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a post apocaliptic world with no consiquences
Chapter 1: Becoming A Slut
Posted: December 11, 2006 - 08:22:09 am

The motorbike threaded its way through the piles of rubble, it's rider looking around at what was left of the city. Some small dictator in some small country in the Third World had decided that he had the power to take on the rest of the world, he had the power, yes, but so did the rest of the world, at least those that mattered, and before it was all over the major cities lay in ruins. With the cities gone so were the centers of civil authority, with civil authority gone the world was in a state of anarchy. The world was now a world of no consequences.
There was a sound of a scream and the rider stopped and looked around. An old school ground lay across what used to be the street and across it a woman was running. Behind her there was a group of 4 or 5 boys chasing her. The rider shook his head why does she bother to run he wondered, they are going to catch her anyway and the results will be in the same, her clothing torn off first. Then they would play with her, pushing her around, maybe let her run some more, then finally she would be raped, each boy taking his turn on her until they were tired of her. If she was lucky they would leave her for whoever else came along to use her but if not they would end up beating her for giving them the trouble of having to catch her. She might not survive the beatings.
A shame he thought; she was a good-looking slut.
The rider glanced down the street; he was near his destination. Agnes, a slut he had gone out with for many years and one who had decided he was no longer good enough to use her pussy had lived here in the better days. He wondered if she had managed to stay away from the rapists, men who would have ruined her for him if she still survived. He pictured her as she had been when he last saw her, overweight, yes, but still with a nice rack of 44 DD tits a good ass and a tight cunt. He smiled to himself there will be no more "no Bill" he thought to himself a grim smile playing across his face she would be his to use as he wished and he had a long wish list.
The bike threaded its way into what used to be an underground parking lot and was quickly placed so that it would remain unseen until he wanted it. The security door had been broken down and inside the apartment door that she always kept locked was off its hinges though still standing. Bill pushed against it, not much hope he thought, but still, it was blocked from the inside, he pushed harder and the door opened slightly, he let himself through the crack this provided. He smiled again, someone had blocked the door from the inside, someone was inside. He called out, "Agnes, you still here?"
Her voice when she answered was uncertain, but she had recognized his voice, "Bill, is that you?'
"Yep, no one else" he replied and she stumbled out of her room, running to him.
"Thank God, Thank God, it is you"
Bill smiled down at her, "are you OK?"
"Nobody found you here then" he put a look of concern on his face.
"No, I've hidden here since..." her voice trailed off.
"Good" Bill said, his face took on a contemplative look "so nobody's gotten in here then" he whispered and his hand curled between her legs.
"NO! don't do that" The cry came out as she moved backward.
Bill moved forward, "why not? If not me then maybe when those boys across the street are finished with their toy they might enjoy a little fresh meat".
"You wouldn't, Please, you don't know what they do to the women they catch," the terror and fear in her voice and face made Bill's cock stiffen in his pants and he moved his hand to adjust it.
"Oh and what do they do? It might be interesting". Now his hand deliberately moved to his crotch, gently squeezing his cock, straightening it. Agnes' eyes dropped to his hand, watching, slow understanding dawning on her.
"Nooooooo, please, you wouldn't, you're not like that."
Bill smiled again, "I'll give you a choice, those guys out there... or me, make up your mind now or I leave and tell them where to find you and leave you to their entertainment".
Agnes shook her head; her eyes filling with tears, still moaning please, please, please, low, hopelessly. Bill shrugged, "I'm sure you'll have fun... five cocks, just for you, maybe I'll watch for a while." he started to turn.
"No!' she almost screamed it out "I'll do what you want".
"Yes you will." Bill thought, "Good, you can start by taking off your clothes, I want to look at you",

Chapter 2: Conditioning
Posted: December 11, 2006 - 08:22:09 am

Slowly the slut began removing her clothing, sweater, blouse, shoes, pants, she stood before him in bra and panties. "well..." he growled.
"Bill, don't do this" she pleaded.
In answer his hand flashed out catching her on the side of her left tit then almost before she could register the pain his backhand hit the other, she cried out, arms rising protectively only to be knocked down again. "You do what I tell you and if you talk back again I won't be stopping with just a couple of slaps to your tits, understand?" A smile crossed his face, "always wanted to do that" Bill said softly.
With soft mewling Agnes reached behind, quickly undoing the straps, dropping the garment to the floor in front of her, then with fumbling hands she pushed her final covering down her thighs displaying her generous bush to Bills' gaze.
"We'll have to do something about that bush, I can't see your slit through all that, I think we'll have to use hedge clippers though." Agnes face burned red as he laughed uproariously at his own joke. "Pick up those clothes."
Quickly the slut did as she was told. "Now take them out on the patio and throw them over the fence."
The slut looked over her shoulder to where a sheltered patio once lay, now the fence was broken down, the shelter gone and she knew she would be exposed to the street and anyone moving out there, "I'll be seen" she whimpered.
Bill stepped forward, a hand curling between her legs, fingers going into her opening, clamping tightly, lifting her onto her toes. "What?"
"Please Bill' don't, you're hurting me, I'll do It." he released her, his glowering face frightening her. Quickly she went out to the patio and looking fearfully about to see if there was anyone around she moved to the remnants of the fence and with a quick movement threw her clothes over before turning to run back to the door. But the door was locked and the man on the other side was laughing as he turned away into the apartment. Shaking she sank down to the concrete hugging her knees to her chest and pressing herself into the corner trying to make herself as small and inconspicuous as possible, fear tying a knot in her belly and, involuntarily, a thin stream of pee shot out and across the cracked concrete. Inside Bill moved about the apartment collecting odds and ends his mind working on what he was going to do to his slut. Finally, satisfied he opened the door, "did you enjoy getting outdoors pet?"
Her eyes sought his face for the proper answer, then low and uncertain, "yes".
"Ah, I see you used the toilet like a good slut, but next ime ask my permission first."
"Good girl, was it a good pee or maybe a shit while you had the chance?"
Agnes' eyes widened at the suggestion, then turned to look at the preparations he had made. A Space had been cleared and her coffee table moved to the center, the collection of junk normally on it now wiped off and lying on the floor. A short piece of rope lay beside it. "Now I warned you about talking back, so now you will be punished, perhaps then you will learn to do as I tell you when I tell you with no talking back." Bill indicated the floor at one end of the table, "Kneel down here, lay your tits on the table and place your hands on the far legs."
Afraid of what Bill was going to do to her, but more afraid of what he'd do if she didn't obey him Agnes quickly got in position. "Good girl, now don't move." Sobbing, her breath coming in short wheezes, her body shivering, she felt him tying her hands to the legs of the table then her knees to the other end. His hands wandered over her back, down to the bulge of her tits hanging over the edge and back up and down to the crack of her ass Briefly playing with the puckered opening there before continuing to her slit, pausing here to push his finger into her slowly withdrawing it and pushing it in again. Finally he found her clit and began to roll the little bud between thumb and forefinger, pinching and pulling at it every now and then. How long she didn't know but finally he moved to where she could see him and began to undress.
Her eyes centered on Bill's penis, its stiffness left no doubt as to his intentions; he was going to rape her. Now he brought a bottle of cooking oil in front of her eyes, "see I'm not entirely mean, I'll lube you up a bit first" he smiled, "you're going to enjoy this".
As he moved around behind her she felt the oil dripping down her back, then running down the crack of her ass being caught in the cup of his hand to be rubbed into her cunt, his lubricated finger now moving easily in and out of her cunt hole, then leaving to pay attention to her other hole, a little extra oil and his finger was penetrating her here as well, one then two fingers, and then he was working the bottle slowly into her anus, upending it and allowing it's contents to pour into her chute. In spite of her fear Agnes was now crying "no, not there, Please, it hurts!"
"But dear it's supposed to hurt, you're being raped and you need to get used to the pain, you'll be raped many more times before I'm finished with you".
His breath was ragged with his lust and now she remembered the last time she had seen him. That night he had wanted her cunt too, his cock hard and stiff standing almost straight up with his lust for her, she had refused him and in his lust he had jerked his cock telling her what he would like to do to her. His breathing that night was ragged then too, only today, she knew his sperm would not be falling on her bed.
Slowly, he removed the bottle, her ass overflowing the oil ran freely out of her hole coating her cunt before rolling down her legs to pool on the floor, "there now, let's see how this feels".
She felt his cock against the tight sphincter muscles beginning to force it's way in, she whimpered with the pain of the intrusion, sure he was tearing her apart. Involuntarily she moved to get away but his grip on her hips and the table under her belly held her, she could hear his breathing coming faster, his grip tightened on her hips, then he thrust his cock deep into her ass, and now she screamed.
Powerfully Bill pistoned his cock into Agnes, three or four thrusts then he buried the length of his hard-on into her and she felt the hot spurts of his cum shooting into her bowels. For a long moment he stayed like that, emptying the contents of his balls into her before finally pulling out, "Sweet," he said "a nice tight virgin hole to fuck, I'll need to do that again sometime but now you need to clean my cock."
Bill had moved around in front of her, his brown stained cock inches from her face, the smell of her shit making her want to gag, "open wide now" his fingers squeezed hard on her jawline forcing her mouth open and he presses his cock in. "Now lips and tongue only, any teeth and I'll knock them out one by one, understand?"
Wanting to puke, aware of the rumbling in her bowels from the oil that had been poured in and the pounding she had received, tears washing down her face the cunt could only nod as she worked quickly to clean him off, praying he would let her go, she needed the toilet. Then he had cut the cords, "you need to shit?" there was a smile on his face.
"Yes, please can I have a shit?" her pleading eyes turned up to his.
"Of course, since you are learning so well, you may go outside now."
The import of the words stung Agnes, he meant to make her do her business like a dog, squatting outside in the open yard. But the rumbling in her belly was louder and she knew she had to do something quickly.
Bill was quick to remove the bindings and released Agnes moved to the doors and ran outside. No sooner on the grass than the first run left her hole, quickly she squatted, burning with shame as he watched her, she felt the excrement pour out of her abused anus, and then with it a yellow stream issued from her slit. "Good bitch" he said.

Chapter 3: Rules
Posted: December 11, 2006 - 08:22:09 am

Agnes squatted in front of him, her knees apart, painfully aware of his eyes calmly studying her obscenely exposed slit, the smile playing around the corners of his mouth indicating his amusement at her discomfort. His fingers lightly played with his cock keeping it rigid, "would you like to suck it?"
Meekly Agnes nodded "Yes Bill I would love to suck your cock".
Bill's smile grew wider. "Do you know what you are?"
"No Bill"
"A slut cunt and tits." Bill said softly "Made for the pleasure of a male cock, any male, do you understand?"
Slowly Agnes' head moved up and down.
"Whether or not your cunt is used will depend on my permission, but, if I say to a man yes, you may fuck her and I say to you, you may not fuck him, I will expect to see you fight to keep his cock out of your slut hole. If he succeeds in raping you, you will be punished for allowing it."
"You will remain naked until I give you something to wear. What I give you to wear will make men want to rape you. What will you do when they attack you?"
"I will ask for permission to allow them to rape me"
" and if I refuse you permission?"
"I will fight them." The answer came in a small quivering voice, Agnes was fully aware of the impossibility of the condition Bill was putting on her, she would be raped and then punished for the transgression.
Bill leaned forward his hand sliding to her spread slit casually running his finger between her lips pausing to roll the small clit between thumb and forefinger before pushing his fingers into her opening, again he smiled as he removed the invading digits. "Good pet, now you may suck me." and quickly Agnes moved forward to comply.
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