It was a fair effort to come this far out into the woods, but Alex knew it would be worth it. He had looked forward to this for a month. He strode up to the door and gave the large brass bell a ring.

Alex was greeted at the door to the over-crowded cabin by a knight in shining metal armour who handed him a beer upon entering. A group of Roman soldiers and masked ninjas talked loudly in the hallway. As Alex pushed past them, he acknowledged them with polite nods which were reciprocated in kind. In the main room, which looked like a typical mountain log cabin with a fireplace in one corner and a large stuffed moose head hanging on the wall above the large wooden bar, zombies and Greek goddesses laughed in response to a joke Alex didn’t hear. He scanned the room, looking for his girlfriend Sandra but had to smile as he was amazed by the creativity of those who were in attendance at the costume party.

“Alex, how are you man?” asked a man dressed in a gorilla suit.

“Hey Brian, I’m do good. How’s the party? Is Mike being a rubbish host as always?” Alex replied.

“How did you know it was me?”

“You don’t look any different with the mask on!” Alex laughed in reply.

“This is true.” Brian laughed in agreement. “Last I saw of Mike, he was hitting on a couple of chicks. I don’t think he has actually talked to anyone else yet so just as shitty a party host as ever.”

“Have you seen Sandra here yet?” Alex asked.

“Over there near the pool tables in the next room, talking with those fine looking naughty nurses.” Brian replied.

Alex thanked him and wove his way through the crowd to Sandra.

Sandra saw him coming and met him with a quick kiss.

“Hey Alex, about time you showed up. I thought you were having trouble fitting into that pirate outfit or something.”

“Sorry” Alex replied, “Getting out here in the woods is a bit of a trek. You look absolutely fabulous though.”

Sandra wore a sailor’s outfit which was comprised of a very short skirt, a tight-fitting navy blue and white striped top that showed off the curves of her small but firm breasts, including the faint lumps of her small nipples, and a cute white sailor’s hat perched precariously on her curly, long brown hair. The high-heels and long white socks accentuated her slender legs and made her appear a lot taller than she actually was.

“Thanks babe,” she smiled before introducing Alex to the two girls she had been talking with.

The four of them continued to chat for quite some time over a few drinks before Alex and Sandra moved to the side of the room to dance to the music which was playing.

“Some of the costumes are terrific” Alex commented while watching a Storm Trooper dance with a girl dressed as a genie.

“I agree,” Sandra replied adding, “But some of them look more like lingerie than costumes.”

There was definitely a lack of clothing on some of the women in attendance. Aside from the naughty nurse outfits which left little to the imagination, there was no shortage of ultra-short skirts, revealing devils outfits, almost non-existent bikini tops and brightly coloured lingerie.

“I don’t mind that at all!” Alex said with a cheeky grin in return.

Sandy gave him a playful punch in the stomach before hugging him and whispering quietly in his ear, “Speaking of lingerie, I have a secret. I’m not wearing any under this costume.” She gave him a wicked grin and a wink as she continued to dance.

Alex’s mouth almost dropped open as he gazed up and down his girlfriend’s body, wishfully hoping for a glimpse of something.

“And it looks like I’m not the only one.” Sandra giggled as she nodded in the direction of a couch at the side of the dance floor.

Mike, the party host who was dressed as a fire-fighter, was sitting in the middle of the couch flanked by two young women. The girl on the left was dressed in a tight leather outfit as Cat Woman while the girl on the right was dressed in a sexy flight attendant’s outfit. The girl in the flight attendant’s outfit, however, was sitting at a bit of an odd angle and as a result, he legs were slightly spread, her skirt had risen up and her lack of panties was obvious to anyone looking in that direction, her cleanly shaven pussy openly on display.

Sandra gave Alex a cheeky smile before walking over to the couch. She said hi to Mike and thanked him for the invite before leaning close to the flight attendant and whispering something in her ear. The girl’s eyes widened, her mouth dropped open for a moment and she turned bright red. She quickly closed her legs as Sandra stood up but not before giving her a quick but seductive kiss on the surprised woman’s lips. Mike loved what he saw and cheered her on but Sandra turned and walked back to Alex, leaving the girl still gobsmacked by what had just occurred.

Alex shook his head while chuckling as she approached him. She could be such a tease sometimes, but that was one of the things he loved so much about her. The two embraced for a moment upon her return and continued dancing to the music.

By this point, Sandra couldn’t miss the feeling of overwhelming arousal. It had been almost two months since she had either had sex or had the opportunity to masturbate and, along with the sudden arousal, was an unmistakeable sensation of desperation for release. Seeing all the sexy outfits, telling Alex she was completely naked under her revealing costume and the look of lust in Alex’s eyes were becoming all too much for her. She needed release and couldn’t wait any longer.

“How about we find an empty room?” Sandra asked Alex with a look that told Alex exactly what she was thinking and what she was asking.

He smiled, took her hand and led her to one of the back rooms. The rooms themselves were small with polished wooded walls and floors. A few cupboards were around the outsides, along with a few dark green leather chairs, and a thick woollen rug filled the bulk of the empty space on the floor. The lighting was a bit dim due to the lights only consisting of a few lamps, but it gave the room a warm feeling.

In their haste, Alex and Sandra didn’t bother to scan the room as they entered. Alex shut the door behind them and locked it and upon turning around he was virtually jumped on by Sandra who kissed him deeply. Alex moved one of his hands up Sandra’s skirt and could feel the warm dampness of her exposed pussy. They continued to kiss and grope each other until they both suddenly came to the realisation that someone was in the room with them.

At one side of the room, away from the door, a tall brunette in a naughty cop uniform was standing there, an almost-empty beer bottle in hand and a massive smile as she watched. The plastic badge that covered one of her large, shapely breasts read “Special Agent Melinda.”

“Please, don’t stop on my account!” Melinda said eagerly. “I’m happy to go and leave you to it…but I’d much prefer to stay.” She added with a wink and a beaming smile.

Alex, whose hand was still pressing into Sandra’s rather wet pussy, wasn’t really sure what to say or think and simply stammered in reply, “Sorry, thought this room was empty.”

“I’d love it if you stayed.” Sandra jumped in suddenly. By this point she was too turned on to stop and the idea of someone watching, especially a rather hot girl dressed as a cop, had only enhanced her arousal. She was desperate for pleasure and wanted to enjoy herself as much as possible. Someone watching definitely added to the fun.

“Awesome!” Melinda said excitedly as she downed the rest of the beer, placed the empty bottle on the floor and sat back on one of the wooden chairs nearby the couple. She slid her short skirt up to her waist, spread her legs slightly and slipped a hand inside her dark, lacy panties.

Alex was still in a bit of shock and gawking at Melinda when Sandra pulled his attention back and began kissing him with renewed vigour. She hastily unbuttoned his shirt before he broke of his kissing and fondling to pull her top up over her head, revealing her small firm tits. He gently kissed his way down her neck before sucking and nibbling on each of her small pink nipples causing her to moan softly in response to the sensation.

As Alex continued to stimulate Sandra’s tits, she looked over at Melinda who now had undone the buttons of her own top and allowed her large breasts to hang free. They were much larger than Sandra’s but they were quite perky for their size and with larger, puffy nipples. As Sandra looked at her, enjoying the attention her tits were receiving, Melinda smiled at her, withdrew her hand from inside her panties and slowly, sensually licked her pussy juices from each finger. Sandra bit her lip with lust as she watched Melinda before kneeling down in front of Alex, undoing his trousers and pulling them and his underwear down in one go, freeing his semi-rigid cock.

Sandra slowly rubbed her hands on his shaft and scrotum, running her fingers through his neatly kept pubic hair. She gently teased his cock, enjoying the feeling of it growing firmer in her hand as she fondled it. Then, while staring into Melinda’s eyes, she took his now fully erect cock into her mouth and began working her tongue over the tip. She looked up at Alex as she began making long, quick movements of her head, each time taking his cock as deep as she comfortably could. Melinda bit her lip in lust as she watch Sandra’s mouth slide over his thick, smooth cock.

Alex was enjoying the blow job immensely; his mouth open and his eyes closed allowing the feelings of pleasure to roll through him. He knew he couldn’t last too long with such attention so he stopped her after a few minutes, raised her off her knees and kissed her again as he slid her skirt to the floor. Having received the attention from Sandra, he was keen to return the favour so he got down on his knees and began flicking his tongue and mouth over her cleanly shaven clit and pussy.

Sandra had been waiting for this. Each time his tongue touched her clit it sent shivers through her, causing her head to swim with pleasure. She gasped, her eyes opened widely, as Alex slipped a finger into her accepting and now moist pussy. She had to steady herself by leaning on his shoulders as her knees weakened. This was the feeling she had yearned for, that she had craved. The sensation of his hot breath on her throbbing clit and his fingers probing inside her, brushing against pleasure zones she had forgotten she had, was simply incredible.

When she looked over at Melinda, she noticed immediately that her dark panties were on the ground next to the chair and she had two fingers from one hand buried deep in her pussy making small pulsing motions while she was rubbing her clit with the other hand.

As she watch on, Melinda slid the fingers from her now gaping hole, picked the empty beer bottle off the floor and with a wicked smile, she slowly sank the bottle a few inches into her pussy. She rubbed herself faster as she began to fuck her moist hole, loving the feeling that the smooth glass gave her as it effortlessly glided in and out of her increasingly wet hole.

Both women now were immersed in the pleasure and it was only moments later that Sandra felt herself being overcome by the stimulation Alex was giving her. She cried out, trying to stifle the screams, as the most intense orgasm sweep through her body, she moaned loudly in ecstasy and felt her knees buckle underneath her before collapsing on top of Alex, her pussy still visibly pulsing as the orgasms continued to jolt through her.

Melinda’s own breathing had become short and rapid as she watched Sandra writhe in pleasure on Alex’s face. She fucked her pussy harder and faster with the bottle, rubbing her clit furiously and right as Sandra was beginning to come, she too felt the wonderful sensation of a series of rapid orgasms rush from her pussy causing her entire body to spasm involuntarily with the pleasure.

“Oh my god, you don’t know how much I needed that!” Sandra said out loud in a shaky but satisfied voice, still with her eyes closed as she tenderly rubbed her pussy, feeling how wet it was from her excitement.

Melinda, having recovered from her orgasm, stood and slipped her skirt off before walking over and sitting down on the plush rug in front of Sandra. As Sandra watch, Melinda spread her legs wide apart and made a come-hither motion with her index finger before using her hands to stretch her glistening pussy wide open as an invitation. Sandra didn’t have to be asked, nor did she hesitate, her face lit up with a beaming smile and she quickly moved into position close to Melinda’s pussy.

She savoured the arousing smell and stared at the beautiful pussy that was now only inches from her face. There were tiny droplets of moisture on the shortly trimmed patch of pubic hair above Melinda’s swollen clit and Sandra slowly ran her tongue from the opening of Melinda’s vagina to the top of the patch of hair, tasting the copious juices before plunging her tongue in as deep as she could into Melinda’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Melinda cried out in pleasure as Sandra began eating her pussy. Each time her tongue hit her clit, she felt a surge through her body, building her arousal to new heights.

Alex was thoroughly enjoying the show that was unfolding in front of him. He could still taste Sandra’s juices on his lips which he enjoyed as he watched Sandra from behind, her pussy slightly parted and pointing straight at him. Alex stroked his cock as he watched Melinda’s face contort in pleasure and she used one hand to pull Sandra’s face hard against herself and with the other she rubbed and pinched her puffy nipples.

Melinda looked up at Alex and smiled, “Damn she has skills!”

“Haha, I know!” Alex agreed with a chuckle.

But while Alex enjoyed watching the sensual display in front of him, he simply couldn’t resist Sandra in that position. He quickly retrieved a condom from his pants on the floor, rolled it on to hard cock and knelt down behind Sandra, positioning himself at the opening of her pussy. She paused briefly to look back with a smile as he slowly eased his hard dick between her wet lips.

“Oh god, yes. That is so good.” Sandra groaned as Alex buried his cock completely in her pussy and began slowly withdrawing it. He repeated this a few more times, teasing her with how slow his movements were before thrusting fully into her accommodating hole.

Alex then began to pick up the pace of his thrusting as she rocked back to meet each thrust. As the speed of their fucking increased, the sound of his balls slapping against her and his cock pistoning in and out of her moist pussy filled the room. Sandra turned her attention back to Melinda and continued to lick her gorgeous pussy, renewing her attention on her clit.

All three were moaning in pleasure, each one lost in the feelings coursing through their bodies but intent on enjoying every second of it. As Sandra slipped two fingers into Melinda and fingered her rapidly, Melinda could feel the wonderful sensation in her crotch build and intensify before she felt the familiar rush of pleasure shoot through her, causing her to cry out as a series of powerful orgasms engulfed her. Sandra could feel her fingers being squeezed by Melinda’s pussy and her face became rapidly smeared with the copious juices flowing out of it.

Alex could tell from Melinda’s expression and spasmodic movements that she had just come and he was determined to get Sandra to come again as well. He reached under Sandra an began rubbing her clit in small, quick circles while reaching up with his other hand to gently caress one of her tits. He fucked her with longer but faster thrusts, the entirety of his cock sliding almost out to the head before jamming back to the hilt, while tenderly kissing her neck and shoulders. The sounds of moaning and the juicy noise of Alex’s cock fucking Sandra’s wet hole heightened their arousal.

“Fuck, yes, that’s it! Fuck me like that please!” Sandra begged as she gripped his cock firmly with her pussy, intensifying the sensation as the sheathed rod slipped in and out of her pussy without letup.

As Alex continued to ram Sandra from behind, Melinda slipped underneath Sandra into a sixty-nine position and moved Alex’s hand off Sandra’s clit. She then reached up with her head and began flicking her tongue across her engorged clit, the taste of her pussy was simply delightful to Melinda. Sandra went back to licking Melinda’s sopping pussy as well although only in a distracted manner as her concentration was constantly torn away by sensation of pure ecstasy which flowed from her pussy to all parts of her body. She was quivering and shaking in excitement as Melinda sucked and licked her clit while Alex pummelled her dripping hole.

“I can’t….oh please yes….so good!” Sandra cried in broken statements before letting out a deep moaning “YESSS!”

Alex could feel Sandra’s pussy grip his cock tighter and it began to pulse along the length of his shaft as her orgasm swept through her. There were small drops of fluid dripping down Melinda’s face as she tried to lap up the copious amount of pussy juices that flowed from Sandra.

The extra tightness on his shaft was enough to tip Alex over the edge, unable to hold back any longer.

“Oh shit, I’m coming!” Alex gasped as his balls tightened and his cocked pulsed, unloading a huge load of hot cum into the condom while still buried deep in Sandra’s warm hole. Sandra could feel his cock coming and this was enough to cause her another quick orgasm.

“Oh wow, that was fucking amazing.” Sandra breathed as she slid off Alex’s slowly softening cock.

Melinda quickly moved over and slipped the condom off without spilling any of the contents. While holding the condom closed, she wrapped her lips around his shaft and licked the last few drops of cum from the tip of his cock.

“That’s a lot of cum” Sandra smiled as she looked at the cum-filled condom in Melinda’s hand.

Melinda smiled at her before she tipped the condom up and squeezed the warm cum into her mouth, licking as much as she could from the inside of the rubber. She shuffled over to Sandra who was sitting back on the rug, gently opened Sandra mouth with her hand and let the cum flow from her own mouth into Sandra’s. She kissed her for a few moments, rolling her tongue around in the cum filling Sandra’s mouth. As she broke off her kiss, Sandra smiled, opened her mouth to show-off the load before gulping it all down in one go.

“That was the hottest experience of my life, thank you both so much for letting me stay.” Melinda said as she stood up and began to dress herself.

“It was our pleasure” Alex beamed.

“I think we can better that sometime soon if you want?” Sandra added with a big smile.

Melinda made a mock-thinking face before excitedly replying, “Absolutely!”

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