A sister recounts her incestuous life
Ch. 3

After the conversation with Mom, I spent the rest of the day lounging around the house, reading or watching TV. That night around 1 am, I was still up reading when Uncle Mark came down to see me. Uncle Mark is at least 6 ft. 4in tall. He has a head full of dark black hair that cropped around his ears. A big swollen chest like he had been lifting lumberjacks since he was a boy and long legs. He also had a huge laugh and usually always appeared happy, but tonight he wore a very unsettling look. I was sitting up on his black leather couch when Uncle Mark sat at my feet. “Doll,” he always called me that when he was serious, “I’ve been talking to your brother, Devin.”

My heart froze and I caught the gasp before it came out of my throat. Since I’d left, I had been doing pretty well of not thinking about him, but the sudden mention of his name brought back all of my memories, “Yeah, what about him?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

Uncle Mark took a deep breath, “He told me about what he did to you.” I tightened. I wasn’t sure if I should play it cool or hide my emotions entirely. Uncle Mark looked very concerned so I tried to appear unshaken. “He told me that he forced himself on you for years.” I sat quiet. This time with my eyes staring straightforward, looking through my Uncle, my face was solid as I fought back tears. “He told me how he would cum inside you trying to get you pregnant.” My Uncle continued, “Your brother has gone through a lot this past year. Even as he told me, he had to struggle to choke out as many words as he did. He told me inbetween sobs how much he hates himself, how he thinks of you and prays you didn’t become a lunatic because of his actions.” I still didn’t move or flinch. I focused on distracting myself with anything I could see in the room: a pencil, a piece of paper on the floor, something on television. Anything to keep from becoming frantic, “He’s called your mother too, and told her everything as well.” At that moment, I moved. I snapped out of my trance; that explains why she was so upset over the phone earlier.
What could she possibly think of me? Did she hate me? Did she think I was a whore for allowing Devin to do that to me for so many years? Did she think I enjoyed it?

“He’s apologized to everyone but you, and he would like to. But that’s completely up to you, Doll, but I do believe he’s sorry.” Uncle Mark paused, “Even still, if you don’t want to forgive him, you don’t have to.” Uncle Mark waited a long time for my response. It took longer than it should have, but it did come, finally. The tears.

Ch. 4

I must’ve cried for 3 solid hours in my Uncle’s arms. I cried so hard, I got a headache and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up, I was still in my Uncle’s arms. I leaned up and asked him, “Have you talked to my mother?”

“Yes I have.”

“Does she hate me?” I wearily asked, terribly horrified by what could be the answer.
My Uncle smiled and took me by the cheek with one finger and said, “Absolutely not, Doll. Your mother adores you.”

“She seemed upset when I talked to her earlier.” I stated.

“It’s all still pretty new to her, she’ll come around.” I nodded. I didn’t want mom to hate me. If only I could explain to her that I hated every orgasm, and despised every moan. Uncle Mark interrupted my thoughts when he said, “Your brother is going to be stationed in the city for some time. If you want, I can let him know you’re here if you want to see him.”

“All I want is my apology, and then I never want to see him again.” I stated coldly. Uncle Mark nodded. By now it was approaching 5 am, as my Uncle got ready to head up to be. I asked him if he could stay by my side that night. That I didn’t want to be alone.
That was the first night my Uncle Mark made love to me.
He was so soft and gentle. It was so unexpected coming from someone of his size. He entered me slowly, gliding his thick 9 inch cock inside me so gingerly; fatherly. It was the best a man had ever made me feel. Uncle Mark asked sweetly if he could come inside me, I gave him the permission, and he emptied himself in my fuck tunnel. We kissed for a while and then he ventured up to bed with Aunt Bridgette. I wasn’t exactly sure of what to make of my fuck session with my Uncle. He was so concerned about me and protective like a father should be. It was the first time I’d felt warmth from a man ever. Eventually, I fell asleep. Awoke to a hot breakfast, an over joyous Aunt and an Uncle who did his best to act like nothing happened.

Ch. 5

The next several months were pretty surreal. Uncle Mark and I fought our desires for each other, but occasionally we did fall back into it. He’d fucked me about 7 times over the past three months. Each time more passionate than the last. And each time, my Uncle asked kindly and flooded my vagina with his hot semen. I’d found out I was pregnant with my Uncle’s child by the third month. Since then, I had spoken to mom about the incestuous relationship with Devin. We talked it over, with her mainly asking about every detail. Making me relive every unwanted orgasm and every deep stroke. Making me tell her about each time and each way my brother forced himself inside of me and filled me with all of his cum trying to get me pregnant but was unsuccessful. Mom said she just wanted to understand it in detail. I decided not to tell her about the pregnancy just yet.

Around 4 months in, I started to show, I eventually had to tell Aunt Brigette that it was some guy from in town. That it was a one-night stand, broken-condom-kind-of-thing. She bought it up until I was six months pregnant. I had just hopped out of the shower and was lying on Uncle Mark’s bed naked and masturbating. Uncle Mark had fucked me the night before, and I was still thinking about it when he came into the room without me noticing. Before I knew it, my Uncle was completely naked and between my legs. His raging hard 9 inch cock pressed against the entryway of my vagina. He entered me and began fucking me right away with hard, deliberate strokes. His dick was so big, it would graze my clitoris every time he slid in and out.

Uncle Mark fucked hard and strong, plowing into me with confident strokes. I was nearing my third orgasm when I glanced at the bedside mirror to see my Aunt Brigette standing in the doorway. She was frozen; her hand over her mouth in disbelief. Uncle Mark was into his strokes, getting ready to fill my pussy in a heartbeat with his potent semen, while saying, “Here’s more cum for that pussy. “ That’s when he noticed my Aunt standing at the doorway. Although shaken, my Uncle still didn’t stop fucking me. “Oh…Bridgette…I’m sorry but…It’s so ….I didn’t mean for…this…to happen…but I…couldn’t….resist.” Uncle Mark increased the pace of his strokes. Aunt Bridgette still stood there until Uncle Mark blasted his hot load into my well fucked, pregnant pussy. Aunt Bridgette finally gained her composure and began to shout as she walked away. My Uncle kissed me before exiting my vagina to chase after her.
They argued maliciously, lots of name calling and threats and I just sat there; pregnant and listening to them tear apart all while my Uncle’s cum drizzled out of my pussy.

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