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My 17 year old cousin and 15 year old me 100% true. This story is of entertainment I don't care about grammar this is just a quick story if what happened to me, enjoy!
I am an only child and my cousin has 2 other sisters.
Names will obviously be changed.
This Is a true experience of my first time

Well it all started when I was about 13, you know THAT AGE where everything is happening. Well my

cousins would come out and always swim with me during the summer and I started to notice their bodies and I

always found myself masturbating to the images of the in th pool in their very skimpy bathing suits. But their

was one of my cousins that always stood out Megan she was about 5'5" amazing size boobs I wouldn't know

the exact size but very very nice, an perky she was also about 120 lbs but it all evened out well. But anyways I

Found myself thinking of her the most but growing up in a religious household I knew that nothing would ever

Happen between us, but I always wanted to do so many nasty things to her but never got the chance to be


Well the summer came along a year or two later and we talked a lot on Facebook and texting and finally I

Decided this was the summer I would fuck my cousin.

So one day I messaged her and asked if she would like to come out- just her and swim and play games or

Something, she agreed and told me she would be over in a few hours. I was so excited and nervous I didn't

Know how I should try to get her to let me fuck her but I was confident she felt

The same.

She later showed up and the first thing we did was get in the pool ( I should have sai this earlier in the story

But my pool was pretty shallow maybe 4 and half feet deep but it was very wide and it was located out back, we

Also live out in the country so privacy was typical) and we got to talking about relationships and whatever and I

Told her I was still a virgin and almost had sex but when I stuck my dick in my last girlfriend

She said it hurt to much and she just ended up sucking me off. And she said she felt bad and said we'd have

To fix that an said something about one of her sexy friends ,who I have Swam with a few times, was interested

In me and said I was very sexy ( her friends was also into guys with tattoos and I had a couple tattoos on my upper body)

But anyways I was excited and said I would definitely hook up with her. She agreed to talk to her but then she

Got to talking about her most recent relationship that he was still in, in which her boyfriend beat her but she said

She loved him and don't want to leave him. So I told her that no man should ever hit a woman, unless

It was during sex and she wanted it this made the both of us laugh.

We decided afte swimming for about 5 hours straight we would get out an talk on the trampoline, by this time

it was about 6:40 and getting dark. So we got out and we go to talking and then we started jumpin around

wrestling a little bit. But then I noticed I was rock hard from our wet bodies rubbing against each other and I'm

pretty sure her boob slipped once or twice. I was hoping she would not realize my raging boner but then she fell

Straight in me and I felt my dick in between both of our abdomens, she got up an smile an said, " someone's

having a good time!" I laughed and said, " how can I not be having a fun time when your around me?" And she

blushed and asked if maybe we could go skinny dipping. I wa speechless I immediatly said yes and she said

An we raced to the pool. By this time it was about 10:30 and my parents were in bed and their room was on the

complete opposite side of the house. So after getting in the pool we started talking about sex and what fetishes

Or fantasies Either of us may have had and she said to have sex in a pool, instantly I knew she wanted me as

Much as I wanted her and I already had my shorts off and was madturbating under the water and I told her that

Was also a fantasy of mine and ski told he we could so it just to fulfill that fantasy an she instantly took off her

Top and lower half and came over to me and we embraced with a passionate kiss.

I slipped my tongue into he mouth and our tongues danced while the sunlight hit the water around us. I could

Feel the heat eminating off of her pussy and soon she wrapped her legs aroun me and she found my rock hard

Dick with her hand an guided me to her sweet pussy lips and ran my dick over he lips for a good few

minutes, then I couldn't take it anymore I had to have y dick in her, I plunged my throbbing hard cock into her

Hairless pussy and was having my way with her. She started out by whispering things into my ear like, " oh yea

Harder baby, or faster oh yea that's it, deeper" she then gradually got louder and started to moan and

screaming my name. I was very nervous ah would wake up my parents so I walked her over to the side of the

Pool and put her against the wall for more support and so I could see if anyone was coming . So I plunged in

Deeper and started digging her pussy out. She was clawing my back and grabbing my shoulder slamming her

Pussy onto my 8 1/2 inch dick. By this I could tell she was getting close to orgasm and she then right after that

Let out a load moan followed by, " I'm gonna cum baby , ohhhhh yessss I'm CUMMING OHHHHHH

YESSSSSS CUM IN ME !" Then suddenly I felt her tight pussy walls clench my dick an I couldn't handle it

anymore I had I let my load out and I grabbed her tits and sucks her nipples biting down when I let my load go

Deep in her pussy. Exhausted we collapsed against the side and finally when we got the sense to get up we did

and got out of the pool and dried off. She came up to me and grabbed me by my dick and said wait for

tomorrow when you parents leave. I then watched her naked bare ads walk back inside.

This was gonna be one hell of a summer.

More to come


2015-04-07 19:49:58
Really needs more polish, quite hard to understand, thanks for the effort but didn't make me horny. Xx

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2013-07-05 15:40:41
No he was 15 but still I agree bull

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2013-07-05 15:39:10
Bull shit 8.5 your 13 at the time

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2012-12-12 13:52:31
that made me horny! fuck the grammer like you did ur cousin


2012-12-11 15:22:15
When I said sunlight I meant moon light sorry

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