pawing at each other bodies, eventually shedding the robes they borrowed for the nightly escapade onto the floor as they continued their lovemaking.

Following her lead as they saw their model woman begin making love with Lisa, Laura slowly loosened the knot around her waist of her own robe, letting it drift off her slender immaculate shoulders before it felt behind her heels and ankles.

As Grace locked her eyes on Laura's form, she gulped audibly, her face noticeably flushed and hot, not taking her eyes off her for a second. As she began loosening her own robe's knot, Laura began rubbing her body up and down, smoothing out her delectable figure while also squeezing her delectable looking breasts, moaning in anticipation.

Both girls could also feel as well as see faint ripples within their abdomens as the tentacles within them began heightening their arousal, as well as beckon them to each other. As soon as they bridged the gap between their bodies, they immediately grasped each other heads and asses, groping and sloppily kissing each other with a desperate passion, moaning and groaning with pleasure as they began giving into their lust.

As the sounds of moans and groans filled the storage bay, the sound of dripping and splashing could be heard. Lana knew with a smile, as she suckled on her friend's breast, having gotten down and began frigging her with her own fingers, causing her brunette friend to buck and moan loudly. Lana herself felt her insides shiver in anticipation, and causing her stomach to wriggle downwards, back to her vaginal tunnel...

"Mmmmmmmm," Lana purrs out, as a thick velvety piece of luscious meat came out of her pussy, stretching it to long and wide proportions. As it slicked out with a wet, stretching manner, it reared itself back to Lisa's own vagina, and then penetrated her, causing the other girl to moan hotly in sync with Lana.

The splashes became more frequent, far too frequent from Lana's dulling mind. As she looked around, she didn't see the long, knotted tongue of the plant. Instead, she saw the entire mouth and throat elongated down amidst the loving four women, faintly observing while exhaling a large amount of pink mist amongst them.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" This caused a chorus of synchronized moans, as the dulling fog began to cause them all to go into a libido of extra-normal levels. As soon as they all looked dormant, and unable to move, the petals of the mouth opened up wide, as if prepping itself for something.

To Lana's giddy surprise, the plant's mouth began letting loose thick copious amounts of thick sensual fluid upon both pairs of girls, causing them all to be drenched in the sensually arousing fluid. This encouraged Lana to adjust her position with Lisa, clasping her hands and wrapping her legs one over the other, scissoring with each other as the sticky liquid glued them together in the midst of their love-making, with the tentacle moving back and forth between their contracting vaginal tunnels.

As Lana and Lisa basked in their ritual, the plant moved over to the two other girls, both of them halting a steamy make-out session to look starry eyed at the large organic flower moving towards them both. What came next, as far as Lana could see in the midst of panting and scissoring Lisa, is something she remembered all too well.

A thick, knotted tentacle-like tongue moved out of the mouth, brushing around the girls mouths and lapping their faces, causing them to coo and purr in a submissive manner. As it brushed down Grace's form, it briefly circled around her breasts, squeezing them before doing the same to Laura's, causing them to interchange their own moans of delight. This was only heightened even moreso due to the aphrodysiac agent running through their pores and in their veins, making them hypnotized by pleasure and unaware of any danger they'd be in.

As the tentacle moved behind Grace's pleasantly plump crevice, straight between her ass, Grace stood up and squatted over the tongue. Even she could tell what the monster truly wanted. After teasing the entrance, it began to contort and then squeeze with near effortless strength into Grace's ass, running straight up and through her body.

Laura became enamored as she could see the detailed, thick trail of the ongoing piece of meat rushing through her body, moving up past her waistline, and then twirling around her abdominal track, like a series of bulging tubes filled past their point of tolerance. All in all, Grace's eyes were rolled back to near whites, moaning loudly and her body hanging limply from the continuing ride her body was given, as it continually slathered her insides with the sensual webbing fluid, dripping out her ass as it traversed further through her.

Then, as Lana and Lisa orgasm for the third time, the tongue came up Grace's throat and out her mouth. The display showered bountiful amounts of liquid, causing her to gurgle with ecstasy as the tentacle tethered towards Laura, waving sensually and appealingly to Grace's lover. With little need to hesitate at this point, Laura leaned in and wrapped her mouth with a pleased hum, loving the delicious, decadent taste of the fluid going down her throat as she suckled on the tentacle.

As the tentacle moved forward, it pulled the two girls into a slimy kiss of synchronized moans and purrs, their web-slime lathered bodies merging into a soft, sexy cocoon with both hard to move from their standing positions. As Laura could feel the ridges of the projecting tentacle through Grace's skin against hers, so too Grace began to feel the tentacle move through her friend's gut and slowly down to her ass. Once this was achieved, the tentacle burst with a spray of webbed fluid before moving down and around the girls' legs.

As Lana had more understanding of what was transpiring than the two girls and Lisa, she began to witness the slow, subtle pull of the couple's fate. As the tongue wrapped around their webbed arms and waistlines, it bent the two bound, cocooned and entwined pair down onto the ground before pulling up to its gaping maw, grasping onto their ankles with a wet, massaging grip.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmmmm....mmmmm," completely out of focus of what was happening, the girls could only moan in approval as they felt their cocooned and wrapped legs smothered in the wet grip of the throat, even as the petals wrapped around their bodies, with only their webbed heads plastered together exposed. After a few more tugs, the moaning girls were then swallowed up, and up, and up the transparent muscular tube they went.

Much to Lana's delight, she could hear them moan through the sheen transparent mucus-bag for a throat up to the ceiling, panting in eagerness to return up where she had fallen in love with the creature. Looking over, she smiled with delight as the plant's maw returned to her, lowering a new tongue to slather over her face in earnestly.

"Yesssss, you missed me, didn't you?" Lana asked in a cooing manner, smiling in a seductively horny way, causing Lisa to giggle and moan in ecstasy, still feeling the tentacle welded up in her womb from Lana. The tongue began to pleasantly wrap around the two entwined girls, slathering them in the webbing from head to toe, causing them to moan in appreciation.

"Oooooh, I can't wait! Mmmmmm!" Lisa moaned out, as she felt their waistlines and pelvises thoroughly bound by the slick, thick tongue, she then got her wish firsthand. With a suddenly plunging move by the flower-mouth's part, the throat wrapped around the eager girl's head before beginning to pull and suck her up in a pleasant ride up the mucus-covered pink muscle.

"That's it Lisa! Mmmmm! Let it devour you whole! Mgh! Let it make you one with it, and ecstasy! Mmmmm!" Lana moaned in a seductive, nearly commanding manner as she saw the petals wrap around her waist, sucking her and her entwined lover up the throat, taking another comfortable, ecstatic ride up the throat, even as it ascended to the large fungal growth along the ceiling.

"I can't wait until we get the other girls in on this," Lana could only dream, as she felt herself carried back to the wet, mucus and pink colored cavern above the fungal growth. In the end, the two pairs were placed back into larger flowers and submerged into the flesh walls again, with dozens of tentacles diving into any orifice possible, drenching and pouring goop in and out of their bodies, causing them to surrender once again in another bout of eternal ecstasy!

To be continued...!

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